Smudge grudge forgiven as Leeds plan move for Smith

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Leeds are interested in Newcastle United midfielder Alan Smith.
All is forgiven by Leeds
Newcastle United midfielder Alan Smith is a potential target for Leeds United.

Many an argument has ensued in recent weeks about whether or not we should be getting rid of the older, more experienced players but I tend to think the majority of Toon fans feel that Alan Smith has outstayed his usefulness at the club.

He had a decent season with us the one before last when we got promotion back to the Premier League – and is rarely short on effort – but has found himself increasingly sidelined by the likes of Tiote this season.

It hasn’t helped his chances that he has suffered with an ankle injury for a lot of the second half of this season, although I’m not sure his chances would have been all that prolific anyway.

Leeds, however, seem to be interested in Smith now that he has allegedly been transfer-listed by Newcastle. The former Leeds ‘Player of the Year’ became something of an icon at his home town club but left under a bit of a cloud for Man Utd when Leeds got relegated, leading some fans to bear a grudge and brand him a ‘Judas’.

It seems that all is forgiven now though, at least if owner Ken Bates and manager Simon Grayson are anything to go by. Bates has previously said that Smith would be welcomed back by Leeds and Grayson – talking about the prospect of bringing back Woodgate and Bowyer as well as Smith – recently told the Yorkshire Post:

I have had conversations, though not necessarily with the players themselves. That is how it is in football.

If anything, it has more been agents ringing me, or people claiming to represent them. There are plenty asking the question and we have to consider it because when good players become available you have to be interested.

Jonathan has not played too much football and Alan missed quite a bit of last season. If you had a fit Jonathan Woodgate and a fit Alan Smith then you would have a host of clubs queueing up for them in the Premier League.

Hmm, if you say so.

The potential sticking point is Smith’s wages, which are said to be about £55k/week. Newcastle will apparently let Smith go on a free transfer despite him having a year left on his contract, but there’s no way Leeds can (or would want to) afford his salary. Some sort of deal over that would need to be struck with perhaps both clubs making up a portion of the 30 year-old’s wages.

However it works out, I’m pretty sure he’ll be gone by the start of next season.

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47 Responses

  1. Smith,Shola,Lovvenkrands,Ranger can all go to Leeds.
    Happy Days.
    I just don’t know how Shola is still at the club after all these years…..truely baffled.

  2. Hi Iam,

    A Leeds fan just wanted to say give us all those players and we will see you in 2012-2013 season.(in the championship)

  3. Good luck to him. He’s on too much to keep but he did a job for us in the championship and I wish him the best of luck wherever he goes (if he stays fit enough to play).

  4. If smith goes to Leeds, he will have to reduce his salary to around £15k per week.
    So he will lose out on £40K per week which is £2m over the year.

    I know what i would do??

  5. Smith is without doubt one of the worst ever signings this club has made. The rubbish spouted regarding his supposed “loyalty” after our relegation (he was a huge part of that relegation) was laughable, the only reason the leach stayed was that no other club wanted him or would go anywhere near his mad contract ! .. he will only join Leeds if Newcastle United pay the shortfall in his wages , the lad is a failed striker, failed defensive midfielder and will be a failure on his return to Leeds, no doubt some will be taken in by his trademark fist clenching, snarling and swearing at refs after sliding around on his backside pretending to be able to tackle, sooner he gets himself out of NE1 the better.

  6. If Smithy has any pride or desire to play football, he should move on not just sit and claim pay for nowt. That in itself displays a poor attitude towards the club. He has been a great mediator for us, but he has been well rewarded for the words he spoke in the changing room to help sort the wheat from the chaff.But I could of done that given the chance.

    I like the guy but his time is up. He has had more red cards that goals in his time with NUFC!

  7. #7 in modern football I’d say it was definately all about the money

    players have a set lifespan in which they aim to make the most money, so going to the club with the most chances and the most to offer is what its all about

    do you genuinely think that Shay Given went to City because he thought going from being first choice to barely a bench-warmer was good for his career? nope – it was because he wasnt getting any younger and there was a fat pot of overseas gold waiting for him!

    Smithy *was* a good player, he did well in the championship season (not so much his performance, more his motivation, morale and cohesion abilities) – now its time for him to be put out to stud, I’ve heard the Mackems managers-daughter likes footballers now and then….

  8. the only way smith will be going to leeds is if leeds pay part of his 55k wage – probs 10k at tops – & wide-load pays the other 45k.

    i think it’ll happen but it’s gonna make fatty violently ill for a good few weeks like.

    how happy it make me at the thought.

  9. he shit on all Leeds fans by joining Man Utd after kissing the LUFC badge after relegation … he has zero loyalty .. and zero footballing tallent … £60 G a week to be a voice in the dressing room??? … Give ower man.

  10. As A Leeds United fan, I would hate to see judas scum Smith back. He can rot in the reserves at Newcastle!!!

  11. I think Smithy should jump at coming home to the big city
    & leave the one horse town,the only people who support the toon live in the toon,Leeds is country/ world wide we would welcome him back.

