New look wings for Newcastle?

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Newcastle interest in Junior Hoilett.
Barton replacement?
Newcastle United allegedly pursue David ‘Junior’ Hoilett with a new bid whilst the Zog still remains a target.

The rumour from the Metro is that Newcastle are determined to secure the services of Blackburn’s David ‘Junior’ Hoilett.

The 5ft 8in 20 year-old can either play as a striker or on the right wing and has scored 7 goals in 55 games for Blackburn where he has spent all his senior career.

Could Hoilett, I wonder, be Pardew’s intended replacement for Joey Barton, who has largely occupied the right wing this season despite preferring to be in the centre?

Rovers manager Steve Kean wants to hang onto the lad though, saying:

We are hopeful. Junior is desperate to get something sorted out, he wants to stay, he is playing well and has enjoyed a good run in the team.

I have spoken with Junior and he is now on a family holiday. I will probably go out to Canada in the next couple of weeks to speak to his dad.

He is enjoying his football and has been a bit of a match-winner for us.

He can be top, top notch. He can go all the way to being a very, very special player in this league.

Hoilett was born in Canada, raised in England and has Jamaican ancestry and is eligible to play for any of those countries although Canada is said to be his first choice.

Charles N’Zogbia is still a target for the other wing of course, although apparently Wigan rejected a £6m bid this week after previously rejecting £5m. The player himself has apparently told Twitty that he’s keen on a return to Newcastle, saying:

Newcastle is a big club and a great atmosphere to play at St James’ Park!

I enjoyed the time I had playing for NUFC.

Which seems somewhat at odds with how I remember things, but let’s not split hairs eh?

So what do you think? Zog on the left, Hoilett on the right? What of Jonas?

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28 Responses

  1. Jonas can go, his assists are too far and few between, he flatters to deceive and will cry when Jose goes. Its all good having pace, but seldom do you see him cut inside and deliver a final ball worth remembering. Zog is class, he is twice the player that Jonas is. Hoilett is just what we need, we have nish on the right wing front, JB has no pace and is more suited to middle of the park which he will have to battle for now that Cabeye is imminent. RTaylor, Guthrie – come on, they are at best backup. I would drive them myself to their new clubs for nowt.

  2. Sir Bob built his team at newcastle around PACE..!!!
    Robert down the left; Bellamy upfront; Dyer bursting from the middle; Jenas was nippy and had great legs and nobby was no slouch in his earlier days. That’s what was so great about us back then. We would come at teams with frightening pace and defenders couldnt handle it.

    At present we have none in our team; with the exception of jose and possible Tiote. Charlie down the left with Hoilett down the right and Ben Afra palying off a front man would be frightening at home. We would have a direct threat and be able to get in behind teams again. The PL is so tactcial these days; you need to be able to open teams up.

    Charlie would be my no. 1 summer transfer target. He is direct; scored 9 PL goals i think last season and can create for others. This Hoilett kid looks a real player.

    Its obvious we need a new Striker; but pardew has already stated he’s looking to play hatem through the middle as a no.10 so don’t expect more than one striker coming in.

    Her’s an interesting shout for a new left back; Olsen from blackburn. This lad is pacey; direct and could be a great replacement if jose decides to leave. He has impressed me this season and can also play in midfield.

    Its time to spend, spend, spend :-)

  3. Jonas flatters to decieve. I’d sell him if a decent bid comes in. “Can’t cross, won’t cross” would have been playing for a top team already had there been any kind of end product to the productive runs he goes on. As much as i love his heart and he will run all day; we need more from him next year or he will be out the door.

  4. I have to say, even though Zog winged on more than a few occasions while he was here…. I would love to have him back in a black and white strip. He is a better asset than Jonas. He has the final ball and can actually finish.

