Deadline day and Papiss Demba Cisse leads the rumours

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Papiss Demba Cisse in Newcastle United transfer deadline day rumours.
Cisse tops the rumour-mill
Transfer deadline day leaves Newcastle United in desperate need of at least a striker and Papiss Demba Cisse currently leads the rumours in that respect.

It’s transfer deadline day and hopefully we’ll have something to look forward to by way of a new striker. Whether we’re after anything more than that remains to be seen but, either way, try not to wet your pants in all the excitement.

Just to recap as to where we are as of 08:00 on the 2011 summer transfer deadline day:

First-Team Players Out : Kuqi, Ireland, Campbell, Nolan, Routledge, Enrique, Barton and of course Carroll back in January (and Forster if you want to count that).

Players In: Cabaye, Marveaux, Abeid, Ba, Obertan, Santon and Elliot.

So who’s the latest on the rumour mill? That would be Papiss Demba Cisse, a 26 year-old Senegalese striker who’s currently plying his trade for FC Freiburg. The Daily Mail is suggesting that we’re ‘closing in’ on the striker and that, although we’ve already had a £10m bid rejected, we’re going to be going back to Freiburg with an improved offer.

Cisse had a career total of 85 goals in 205 games and 34 in 53 during his time at Freiburg, where he’s been since 2010. He also has 7 goals in 9 games for Senegal.

Any move for Cisse would of course be instead of Mobido Maiga, the deal for who is currently stalled as Sochaux will not let him go until they can recruit a replacement.

If none of the striker deals mentioned so far get done, apparently we have a £5m bid for Marvin Ogunjimi – a 23 year-old who currently plays for Racing Genk – as an emergency measure.

Of all the strikers we’ve been connected with so far, my personal opinion is that Cisse would be the best. I’m just guessing of course but I’d be chuffed if we did manage to sign him.

Here’s a video of Cisse in action. There are plenty more on YouTube if you search.

The acquisition of a striker will be our main concern but it’s also possible we’ll recruit a new midfielder to replace Barton. We have been ‘connected’ with Sulley Muntari – last season’s Mackem loanee – in that respect over the past few days, although personally I think his alleged £75k/week wages mean it’s a non-starter as far as we’re concerned, at least in terms of a permanent deal.

Anyway, enjoy the day!

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26 Responses

  1. are ya’s daft?

    the fat controller’s just spent a few bob yesterday so that’ll be him done until this time next year.

  2. Cisse seems like a canny hand, we need someone who is a proven goal scorer. On local radio last night they were saying we had a bid in to take Macheda on loan from Man Utd also.

  3. Hugh, why do you include Kuqi, Ireland, Campbell and Routledge as first team players out when Kuqi and Campbell were only needed if we were in the most dire of circumstances and we had exhausted all other possibilities, whilst Routledge was out on loan and Ireland was out with the physios most of the time?

    Only Nolan, Enrique and Barton could be regarded as real first teamers. Cabaye has replaced Nolan. Santon replaced Enrique. Marveaux, Abeid and/or Obertan replaced Barton.

    Seems to me:

    Cabaye is a far superior player than Nolan. And from his appearances todate I expect Capaye to score quite a few goals from midfield.

    Santon cannot be judged yet on his onfield ability with the team but his credentials look impressive and better than Enrique, except for premiership experience.

    Marveaux and Obertan are better on the wing than Barton. In midfield, it is arguable whether Barton would get a game ahead of Tiote, Cabaye and Ben Arfa.

    So far, I’m pretty pleased with the club’s transfer activity. Just need a striker and the departure of Ranger and Smith.

  4. Ranger to Birm, Rodallega in toon, Balotelli in possible loan to join best m8 Santon…..Maiga a no go….Danny Situ to Swansea??…Liverpool to land sturridge in Meireles swap+cash….

    …lot going on out there, in theory.

  5. yes, Liverpool could get Sturridge (damn) – so where does that leave AC? And Stoke will get Bentner – the options are getting fewer & fewer. Good job we had 6 months notice or we would have been left with the dregs!

  6. If Liverpool offered us AC back I’m affraid it would take him too long to settle in – he doesn’t speak french!

  7. Kamar says: “Hugh, why do you include Kuqi, Ireland, Campbell and Routledge as first team players out”

    Because they weren’t juniors, they were on our books and no longer are.

    Not that it matters – categorise then as you wish.

  8. supermac says:
    “Good job we had 6 months notice or we would have been left with the dregs!”

    It’s eight months actually Supermac, eight long lonely months without a replacement for our top scorer :(

    So it’ll be Charles N’Zogbia at 11.45 pm then ?

  9. lot’s of big clubs have been after this fella!and compared to the likes of maiga and stuff,i think i’m fair to say that those with a fair knowledge of the footballing world have Atleast heard of papiss cisse.
    i Do think it’ll be rather great if we Do manage to ACTUALLY sign him

  10. or seven months to be precise !! Twas 31st January that he went and no club in their right mind is going to release their top asset without megabucks on the table so why are we even bothering ?

  11. “Fulham have agreed a £10.6m fee with FC Twente for Bryan Ruiz and signed up Marseille striker Andre Pierre Gignac on a season loan”

    See it can be done if you set your mind to it !!!!

  12. Jimbob says:
    David Craig ….with Llambias’ words coming out of his mouth:

    “They wont pay over the odds and will wait until January if they have to. Believe me, strikers will be available in January”.

    Sorry could someone please explain that to me in words of one or two syllables ? How in gods name are extremely rare, high scoring strikers going to be more readily “available” in January ?

    FFS stop this bullshlt now !

  13. AndyMac, Ryder just said Newcastle bid over £10 million for Cisse, but got rejected…

    Right…OK…So if we are after this Maiga, then why can’t we meet the £7 million valuation which Ryder states, considering we must have £10 million to spend…

    Hmmmmmmm, plod along with what we have I assume, if they can’t get a striker “over the line” in 7 months, we are not going to get one in 9 hours. :-)

    Just have to wait till Jan because Llambias said a few weeks back “we don’t want to spend all the money now and not have anything to spend in January”…I guess at least if we wait until January, they would have had a year to get in a suitable striker…:lol:

  14. JimBob says:

    “Right…OK…So if we are after this Maiga, then why can’t we meet the £7 million valuation which Ryder states, considering we must have £10 million to spend…”

    I presume our carefully thought out transfer strategy entails offering the selling club £2m less than their valuation in the hope that they might be stupid or desperate enough to say yes ?

    FFS can someone tell those two dicks that a decent striker is hard to find and a great striker almost impossible – so whats with this bargain basement carp ?

    If you’re going to spend a fair few bob sending Carr and his merry men on player searches throughout Europe (but mostly in France) why come up with this buy em below market price strategy at the end of it all ? Maybe because travel expenses are tax deductible ?

  15. That’s what Keegan said AndyMac, if they are valued at £3million, we will offer £2million, gets rejected.

    We are tried though didn’t we…

  16. I have good contacts with nufc and I can state there will be 2 new strikers joining the club 1 is a loan till jan and the other is perm deal for 5 years