Coloccini sparks Seville interest?

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Seville are interested in Newcastle United defender Fabricio Coloccini.
Back to Spain? Not likely!
The new Newcastle United captain receives interest from Spain about a possible transfer.

According to the Spanish press, Seville are interested in trying to take Fabricio Coloccini from Newcastle but please see my footnote regarding this story.

Seville face a few problems in this respect, the first being that Newcastle don’t seem to want to sell him, which is particularly obvious by the fact that he’s just been appointed as captain for next season.

The second problem is that Seville are apparently not exactly flush with money at the moment and – according to the hacks in Spain – Newcastle are unlikely to consider any offer less than the £10.3m (€13m-ish) that they paid for him, if indeed they would even consider that. On top of that they would also have to be able to afford his wages and they’re estimated to be £80k/week+.

So it would seem like a non-starter.

However, while Coloccini’s agent – Marcelo Lombilla – admits it would be a difficult transfer to engineer, he has not completely written off the idea, saying:

It is not to say that the player cannot end up playing for Sevilla, for he is proud that a club of this calibre are interested in signing him. But to be realistic about the situation – although the player spent some great years in Spain and I could try, it would not be a simple operation.

Personally, I think Seville have no chance of getting Coloccini as the player seems committed to his new role as captain at Newcastle and recently said:

The club has a lot of leaders and I am sure the manager could have chosen any of them to be captain

That’s why it is a surprise he picked me, but I’m really happy to have been chosen.

This is the first time I have ever been a captain. I spoke with my English teacher last week because I have to start my lessons again. I left my course last year because my English had improved to a certain level, but now I am the captain, I think it needs to be even better.

It is my responsibility to improve. Now I am the captain I will have a lot more speaking to do and I want to be able to do that properly.

Contrasting the differences of the captaincy of a Spanish club and an English club, Colo continues:

In Spain the captain is normally the player who has been at the club for the most years. That is how most Spanish clubs choose their captain.

Being a captain in England is different. It is a much bigger responsibility and I am ready for that. The fans and the press give the captain more importance and you are seen as much more of a figurehead.

I would anticipate that any interest in the player from Seville will be well and truly rebuffed by Newcastle United.

Footnote: This story is being reasonably widely reported in the Spanish press (and on some UK sites) but I vaguely remember similar speculation earlier in the transfer window and I have a suspicion that this may have been ‘accidentally resurrected’ in some sort of mistranslation between the UK and the Spanish press, although I can’t be sure.

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61 Responses

  1. It aint automatic to assume that because ‘they’ve made him captain’, he’s not saleable – after all, Joey was made skipper for the Darlington game!

  2. I think there is still more players to be sold….I bet MA would love to get someone in on £10k a week from the championship and flog Collo to the highest bidder.

    What happened to our recruitment drive…..seems to have fizzled out after all that money was spent on free transfers :lol:

  3. Here we go again the press and agents causing players unrest even if it is just a story or a re-hashed one at that.The biggest problem with football today is spelt A-G-E-N-T these leeches only make money when a player moves or is able to get enhanced terms from their present club. It is no good for them a player being loyal to a club look at Tiote his loyalty has cost his agent a great deal of money forget that he made money when he signed a new 6-year contract for us that was last year their burning question is where can I make money this year. I know a couple of agents and they admit this in private they are always on the lookout to move players on and they can spin it so that it looks like the player who is unsettled and wants a move even when the player has been no where near a negotiating table most of them just wait for their agent phoning to say’ Great News…..’ get rid of agents, well that is not a possibility as contracts are complicated and bless them but the average footballer has brains in his feet and no where else so needs some sort of agent.

  4. Every player at the club is available if the money is right. That is the way things are, we have got to accept it. Ashley will sell if the price is right! However, having said that, the purchases that have been made so far, are very encouraging, so if he replaces players with the calibre of players like Cabaye, Tiote, and Ben A I will not complain.

