No more Toon transfers until August

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No more Newcastle United transfers expected while the team tour America.
Pardew speaketh
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew does not expect much in the way of transfer activity while the squad is away in the United States for its pre-season friendlies.

Any transfer expectations we Toon fans have can be put on hold for a few weeks until the squad returns from its US tour and we get into the first week of August. Pardew said:

I think that a lot of business will happen but not just yet.

There are a lot of teams away at the moment on tour like ourselves. And I don’t think anything will happen while we are away.

Like at every club, there are things going on behind the scenes. I think, though, that the first week in August may see a bit of a flurry in transfer activity.

There are also some players that will be moved on and that will also affect things.

So it seems we’ll have to wait a while to see Messi and co sign up (co is supposed to be pretty good … not sure about Messi).

I doubt this will quell speculation in the press though and I got a nod and a wink from Deep Throat at my local newsagents this morning, which I took to mean that he’s going to slip me something interesting in the near future.

Enrique is out in the US with the squad but I don’t think that would stop anyone putting in a bid and getting it accepted by Ashley. The player could probably even agree personal terms via the phone or whatever, which would just leave the medical outstanding.

I’m not convinced Pardew has too much to say about outgoing transfers anyway. I think Ashley just says yay or nay depending on the bid.

I’m not convinced he has much to do with incoming transfers for that matter, although I would hope he has at least some input to the final decision.

Looks like we’re in for a quiet few weeks then!

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38 Responses

  1. well, at least that’s good news for my employer – I’ll not wasting any more time on newsnow for a fortnight.

  2. No wonder the posts on here are falling so much, aren’t these boards/blogs supposed to be non-bias & allow the posters to give their own opinion but it seems some of the writers/stories are beginning to show their true colours & putting off fans added their own comments for sure now!!!

  3. August 2012 Right? :lol:

    What happened to this impending stricker being scouted and spouted from Partridge’s beak last week?
    Can’t keep up with their own lies and bull5hit can they?

  4. Avatar Toon69 says: “aren’t these boards/blogs supposed to be non-bias”

    No, not really. They aren’t ‘supposed’ to be anything in particular. It’s up to individual writers as to how they post and whether it includes bias or not.

  5. Tell you what MA has certainly divided and conquered NUFC.
    Good move I think and it makes his domination really easy.

    People who have always been pro MA must find it really hard to face facts that he is in political terms a total tyrant….bit like voting in a politician that always screws you once elected but you decide he is ok and there is worse out there.

    : )

  6. i may get shot down here but iv decided to reserve my full opinion on the nufc transfer policy until the window has closed.

    it does kind of make sense that clubs are away at the min and its quite quiet everywhere on the transfer front so its hard to say this is a bad sign for nufc! i think there is alot of cards being played close to the chests as clubs sniff around players i just hope we do make a few significant signings (yes i know its not likely but im trying to stay positive)

    i think one of the few things we can all agree on is that the squad is woefully short on numbers and quality up front!!!! surely this will be addressed and as im not in the know as to whom we are trying to land im not to fussed when they come in as long as its before the window closes!

    just hope we have learnt are lessons and dont sell enrique or titoe at the 11 hour without any sort of replacement in place

  7. The players only involvement in transfers is saying Ye or no – agents handle the important stuff and I very much doubt their on tour with the lads. I doubt we will bring anyone in but if someone wants to fork out a few million for jose or maybe somebody else they are as good as gone

  8. @ number two toon69 – im glad this blog has the balls to say what some perceive to be negative. Im sick of reading other blogs where everything has to be sugar coated and fluffy or ppl might have a cry.

  9. @ 2 toon69

    this is by far and away the best blog on nufc you will find! you get your fair share of retards/fakes but there are some very well informed comments and articles

    @ 8 shocked so many like shola (thats a quality name)

    think we all know that agents and representatives are in the background touting/wheeling and dealing! i think he means and what i meant is clubs away on tour are probably taking stock waiting on offers and deciding where to strengthen?
    yes players say yay or nay in the end but they will probably wait until they get back i would imagine?

  10. geordiedug,
    aye that sounds about right like.
    It makes sense that we’re gonna be in a similar place as other clubs with tours & the like.
    Plus, sometimes certain deals create a chain reaction.

  11. Aye,
    coaches will be looking at what they’ve got, who fits & who doesn’t. What’s needed & who isn’t.
    We’re doing the same thing.

  12. what a load of cock…

    so no more spending until Pardew returns. So is he scouting, is he an agent? isnt it someone else that conducts the buying/selling of players?

    THats like the head of Barclays taking a week off and the bank shuts all services!!

    just another excuse not to sign any1 else b4 the season starts..

    Excuses excuses

  13. @ mark

    mate i get the frustration but i think you have to be fair to pardew in that he will know who he wants and whats happening with regards to availability and cost of certain players?

    surely he has to be working on targets and like the rest are doing he will be biding his time?

    he aint no head of barclays and the team are together evaluating, training and playing so he isnt taking time off. what i do believe is we have the scouting network in place doing its job and pardew will know who he wants

    what worries me is weather ashley will sanction any spending?

  14. “what worries me is weather ashley will sanction any spending?

    thats my point m8. this is just another excuse, we’ll hear more before the window closes.

    Pards knows who he wants, and he would of advised MA of this to go and get them.

    I think its more likely that we have to sell Jose/Routledge b4 we purchase again

  15. Mark @ 13

    How do you suggest clubs sign players while the majority of them are scattered around the world playing in pre-season friendlies?
    Apart form the obvious availability hurdle, I’d imaging most managers want to either a) see how their teams play before deciding on players’ futures (I.E. Sturridge) or b) want to see how their transfer targets perform, as well as staying clear of injury.

