Nolan unhappy with top 7 finish clause in offered contract?

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Newcastle United's contract offer to Nolan included a top 7 finish clause.
Future unknown
Allegedly the new contract that Newcastle United offered to Kevin Nolan was only due to be activated at the end of next season and then only if the club finished in the top 7 in the Premier League.

The Mirror is attempting to shed some light on Kevin Nolan’s contract situation, although whether that’s the light of truth or some light of their own invention is open to interpretation as no official sources are quoted at all.

Allegedly the contract Nolan was offered was not due to be activated until the end of next season and would only be viable if Newcastle secure a top seven finish. The contract apparently included a bonus and a £10k/week rise although that, like the contract itself, would only be activated if the team finish in the top seven.

But Nolan didn’t fancy the look of that sort of contract and rejected it.

I can’t say I blame Nolan to be honest. Unless every player’s contract is dependent on a top seven finish it hardly seems fair to single Nolan out as he can’t get the club into the top seven on his own.

Big Sam’s offer to bring Nolan to West Ham was originally reported to be £3m but it’s now being reported to have been just £1.5m, which I think is a huge insult to Nolan. Although David Sullivan – West Ham’s co-owner – was allegedly going to subsidise Nolan’s wages himself, taking him from his current £42k/week to £55k/week on a four year contract.

Apparently the club have placed a value of £4m on Nolan, which would seem to be beyond West Ham’s means but has attracted potential interest from QPR, Fulham, Stoke and West Brom.

It seems that Nolan has no desire to leave Newcastle though, but the insecurity of the contract offered might force him to do so.

I think losing him would be a huge hit on team morale and the respect his fellow players have for him is evident in their various comments.

Whether Kevin Nolan is a Newcastle player or not next season remains to be seen.

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76 Responses

  1. I would not sign a contract with that clause either. What has his personal contract have to do with TEAM performance. He would fell like he was carrying the whole team on his back, his performance is bound to suffer.

  2. Totally agree with gazza. It seems like Nolan and Barton are being singled out to put the blame on when the rest of the team don,t deliver. A good job they,re not both black cos this would be racist.

  3. show some balls and take the damn deal, you´re the captain, and this should inspire you to inspire others!

  4. performance related pay….about bloody time! and the captain bares most responsibility – step up Nolan!

  5. incentive contracts would only work when all players have this clause in there contracts. By singeling out individuals its only bound to foster disharmony in the dressing room. Imagine how tou would feel if your co workers doing the same job did not have such penalty clauses in their contract but you did. Anyway, insnt there already an incentive scheme in the form of win bonus and appearance fees, maybe an acrros the board incentive scheme for the whole team based on final position related to the number of games a player plays in during a season would be more acceptable to all. then there both the incentive to get in the team and finish higher up the division. individual performance related contracts do not sit well in a team situation.

  6. Remember when Newcastle were relegated with a ridiculous wage bill of something like 71 million a year?
    Newcastle now have a capped salary structure, around 40K a week. All Ashley is doing is saying “If we finish higher up the league I’ll pay you more.
    Finishing 7th instead of 12th this season would have put an extra 4 million in Newcastles bank account.
    He’s on 40K plus a week and still has 2 years to run on his contract. Hang on a minute – that’s 4 million!
    See how it all fits together?
    First of all, please dont tell me we are feeling sorry on a guy who cant get an increase on his 2 million a year?
    Second – what is wrong with making the captain accept responsibility for the teams performance? Isn’t that what he is supposed to do?
    Finally – we do not know for sure that Nolan is the only one with this clause in his new contract, and we also do not know the full details. Maybe its structured – a base 5K a week raise to start, 10 K for top 10, then 10K plus bonus for top 7.
    In any hi power business management compensation is related to performance. Bonus related to earnings.
    Personally I say good move. About time these Prima Donas earned their millions
    Lets not forget – he still has 2 years left on his contract.

  7. How do you all know that it’s only Nolans NEW contract has this clause in it?? you don’t, yet again you’re jumping on the board for something written in a crap-loid which might or might not be true…

    What if all the players who’s contracts are up for renewal are going to get this supposed clause added, then it won’t just be Nolan… plus its not like they’re saying ‘oh btw, you wages are dropping if we don’t get into the top 7’ is it, no, they’re gonna increase his wages by 10k/wk if we do… so if 40k/mth isn’t incentive to get us into the top 7 as captian, then go play for another team who’ll give you a 5yr deal on 55k/wk no questions asked…. luv the club my ass!!!!