  5. Funny now how both Villa and Spurs have dismissed the possibility of signing Parker from West Ham. The reason he`s too old at 30 will cost too much and will have no re sale value. Are clubs now starting to copy the Newcastle model?

  6. I’d be so p!ssed off if there was any shred of truth in this rumour. I can see an MA voodoo doll idea forming in my mind and me turning sharply to the dark side.

    Especially as my hot tip to break through into regular first team and and shine in the EPL next year is off to Brighton on loan with a view to a permanent transfer.

    Do they all have sh!t for brains?

  7. This isn’t a dig at FS, above, but he raised something I’ve been getting a bit vexed over for a while now.

    People on here and other NUFC related sites pish and moan over our esteemed owner and chairman selling our players if they price is right.

    Doesn’t that apply to EVERY football club in the world?

    Look at the Fabregas, Asenal, Barc farce. If Barce stump up £40m then he would be gone.
    Tevez looks like he is leaving mega bucks man city as city have been offered £40m. Now there’s a club that doesn’t need the money, yet they held out until the price was right and he now looks to be going.
    Man Utd and Ronaldo. Going back a bit Man Utd and Beckham. Both players who were/are at the top of their game and every other PL club owner would have given his left nacker to have in their team, yet they were sold. The price was right.

    Coming back to us, if anyone out there still thinks that selling AC for £35m was not the right price and was not a good deal for the club needs to give their head a shake. The only people who moan about the sale are the ones who just have a blind hatred for Ashley and don’t want to admit it was a cracking deal for the club.
    I reckon Ashley could buy Messi and people would moan that he spent too much money on one player and that we could have bough ten kids from league one who once looked good in a cup game.

    Anyway, Colo, hopefully he won’t go anywhere. He certainly won’t be going to Seville, but I reckon an Italian team may come sniffing around. His style would be suited to their game.

  8. o/t,alan pardew the big 50 today,no it’s not the amount of rim jobs given to mike ashley.i’m not your biggest fan,but happy birthday.

  9. Micky,
    gotta agree there mate.
    All clubs do the same thing, same with the ‘over 30’s deal.
    We’ll see more & more clubs employing these tactics in future.
    One, cos they have to start balancing the books & two, cos it’s the right thing to do to keep clubs ticking over & it shows that the ever increasing transfer prices/player wages are becoming untenable.

    Very magnanimous of you mate, let me join you in wishing our illustrious leader a Happy Birthday.


  10. Ppl on about MA well he’s a mug, yeah the AC deal would have been good business if it were spent, we got 35m for carroll and 3.8m for nolan, we spent 4.8m for cabaye and got marvaux and ba on a free, and we can only afford to loan a striker yet ashley sharing 200m between his staff at sports so how can 35m be a good deal for the club when ashley has pocketed the money 4 himself?

  11. put a good offer in for sturridge, come on the money is there and we need quality to wear the number 9!!! sometimes you have to spend to get that

  12. For me the fact he had an english teacher speaks volumes about the man, especially in todays game.

  13. Micky the Manchester teams are really not good examples as sellers of top players as all they do is go out and spend even more mega-bucks on equally good ones.

    Do we??

  14. SareS,
    it just said some ‘minor detail’ to do with his visa.
    Probably like Sof69 said.
    That’s all i know, if i find owt else i’ll post it up mate.

  15. TBF though, the yanks are tight as… when it comes to visas.
    If you get there & there’s the slightest problem, they send you back. In fact, a couple of my mates have gotten sent home for ‘not looking right’, even though they had American Mrs’s.
    Go figure, as they say!

  16. Be interesting to see who is and is not going, might give some pointers as to who staying at or leaving the club. Smith for example.

    Obviously discounting anyone with visa problems!

    Looks like we mught have another good young Frenchman on the books, Moyo apparently had a good game against Berwick.