  16. ….having said that, I’m still with you on the ins and outs concern. I think we’ll let another 2 out and bring 2 in.

  17. geordiedug says:
    July 20, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    “@ 2 toon69

    “this is by far and away the best blog on nufc you will find! you get your fair share of retards/fakes but there are some very well informed comments and articles”

    Thanks geordiedug.

  18. @ mark says

    Pards knows who he wants, and he would of advised MA of this to go and get them.

    so whats to say we dont get them players towards the end of the window? im not in any way shape or form sticking up for ashley and co but i think we have to wait and see what we have come the close of the transfer window?

    we are all just guessing whats going on really? im trying to stay positive despite what my gut is telling me and i want to be fair to pardew

    hes said alot of stuff most of which i think is propaganda (part of his deal to come here) but he has been a football manager for long enough at the end of the day and will be trying to recruit players so we have to give him the time

    im trying to be realistic surely they will bring in new faces before its to late? alot of people are miffed about not going for sturridge but with quotes like 20 million flying around i would be prepared to wait it out and see what happens

  19. Worky, I was just tekin pi55, hinting you were also ‘geordiedug’, regarding his praise of the blog. Never mind eh………

  20. Rodzilla says:
    July 20, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    “Worky, I was just tekin pi55, hinting you were also ‘geordiedug’, regarding his praise of the blog.”

    Ahhhh! I see Rod.

  21. ….must admit, on the talk of impending transfers in and out, I am concerned. Yeah , I know there are about 6 weeks left yet but I’ve been bitten too many times on deadline day.

    I’s still a worry of mine that the season we were relegated was due to a massive glut of injuries to a threadbare or inexperienced squad, and a failure to find the (opposition’s) net.

    I’ was amazed our injury luck on our first season back – we hardly lost anyone, whilst our goal drought came to a halt thanks to Nolan and Carroll both finding their feet.

    Since the beginning of last season, our squad is still pretty much the same size and we’ve let our 2 top scorers go (one of whom was captain).

    I’ll still, as ever, leave my judgement on fatty until midnight on deadline day, but history tells me not to hold my breath.

  22. Rodz,
    too many different managers when we went down mate.
    If the likes of Martins & owen had buried the sitters they squandered we woulda been safe as milk.

  23. @ rodzilla

    agree mate its a crazy strategy to have and i reckon with ranger routledge smith and guthrie on the way out we are thin bare to say the least

    the squad photo will have like 10 people on it at this rate!

    even the signings we have made are not very robust or proven in the premier league

    i think the only not injured very often players we have are colo enrique barton (last season anyway)so injuries are definitely a concern which again should propt the club to strengthen

  24. geordiedug says:
    July 20, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    “i think the only not injured very often players we have are colo enrique barton (last season anyway)so injuries are definitely a concern which again should propt the club to strengthen”

    I think that rushing players back too quickly from injuries was a big part of the problem last season geordiedug. Many of the players coming back from injury, eg Gosling, Ireland, Barton etc came back only to reinjure themselves immediately.

  25. @ clint flick

    thats like saying if ferdinand had taken all his chances we would have won the league!
    there is a bit more to it than that

    owen and martins and the rest of the squad should have been home and dry yes to a certain extent but as the circus rumbled on around them without a manager for somtimes weeks at a time im afraid you have to blame ashley at the end of the day as he was at the top and over seen one of the craziest seasons on record! either he charged around hiring and firing at will or was grousely miss informed on how to run a football club! whatever the reason the buck stops with him!

  26. CLiNT@25

    …that as well mate (manager bit). Martins and Owen burying their sitters still wouldn’t have unconditionally guaranteed us a clear spot from the bottom 3 though, as they were both injured for a fair chunk too!

    geordiedug@26, yeah mate, and unfortunately 2 of our “not injured very often players” are likely to get sold. hahaha, the wonderful world of NUFC, you gotta laugh.

  27. Rodz,

    Their misses in the final game (villa) woulda took us further than we’ve gone mate.
    But we’d grown so ugly by then mate.
    The electricity had gone.
    I remember Saylor looking like a big eyed bean from venus after that game.

  28. worky i agree but thats what happens at every club half the time its the wrong diagnosis or they are rushed back! there is pressure to get your best players playing and i reckon the players themselves sometimes fool the managers in their eagerness to get back

    it all adds to the point i was making that as it stands we have something like 15 first treamers with a couple more youngens to add to that over half will not play more than 20 games this season and there are serous doubts over HBA gosling ba maveraux guthrie ameobi best and smith! then chuck a few suspensions in there titoe and barton love a booking and we will struggle just to field a team and thats just a rough estimate on fitness never mind form!

    this is a massive transfer window for us so i hope pardew knows what he is doing

  29. I have heard something similar to this story plus the “sell before we buy” rumour as well !

    However the really worrying rumour I got from a m8 of mine, who knows a member of the coaching staff, is that the squad will remain as thin as possible without major numbers being brought in but, as Lamebrain hinted, they’ll hold onto some money for January in case we’re struggling in the bottom half !

    The assumption is that players who are not likely to be part of the first team or the bench on a regular basis have to move out to lower the wage bill but I just dont see Smudger or Xisco bothering their arses to help Fatman out ?

  30. Ive got one of these horrible feelings that if we dont get Erdinc, which I think is still on depending on Agent A Hole!!. I think were going to go for Bentner as didn’t we try in last minute dot com in January but the price was ridiculous. I don’t know how people feel about that?

  31. @ alastair

    id snap your hand off for bendtner!

    i know hes a complete dick but play him week in week at the toon out he will score you goals!