Derby win will help with transfers, says Pardew. Perhaps beginning with Cissokho?

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Aly Cissokho on Newcastle's radar according to rumours.
Door open, says Lyon coach
Alan Pardew intends to use yesterday’s victory over the mackems as a springboard to entice more action from the Newcastle United board in terms of transfers.

Yesterday’s result was extremely satisfying – as any win over the hapless mackems is – but I think we’d all like to see a new left-back and a new striker in before the transfer window closes.

Pardew is obviously thinking along the same lines, which I must mention to my psychiatrist in case agreeing with Alan Pardew is indicative of something worrying. Pardew said:

A victory like today helps me with Derek and Mike to go upstairs and say, ‘Come on, let’s try to get them in this week’.

We want to get the right players and we want to get the best value we can, and we are trying to do that.

The group I have got is sound. They are aware to balance us up, we perhaps need a left-back in the building and we need a striker in, and that’s what we are going to try to do.

And if rumours are to be believed, it looks like the work will begin by trying to get Aly Cissokho. I’m getting the feeling that Cissokho is now the preferred option to PSV’s Erik Pieters after some sort of release clause in his contract allegedly put us off pursuing him.

Last week Lyon coach Remi Garde said:

The situation is somewhat complicated because Ali was one of the players for whom the door was left open if certain financial conditions are met.

So far, these conditions have not been met by any interested club, but the door has still not closed.

I’m not sure whether we’ve actually made a bid at all yet but if we have then clearly it wasn’t enough.

Lyon apparently paid €15m (£13.1m) to Porto for the player in 2009 and rumours in the French press suggest we may start by bidding €8m (£7m). I’m not sure how much Lyon will be after though – Cissokho has played 75 games for them since joining in 2009 so it’s not like he’s been waiting on the sidelines and he’s contracted to the club until 2014.

Such teams as Juventus and AC Milan were supposedly interested in Cissokho last year although, as far as I can tell, word of such ‘interest’ was spread mainly by his agent, and agents do upon occasion stretch the truth a bit to big-up players. That must be why they’re payed the enormous amounts of money that has put a serious dent in the £35m we got for Carroll. Allegedly.

So what do you think? Is Cissokho the man for us?

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24 Responses

  1. Hugh,

    I was totally confident that Pieters would be through the door last week as he ticked all the boxes, so I’m not going to speculate on Cissokho. We will get a left back I’m sure but who I’m not too sure.

    Congradulations and well done to Ryan Taylor are in order as he has helped keep a clean sheet for two games which in its own right would be praised but scoring as well, fantastic.

    I’m wondering whether Pardew will be putting out some of the squad players against the mighty Scunthorpe on Thursday. I would like to see Sammy, Vuckic, Ferguson and Abeid have a run out. I also think Tiote needs another game as he looks rusty, if the first half performance yesterday is to go by. Of the seniors Harper, Williamson, Marveaux, Ba and Gosling all need a full 90 minutes.

  2. there is no doubt we definately need strengthening – both teams were toothless up front, credit where it is due though yet again Ryan Taylor stepped up to the plate and was solid at LB

    “starting” the bidding for Cissokho at £7m sounds like it would make Ashley choke on his Ginsters, lets hope he has a good week in the casino eh!

  3. ashley has lost approx 100 million off his worth last couple of weeks. whats another 15 million to get another couple of players. douchebag!

  4. Ashley has no intentions of spending we chase good players then when he realises we hav a chance of getting them or they want to cum they say theyr no longr intrestd y not go for baines as everton desperate for muny ,10mill and sturridge loan vela of arsenal 5mill and use 10mill on defoe and push for europe

  5. Banes is a great shout tullin,i think 8mill would get him,pl proven therefore not a gamble. But velas gone on loan to some foreign club.Chelski have now got 7 strikers or so,we should defo slap a 10mill offer in for sturridge,test the waters. Them two in and i for one would be very pleased

  6. There is not a Mackem in Europe chance of us spending the likes of £7m on a defender. On the positive side tho apparently pardew is off to watch pieters in action today. We can’t loan vela tho he was loaned out last week.

  7. I’ve been saying we should get Banes for ages, but do you really think Everton will let him go? They are actually in a worse position than us, with regards to bringing in new players. Moyes isn’t going to let one of his starts leave anytime soon.

  8. “A victory like today helps me with Derek and Mike to go upstairs and say, ‘Come on, let’s try to get them in this week”

    Does that mean without a win yesterday Fatman was unlikely to spend any more on the squad ? Or does it mean “Fatman has very little faith in my managerial skills and wasnt too keen on giving me funds ?”

    Pardwho just talks way too much crapola for a normal human being :(

  9. BTW this is for anyone feeling that wiythout myP2P their weekend is not complete :)

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  10. Pardwho just talks way too much crapola for a normal human being :(…..

    Man oh man what a fun guy….

  11. PR-Dew just come out and say I’ve told The powers that be in St James who I want what and what we need, the balls in their court now I can’t say any more than that. We would all have a little more respect for him.

  12. I just think it’s shocking that MA will not back managers with cash even though cash comes through the turnstiles,telly money,merchandising,sponsors and all importantly transfers.

    I mean 100k final offer for a keeper when we have raised a load of cash from selling players….it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
    Holding a small club to ransom…surely if a keeper is of prem quality he is worth more than 100k?

    Get with the program MA and invest some money in decent players we seem quick to sell players but buying just seems a struggle.

  13. last week it was reported that Chelski are looking for about £17 m for Sturridge but would look favourably at a loan deal

  14. Even with all the money in the kitty I just can’t see us spending 17m on a player……MA is just a greedy winker at the end of the day.

    NUFC is just a cash cow for the FATMAN.

  15. Hoolie says:
    August 21, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    “motd highlights if anyone wants to watch (again)…”

    I’ve aleady put the MOTD highlights up on here Hoolie.

  16. Kamar says:
    August 21, 2011 at 7:52 am


    Sorry your comment was held up for so long. The stupid, stupid filter keeps blocking the word ‘Scunthorpe’.

  17. sirjasontoon says:
    Even with all the money in the kitty I just can’t see us spending 17m on a player

    but a last minute offer may work – and I’d accept a loan

    there’s still 10 days shopping days left so we can expect a rush and plenty of suprises – does the window end at midnight? or noon? or when?


  18. i really despair at pardew at times,he doesn’t make any sense.
    surely the derby win,will have the opposite effect on ashley?
    if he sees us winning against a side who have spent money,does this not strengthen ashley’s resolve,to maintain a tight budget?
    will it not just be a case of ashley saying to pardew,go with what you have got?

  19. AndyMac said:

    Pardwho just talks way too much crapola for a normal human being

    And so do you…

  20. According to the twitter twits Pardew is off to watch PSV and Pieters.

    This Cissokho fella reminds me of Mr. Big in Live and Let Die for some reason. He looks like a right bruiser.

    No messin he is da gangsta, yer get me, blud.