Barnetta or Obertan as possible Barton replacement?

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Gabriel Obertan allegedly a Toon target.
Surplus to requirements at Man U?
Newcastle United are allegedly looking a two midfielders who could be seen as Joey Barton replacements.

I’m guessing that since Barry McIntosh – the guy claiming to be the UK representative of Tranquillo Barnetta – actually isn’t his representative after all, the Toon’s interest in the player is still valid.

And given that it turns out his current salary with Bayer Lederhosen is allegedly £27k/week, if we have indeed offered him a salary of £40k/week then I would guess he’d be tempted by a switch to Newcastle.

Pardew has said that he hasn’t considered replacing Barton yet, which would suggest that Barnetta is not seen as a direct replacement for him. Furthermore, Pardew seemed to intimate that Joey could still have a future at Newcastle if some judicious ‘bridge-building’ is undertaken.

I have my doubts. Or, to be blunt, I think that’s complete hogwash. I think it is most unlikely that Barton will remain at Newcastle and I reckon Ashley will try to offload him as soon as he receives any concrete interest from another club.

If Barnetta is touted as Barton’s replacement then we have a problem in that he’s injured at the moment. Apparently he picked up an injury in his last game that could see him sidelined for 3-6 weeks. I doubt that would stop negotiations to buy the player from proceeding but it would of course mean that Pardew couldn’t play him right from the off.

Given the strength of our midfield that’s probably a bearable problem anyway. In fact, with Jonas, Marveaux, Cabaye, Tiote, Gosling the most likely first-choicers for midfield (assuming Benny plays up front or in the hole) and with Guthrie, Ferguson, Raylor and Abeid as back-up, you could be forgiven for wondering where Barnetta fits in.

Another player who has recently been connected with the ‘Barton role’ at Newcastle is Gabriel Obertan, who has failed to command a starting place at Manchester United. Apparently the £3m French U21 player asked for a transfer back in February even though he still has 2 years left on his contract.

Some stories are suggesting we’d want to buy him outright and others suggest an initial loan with a view to buy at some later date is how we’d do it.

The 22 year-old usually plays on the right wing but he has in the past played in the centre and as a striker before. He began his senior career at Bordeaux, was loaned to Lorient and then transferred to Manchester United in 2009. He had 9 goals in 124 games at club level and 9 goals in 39 games for France’s U16-U21 teams.

Well, who knows?

More importantly, I wonder if we’ll manage to sign a striker before the Arsenal game.

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34 Responses

  1. It is generally agreed that Barton is better in the centre of midfield than on the wing. So are we looking for specialist wingers?

    Last season Barton operated on the wing because Tiote and Nolan were in the middle. Now that Nolan has gone but with Cabaye and Gosling available, arguably as good if not better than Barton, why keep Barton?

    In a 4-2-3-1 formation I see Tiote and Cabaye as the two central midfield players with Jonas/Marveaux/Sammy on the wings with Ben Arfa/Gosling/Vuckic in the hole behind the striker. Not sure where this leaves Barton, probably on the bench not twittering.

  2. get Barnetta, stop talking about it and just do it ffs, we need players and he’s avail.. obertan will be cheap, doesnt play that well but its the price that counts, init..

    Pardew on being a puppet:
    I was involved in the Kevin Nolan situation and didn’t think we could agree to the length of the contract.

    “With Andy Carroll, we had a conversation between all of us and decided to take the action we did.

    “When it comes to Joey, I think it’s fairly evident that what happened on Sunday, I was a part of it.”

    so Alan sat in the corner nodding his head…

  3. What Mark really said:
    stop talking about it


    Hang on, still wiping my tears about Andy Carroll and how much I want Pardew to be rectally eviscerated with a cactus.

  4. It now looks like Barnetta is definately coming to Newcastle as his real agent has just said he is injured.

    As sure a sign as you can get that the move is on

  5. Obertan is a great player and is wasted at Man U!! £3m would be another great bargain that MA loves. Maybe Barton goes the other way and we get the deal??