  8. hmm not too sure myself… equates to 520k bonus over the next year over his current contract plus whever bonus he’d get for finishing 7th.. think i could work my way around the team aspect and just play my fu**ing heart out and inspire the team to 7th as is his duty anyways. also ill think youll find everyones contracts are now being formulated the same way as premiership manager 2010…

  9. hmm i think i just echoed toon69
    wish id read your post matey id have just said exacto matey, get a lot of bricks with 10k a week…

  10. In two years he will be even SLOWER if that is possible. I think he is a liability when he plays. I could have got 15 goals this season playing as 2nd striker which is where most of his goals came from. I cringe when I see his name on the team sheet playing centre mid, he looks like he will keel over at any given time. Well done to the FCB and his beeach for getting rid of this turd and the one called smith. Only strolla to go then I can watch the match with my hands away from my eyes. HWTL

  11. anyways as not to wait for moderators:-

    hmm not too sure myself… equates to 520k bonus over the next year over his current contract plus whever bonus he’d get for finishing 7th.. think i could work my way around the team aspect and just play my ducking heart out and inspire the team to 7th as is his duty anyways. also ill think youll find everyones contracts are now being formulated the same way as premiership manager 2010…

  12. a) He still has 2 years left on his current contract so why is it even an issue?
    b) £42k pw is enough for any middling to good Premiership player
    c) If Cabaye’s any good Nolan won’t be guaranteed a place in the team anyway
    d) Who’s to say every new contract NUFC are offering doesn’t include incentives? They all should IMO
    e) Who’s to say the report isn’t total bollix in any case?

  13. Totally agree NUTS on all five points.

    Like you, I’m not too sure in what position Nolan will play, if at all.

    Surely Tiote, Cabaye and Gosling will be the first choice for centre midfield with Ben Arfa the first choice as support striker, probably in a free roaming role unless he plays on the left with Jonas on the right.

  14. Time to get rid I think. He’s the captain and if he won’t take an incentive based pay rise, worth up to 10k more a week, where is his ambition? If we haven’t got to the top 7 in 2 years, then something is very wrong and we are stuck with midtable mediocrity forever.

    lets be honest Nolan, Smith and barton are a blueprint for fat Sham’s boot boys. Unfit, injury prone, slow and very, very greedy. Cabaye seems to have a lot more class all round. Bring on more of him.

  15. Alreet lads! I don’t often comment, but I read the blog regularly. This is a bit off topic, but I’ve noticed in the other threads that folks are talking like the £35m we got from Andy Carroll is the only money we have to spend! Does this mean that had we not sold AC, we wouldn’t have spent a penny? Wasn’t there supposed to be a £20m injection anyway? Surely, by that reckoning we should have a transfer kitty of £55m! and what about the money from the Bull, Barton and Nolan if they’re sold – should bring us closer to £80m. I’ve got a sinking feeling that we won’t spend more than £20m all in. Can anybody shed a light on this for me please? Cheers.

  16. Yes, MrT76 – I can confirm you are correct on all counts, including the £20m (tops).

  17. MrT76,

    It’s not about how much money we have to spend. It’s more about the quality we buy.

    There can be little or no disputing the purchases of Ben Arfa, Tiote and Cabaye. When we bought Tiote he had just won the Dutch league and now we have bought Cabaye who has just won the French league.

  18. Alreet lads, like MrT76, I dont often comment but read daily. Does anyone think that we are being too critical too early? Come Sept 1st if they have invested in bringing in the same number going out with quality instead of mediocrity Im sure we will be happy.

    I say that coz smith, strolla, xisco, perch are not players in my eyes, but about as useful/mobile as the manequins you find in fenwicks window.

  19. MrT76 – complete drival… not sure if any monies had been set aside for transfers but I suspect that due to the carroll sale, any funds that may have been set aside have probably been used for other requirements around the club, as you do realise that there are other people & things that need paying for, not just the players on teh pitch!!!

    As for getting an extra £25m for the sale of Jose, Barton & Nolan, you’re defo in dream land fella… maybe £18m tops, but as Barton doesn’t want to leave, Nolans undecided & Jose as gone quiet, I’d say don’t count yer chickens just yet yeah!!

