Barnetta deal hangs in the balance while Enrique packs his cases

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Mixed reports about Barnetta joining Newcastle United.
It's on then it's off again!
Newcastle United are allegedly negotiating to take Swiss winger Tranquillo Barnetta from Bayer Leverkusen whilst Enrique is off to Liverpool pronto.

According to The Journal, we’re already making a move to sign Tranquillo Barnetta from Bayer Leverkusen, although The Journal – in a Daily Mailish fashion – simply states this as fact rather than offering any evidence as to how they know this.

Nevertheless, it seems to be true (that we’ve made a move for him anyway) if the comments of Barnetta’s representative are anything to go by. Barnetta’s British representative Barry McIntosh said:

As it stands there is not a hope in hell that he will be going to Newcastle. In fact I am angry at their attempts to do it, and behind my back also.

They have made an approach, but their offer equates to somewhere in the region of £40,000-a-week – which is just ridiculous.

Why on earth would Tranquilo move to Newcastle for less money? No offence to Newcastle, he would possibly consider going to Arsenal, Liverpool even Tottenham for less – but not Newcastle.

They have known all along, what it would take to land Barnetta and what he is earning now, and this sort of offer really does border on ridiculous.

Not looking too hopeful then!

It is not the first time this summer that we’ve been connected to the 26 year old winger and it’s easy to assume he would be bought as a ‘Barton replacement’. But whilst he may indeed be a replacement for Joey, I doubt that any interest in Barnetta has been ‘stepped up’ as a result of the recent Joey situation. It just doesn’t strike me as the way the club works.

The Journal claims that we may just be mere days away from getting Barnetta’s signature, which would seem at odds with McIntosh’s statement. The player has apparently previously indicated that he would not be adverse to a Newcastle move and at an alleged £4m-£5m it seems to be the sort of price Ashley would be willing to pay.

Barnetta has 37 goals in 240 league games and 8 in 59 for the Swiss national side. For anyone interested, here’s a repost of the video of Barnetta I included in a previous article:

Reports also suggest that the Jose Enrique saga may finally be coming to an end as we have supposedly agreed a £10m deal with Liverpool, which would take Kenny Dalglish’s spending to over £100m since he arrived (£45m of that would be to us if he gets Enrique!).

Presumably it will now be a priority for us to recruit a new left-back. Hopefully the club has been scouting new left-backs since Enrique started stalling on his contract towards the end of last season. It was pretty obvious them that he was destined for the exit.

Finally, just to wrap up another thing, Wayne Routledge has completed his move to Swansea City. The fee is officially ‘undisclosed’ but I think it’s reasonable to assume it was around the £2m mark.

So, just to summarize (assuming Enrique goes):

Players Out This Year:

Carroll, £35m.
Kuqi, released.
Ireland, loan ended.
Campbell, released.
Nolan, £4m.
Tozer, free.
Routledge, £2m.
Enrique, £10m.

Players In This Year:

Cabaye, £5m.
Marveaux, free.
Abeid, free.
Ba, free.

Players Potentially Yet To Leave:

Xisco (FFS).
Best? (or is he safe now?)

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31 Responses

  1. Its a shame that people will look at that list and think… shit, thats a loads of players out, and not incoming.

    …but for these people, remember we have Gosling, Benny, Fergie etc.

    I think you should put Lua Lua on the list on outgoings… he aint coming back :-( shame really. He’s a great player.

  2. I think the key words here are the agent being “angry” with Newcastle “cutting him out”.

  3. missed smith off the list MafiaPete if the last 7 where to leave thats 15 out and 4 in, wonder why im starting to worry

  4. Funny on sky 5mins ago Barnetta`s agent has said that what Newcastle have offered is an insult and their is no way he will be going to Newcastle for the wages they are prepared to pay. Same old!

  5. Carol in fact did go for over £45 mil, £30mil up front (pocketed thanks bindippers) £5 mil on 1st of july (pocketed ,thanks bindippers) and Carols wages which would have been paid till the end of this season £1.4 mil and the next 4 years wages on top …….4×1.7 mil= £9mil ish.
    By my reckoning

    Hope Mr ashley dont have heart attack when laughing all the way to the bank !!!
    This might teach those who slated and berated Cashley and Lamearse at the Darlo match a little lesson in revenge.

    really surprised if Pardwho is still at the club next summer by the way things are going.
    i wonder how much of the £5 mil debt he still owes Lamearse for gambling debts.
    Must be paid back now if there is a % per player sale goes off the debt.

    Time will tell though


  6. according to the “chronic”,newcastle are supposedly after gabriel obertan from man utd,it’s a no for me.

  7. Hugh pity you had to start a new thread when there was so much more to be said in the previous one. Thats what used to annoy me with Ed’s.

  8. I don’t see why the panic over right wing cover, nor even for strikers! We still have an ambarrassment of riches in mf and enough to cover the right.
    So Nolan has gone and Barton likely to follow – you can immediately say that Gosling and Ben Arfa have effectively replaced them, and are also better players. Then we have Cabaye and Marveau, and both Abeid and Vuckic look as if they can make a real impact this year.
    On the right we can play Jonas, Cabaye (who played far right much of the time at Lille), Abeid, Raylor (he has a lot of critics, but that’s his best position if we’re stuck), even Ranger acn play on the right.

    I do like Barnetta though, and Obertan has looked good when I’ve seen him – what’s all the negativity for there??!