  5. allegedly a player on tyneside today,dunno who like.came from the messiah on ed’s blog,craigcoozy.the lad does seem to get stuff right though so im hoping,seems to be french related so could just be cabaye tying things up?

    was doing a dennis wise and watching vids of gervinho last nite,boy can he play.if we get him and keep hba fit then we will have a nice bit of flair next season.

    think it looks like we doing some early buisness, thats encouraging to me

  6. New to this blog and thought would arrive with some transfer news;

    Apparently we are in for Brede Hangeland £7.5mil, and N’Zogbia for £10mil as you mentioned

    Personally think that love him or hate him he would give us great width and hangeland would be a strong addition to the defence.

    would like to see a right back come in to give simpson competition. perhaps paulo ferreria as back up or challenging?

    Noises are coming out of chelsea that sturridge will leave and as is the way with the toon at the mo we never find out about transfers until they completely done and wouldnt suprise me if sturridge lined up for us next year!

  7. Maybe if Enrique goes ,we start playing Jonas on the right, in his natural position. His delivery from the right is way better, but we hardly ever see it unless he cuts right across the pitch. I wouldn’t part with him and I think if he does actually get to play out right, we’ll see a lot more of the player he can be.

    Pretty sure Pardew intends to play HBA in behind the striker, so we really need an experienced left winger.

    I really dislike N’Zogbia after his petulance when he was here last (and not just his departure), but if we get him and he doesn’t upset what’s left of the dressing room, I’ll not complain too much, I suppose. I’m sure there are alternatives, but Zog seems to be popular with the faithful.

  8. Also, we should be pulling out all of the stops to get Sturridge here. Blinding little player and, unlike most of our targets (and our squad after this window, if half the speculation is anything to go by) he’s English.

  9. Yeah let’s sell Jonas what does he offer, then when we get some injuries we can play a 16 year old reserve player on the wing instead as we will have no decent squad players

  10. I know we all like a drink or two on here, but have some people been drinking so much that their memory has gone?

    Does no one remember what Zog was like when her was here? He was a lazy petulant little git who left us as soon as he could. He thought he was better than us and was just hanging on waiting for Arsenal to come and get him. When they didn’t he left for Wigan. Apparently a club with bigger ambitions than NUFC and a place he could win things.

    Next you’ll be wanting Andy “sad geordie bstards” Cole back.

    Have some pride will you, Zog is only complementing us because he wants to play for a better club than Wigan and we are his only suitors.

  11. Omg! You people arnt the smartest! If we sell Jonas, Enrique will definetly go! Our left side is our best attacking and defensivly side. Jonas-Enrique partnership is one of the best partnership in the PL in my eais! We cant sell the Argentinian, maybe then we will loss Coloccini too! We have too keep Jonas, but we have to buy a class winger to giving him some competition! Nzogbia would be nice! At the moment I just see Hoilett as a squad-player.

  12. I think not only would Jonas have more end product playing on the right ( his natural position) he would help improve Simpson .His tracking back would give Simpson the back up that until now he has not had . If we can get the Zog back he can help with back up play down the left , we did try him at lb in some games when he was here . All in all we would have a much better balance in the team and more pace .

  13. Most pundits rate Jonas highly and it seems many of you don’t.It makes ppl wonder.

  14. @13…jose is off anyway mate. forget him, move on. Its clear that they want to jiggle the mid field and make way for our two new signings – ARFA and GOSLING. barton is to be sold off and i am sure he will be, jonas will shift to the right to fill barton (who was out of his natural position on right) and of course jonas should always have been on the right so thats a smart move. Arfa will then slip into the left wing – his natural position. We can try to get zogs and use him on left or in his preffered slot, middle left attaching. So IMO, who do we need….we need zogs or another top draw lefty and two strikers and a hot understudy right back. Thats it.

  15. I don’t rate Jonas. 50% of the time other half I do that’s the problem you don’t know what ya gonna get – one game he will be flying up n down wing – swapping wings putting decent balls in- tracking back and winning tackles being Jose’s get out of jail card and other times he doesn’t do any, still with a bit of competition for his spot may improve his inconsistency

  16. Why are we reputedly going after Hangeland ?
    Are we dumping Colocinni along with Jonas and Enrique ?
    Is there a cull of top earners about to take place?
    N`Zog for Jonas ?
    Hangeland for Colocinni?
    Izaguirre for Enrique?
    Cabeye for Joey ? or Nolan?
    Gervinho For right wing or up front for Nolan?
    Gameiro for up front with Ben Arfa?
    Hoilet For backup winger or midfielder?

