“This club will never fight again to be among the top 6 with this policy.” – Enrique

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A scathing attack on Ashley by Enrique
A scathing attack on Ashley.
Like Joey Barton before him, it seems that Jose Enrique is using the social networking site Twitter to express his disdain at the club and appears to be finally acknowledging to the fans, and the club, that he wants a move – or at least a huge improvement in policy at NUFC.

Speaking on Twitter today, Jose Enrique indirectly lambasted the club’s owner Mike Ashley and the clubs transfer policy. Some of you may recall Pardew being unhappy with the Spaniard’s conduct on Twitter after announcing to fans he would not be taking part in the upcoming game against Spurs and his deletion of his Twitter account but it seems Jose has decided to reopen and this account has been confirmed by both Wayne Routledge and our fake account killer Danny Simpson.

Mike Ashley has been well known to be an admirer of the Arsenal model, bringing young players in cheap via extensive scouting networks and love of the French market which for a club that is recently promoted is a high risk, high payout gamble but if we get something wrong, we may very well be up the Tyne without a paddle.

In Spanish, the left back said:

“The Club is letting go of all the main players. Seriously, do you think is the fault of the players? Andy, etc etc Nolan?”

“This club will never fight again to be among the top 6 with this policy.”

“I think you fans are the best and you deserve the best. Not what they are doing with the club. Thanks to everyone for supporting me.”

And then, allowing me to step away from Google Translate:

“They give the money I have already. They lie all the time. But is no for money is because they don’t want.”

“They don’t want spend in the club and bring quality players that’s why everybody go.”

No doubt El Toro will be in for a reprimand given that he appears to be discussing contract details with the Geordie fans and, of course, Mike “I don’t know what you’re talking about, there were never any pies to begin with” Ashley is well known for his disdain of his staff being mean to him – and even those of us who line his pockets week in and out with our hard earned cash, as he proved in the seemingly politically motivated move of disbanding Level 7, or the Singing Section.

Derek “I’ll be in Aspers” Llambias was also verbally abused at the now famous friendly against Darlington FC, as he walked into the wrong door and entered the drinking area with the Newcastle fans. Turns out that even with all of his Casino management credentials and glasses he still struggles to tell the difference between signs saying “VIP” and “Bar”.

It’s easy to become a favourite at Newcastle United. We like players who give 100% and can do the jobs they’re being paid thousands upon thousands a week to do, and that is something Jose Enrique does in bulk. He has passion, ability and heart and after he had settled into the style of play here in England, he quickly became an important first team player along with the likes of Colocinni, Kevin Nolan and *spit* Andy Carroll.

One thing is certain: The playing staff have the same lack of communication as the fans do, and that is simply unacceptable.

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90 Responses

  1. I knew there was a reason the young lad from the reserves has just been flown out to America tonight.

    Jose is officially gone now then. Just a formality. If there is any sense in Ashley he should sign a class left back like M’Bengue/Van Aanholt etc. immediately.

    We all knew this was coming and all Jose has done is show his hand earlier than Ashley expected, surely forcing him to sign another left back rather than ‘fail in the 24th hour’ and come out with the usual BS excuses as to why we didn’t have enough time blah blah blah.

    Get another left back in NOW Ashley! No BS this time please-for once!

  2. Spiting his dummy more like cause he aint got his move yet.Dump him on the bench and let the twonk go at end of his contract.

  3. I think he has every right to speak his mind. Barton said similar things on Twitter a while back. Had we kept Carroll and brought in N’Zogbia to supplement the talent we have in our squad, Ben Arfa, Tiote, Coloccini, Barton etc we could have had a great season.

    I would rather a player speak his mind and let the fans know what’s going on. Mike Ashley never speaks to the fans and Pardew continually contradicts himself; first saying the entire £35m from the Carroll sale would be spent on player transfers, now he’s saying we’ve spent most of it on agent fees and the training ground.

  4. “I knew there was a reason the young lad from the reserves has just been flown out to America tonight.”

    Simpson has flown back because of his wife giving birth. So a replacement is needed.

  5. Phisix said:
    Simpson has flown back because of his wife giving birth. So a replacement is needed.

    Dummett is a left back, my good man.