    As it stands, we have £35m for player recruitment, agents fee & what have yer, so far we’ve supposedly spent £4.75m on Cabaye & if rumours are true, Ba for Free, so a striker & midfielder in for under £5m, leaves ua at least another £18-20m to spend imo…

    Get it out of your head that we’ll be spending anywhere near £35m on players alone, that was never gonna happen & the quicker fans realise that, the better they’ll feel over the summer & not expect Messi, Gervinho, Bezema etc etc to come to us ok… lol :)

  20. You have a very good point Senior in that it’s still very early days of the transfer window.

    And as history has shown over the years most transfer activity happens on the final few days with the last day being particularly hectic. This is probably due to brinkmanship by all sides before someone has to eventually blink and bite the contractual bullit.

    The scouting system at the club today appears much more professional and effective than in previous years. I think the key to this is that Ashley having been badly burnt by Wise & co has now implemented a recruitment strategy with firm rules and guidelines that Carr and Pardew agree (can’t really disagree if they know what’s good for them) and adhere to.

  21. Toon69

    I thought I read at the time of the Carroll sale that some of the money was going back into the club to fund improved contracts for existing players. The best example being Tiote, and well deserved.

  22. MRrT76

    I’m sorry to pull you up on this, but this is just not how business works. Look at any business. They will have a budget forcast, but if the opportunity arises to further develop the business with profits instead(keeping budget as low as possible) then they will always do that. It’s the only way to effectively and sustainably grow. We won’t be spending 55mill just because we were “promised” 20million transfer fees each year, that’s just bad business. We will look to improve the squad with the targets identified & Carroll money, the rest of the money will go towards our debt management. This way we are improving the squad whilst improving our financial position. Something VERY few teams can pull off. Look at our recent business…We’ve spent around 5-6 million on two quality players(Ba & Cabaye). They won’t be the last and I expect AT LEAST two more arrivals, but reckon we might get three.

    People need to stop looking at things so simplistically. Everyone loves to brag about our debt going down. Well, newsflash! This is a master-class on how you get it down without compromising your squad…Sustainability, you know, that word NUFC use a lot nowadays. Expect more bargain deals and the ONE trademark MA £8-12million signing he makes just to appease the fans.

    I would be happy to see us go the whole summer without spending over £20million. It sends out a message. WE ARE PUSHING ON, BUT WE WON’T WASTE MONEY. If anything, MA will deserve credit for slowly altering people’s perspective on us in the transfer market. We’re no mugs.

  23. We’re always a bit quick out the gate when it comes to slagging off this administration with regard to transfers, but in all honesty its been well deserved. We’ve given them the benefit of the doubt in the past and they havent delivered, so is there really any reason to think it will be different this time?
    OK we’ve got one in early, but so far thats it.
    MrT76 – what planet are you on mate?

  24. #5 I seem to remember Nolan was one of the few who actually did “step up” – his goals scored tally proves that

    so why, if there are others in the team not pulling their weight (mostly due to the pay in their back pockets), should his pay be penalised for this?

    I can see both sides of the arguement but the press (and on their part the club) are too quick to demonise the player without allowing his side to be heard. the club as a whole commits infinately more sins than the single player!

  25. MonkeySan

    ‘…and on their part the club) are too quick to demonise the player…’

    Give me an example of the club speaking publically about Nolan and his contract. What we do hear his Nolan’s agent and all the made up drivel from the press.

    What you never hear is anything from the player and the club.

  26. I think either some of you have misconstrued what I was saying, or I didn’t put my point across clearly. Im not expecting us to go out and spend £80m, that would be ludicrous. It’s just that people are going on like the £35m for AC is the be all and end all for transfer funds and I was kind of asking was there no transfer kitty at all before that sale? And if there was, why isn’t it available in addition to? I may well be jumping the gun here and by the end of summer we may have spent £40m, but I somehow doubt it.
    And in regards to the patronising comments on how a successful business model works, I would like to inform you that I personally own a successful business and am very very aware of how to run one. In fact I’m so sure of how to run a successful business that I would never in a million years dream of owning a football club as a money making venture. Football clubs have always been the plaything of the rich and powerful, more so these days than ever and we appear to be the only football club with a billionaire owner who is content to scavenge about in the bargain bin.
    IMHO if Ashley had wanted this club purely from a business point of view, being the astute businessman that he is, he wouldnt have purchased without due diligence.
    I apologise if this all looks like incoherent waffle, I’m typing this on my phone and keep getting interrupted. Lol

  27. Is anyone else surprised we havnt been linked with Reo Coker, free agent, pardews captain at west ha. I dont think hes an amazing player but deffinately steady and prob worth considering now that Nolan an Joey are looking more and more likely to leave.

