Ranger to Blackpool scuppered, Ameobi seeks future and Leicester favourites for Routledge

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Nile Ranger's move to Blackpool is scuppered by personal terms.
Eff off says Ranger to Blackpool
Newcastle United hard man Nile Ranger fails to agree personal terms with Blackpool, Ameobi struggles with contract renewal and Routledge looks most likely to be heading for Leicester City.

It seems my article from yesterday about Nile Ranger‘s move to Blackpool was a bit premature. The £1.5m that Blackpool offered us was accepted by the club but then Ranger failed to agree personal terms with Blackpool.

A few options still remain though. Ranger could find himself loaned to Blackpool, which was the preference of some of the readers who commented on yesterday’s article anyway, or he could find himself going to Reading in some sort of part-exchange deal for Shane Long, who we’re allegedly very interested in.

Leon Best was originally thought to be the striker who would be offered as part of that deal, so I guess it could be either of them or both of them.

Assuming we are actually after Shane Long that is – it’s still just speculation. Shane Long is said to be valued at £10m, although I think that’s a bit high even considering his 1 in 2 strike rate for last season.

Shola Ameobi also seems to be struggling to get a contract renewal at Newcastle. The player said:

I want to get it sorted out, but obviously the two parties have to meet somewhere and that hasn’t been the case yet.

As a player, you want to feel secure. You want to know what’s going to happen for the next few years but I don’t at the moment.

It’s something I’m trying to get sorted but at the moment I’ve got one year left.

I suspect something will be agreed. Ameobi is a permanent fixture at Newcastle, about which some law obviously came down the mountain with Moses along with the ten commandments, although with the player now 29 years-old I can’t imagine the club would be keen to offer him too long a contract. Or at least that’s the way it seems given their current contract policies.

Finally, it seems that Wayne Routledge is most likely to go to Leicester City despite interest from Swansea, QPR, West Ham, Birmingham, Cardiff and Nottingham Forest. I might be alone in thinking that Routledge could still be of use to us – even if just as a squad player – although I’ll grant you the midfield at Newcastle is becoming a bit cramped.

Right, well I have to go and see a few men about a few dogs but I’ll be back later (don’t groan).

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10 Responses

  1. if Ranger went to Reading he’d end up in jail within 3 months, I imagine. Too close to bad influences of old. Not that he’d be our problem then, of course. That boy has a *lot* of growing up to do, and needs to realise that just because he’s at a Premier League club, he isn’t a premier league player. I can see him dropping down the divisions rapidly unless he wakes up (a la Carl cort)

    Still think Long would be an excellent buy, young, hungry, good eye for goal. Pains me to say it, but he reminds me a bit of Ratboy at the scum, who proved it is possible to step up to the Prem and keep scoring.

  2. agree he is a very imature person, we gave him a chance after he was throw out of Southampton and he’s took the piss

    I can manage to get to work ontime/early on a crap wage – he gets fortunes and cant. poor attitude/work ethic will get him nowhere other than lower league, where his self-belief will be shown up very quickly

  3. Sounds right on the money to me….I wonder who we will be linked with next and fall flat on our arse.
    What is the point of Carr running round Europe watching players upto ten times when they have no intention of ever joining the club?

    Surely you would speak with the agent and test the water?
    Seems a waste of time and money to me.

    On the Ranger subject he needs to be pushed out the door pronto,bad attitude and can’t even be bothered to get out of his pit in the mornings.

  4. Jason @5, I must say that when we were fed all the pre-window bolony about having done our homework and know what we’ve to do, I had hopes that all deals were virtually set up to the point of putting an offer in and signing the players in question.

    Obviously not!

  5. Agree but deep down knew MA would continue in this window what he does every window.
    Make Profit.

    Shame cos if the money was invested this window we could really kick on.
    Mid table seems to be the new plan which for how long MA has been in charge just is not good enough in my opinion.

  6. lesh says:

    “I must say that when we were fed all the pre-window bolony about having done our homework and know what we’ve to do, I had hopes that all deals were virtually set up to the point of putting an offer in and signing the players in question. Obviously not!”

    Sound of bubble being burst in the background when you said that Lesh :)

    I had to laugh when those stories were circulating, giving the impression that all NUFC employees were out and about scouting the European hotspots lining up our squad for next season whereas in reality Fatman said to Carr “go find some cheap buy out clauses” !!!!

    However every single one of these players will arrive at SJP having been “scouted” for the past three years or more :)