  17. clint,you have to mark a milestone like that,getting to fifty years of age.pardew has went from a “milstone”to a “milestone”.who would have thought this possible!!!!!.

  18. since the yanks have stopped people with criminal records getting into the states,i would have thought there would have been a rise in crime in this country.
    that’s it i’m going out to commit some crime,so i never have to go there.

  19. Grumpy,
    Na, but he did have red spikey hair, they probably thought they were being invaded by a lost native American tribe & got the fear?

  20. the birthday boy has been on the phone to the chronicle,from kansas city.daniel sturridge is a no go,as even a loan would come with a big fee and wages to take in to it looks like we cannot even afford loans now,ffs it’s going from bad to worse.

  21. Ok,ok, so the Manchester Clubs may be so far out of comparison with us, it would be rediculous to compare their sales with ours.

    So, how about spurs and Berbatov? At the time he was their lynch pin, their number one top drawer player. Man Utd offered silly money, he was gone.
    Everton with Rooney. The brightest and best English talent. But when we and Man Utd started offering £20m+ he was suddenly surplus to requirements.
    You didn’t see Arsenal hanging around when Anelka was sold for bags more cash then they paid for him.

    Just to put some perspective on it, until the Halls came along we always sold our brightest and best when the cash was flashed, from Gazza, via Supermac, all the way back through time to Highie Gallagher.
    It’s just how it works. Everyone in football has their price, everyone.

    Look, I’m no Ashley apologist, just trying to show that it’s no just the mentality of our club, it’s everyone.

    Geordie Mafia – Ashley is paying out that money in shares and it was set up yonks ago. If I recall correctly they also can’t touch it for x amount of years either. He can’t just pocket the £35m either, it has to go through the books.

  22. Torjan if that is true, then that’s very sad. I’m in favour of steady as she goes and build solid foundations, slowy, to ensure the future of the club, but just sometimes you need to inject a bit of excitement into the process. Sturridge, even on loan would have made for an exciting season.

    I’m starting to wonder about the ambition of Mr. Pardew.

  23. How Trojan,
    is that true or are you yanking (see what i did there?) Micky’s chain?

  24. Will this now mean cabaye is popping his clogs on and heading off to the lands of nether with joey and co?

  25. Micky Toon says:

    “I’m starting to wonder about the ambition of Mr. Pardew”

    Pardwho’s ambition is to hang on to his job for as long as possible !

    Fatman doesnt have any ambitions or at least not for NUFC :(

  26. sunderland are shit says:

    “Will this now mean cabaye is popping his clogs”

    I sincerely hope not otherwise thats another £4m down the drain :)

  27. A more appropriate name^^ (i think). AndyMac i get that impression of pardew too, although i hope he proves me wrong.

  28. Clint – Must be getting to twitchy bum time for you and yours. Four weeks now is it?

  29. @ Micky Toon

    they way im reading your comments are that because we have always sold we shouldn’t be unhappy at all when we sell our best players now as it is to be expected at nufc and that your fed up with the moaners on the site? i cant see the logic in that?

    people are vexed with ashley and co not because of him selling the players for the right price or so called sensible running of the company/club! people are getting vexed coz the money wont be reinvested in the club! and the fans have every right to bitch and moan about him if they want!

    i get what your saying about bichers and moaners but every fan has the right to there opinions

    my biggest grip is that we got in the region of 37-40 million for carroll and nolan and they also leave the wage bill
    that is unexpected revenue and if the club had any ambition at all or foresight to strengthen the team to give us the best chance possible to better last season and avoid relegation! it has to be spent on replacing the players sold

    liverpool sold torres and spent the money + about an extra 7 million on top of the 50 million they got and brought 2 top draw strikers in carroll and saurz thats good business as they have lost one striker but gained 2 for about a 7 million outlay
    the carroll deal is only good business for us if he is replaced and the money is invested in players (realistic and sensible players dont want owen or luque types)! that money shouldn’t go into the general purpose fund or go into ashleys pocket whatever way they launder the money though the club! to do otherwise is just stupid and you are gambling with the clubs premier league status again!

    i have said this before but we cant just shut up and take it. the ashley regime in my opinion is like a cancer at the club i dont believe this man has any interest in nufc and will look to cut corners sell players and the club to try and claw back his investment and i believe we he should meet as much resistance as possible from the fans (peacefully and not stupid pitch invasion) as we all believe we should be run better as a whole than we are!