    Also that Joey thing on twatter which he seems to be getting a lot of stick about. Where hes got that pic of him and nolan and talks about an “average joe” i dont think hes actually refering to Cabaye as he said in an earlier post he was quality. Just talking about getting rid of nolan and he will prob be replaced by an average joe.

  28. MrT76

    Apologies for the patronising comment. You never know who you are talking to on the net, whether it be adult, or child.

    “we appear to be the only football club with a billionaire owner who is content to scavenge about in the bargain bin.”

    The point remains though. Why does it matter? Surely all that matters is the quality of the players…?

    In the last 12months we have recruited Hatem Ben Arfa, Cheik Tiote, Yohan Cabaye & Demba Ba all for between £10-15million. Regardless of how you perceive football, that is FANTASTIC business, some of the shrewdest around and we will benefit from it on the pitch.

  29. dont 4get dan gosling…if we get him fit..we have some player the role i think has been ear marked for nolans role..a lot more mobile…we are moving forward and if people cant see that..then who cares..ashley wont spend thats what most people go on about..then when we are going for players who want 2 play in higher teams..people get upset..if they dont come…so if ashley doesnt wont 2 spend..then why get up set..el toro spot on mate..are problem is all are player have been injuried for the last 6 years..its a big if..if that lot get fit..with hope some more players come in..that is a top top midfield for peanuts..

  30. No hard feelings El Toro. I agree with you that should the money be invested wisely on quality, then it matters not how much is spent. I just think MA is of the same school of thought as the @rseholes running the country and their cut, cut, cut mentality. I would hate to think we’d miss out on top targets for the sake of £2-3m and settle for the likes of Carlton cole or Reo Coker. At the end of the day, this is an entertainment industry and we the fans need to be entertained. I know everyone seems a bit reticent to go down the trophy signing route again, but one would nice, no? Even as just a show of ambition. And by trophy signing I am not suggesting something ridiculous like Ronaldo,Messi, Higuain, etc. But pulling out all the stops for attainable targets should not be frowned upon.

  31. I would also like to point out, in case anyone was wondering, or even cared, that I am not the same person who comments on Eds blog under the name of Mr T…iote

  32. El Toro – Ok on the innate value of Ben Arfa, Tiote, etc. We GET IT! There is also such a thing as the law of diminishing returns, whereby to look to improve on a given situation each commodity or foothold becomes more and more expensive. The line on Arfa is also a bit wearing. He scored one screamer of a goal and generally looked pretty exciting – despite being withdrawn against stokes for looking way off the pace, he has become lionised – James DEan style. WE don’t know the first thing about him being a top toon player yet.

    There is £35mil available -which sits outside of any fiscal plans the club had this time last year, it has been earmarked for player investment – therefore this represents an opportunity to look to embolden the playing staff with ambitious intake – not messing around with the likes of Ba – who is frankly just a low-risk gamble on being slightly better than Ameobi or Best (both of whom I hope and expect to stay).

  33. this nolan thing’s turning ugly.hope it gets resolved soon and of course more quality signings that can improve the team.

  34. The problem with everything surrounding Newcastle United is the really bad communication between them and us fans. Just look at the Gervinho saga…Is he coming, Is he not, who knows? The same is said about Barton and now Nolan, everything we go by, is either people’s gossip or stupid press comments, oh and Sky Sports News’s so called ‘Sources’. The sooner either Barton, Nolan, Pardew, Lambias or Ashley come out and explain exactly where the club stands regarding players/their current situation, the sooner we can all stop getting in such a panic over things we really know nothing about. I really can’t for one minute see Pardew or Nolan even discussing the idea of such a crazy contract….BUT it is something I would not put past Lambias or Ashley thinking up…Bring back the days when the club was a club and not a ‘hobby’ for a greedy Spurs Fan and his chums…

  35. Yes we have recruited Gosling, apparently Ba and Ben Arfa recently and what do they have in common, it apears they all damaged goods who’s future fitness is under question.