    Bit pacier lot, but the two scoucers provided leadership, quality and goals.
    As for N`Zogbia, kids quality, can take people on, got pace , can score, so much better than Jonas.
    Nowt wrong with a bit of pace and versatility, which could be the difference here.
    But then whadda i know ?

  17. There were rumors of Liverpool wanting to buy both Enrique and Jonas, as an act who are familiar with their new center forward and can supply the ammunition, hoofball !
    Also rumors of Joey going to both Liverpool sides, who knows, but I get the feeling there`s a cull taking place and NUFC will not be cloe to the team it was last season.
    Then i have been wrong before (not often)but you heard it here first !

  18. I dont think theres gonna be a cull. We need to build a squad not just have a decent starting 11! theres no point in buyin to replace because we will just struggle again when we get injuries/suspensions! I think buyin to replace is ridiculous so to be fair theres a good chance that great minds at nufc will do it.

  19. The problem I have with listening to all the talk of new players coming in to the club is that they’ll still be managed by Pardhwo the Clueless. The original one season wonder :)

    Took West Ham up but then almost took them down before getting the sack
    Took Charlton nowhere but down and got the sack
    Didnt get a chance to take Saints down because, guess what, they sacked him.

    Check the odds for relegation next season, might be worth a few bob just to take away some of the pain :(

  20. my god the winters must just fly by in andy macs world–cheer up man–another example of moaning whinging fans–odds 8/1 so are sunland–if i were u andy id wait a few weeks into the season till theyre about 20/1–that should help the winter go by waiting for them to lose miserable git

  21. Believe it or not I’ve always been a glass half full type of guy, however I cannot understand how people, who presume to know football, think Pardwho has anything to offer this club ?

    But what really boils my urine is when I read stuff like this


    “I was angry at the sacking of Chris (Hughton) like but now i see it was the correct choice. Was dissapointed when Pards come but he has done a decent job to be fair to him. Onwards and upward next season!”

    How in god’s name does this
    P W D L %Pts %Wins
    Hughton 16 5 4 7 39.6 31.3
    Pardew 22 6 9 7 40.9 27.3

    equate to “a decent job” ?

    Just goes to show that the Fatman knows how to manipulate some of the fan base but thankfully not all of it :)

  22. Andymac

    It’s basic maths really.

    Pardews points average (per game) is higher than Hughton’s despite being without Carroll.
    He has us playing a slightly more attractive brand of football too.
    Rhayher than look at the win percentage look at the points percentage.

    Agree, not much of an improvement but without doubt, he is a slightly better manager.

  23. Doh……..


  24. FFS This isnt about Carroll or Hughton its about Pardwho and, ultimately the fatman. If, as JJ seems to think, Pardwho’s not much of an improvement or slightly better THEN WHY THE FECK REPLACE ONE MEDIOCRE MANAGER WITH ANOTHER ONE ???? (See I can use capitals too MM).

    As I’ve said before Hughton’s dismissal and Pardwho’s appointment had nothing to do with “taking this club forward to the next level”. It was all about bringing in a “YES MAN” who’d do as he’s told.

    Just like the Level 7 boys being cast to the four corners of SJP (despite the call from Fatman two years ago to have a singing section) this FatBloke wants everyone to be singing from his same crappy hymn sheet.



    I WILL always grateful to Chris Houghton and the players for getting us back in the big league. But at the end of the day, it’s there job FFS, they are highly paid professionals. But managers get fired, end of story, thats why they get paid mega bucks. What about Ancelotti FFS, double winner last year, this year toast…. same for players…loyalty doesn’t always get rewarded in football…


    Once again you miss the point MM. If you had an owner who knew football inside out and, as a result, brought in like minded professionals to do his bidding then I think we’d all be happy with that.

    Trouble is Fatman hasnt got a clue (KK, JFK, AS all in one season, Wise and Jimenez etc) and Derek………well lets not even go there shall we ? and Pardwho fits into this group because he’s a gambling buddy. Says it all really :(