Barca’s interest in Jose may be unfounded and Erdinç snubs Toon move

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Barcelona may not be interest in Jose Enrique after all.
Barca interest may be unfounded
Barcelona may not be after Newcastle United left-back Jose Enrique and Mevlüt Erdinç snubs Newcastle transfer.

It seems that recent rumours about Barcelona’s interest in Jose Enrique may be unfounded. Enrique’s representative (and brother) Salvador Sanchez said this about any alleged links between his brother and a move to the Nou Camp:

We know nothing, only what has appeared in the press.

Barcelona are known to want to strengthen their left side and, after recent attempts to sign José Ángel from Sporting Gijón fell through, it was thought they might turn their attentions to Enrique. However, it seems that Valencia’s Jordi Alba is actually their preferred target.

Some sites are saying that Barcelona have actually come out and said “We will not be trying to sign Enrique” but after a thorough search of the Spanish press for statements from Barcelona I can’t find any evidence of this. That’s not to say it isn’t true of course – my failure to find it might just be due to my incompetence with both the Spanish language and Google.

This is pure guesswork by me but I tend to think that, if Enrique does move, it’s more likely to be to an English team, which really means either Arsenal or Liverpool. If the player is true to his word and wants Champions League football then that really only means Arsenal, unless of course his desire for Champions League football includes some sort of speculation that the arrival of Dalglish and Liverpool’s squad improvements mean that they might be Champions League contenders very soon.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on with this one. Pardew has insisted he’s been offered a very good deal to remain at Newcastle but one man’s good deal might be another man’s pile of tripe and I’m a bit wary that what Mike Ashley might think is a ‘good deal’ might not match Enrique’s take on the concept. Pardew hasn’t given up though and insists:

We have to do everything we can to persuade him this is the place to be – and get him to sign that new contract.

All we can do is wait for some movement on the Enrique situation but I fear this dragging on and leaving us with a gaping hole at left-back.

Meanwhile it seems any hope of acquiring Mevlüt Erdinç has disappeared. Apparently we made a formal £7m bid for the player on Tuesday but his agent – Pierre Frelot – said yesterday:

He will not be going to Newcastle. The player decided not to move and he is staying in Paris for next season.

That, it would seem, is the end of that.


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18 Responses

  1. Isn’t it amazing that we seem to get bids accepted for players that don’t want to come (Gameiro & Erdinc) but don’t get bids accepted for a player that wants to come (N’Zog). Cue comments like “we did all we could to improve the squad” & “wouldn’t be held to ransom”. I was encouraged by the early activity but it now seems to be settling into a familiar pattern.

  2. I really do think that however the recent trading seems to have gone, the fact remains that we still have a rather large pile of doe to play with and I am pretty sure that there will be at least two, maybe even three more signings before the game against the Gonners.
    Have Faith. HWTL.

  3. Perhaps Sturrige and Barnetta would be very good with a L/B cover for good measure.

  4. Sources close to the deal insist that Newcastle were unable to lure French-born Erding to Tyneside because they were unable to meet his wage demands, even though the terms of the transfer were agreeable to PSG.

    “The move for Erding is now dead in the water and they are looking at other targets,” a source close to the talks told

    “They weren’t prepared to pay him what he wanted because they are trying to run a tight ship wage-wise and that’s why has decided to stay put.

    “They are now scratching their heads as to what to do next because as far as I know they do not have a specific target in mind now the Erding deal has fallen through”

    Another fine mess you got me into Stanley :)

    “But one thing is for sure – they will be sticking to their guns and going for a young, up-and-coming player.”

  5. Seanp…you’re right there mate…the writing seems to be on the wall.

    Until the transfer window closes, we’ll just have to batten down the hatches, and wait and see which new signings di in fact arrive. Even then Lambarse has already thrown in the blah blah rider “holding back money for the January window”…so we can see where this will all end…

  6. I like the ‘source close to …’ bits because it always conjures up images of men in trench coats with sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats exchanging brown envelopes on street corners.

  7. Yallright Hugh…. that’s probably the way wor lot work anyway…I can see Lambiarse in a trench coat and trilby !

  8. Hugh de Payen says

    “I like the ‘source close to …’ bits because it always conjures up images of men in trench coats with sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats exchanging brown envelopes on street corners”

    you forgot “while hacking phones” :(

  9. …MONDAY is going to bring some GOOD NEWS re: FORWARD.

    …you are going to be amazed.

    …not quite up there with the signings of Shearer or O**n, but it will be a ‘better-than-expected’ one !!

    Velkommen til Toon !!!

  10. Hey did i call this one, nickeled and dimed PSG then wanted the guy for nowt, well obviously he was’nt impressed with what Ash. was offering.
    So who is the next victim on the list ?
    The arrogance of these guys is something.

    With an untouched £35m. in the war chest, they cant find anyone decent?
    What happened, they run outta free agents ?

    When you see clubs like our close neighbors, spending big time, oh yeah ! forgot they got around £38m. for a coupla guys, we only got, wait a minute counting Nolans fee £39m.
    Guess the difference is, maybe they got more ambition?

    But what am i saying, we need fiscal disciplin so as the club will not become indebted (hear that from the bean counters on this blog all the time)

    Actually the club is indebted to who? our owner of course and thats being taken care of, a million here , amillion there, before long he will have his money back and hopefully sell the club, i said hopefully !
    God forbid he then see’s it as a moneymaker.

    One thing Carr could suggest is get over this age cap (no not the wage cap, we already discussed fiscal responsibility) perhaps Campbell soured him on bringing in veterans, but IMO every team could use a couple of wise heads, experienced players who could give a year or two of good service.

    But looks like a pretty rigid policy of when there’s no sell on profit, there will be no veterans brought in, hell thats the problem with our guys (Joey, Nolan, Jonas) reaching 28 or 29yrs. gotta sell em before we lose money.
    And thats a bit wierd considering most players reach a prime around that age, go figure?

  11. Hey ! got the solution to our striker situation !
    We let Chewsea have Tiote in return for Sturridge.
    Looks like Essien has reinjured his bum knee and could be a liability and who better to replace him?
    Then we sign Matuidi, to replace Tiote, just as tough but without the card collection.
    But is Taylor the designated replacement for Toro ?
    Or will we then do a deal with Celtic, maybe our basketball sized goalie plus Best for Izzaguirre,
    How does that sound ?

  12. chuck says:
    July 9, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    “Hey ! got the solution to our striker situation !
    We let Chewsea have Tiote in return for Sturridge.
    Looks like Essien has reinjured his bum knee and could be a liability and who better to replace him?”

    They already have Mikel Jon Obi Chuck.

  13. Workey

    Yeah i know, but it’s rumored he is in the shop winow a part of the designated clearout (Obi)
    Guy never quite lived up to expectations and not a regular starter.
    Thats not to say he’s not a good player, plus he plays on the oposite side to Essien, though thats no big deal.
    Yep ! we are not the only side it appears who are revamping, right now the money being spent is crazy, with quite a few clubs involved.
    Probably end up as the gretest amount of expenditure on players, in the history of the EPL.
    I think that NUFC will be the only club to come out of the window with a net gain.
    Well so far !