  6. Have to say though I’m really happy Jose has come out and exposed the ugly truth we all endure under Ashley’s regime.

    Sorry to see the lad go b’coz he is a class act as a LB. Ashley should be ashamed that every single one of his once best assets are one by one coming out and saying exactly what they (and any normal person’s) opinion of him should be:

    1) A liar
    2) The tightest billionaire in the World
    3) An ignorant, arrogant moron
    4) An infuriating cockney !’@*&%##
    5) etc etc etc

    And most sadly of all it won’t change him at ALL. Wan*er

  7. Sour grapes in Spanish.Hes been offered one of the best contracts at the club and wants to go but because he played luke a drain at the back end of the season nobody wants him. Sick him with the reserves.

  8. Shame to see him go but happy he’s had the balls to let everyone know whats happening.

    Some of us already knew but the optimstic fans should see it for what it is now – a shambles!

  9. We wont sign Aly Cissokho. He’s not a “free transfer” or a nobody that will sign a tiny contract.

    Suprising that some people take sides against Enrique in this. It’s very obvious that those in charge always spin the truth / lie… sad to see so many falling for it despite how blatant it’s becoming.

  10. He wanted Chamions League but no one has come in for him. Now he has opened it up to teams ‘challanging for the top 6″. So if Liverpool or Tottenham make a bid he has an excuse to go there. You watch soon it will be “teams in the Top 10”!

    If he wants out he should hand in a transfer request. We’ll put him for sale and then someone merely has to pay the asking price.

  11. If Enrique claims he was offered the same contract, but Pardew claims he was offered a fantastic new contract, in fact one of the best contracts on offer to a NUFC player.
    It would appear that either one of them is lying or something has been lost in translation.
    Or Enrique has had his head turned, as they say, fully expecting a Champions league side to have come in for him.
    Or even a Liverpool, and is a bit pissed off it has,nt happened.
    Could be Ashley is demanding too high a fee.
    Well he should wise up (Enrique) and do like Joey, just play out his last year and go as a free agent, even rejecting MU, he (Joey)knows it will kill Asley to have to let him go for nowt.

  12. @ 9 – ”Sour grapes in Spanish.Hes been offered one of the best contracts at the club and wants to go but because he played luke a drain at the back end of the season nobody wants him. Sick him with the reserves”

    Enrique stated in his tweet that they had offered him a contract with exactly the same money, what make you think we have offered him the ”best” contract??? cos pardwho has told us? cos we all believe what that prick has got to say yeah? we knew this was going to happen, he deserves 100,000 p/week, hes really that good. only at newcastle do you get offered a new ”better” contract which is less or the same as your current wage. we are a joke!!

  13. The facts speak for themselves Ladies and Gents. Ashley has not used any of 35 million like previously quoted on a suitable replacement. He is here to get the money back he put into the club…just a word of warning he might even stay on rather than sell the club when he does. As its a canny little earner the NUFC. Mike is a arrogant man who thinks he is above the Toon Army. What will it take for Toon Army to make a stand? Before its too late? relegation?? for all our best players to leave?? for Mike to come out and say that he hates the Geordies Fans he is secretly a Mackem and he loves the fact that he can do what ever he pleases and the Geordies faithful will keep lining his pockets?? why would he leave?? I love Football, I love the Toon, I love my heritage and I am proud to say i’m a Geordie. I for one will not be taken for a ride, for granted or treat like i’m a complete idiot. It’s up to you people line down and take a hiding or stand up and fight?

  14. His rhetoric stinks of excuses.

    On about ‘you know who’ & nolan?
    They both left for the money & the 5 year deal respectively.
    He was never gonna sign a new deal from months back, & now he’s pissed that he isn’t interesting the ‘right type’ of club.
    Totally transparent, makes a better window than a door.
    Great player, shite attitude!

  15. CLiNT FLiCK;

    So you believe Ashley and Pardew rather than Enrique? The same Pardew who said Carroll would definitely not be sold, then he said the entire Carroll transfer money would be spent on player transfer fees and is now saying we’ve spent the majority of it on agent fees and the training ground, the same Pardew who said we won’t be signing N’Zogbia because he’s got a move lined up when clearly he hasn’t because Dave Whelan said Wigan have rejected an offer from Aston Villa for him etc etc

  16. If it was right out of the blue, without all the months of contract bs, i’d believe him. But, as it is, he’s trying to play us like a flamenco guitar.

