Tiote: “I’m happy” (and I’ll punch the man who says I’m not)

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Tiote chuffed to be at Newcastle United.
Tiote chuffed to be as Newcastle United.
Newcastle United midfielder Cheik Tiote says he has committed himself to the club and has a positive attitude towards the coming pre-season games.

I can only presume all the gloom with Toon supporters is due to my unplanned absence from article writing of late (more of which later). Or possibly not.

Anyway, there is some good news coming from the mouth (which is presumably attached to a head and body in the usual fashion) of Cheik Tiote. The Ivory Coast superstar is nuts about Newcastle and would chop off his left leg to play for them, although of course that would perhaps hinder his footballing capabilities.

First, Tiote addresses the rumours that might be heading to another club, specifically Chelsea:

It is only the journalists who have talked about Chelsea – I haven’t said anything.

I am a Newcastle player, and I will do my job in Newcastle. I have a contract, and that’s the most important thing for me.

I’m happy – if I wasn’t happy, I wouldn’t have signed for six years.

So that should be the end of any speculation about a move anywhere else.

Tiote then goes on to explain how the entire squad is working hard to get fit for the pre-season fixtures, which begin in America:

We’re starting the new season, and we have to work hard to be fit for the first game.

It’s good to be back after six weeks, and now it’s time to work.

This season we need to be better than last season, and also we need to train well. We’re going to America to work hard and be ready for this season.

I need to play to get my condition back, and this is the most important thing. If you don’t play, you can’t get in good condition, so I’m looking forward to playing in America.

Tiote also says he wishes to be a cunning linguist and brush up on his English rather than speaking to the fellow French-speaking players in their native language:

It’s not so good for me because I need to speak English. We’re an English club, and everyone needs to speak the language. It will be better for the manager and the other players.

Finally, he points out that the new recruits were all happy to sign with Newcastle and he anticipates them impressing us on the pitch:

The players were happy to sign here – they will do well.

As to my absence, some barsteward stole the telephone line serving the village I live in, which made me exceedingly grumpy. I can only wish much ill-fortune upon the thief and I have dispatched a pack of hyenas to hunt him down and tear him limb from limb, hopefully after mating with him numerous times beforehand.

For those of you who wondered at the odd title of this article (i.e. none of you), it comes from an excellent little ditty by Ivor Cutler.

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32 Responses

  1. Nice to hear it from the lad himself. I feel he may be a little more grounded than Carroll was when he was talking about living the dream etc…

    Now, how the HELL do we prise Sturridge away from Chelsea?

  2. I love you Mr Tiote xxxxxx
    Shame cos I can see him being pushed if the cash is right against his will.
    Bet Ashley has got his helicopter ready.

  3. rick parphitt says:
    July 15, 2011 at 1:42 pm
    heard on tues thru v.good source linked to nufc press officer that fat man has sold club and it being announced friday pm. Not sure how true it is but it has been doing the rounds on txt’s this morning too. Also mate of mine phoned ronny gill and they say thay heard rumblings 2 weeks ago and never say never. Dont want to cause scenes of mass panic and adulation but the 90m bonus to s£$%ts direct staff has to come from somewhere and i very much doubt he would pay it off his own hip. Fingers crossed lads and hope theres some legs in this, if not lets get behind the lads starting tonite at darlo.

  4. The £90m for SD staff has come as a share options, it’s not cash you muppet & they’re not able to cash it in for another 12 months, so don’t go getting your fact correct as we woulnd’t want people to think that Ashley has done summit good woul we… btw, Ashley owns 70% of Sports Direct, he still has to answer to the board of directors on matter such as this….

    As for the supposed take-over, it’s on the ToonMad board, saying its the Kuwait Royal Family who’re supposedly worth around £350 Billion…. but I doubt its true, so don’t go getting yourself all excited now yeah.. lol ;)

  5. I said in January after we sold Carroll that FCB has to spend the money on transfers or he knows he won’t be able to stay at the club if he doesn’t spend and he’ll sell up and do one with the money,fingers crossed…fu*k it,everything crossed,apart from my dressing.