  6. I hope Joey just keeps on twittering, take a stand against gagging and for freedom of speech.
    Only those who have something to hide fear freedom of speech and it could be the Barton ruling in some future time.
    Not unlike the George Eastham or Bosman ruling’s, freedom’s to move from a club on completion of contract and the right to free agency, respectivly and anyone who believes there’s not a right to freedom of speech, obviously has a slavish mentality.
    As for Barnetta, aint gonna happen, another smokescreen, and Obertan, no better than Routledge.
    Yeah Joey’s causing a lot of upset and they just dont know what to do with him, next thing they will probably pay him to leave.
    And these are the guys who think they have a whole new way of operating a football club on the cheap, yeah right!

  7. “The problem I’ve got with the group at the moment is that they want to see one or two players coming through the door. I’m making it very, very clear to Derek and Mike that we need one or two boys in this door. Now.”

    to which Ashley and Owly piss themselves laughing and respond “pull my finger Pards”..

  8. @chuck, freedom of speech or bringing the club into dispute.

    Its not a healthy situation when a player slags every1 involved regardless of his goal.

    I think a ban would serve us better. Without Joey/enriques tweets we still knew MA was a lying shit and wouldnt spend any money.

  9. Chuck @ 7

    ‘..I hope Joey just keeps on twittering, take a stand against gagging and for freedom of speech..’

    Are you an employee Chuck as I would be interested to hear of your experiences if you Tweet about your employers, colleagues and discuss company internal matters publically?

  10. Mark
    If you admit the fact we all know MA is a lying shit and would’nt spend any money, what harm can be caused by confirming it ?

    So how in fact has freedom of speech brought the club into
    dispute, erm what is being disputed ?
    Do you mean disrepute ? then if so, how ?

    And why would a ban on tweets be better?
    Seems if you have nothing to hide, why would it bother anyone ?

    Should we the fans also stop discussing like matters concerning the club on these blogs, in case it upsets anyone, surely there are more readers here than on an individual tweet ?
    Think about it !

  11. Chuck – Joey has over 250,000 followers on twitter. Not sure how many read this blog, but that shows the power of twatter

    Personally I think the players should steer well clear of twitter and discussing their employers

    It creates nothing but unrest and turmoil … as we have seen

  12. lol, aye disrepute.

    Everyone knows what MA & DL are all about, it doesnt need players confirmation, although I was happy at the time when Joey spoke if every player took to twitter to air their grievances with the club it would only harm us..

    how is it bringing the club into disrepute? well the damage over the last week has been pretty evident and the reputation of the club has suffered too.

    Fans discussing is totally different to employees bitching. Say RTaylor complained that Enrique is shit and he deserved to be playing week-in week-out, would this be ok under the ‘freedom of speech’ act ?

    nip it in the but now for all concerned

  13. Kamar
    You comparing a football club with thousands of interested fans, just like yourself, who are interested in the present and future of their club to someone working in a regular job ?

    Dont think so! it should be obvious by the interest brought about by this fairly recent phenomenon (twitter) and obviously there will be future events in regard to individual rights, which will be settled in the courts.

    It’s obvious by your reactionary stance, you dont understand the implications of what’s taking place, in regard to the subject.

    It’s about control, the same control that was in place when NUFC refused to grant George Eastham a transfer even after comleting his contract, it’s the same control that refused to allow Bosman free agency, etc etc.

    As for Marks comment , it brings the club into disrepute, dont make me laugh, the majority of fans despise our owner GM and manager and the whole football world is aware of it, disrepute, you kidding?

  14. Guess it must be somekind of a reactionary mentality involved here as most of those commenting appear to be against players voicing opinions.

    Giving a vague “The damage over the last week has been pretty evident.. ” erm care to expand on that, what damage?

    The reputation of the club has suffered.. can you give me a rundown on that also ?
    These are generalities not arguments.

    As for the nip it now, for all concerned, another general statement without an explainatin why !