  30. Fact of the day:

    Mike Ashley’s transfer spending since his first full season in charge of the club is currently standing at -£55 million and outgoings on wages have also been massively reduced.

  31. sounds about right worky

    i would love to know why he even bought nufc in the first place!

  32. Micky,
    aye mate 4 weeks & counting!

    As you know mate, it could be anytime now.

    It’s all hands on deck round here man.


  33. 2nd fact of the day:

    lee ryder is a ginger ponce and hasn’t got the foggiest idea what’s happening at the toon.

  34. clint he never said nowt m8 he just banned me from the cron blog.

    the short arsed wa nker deserves a good ploating.

  35. Roy Cropper says:
    July 18, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    “clint he never said nowt m8 he just banned me from the cron blog.”

    He banned me as well Roy.

  36. Geordiedug, not quite.

    What I’m trying to say is that some people seem to think that nufc are the only club who does this and it’s only because of our current regime.

    I’m also not complaining about people having a moan about Ashley, they are entitled to do that, the same as others are entitled to defend what he is doing. I actually can’t see anywhere, where I’ve said anything to the contrary on this subject.

    Like you I am perplexed at where the Nolan/Carroll money has ended up. All businesses will have a yearly forecast for operational costs. The Carroll and Nolan money shouldn’t be included in that, yet it seems the club is telling us it has been.
    The final straw, for me, is the Sturridge situation. Apparently it’s even too expensive for us to take him on loan, never mind buy him. Yet Bolton, who aren’t as rich as us in revenue seem to be able to afford it. What gives?

    I would never want anyone to stop voicing their opinion on anything, be it Ashley, Pardew, teams performance. Like I said earlier I’ve never said anything to the contrary.

  37. Clint, aye, busy, busy, busy around here, but worth every minute of it, even if the eldest is being a right pain in the arse.

  38. worky i’ve been banned from far better site’s than his like – he calls himself a sports journalist!!! the owners of the paper would get better value for their money if they set him on as a shithoose cleaner.

    i’ve said this before – he scans sites like yours for his exclusives.

    it’s shamefull!

  39. Micky,
    can’t wait for the eldest to be a royal pain in the arse like.
    That should be fun!

    I can see a bit of ‘Eldest & Daddy against the world coming up.

  40. roy,divvent worry aboot that knobheed lee ryder,he’s a joke.i think he’s only ever had a drink with a journalist,the baldy b*****d.

  41. Jeez – why the fook does everyone keep moaning, we’re def stronger than last season and we’re not bankrupting the club ala FFS
    I dont like Ashley or llambias but we need to get real, Carroll left at the first sniff of 80k a week, Nolan wanted a 5 year contract
    Interesting to hear redknapp talk about the cost of Parker being 30 million despite a transfer fee of 7.5 million once you include agent fees, loyalty bonus, signing on fee and wages, and no chance of resale value
    I’m happy to strengthen team slowly, obviously some people on here expect to do a man city

  42. aye trojan your reet & probs in the – bar fleet street – doon pudding chare.

    the tw@t should be dragged infront of the commons committee & asked to explain where his exclusives come from.

  43. “we’re def stronger than last season”

    No Carroll and No Nolan ? Where are the goals coming from next season 4411 ?

    Ba – provided his knee holds out ?
    HBA – assuming he doesnt meet de Jong again or anyone else with half a brain who just wants to show him that “right is might”

    Just think before you put stuff down in print. It may come back to haunt your arse in ten months time :(