Toon rumoured to be interested in Valencia’s Vicente (again)

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Vicente once again connected to Newcastle.
Toon target?
Valencia’s Vicente has said that his future lies in England and he is once again being connected to Newcastle United.

Spanish ‘periodistas deportivos’ (hacks to you and I) are suggesting that Newcastle have bid for Valencia left-winger Vicente Rodríguez Guillén. But I think something may have been lost in translation and what they’re really saying is that we’ve joined the bid to sign the player rather than actually make a quantifiable bid.

Although I don’t speak Spanish and they may have been saying his donkey’s on fire for all I know.

I mentioned this player a few posts back and said I was rather doubtful because he’s 29 and another midfielder. I still have my doubts but I thought I should mention that Vicente (who usually uses just the one name) is once again being connected to us by the foreign press.

The player, who has spent 11 years at Valencia and scored 50 goals in 319 appearances for them, said:

In a few days I will decide my future and it will be in England.

Which I suppose could put us on speculation list as far as the press is concerned, although allegedly Blackburn and Swansea are also after the player. You’d have thought we’d have the oomph to appear a more attractive proposition than those teams if we really wanted to sign him but, as I said, I can’t really see it.

He has a decent selection of trophies to his name, including two Spanish League titles, the Spanish cup and both the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Super Cup. I just tend to think that, with an obvious policy of clearing out older players and replacing them with younger ones, it would be a bit bizarre to sign a 29 year-old who I would imagine would want a decent wage.

Anyway, I shall leave you mull that over.

Incidentally, I hope you were all up at 04:52 this morning dancing around in your bare scuddies to celebrate dawn on the Summer Solstice.

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11 Responses

  1. Wouldn’t mind Vicente Tbh , I think he’s better than Marveaux and Jonas although I doubt he’ll join us .
    Maybe Liverpool or Spurs will get him ?

    Id imagine really high wages though

  2. have to agree, i don’t see it. good player yes, great player? maybe back in 03-04. his age definitely doesn’t fit the new recruiting program and he’s had numerous injury issues over the years… so of course we’ll probably sign him.

  3. Like yourself I very much doubt it.He will probably replace N’Zog at Wigan,when he moves to the L’pool.

  4. You must be having a laugh. Think he,s only played about 25 league games in the last 2 years and scored 1 goal. For those who only rate players on goals to game ratio he,s a non starter!

  5. Cracking player but to old for this new revolution pards is attempting to put together! Disappointed about the zog aswell, thought that would have been a done deal by now!

  6. geordie red neck – zog the frog – wont be coming to the toon. not with a £12mil price tag stuck on him.

    can you see the – porkmeister – signing a cheque for that amoont? sold him for 6 & bought him back for 12 – no no no not in a million years would the lump of lard do that.

  7. anyways it’ll be one less frog trying to hop it next season when it all goes tits up.

  8. This guy is a huge talent. Still has a couple of years in him. I think he is Gutierrez’s replacement. Think about it we will get at least 5M for Gutierrez and get rid of his huge wages. Then we bring this guy on a free and on less wages, simples. It’s a win win situation for me as this player is much better than Gutierrez.