  17. #CLiNT FLiCK

    If your boss came to you and said ‘hey Clint, how about we pay you the same wage for the next 5 years as we have paid you for the previous 3?
    Then your supervisor went out and told anyone with ears that you have been offered a belta deal!

    Comments welcome :)

  18. No i wouldn’t believe any of ’em mate.

    But you’re clutching at straws mate.

    He’s using the situation, route 101, it’s pathetic…blah, blah, blah, great fans deserve…blah, blah…heard it all before!

    He’s been off for months & he’s trying to force the issue now by becoming untenable.
    It’s childish!

  19. Terri,
    happens everyday mate, & you know it.

    I don’t work for the man though, i’m recalcitrant, so it’s a bad analogy mate.

  20. It’s all relative. regardless of the amount of £
    its the principle cant you see.
    if you are a Doctor, bus driver, PA or a hairdresser?
    the principle is the same…they are trying everyone for fools.

  21. Look,
    All bosses are qunts, where’s the surprise?

    People are just using every little thing, every twist, to suit their argument.
    Jose’s just doing the same thing.
    It’s normal, it’s human nature!

  22. I think this has more to do with ambition than money. Had we not sold Carroll or at least spent the £35m we received for him on players this summer I think Enrique would have stayed.

  23. Are your sure about the twitter account, its referred to @joseenrique3 but he`s official account is @j_enrique3 ?!?!?

  24. Hmm, why would he even say those things if there really were options for him. Maybe no-one has come in for him as yet, and he’s just venting his frustration. Makes sense to have an extra left back with Ferguson injured. Someone needs to sit down with him and convince him. Spending big in the past on a few players brought Newcastle nothing, but building a squad over time is what needs to be done. We need quality in every position with backup, something that has been lacking for many years, better to have a squad than a couple of star players who could get injured.

  25. FG,
    the summer’s not even over yet mate, jumping the gun there.
    He’s found an excuse & he’s sticking to it, howay man, if this was a work mate, y’d laugh in his face trying to get him to admit it.

  26. RangerDanger,
    is that right mate?
    Well that would be as much of a shock as someone changing a wiki page.

  27. Maybe i’m a lonely figure?? Standing up for what I believe in. There is a a time and a place for recalcitrance. Is there not?
    When it comes to powerful people making a mockery of the normals like me… Bush, Murdoch etc and now Ashley.
    People only see what they want to see because they cant handle the truth . The Powerful people like aforementioned will ensure that the normals dont get to see or hear the real truth.

  28. It’s pretty obvious to me we won’t be spending much this summer, we’ll probably spend around £7m on Erdinç and a new lb and that will be it. Pardew is already making excuses on how much we had to pay Ba and Marveaux’s agents and how that’s taken a big chunk out of the £35m.

    And if I worked with someone who was one of the most talented employees in my company and they wanted to leave because they could go to a better place of work and get a better salary elsewhere I wouldn’t blame them.

  29. Terri,
    good on ya’ mate.

    I can assure you that i take a stand every single day of my life.
    If you knew me, i’m sure y’d agree.
    I don’t & never have bought papers, for political reasons & that’s just for starters.

  30. joseenrique3 is his real Twitter. Danny Simpson confirmed it. He’s deleted it now. Apparently the club are going to issue a statement tonight about Enrique.

  31. FG,
    i’m not saying you ‘would blame ’em’, just that, if they started feeding you a line, you’d say: ‘ball off!..It’s for the better money & conditions’.

  32. The page i follow enrique at is @j_enrique3, he`s last is something to joey and a comment about the incident in Oslo,,, “Mi respeto a aquellos que están implicados en el terror de #Oslo”

    Dont know what to think… the other account seems to be deleted…

  33. CLiNT FLiCK

    I am sure you are a very cool guy. I like the fact you don’t buy papers for a start!

    We are never going to agree on everything that’s a way of life but surly you must agree with me on the Ashley situation ie his intentions are not honourable? and he is making a mockery out of the fans. See no evil, hear no evil speak no evil.