    It’s defense where we most need reinforcements, especially at lb of course. That’s the position we should be bidding for players for above all else.
    But b&%$#@x to all the fan and press doom.

  9. I agree with shiloh @4 that the key words are from the UK agent being “angry” with Newcastle for “cutting him out”.

    I remember reading somewhere recently that club are not going to be giving the club’s money away to any of the hangers on who surround themselves, like parasites, with some players. I think this may have been an issue with the Erdinc deal. It certainly looks like it with Barnetta.

  10. same old smoke nd mirrors.. we make a bid knowing it wont be accepted but MA didnt expect his agent to talk about it.

    MA thought if the fans think were intersted they might think we have ambition, knowing we’d never get him..

    hope I’m wrong coz obertan is pap

  11. “..Dalglish’s spending to over £100m since he arrived (£45m of that would be to us…” – is this Dalglish’s attempt to make up for how sh1t he was as our manager?

  12. MafiaPete

    “Its a shame that people will look at that list and think… shit, thats a loads of players out, and not incoming.”

    The fools.

  13. @ 17. DarthBroon.

    I meant that they dont take into account players coming bk for long term injuries and youth team players breaking into the 1st.

  14. Got to love the agents comments.

    He won’t join us as we aren’t good enough.
    Unless we pay him mega bucks of course. T

    Then it will suddenly be “The only club I ever wated to join”, “The fantastic support got me here”, “I’ve always loved NUFC”, “Hold on a minute, I just need to kiss the club badge again, cameras ready?”..etc..,etc..

  15. I`m personally quite happy at the moment, I would be even happier if we had a more prolific goalscorer. I`m all for giving the youngsters a chance, especially at left back, some of the lads that have played there pre-season have looked pretty decent and will only improve as the season transpiers. Vukic looks class, and deserves a chance to show, he also loves it up in Newcastle, top lad.

  16. Pardew won’t shut the door on Barton in his recent press bleatings
    You don’t control nothing Partridge not even Bell Boy duties at sportsdirectstadium.
    Arse Hole.

  17. sirjastoon,it’s f**kin’ laughable all this,and some of the above comments support the so called business plan.
    okay ashley might have made the books look better by flogging everything not nailed down,but on the football side,they are nothing short of a disaster.that’s where it counts,if he insists on hanging around,why not employ some proper football people to run the club for you.
    stop treating newcastle united like a low rent version of”the apprentice”,they really do look like a bunch of rank amateurs.all they are doing is ensuring no one within the football world will deal with them fullstop,are they so dense that they cannot see,they are ruining the long term image of the club.

  18. Am I missing something here? Enrique would like to go because he wants to play Champions League football and therefore make it easier for him to become a Spanish International. We don’t want him to leave but if he insists we need a top quality replacement left back (and some additional cover too). Liverpool and Chelsea want him and are both prepared to offer the same price and terms. Why don’t we insist that he goes to Chelsea only and as part of the deal we get Van Aanholt? We get the quality replacement, Van Aanholt will come because he loved it at the Toon and will realise he could be 4th choice at Chelski (behind Cole, Zhirkov and Jose), Jose get CL appearances, displaces the odious Cashley Cole in the process (if Jose is as good as he thinks he is) and Europe-less Liverpool continue to be rubbish at the back so we can overhaul them. Or at least keep Jose until Christmas and do it then.

  19. Dylan says:

    “I`m personally quite happy at the moment, I would be even happier if we had a more prolific goalscorer. I`m all for giving the youngsters a chance, especially at left back”

    Not picking on you Dylan but the only reserve left back we have is injured right now (or at least he is if you believe the club and not some punters on this MB :)).

    However Kadar is really a left footed centre back so he’s not exactly born into the role ? Fergie is a left sided MF and it shows when he gets brushed off the ball by an empty packet of crisps. So LB isnt exactly a spot where we’re covered :(

  20. PS I agree with Joe Heller – get Jose off to Chelski and let the bin dippers have Warnock back :)

  21. monkey & to think that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

    time to go mikey boy & take the rest of the rabble with you.

  22. What about Moyo coming in, & weren’t there other bairns?
    If we’re counting ’em going, gotta count ’em coming in.
    Also, kuqi, campbell, ireland & tozer?
    Did any of them even get their feet under the table?

    No thanx to Barnetta for me like, seen him a bit down the years, decent dead ball, bit slow though, flatters to deceive & certainly ain’t worth more than £40k a week.
    Oh! & we don’t need him either, we need a striker with pace, LCG & guile.

  23. Van Arnholt has more quality defensively than Enrique, and as for Enrique having any international aspiraitions, thats one of the best yet, the present guy in possesion of that birth is 36 years old, and Enrique cant even make the squad, he`ll do well at Liverpool, thier cac at the back too.

  24. As an aside, lets make sure we keep Barton, I`m exited by him and Cabane together, two lovely passers of the ball, be it dead ball or open play, if I was Ba I`d be licking my lips in anticipation……..mmmmmmmmmm.

  25. Dylan @ 20

    “I`m personally quite happy at the moment, I would be even happier if we had a more prolific goalscorer.”

    Then you’d be happy right up until the next transfer window – when the ‘prolific goalscorer’ would be off to gawd knows where; fatso would spend a few hundred quid of the proceeds on fixtures, fittings and a new set of tyres for the team bus. The rest would go into his back pocket.

    “I`m all for giving the youngsters a chance”

    You’ll be seeing nothing but youngsters shortly. And if any of them turn out to be any good, they’ll be sold.