    It also appears there could be truth in an earlier post i made cocerning the highly compensated players and those twenty eight and over.
    Seems there’s pressure being applied to upset and get rid of both scoucers, last chance to get a transfer fee i suppose.

    Yep! definately a reconstruction of the side taking place, that and a new business plan, hell we could be the Arsenal of the North East!
    Nah ! certainly not with Pardew!
    When is Ashley gonna figure out he really needs a manager, if his goal is to be in the stated top seven.

    Not saying the club are doing a bad job in the market so far, but “who is” the main voice in this rebuilding program, yeah I know Ashley has final say, but is it our scouts ? Pardew ? a commitee ? someone must be making the choices?

    I dont know, seems the most succesful sides all have one thing in common, a manager who has choice of players, who puts “his” team together and applies “his” tactics on the pitch, sure some have interference from the owners at times, but none are actually run like NUFC by and for the owner, who it seems only hires yes men.
    Not a recipey for success, but then what the hell do I know ?

  36. Chuck – Scousers m8 :)

    Agreed about the rest though. Why would Nolan accept a deal where he has to finish top seven to get an increase in salary when :

    a) Has no say on who makes up the team every week (that has to achieve top seven place) unless Pardwho offers him a part time position.
    b) Has no say on who the club bring in to help reach top seven place ?
    c) Has no guarantee that he will compete in all league games to try to earn top seven place ?

    As with all things Fatman – utter madness.

  37. Talk about sporting Sunday’s, U21’s on t’interweb, Canadian GP on TV as England go one up

  38. What happened to Hitman ? I was about to say you only need half a brain to realise that .org is the place to be :)

  39. MrT76 says:
    June 12, 2011 at 9:08 am

    “Wasn’t there supposed to be a £20m injection anyway? Surely, by that reckoning we should have a transfer kitty of £55m! and what about the money from the Bull, Barton and Nolan if they’re sold – should bring us closer to £80m. I’ve got a sinking feeling that we won’t spend more than £20m all in. Can anybody shed a light on this for me please?”

    MrT, it doesn’t work like that. When Ashley said that he would be willing to inject £20 million annually in the club, that wasn’t necessarily in transfer fees. Also, when it was said that the Carroll money would be invested in players by the club, they later qualified it by saying that this would include the money which was to be paid out in the long player contracts agreed with players such as Cheick Tiote etc. I would just take it all with a pinch of salt until it actually happens anyway.

  40. AndyMac says:
    June 12, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    “What happened to Hitman ? I was about to say you only need half a brain to realise that .org is the place to be”

    Andy, he’s banned from here.

  41. Strangely WT I’ve lost a post about “£35m” to spend as well?

    Is it on its way or shall I just say that “Alan Pardew has received assurances from Mike Ashley, Newcastle United’s owner, that the £35m from the sale of Andy Carroll will be his to reinvest on transfer fees and salaries next summer”

    So does that mean players transfer fees and first years salaries or the entire cost of the salary over the length of a player’s contract ? If its the latter then we’ve lost most of that on Tiote’s contract for the next five years ?

  42. We could have a £100m to spend, but if you are a club, fresh from relegation, then 12th first season back, you’re only gonna attract either players that understand the ‘plan’ put to them or players getting paid too much (highly unlikely at this point). So, there is a finite level of player available to us at this point in time. If we hadn’t allowed wba to get that last goal, we would be in a slightly better bargaining position, 9th rather than 12th.

  43. AndyMac says:
    June 12, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    “Strangely WT I’ve lost a post about “£35m” to spend as well?”

    Can’t see it Andy. Did you use a naughty word in it? ;-)

  44. MM,
    thanx mate, that’s very kind man.
    It’s about trying to be balanced isn’t it?
    We all ‘want’ this, that or the other for our team, but we have to be realistic about what is achievable at any given moment. That has got to be based on reality, not letting our emotions or hate rule our opinions.
    It seems that the club are ‘trying’ to do the right thing with regards transfers & contracts, some will hate it, some will understand. If we can push on next season then we can go a bit further & attract better players, at the same time we (the club) are letting players, other clubs & agents that a) we won’t be pushed around, b) be paying over the odds & c) we will be getting value for money in ALL deals whilst steadily growing.