  34. His real twitter was joseenriqe3. This was confirmed by Simpson, Routledge and Barton. He deleted it after his comments tonight. All other Twitter accounts claiming to be Enrique are fake.

  35. Terri,

    Nice one mate, it’s always cool when you can discuss something rather than argue.
    I have know real clue what ashley’s up to, as i don’t know the bloke & he doesn’t exactly say much, does he?
    But it’s not about him/them for me, it’s about Jose, he’s the one who hasn’t signed his contract, he’s the one that’s raking up old stories. It just looks like a classic misdirection away from the real business to me.
    I’m sure ashley’s a tosser, just like all football club owners probably are, but let’s make it plain that it’s an assumption that most are subscribing to. I’d rather know than assume like.
    I’m interested what the team’ll look like come sept. 1st like.

    But, tbf, that’s all i’m really interested in, the team. But i definitely don’t want players that don’t wanna be here creating a bad smell, whomever they are, however good they are or think/have come to believe they are.
    That’s always been my position & it always will be.

  36. It’s a gamble thats going on.
    Ashley wants rid of the highly compensated players, but he would be willing to give Enrique an extension at the same money, unlike Joey who he wants to sell.
    Joey is too smart for him, he will see out his big money contract (though he would have taken a decent extension for less) and find another club as a free agent, viola !
    It’s probably a case of Ashley asking too much for Enrique
    who has made it clear he wants away, so the game goes down to the line, with Ashley aware of who will pay and how much and probably Enriques agent is also aware.
    Enrique should do as Joey, play out his final year and leave as a free agent, an “in your face” to Ashley.

  37. My optimism may return some day, not tomorrow or the next day but maybe when the truth is known and then I can stand side by side with my fellow Geordies and adopted Geordies. And know that we made a stand.

    Good night :)

  38. We have splashed the cash many a time back along and look where that got us? Crap players and a sick note. We should trust in pardwho and carr until at least Xmas time. They may surprise us again.

  39. Phisix,

    well we can’t continue to keep replacing managers at the rate we have been. Just cos some of us ‘don’t like ’em’.
    We have to stick with someone for more than a couple of years.
    Whenever we have, we’ve had relative success.
    That’s as much to blame as shit signings. Most of the time, one manager buys a player, gets sacked, another comes in, doesn’t want half the team, changes it round, gets sacked, etc. on & on.

  40. If this has genuinely come from Enrique, then he should be left to rot in the reserves. Harsh, but outside of Barton and Rocky, this is the least professional thing I’ve heard from anybody associated with Newcastle in a long time.

    I’m still racking my brain to figure out exactly what it is that Enrique has done to make him think he’s deserving of CL football. He wants to test himself against the best? He can join the queue, behind established internationals and players who haven’t been relegated in the last few year, neither of which he is.

  41. … also, as a side note, does anybody else see the irony of a player slagging off a club that he is yet to commit to?

  42. think jose had his head turned by liverpool a while back meself,and thats what his blast is about,just another spolit brat not geting his own way and what better way to force a move.Hes playing the toon army.

  43. Football is so mind numbly boring these days it’s not funny. A game which I have loved from the moment I was born has managed to suck every ounce of enthusiasm I once had for it…player greed, club miss-management, agent’s rise within the game = a system which lacks any loyalty whatsoever and provides little to know value to the people who support it…the fan! Spend more money, don’t spend money, change the manager, don’t change the mamanger, get shot of the owner, don’t get shot of the owner…blah blah blah…..blah!

  44. The 35 million question will not go away.
    Just like the phone hacking question didn’t, even though some of the most powerful people in the country tried to sweep it under the carpet.
    Shearer, Keegan, Carrol, Nolan, Houghton to name a few and now Jose.
    Are they all lying or is it Ashley doing a Murdoch or a even a Bush?
    People only see what they want to see…open your eyes my fellow Geordies.

  45. If we had of held on to nolan and carroll,kept barton and jose happy and spent some wedge we had a unit that I think with sensible spending we could have pushed for a europa spot.

    We had developed a backbone and players grafted and had a unity not seen for a while…shame it was all smashed up when the future had some promise of better things.