  12. Tino 11, ditto what you said comment 8.

    We will never know if he would have been any better if he hadn’t had so many injuries but somehow I doubt it. He probably would have been a real asset in the Norman Hunter days when players could get away with crippling tackles but not for the period we had him. An anochronism I’m afraid.

  13. Kevin, good comment fella…..strange to see our 1 horse city with a far far bigger support than your worldwide big city club!

  14. AndyG says:
    June 22, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    “Kevin, good comment fella…..strange to see our 1 horse city with a far far bigger support than your worldwide big city club!”

    It’s usually best to just ignore the sausage jockeys Andy. ;-)

  15. worky,
    i just couldn’t help asking the question after such a dumb statement. I’m normally not drawn in, but the glaring anomaly sucked me in like a wet noodle.


  16. i’ve got one question,if newcastle is this one horse town,and leeds is this bustling metropolis.then why is there only one team in this mecca of the north,leeds?.
    it’s funny how it was classed in the top ten sh*tholes,by the viewers on current tv.

  17. andyg & clint yes thats right lads like it or not were
    bigger than you its called a fan base, when you win things over the years small boys who are choosing a club pick a team thats winning @ the time thats how it works you have never won anything so you have never built a fan base.leeds also have rugby league & are arguably the biggest club in the world,we re also the home of county cricket. like i said your a one horse toon or should i say one trick pony. go on cheryl,ant & dec.

  18. TROJAN 69 says:
    June 22, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    “i’ve got one question,if newcastle is this one horse town”


    Just back away from the halfwit and he might go away. Don’t feed him or I’ll just have to go to all the trouble of banning him.

  19. kevin says:
    June 22, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    “oh and one more thing”

    The last thing. Goodbye Kevin.


  20. Read mine my good man ;)

    Aye we’ve got a few new likes and some positive responses. Just trying to toe the line between being sociable, or rather as sociable as you can be on Facebook, and spamming all hell out of people’s pages.

    Are you noticing any lag btw, Worky?

  21. Thump says:
    June 22, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    “Are you noticing any lag btw, Worky?”

    Where should I be noticing a lag Thump? Seems fine but my comments are being moderated!

  22. Yeah it did the same to me earlier, just noticed that.

    It’s mainly around the dashboard. Posts and the like taking a while, preview taking a minute or so and picture uploads taking a little longer than usual.

    Obviously Hugh’s on the case so I reckon we’re fine ;)

  23. Since when does ‘Empty’ Elland Road hold 25k? I reckon average attendance was definately not over 30k!!!

    This is the BIG team who were in the top 5 for the majority of the season?

    Distant memories and illusions of granduer. Keep marching on!!!!!

  24. For the record, I’m a Leeds fan and respect your loyal support for the Toon. As far as I am aware as fans go we have always had mutual respect for each other. Don’t tar us all with the same brush. Back to subject can Smithy do a job for us if fit? My feeling is yes at this level?

  25. White says:
    June 22, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    “For the record, I’m a Leeds fan and respect your loyal support for the Toon. As far as I am aware as fans go we have always had mutual respect for each other. Don’t tar us all with the same brush. Back to subject can Smithy do a job for us if fit? My feeling is yes at this level?”

    I agree White, and I know Leeds, Elland Road and quite a few fans, mostly from when I lived in Harrogate some time ago. Great club which should be back at the top again where it belongs. Smith was alright for us back in the Championship, though as I’m sure you know already, he certainly isn’t the same player who played for your lot all those years ago!

  26. Newcastle fans are like any other football fans. They have a hard core fan-base who will support the team no matter what division they are in or how badly the team is doing, the rest of the supporters are “fair-weather supporters” who will only support the team when they are winning. I remember in 89/90 when Newcastle were in division 2. They were getting gates of 13-15k. Where was this die-hard support then?
    The same could be said for Leeds United. We pay Premier League price to watch a third rate team. Is it any wonder that there’s a few empty seats? When we finally get back to the Premier League then Elland Rd will be a sell-out most games.
    Facts are, both Leeds & Newcastle are massive club with fantastic support.

  27. I am a massive life long Alan Smith fan and I fully appreciate all the comments here and where you’re coming from, for me, I’m not bothered that we won’t get the tenacious striker back, but I like the look of someone who captained Newcastle to the championship title and knows what it takes to play with pride in White. The leg break could’ve and should’ve ended his career but each time he’s had a niggling injury since hes dusted himself down and got himself fit. Woodgate was a liability at Leeds, but Smudger to be fair, he just let the Mr Leeds bit go to his head and got sent off for trying too hard and being a pain in the arse. Trouble is, as a northern lass, I can’t help but admire that. So what’s my point? Bury the hatchet, sign him up and give him a chance, I got to know him well off the pitch and honestly never met a nicer bloke, he’d be a huge boost to the younger players if nothing else. I dont really care if I’m the only Leeds fan thinking that it’s a gamble worth punting on, I have a gut feeling this may well finally shut up all the people having a go about the Scumchester move. Don’t shoot the messenger eh……
    P.S. I actually liked Newcastle until Fat Cashley rolled into town, enjoyed watching them in the Robson days, top bloke.