    Look, fact is since this group has been running the club, its reputation has been a joke and continues to be so.
    Is there a more despised group in all of the PL than Asley and co. doubt it !
    And it’s common knowledge.

  15. The biggest problem with the club seems to be any consistency at all. If MA or DL had come out and said right away we had to sell Carroll to balance the books, so there’s less money for transfers, we’d all have moaned but most would have got over it. Saying it’ll all get spent on players (DL at the least implied that) only makes it worse when it isn’t. We feel that we’ve been lied to or misled.

    By the same token, we now have Barton training with the reserves / kids. But two days ago one of the reasons he was listed was because of his negative effect on the younger players. If so, why put him with them every day?

    The only sign of any sort of policy in recent days is the ban on twitter. And why on earth did they get a solicitors letter sent to everyone threatening them with breach of contract? Surely a club letter

    There are many more examples, and it all comes across as fans being either misled, or (more likely in my view and the feeling of being misled is a by-product) that nobody actually running the club has a clue and everything is dealt with reactively with no clear policies. DL is clearly out of his depth, MA is distracted with other businesses (and is also notoriously inflexible in how he runs his businesses – witness the Blacks debacle) and AP is left to get on with things as well as he can. Add in the mass of redundancies of non-football staff and it looks like we’re sort of management of all types.

    Like it or not football clubs are businesses, and need running properly. To my mind, we’re not being run at all.

  16. Avatar shrews mag says: “Joey has over 250,000 followers on twitter. Not sure how many read this blog”

    Most of the civilised world Shrews.

  17. Off the subject, but has anyone been on SKYSPORTSNEWS.COM/Football, have a look at the headline collage including Nolan, how old does he look? Looks like the resident drunk at my local.

  18. I wonder how many MI6 or CIA agents tweet about their employers and what their life expectancy would be if they did. :)

  19. Dylan, I have to say retrospectively, that I found your point about the USA economy and the American sugar-daddies underpinning certain clubs, in an earlier thread, very pertinent. Especially in view of the current massive overspending by certain clubs to buy success in the “Leeds” style.

    I aint no Ashley lover,(I suppose you have to say that every time you make a comment that could be intrepreted by certain bloggers as pro-Ashley) but there could come a time when people are saying, “well actually………?

    obertan must be worth a punt if we get the chance for a few million. I have seen him when he has looked turd but he is still young with amazing ability. would be a gamble but think he could develop into a quilty winger if hes playing every week. not a huge fan of barton on the right as hes always drifting into the centre leaving simpson exposed

  21. Grumpy,
    i thought that too mate.
    & BTW mate, bollox to all that ‘qualifying’ your comments mate.
    Don’t get the fear man, just say what you feel brother.

  22. It’s odd how few people want to be mistaken as an Ashley fan!

    I have no reservations about saying I support his general principles of an ‘Arsenal model’ and a club that runs profitably.

    It’s the implementation of those plans where I have a wee problem or two.

  23. Newcastle’s strongest line-up..

    Simpson -Collo – Taylor – Enrique


    Cabaye Barton

    Argentine Jesus Marveaux

    Ben Arfa


    Of these, I think we’re weak at RB, LM and, of course, Striker .

    If we’re able to keep both barton and enrique we have a fair chance at a top 6 finish (are tottenham really that much better than us) , otherwise, there’s too many question marks.

    You have to admit, this squad is still stronger than when ashley first took over. There are no abdoulay fayes or nicky butts starting ..

  24. “Newcastle are planning a move for Barcelona’s out-of-favour striker Keirrison as a possible replacement for Andy Carroll. The Magpies hope to bring in the Brazilian for £3m”

    BBC Sport quoting CaughtOffside.

    Must be difficult searching around the world to find a striker capable of beating Shola to a starting place yet costing less than two tins of Tesco Baked Beans ?

  25. Sorry MM I know you’re happy to have “Lovenkrands just fails to get a decisive touch” in the side but most normal fans arent :)