  46. Iv been reading a few boots & its seems like were the laughing stock ov EPL,, unwashed r ripping the piss out ov us,, like I said the other wk ashley,s got no football ambitions & he,s not a geordie 4 him its all bout the money, he dosent care bout us (fans) & untill we hit him were it hurts he s going 2 keep doing it,,,

  47. instead of whinging about the FAT ONE the only way to hit him is in the pocket .its simple just stop going to watch the toon .i did even tho i miss watching them i wont line the fat pigs pockets .as ive said dont whinge about him if your prepared to fund him

  48. fat mans policy of bringing the younguns thru will backfire. from what i saw at berwick theres nowt to write home about in the kids teams .they were very average no new gazzas in there .

  49. I dont know why anyone is suprised the puppet has been feeding us BFM’s cockney rubbish since he got here, I wonder if the puppet is ashamed of himself for selling himself out because I would be if i was him he’s not a man he is a weasel.
    I say good luck to enrique I just hope he goes to Arsenal not Liverpool. @clint flick, what planet are you on? are you a cockney in disguise?

  50. Why are so many people going mad about ashley saving money on contracts and selling players for over the odds, the club will soon be turning a profit, which will be good when the financial fair play rule comes into play in 2013, we will be set then to make a fair stab at europe unlike other prem clubs liverpool Manchester city/united. so let ashley invest in youth and scouting with the 35m, its better for us in the bigger picture.

  51. i’ve got to say,i’m losing the will to go on,dont know whether to laugh or cry.it’s just one thing after another,the whole situation is becoming a farce.
    pardew is looking more and more like a mug,as time goes on,howay alan tell the truth ffs.i’m not a pardew fan by any stretch,but this is not the arrogant,cocky,over confident,pardew i was used to,from a few year back.
    the guy just looks like he’s happy to be manager,and is a willing stooge,do the hierachy have something on him?.
    surely ashley has to see this situation cannot go on.this siege mentality,all the lying the backtracking,the ill will,the misinformation,has got to stop.the season hasn’t started,but here we go again,there’s nothing to look forward to,apart from another battle with the owner.every business normally keep their customers happy,i agree with keegan,”i will never understand these people”.

  52. Trojan,
    the footie season will kick off soon mate, then a lot of the navel gazing will subside.
    We as fans have to stop pulling ourselves apart.

  53. clint,i’m just sick and tired of this whole sorry mess.
    ashley could do himself a massive favour,if he would just speak to the fans.lets hear it once and for all,from the “organ grinder”,about his plans for this football club.ashley stop sending people like pardew to speak to us,you could stop all this s**t,there’s too much hearsay about what he has said,there’s conspiracy theory,after conspiracy theory.if the bloke would call a meeting with the fans,and explain what the hell is going on,then people might stop thinking he’s the devil incarnate.

  54. Trojan,
    you could well have a point there mate.

    it seems to me that no matter what, some would still take issue.

    That’s why i just want the footie to start.
    It would take a lot of the boredom & frustration away.

  55. Basically,
    we need to start thinking about the new lads.
    It”s a bit (lot) disrespectful to them for us to be constantly hacking away at ourselves in front of them.
    WTF must they be thinking?

  56. Phisix,
    it probably means ‘big’ as in, in required positions mate.
    Although, you never know, managers aren’t exactly known for correct use of semantic terms.

  57. Phisix says:

    “Pardwho says he wants two “big” signings still. Any idea on whom”

    No but neither has Pardwho :)

  58. Curno if ashley is investing in youth then he needs to come up with something better than the current crop of youngsters . i watched em under beardsley at berwick on 16th july n they struggled to beat a piss poor berwick side .apart from 3 players who were ok but nowt flash the rest were very average bordering on shite .ive watched junior football for years and even at under 19 level good players stick out like a sore thumb but nothing looked out of the very ordinary here.they were scared to get there fancy haircuts ruffled

  59. Is it just Pardew who is claiming that the 35 million has been spent on training ground and agency fees or is there any other proof?

    here’s a thought, I read in a newspaper a few weeks ago (cannot remember which one) that there were big profits with his sports firm Sports Direct and he shared 90 million of that profit with the Sports Direct staff. I wonder, does he keep the profits of NUFC and Sports Direct seperate?