  45. Clint, no problem mate, I tell it like it is, you’re the voice of reason. You are dead right mate, we can only go about achieveing things in a certain way, with patience, cost cutting and trying to get re-established on a sound financial footing. That some blokes see Ashley’s way as taking money out of the club, and don’t like it one bit is also understandable. Buy 2 good lads this transfer window, then perhaps another couple of players in a year or so. Everything doesn’t have to happen over night…

    What makes me laugh is that some blokes on here criticise the fact that we are being associated with 10 million euro signings when we have no “chance” or “intention” of signing them. Are these blokes so new to following the toon that they cannot remember the fun and games the media and chronicle etc used to have linking us with all the big names under the sun ?…short memories I think…

  46. That reads straight out of the Ashley Book of Football CF :)

    Yes we overspent big bucks under FF
    Yes we nearly went bust due to that
    Yes we lost £45m in revenue getting relegated

    but bottom line is we have a fan base larger than all but two clubs in the English Leagues. Our current squad is capable of finishing tenth without a recognised quality striker and we have just “earned” £42m from Sky’s BPL prize money.

    So what is achievable, without busting anyone’s balls is at least top eight and preferably top six if we spend wisely on two quality strikers plus right and left sided m/f’s.

    All of which costs £35m tops so Fatman can still rake in and bank the Sky money and pay off part of his loan !!!!!

  47. We have a billionaire in charge of the club. He can do what he likes. Sad but true.

    If he can achieve maximum profit with minimal outgoings he’ll try it, and as long as we don’t go down again, it’ll work for him. We also have a yes man in charge of the club, who will still try to do his best.

    All good for Ashley, not so good for the fan base. But it goes to show what can be achieved, I mean how many fans expected us to finish so well last season…after a seriously turbulent year..?

  48. MM,
    aye mate,
    some short memories out there & some too young to know what’s gone before too.
    If we can get 2/3 more decent signings without losing anyone, we’ll have a good chance of moving forward. If we lose players, we’ll have to bring more in.
    Simple really!
    You also talk sense mate, you’ve obviously been a proper Toon fan for decades rather than years.

  49. I think most people, realise steady progression is key, and where we are and what is possible. No matter who owns the club or is manager, it will take along time to cement ourselves where we think we belong. Pardews comments today about the wage bill being less than tottenhams didnt startle me, what did though is the fact he mentions how he needs to motivate our owner to push the club forward, that in any business, or profession, should never be the case. I would struggle to motivate myself, if my boss is not projecting a positive attitude toward me, but everybody is different in that respect.

    Our aim is for stability, Mid-table and eventually trying to break into the top 8, then top 6…Progression is important, but without trying to be negative, I honestly cant see us as a top 6 club in the distant future, when pardew is indicating that he will need to motivate the owner. Im not saying ashley doesnt care, but more that he is too afraid to risk his investment, and that is the problem, if he sees it as just a money maker, because we as fans see it as our football club.

  50. Andy,
    that’s as maybe mate.
    in our present position, we can only attract who we can attract without euro football.
    Aye we can get 10th-6th next time out, course it’s possible, but is it probable, is it definite?
    There is no point trying to bring unhappy players here just for fat wages with no real interest in being here for the betterment & rebuilding of this club.
    Is there?

  51. jimbob,
    i think it’s more that he’s not prepared to just hoy massive amounts at the club when it’s already in debt. All businesses have projections, NUFC have theirs & that is finite mate.
    Any amount of fan wishful thinking won’t change that.

  52. Clint…Ashley is obviously clawing back his money…no doubt about it. But at the same time nowt wrong with prudence.

    I’m a fan of long standing. If it were down to the fan base, and the money it generates, we should be world beaters. We all agree on that one.

    This bloke we have now is cutely pulling money back into his coffers. His motivation is money, we as fans have a huge emotional interest…

    I’d like to think we could achieve a top 8 finish, and maybe euro football this year. Top 4….probably no chance at all.

  53. Clint, yeah, thats my point though. I dont expect us to hoy massives amounts of money anywhere. It irritates me when I read a certain other blog, who just copies and pastes news now articles instead of facts. This other blog has a massive amount of users, and it just feeds them crap. Mario gomez might be on the way this summer today :-)

    One of the reasons I like this blog, its more reality based, and as you say, every business has its projections and our projection is to break even, stabilise etc. My point though is the manager of the football club should not have to say he needs to motivate an owner. Now I could just be interpreting it incorrectly, but maybe that is the trouble with pardew, he speaks alot and it can be easy to take his words one way or another.