  6. toon69
    not saying it nailed on, jus the same as everything on this blog jus pure speculation. Listen i’m not the kind o kid t talk sh*t and as i say it came from a v.good source. i understand the money to sd staff comes from shares and it isnt cash but its still an asset owned by ashley, which he is giving away……

  7. Rick fella, it’s an asset owned by Sport Direct, not Ashley is what I’m tellin yer, it was a scheme put in place 2 yrs ago & will run for another 4yrs & staff can either cash in their share option in 12 months or wait, it’s their choice…

    Don’t forget, the company made a £200.4m profit, that is why the staff are getting this, it’s not coming outof Ashleys pocket if thats what you think… lol

  8. Tiote is really the only type of that player we have, so is essential!

    Just saw the article headline, ‘Why Newcastle fans are envying Sunderland’! Now, I don’t hate Sunderland probably because I didn’t grow up in the North East…I don’t that much like them but Quinn and Bruce are nice enough chaps. But not exactly envy, jeezus! For example, I believe Ben Arfa to be a better player than any in the Mackem’s squad for starters.
    With just a class striker or two added, and some solution if we sell Jose and we’d be looking far stronger than we do right now.

  9. FFS

    it doesnt matter what tiote says if a big offer comes in ashley will sell! FACT!



    Now, how the HELL do we prise Sturridge away from Chelsea?

    your in a dream world mate as much as i would love to see him at the toon christ i would take anyone now (except ameobi)ashley wont pay the fee its a simple as that hence we aint brought anyone else in!

  11. can somebody please explain to me why they have such high hopes for ben arfa after his very good but very brief appearance last season? hes coming back from an horrific injury yet people are still saying hes better than sliced bread!

    i havent seen enough of him to warrant all these great things i read about him

    i hope toon fans dont expect to much off the lad as he will take time to come back from his injury and might not be the same player or as good as people think?

  12. rick parphitt says:
    July 15, 2011 at 5:06 pm
    big announcement at 6pm tonight…………

    Is that when Hugh tell us what he’s having for tea?
    I’ve got five on kebab meat and chips in a tray with all the salad, chilli sauce and a can of cherry coke

  13. rick parphitt says:
    July 15, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    “big announcement at 6pm tonight…………”

    Steve Wraith on Twitta. Enough said.

  14. geordiedug@13…before his injury he looked brilliant…after his injuty, we’ll have to wait and see. That’s the reason….before his injury, he did things with the ball that we haven’t seen for a long time at the toon…

  15. I’m sure there will be some disappointed people on here now Tiote has spoken of his commitment as it doesn’t quite adhere to the conspiracy…

  16. Witters says:
    July 15, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    “I’m sure there will be some disappointed people on here now Tiote has spoken of his commitment as it doesn’t quite adhere to the conspiracy…”

    You mean like Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan did Witters? ;-)

  17. @ munich mag

    pancrate did some brilliant things with the ball during limited apperances and he turned out to be very poor!

    i know its a bad comparison as i suspect pancake couldn’t lace ben afra boots but the point i wanted to make was i hope ben arfa comes back fitter stronger and lives up to all the hype that the fans seem to have about him at the min based on limited appearances? and i hope the fans are patient with him as sjp is a hard place to sometimes live up to the fans expectation especially with the fact its looking like we are going to need him for a big contribution next season no matter how fit he is

    where would you play him?

  18. workyticket says:

    “I’m sure there will be some disappointed people on here now Tiote has spoken of his commitment as it doesn’t quite adhere to the conspiracy…”

    You mean like Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan did Witters? ;-)

    Witters just witters on about people who dont toe the company line.

    OK Tiote says he’s not leaving but remember a certain Mr Carroll ? He didnt want to go either but after some sleight of hand he ended up on Fatman’s helicopter !

    Any player in this squad is availble to be sold – it is the Fatman’s way!

  19. Witters says:
    July 15, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    “Fair point well made Worky…;-)”

    When players commit themselves to the club, that’s usually when I start to worry Witters!

  20. geordiedug@24 I know where you’re coming from mate, but find myself that how HBA performs after his injury is one of the big hopes, and source of optimism for the new season. I agree with you that the expectaion could be too high, but I think HBA seems to have such an edge about him, and a huge amount of self confidence and talent that if he stays clear from injury he will be great for the toon. Fingers crossed for the lad, he deserves it after a hard year…