  54. MM,
    if ashley can get some of his cash back, sooner rather than later, then it’s possible he’d feel a lot happier running the club in a way that we would like.
    The last lot got us in some deep shit, if ashleys ‘prudence’ can get us back on an even keel, then, like you say, it could really free up the potential of the club.
    As we stand, we’re playing catch up, that will take patience for now, from him & us fans.
    I think some think patience is a year or 2, it’s more like 4-6 i reckon, what do you say?

  55. well although i dont like change,but something has to,when i look back over the years with my eyes as well as my dads since the 50s everyone who ran/owned nufc did so to fill there own pockets and fill the fans with rubbish there move was to give the fans a wow signing or two to keep us happy and throw scorn on the manager when it didnt happen we had a plimp in 69 and won something,then nowt since,we got there for a while with wor bobby but alas age got to him (and FFS)guess what ime saying is dont expect too much,just to creep forward step by step,we might not like it but belive me its better than we have had.

    the KK years was short but sweet too,but that couldnt last either,it was a change in which club went(stock market) which KK didnt seem to like at that time.
    end of rant

  56. jimbob,
    i think you’re right mate, you can take AP’s words in different ways.
    I reckon it’s also an attempt at telling other clubs & agents that we really won’t be paying over the odds atm (reading/swansea etc).
    I could be wrong & it could be a ham-fisted attempt on their part.
    But there’s CH’s approach, say nowt, be mysterious, then there’s AP’s say loads & let them decipher it.

  57. yes clint, but I think sometimes it would be easier for him not to say anything, I would rather he have talked about nolan and barton and let us know that situation, than stating the obvious about wages and the motivation part about ashley, I think them things are best kept to himself.

    Though what pardew could do, and I would welcome, he could send cryptic messages like the zodiac killer to the local rags every week, first person to decipher correctly wins a ride in ashleys helicopter :-)

  58. Zodiac :)

    He probably doesn’t wanna get into the Nolan/Barton thing, as he’s in negs with ’em.
    But he’s indirectly telling us that if we get into europe players get better money cos the club is more successful?

  59. Jimbob…I have came to the conclusion that Pardew will always talk in riddles cos he has only half an idea what is going on. I reckon that he does actually pick out players, but can only say owt when Dekka gives him the thumbs up…

  60. Clint…I reckon with JB and Nolan it’s quite simply a combination of a power struggle (they are CH’s men), they have existing contracts to run down, and that the club are perhaps focussing on bringing in new players. IT’ll all work out in the end….and sadly JB will be outahere..

  61. I dunno anymore, dont understand the bloke, maybe its just me, im reading too far into his comments, trying to make sense of something that isnt there. I doubt he didnt say anything about nolan because they are in negs, it hasnt stopped him commenting on contracts before? Maybe no one asked him the question, but I doubt that :-)

  62. Jimbob, it’s a tough one really. CH was the perfect gentlemen, but didn’t give much away, and didn’t say owt at the end of the day. Pardew is a bloke who says a lot but at the end of the day, is better off saying nowt too..!! The media, and the fans need to hear something, we must admit there is a bit more coming out of the club now, if we can believe any of it is another matter, especially where transfers are concerned !

  63. Munich mag, yeah exactly, I dont like speaking of dekka, but as you say he probably has pardew on a leash in terms of what he can/cant say to the media. CH was exactly the same, on a leash, but decided not to say anything at all! I think that in most fans cases, the relationship between boardroom and managment is almost in complete tatters, that even if dekka and ashley released a statement tomorrow, outlining there vision for the club, nobody would believe them.

  64. Jimbob…the management team don’t need to say anything, and if you look at the last years they have consistently said nowt, apart from the odd burp now and then when someone had a go at the club. In the mean time they just get on with it, siphon off the cash, but still try and strengthen the squad with “prudent management”.

    Therein lies the problem, cos we all think we know they are telling porkies (I’m speaking for myself here), but cannot prove it. The average fan thinks we should be spending the supposed 30 mill Carroll money on new signings. We gotta find them first !

  65. Munich mag, dunno if you know of this, but if you have time, check this link out. I think there is a fair few pages, but its quite interesting looking at all the quotes coming from ashley and dekka since they took charge.