Demba Ba has “agreed terms on Friday night” with Newcastle but…

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Demba Ba.
Ba: Newcastle terms agreed, allegedly.
Speaking in an interview with Sam Matterface on ‘Talk Sport’, the chief football writer of the Sunday Mirror, Paul Smith, has been claiming that Newcastle United have “agreed terms on Friday night” with West Ham striker, Demba Ba. He also claimed that West Ham had also made a bid for Kevin Nolan, but that it was only for £1.5 million, not the £3 million figure which was widely reported.

When probed by Matterface on the Nolan and Ba situations, Smith said:

“The story about Kevin Noland [sic] is absolute nonsense by the way. West Ham have not bid £3 million for him let me tell you, they have actually bid £1.5 million for him and I know that for a fact because I’ve spoken to David Sullivan (one of West Ham’s owners).

“I think a paper earlier in the North East ran this story that they had bid £3 million.

“There’s no secret that [Sam] Allardyce wants him and would like to take him to Upton Park, but the player himself wants to stay and there are several issues up at Newcastle with him in terms of a contract and it was put out that he’d been offered a new contract which is a deferred contract. It’s a contract that kicks into effect in twelve months time so I don’t see how the player could turn it down, but I digress though.”

On Demba Ba, Smith added:

“According to Newcastle they agreed terms on Friday night so I suspect he’s probably on his way there.”

Matterface then asked:

Is that a good signing for Newcastle United? They desperately need a striker, don’t they?

To which Smith replied:

“Yeah, it’s interesting because the player can’t pass a medical, there is a degenerative knee problem as Stoke found out. They couldn’t sign him and then subsequently he went to West Ham, and the do at West Ham was bizarre for a player who insisted ‘I’ll sign a contract but if you get relegated I’ll go on a free transfer.

“So Demba Ba himself I think is a half decent little striker isn’t he really?”

Matterface then added:

“He scored a few goals in the Premier League didn’t he? (7 in 13 appearences for the Hammers) and he looks as if he was useful, and he wouldn’t be the first player to not be able to complete a medical but still go on to have a decent career.”

To which, Smith went on to cite other examples of players who played on despite a similar problem, such as Ricardo Fuller.

Moving back to Newcastle United though, Matterface then asked:

“So Newcastle United are picking him up for almost nothing I suppose, he’s got a huge wage bill I’m sure as well for him. Is he the type of player though that Newcastle were looking at? because I thought that Newcastle were going down this road of very young players that they could sell on in a couple of years and make some money out of it. Something of a Mike Ashley philosophy that he tried to put in place over the last couple of years.”

Interestingly, Smith then replied:

“I spoke to Derek Llambias on Friday about Newcastle and you’re right, it’s a very valid point. This is the route they’re going down now, to buy young players. They’re investing in players who have retail values…”

The converstion then drifted off on to other transfer gossip about other teams, and that was that!

In conclusion, I feel obligated to point out that this was an interview with a Mirror journalist on ‘Talk Sport’, so it could all be complete guff, but time will tell as always.

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26 Responses

  1. They’re investing in players who have retail values…” Yeah right, for resale. As long as we have an owner who is happy with a bottom half position and is more interested in making money than to win trophies the best we can hope for is young bargains that can keep us in the PL. The soons the fat man sells then sooner when can get back to the top.

  2. I think he is coming ,the thing with medicals is they are based on how high a risk , injury wise , is the player compared to the fee being payed . Its too do with the insurance fees being payed . The fact that we will not be paying a transfer sum combined with the wages he will get makes him a lesser risk . Probably they will write into the contract that if he is injured long term the contract will be terminated with no cost to the club .

  3. He’ll be a great signing fast can shoot touch of magic? Maybe but I would buy sturridge as well would be mint! But I’m chuffed

  4. I bet MA paid the team a bonus to throw the win against wba just so he could make more money by us coming in 12th instead of 9th & thus ensuring our bottom half finish.

  5. @expert, dont believe the words of the papers. llambias has never said we buy youn get them to full potential then sell them for profit.. the idea at the club is still to get a team into europe trust me.. this is pandering to the general toon army desire for everything to be hideous and diseased

    i really am at a loss with this print and i hope llambias sues utter tosh! i tell thee.. sorry im watch PoTC :P

    @Clint, lol.

  6. what’s your take on this then Walky? We signed another crock then? Could be a good signing, if he isn’t “too tired” to put pen to paper.


  7. in fairness … if we get a top half finish it will show his policy can be made work, we sold Andy and from that fee we will rebuild a squad to push for europe, 1 player out 5 in it can work to a degree.. i still feel we need to keep some of our experienced heads like nolan and barton…

    Clinti think you been a bit too suspicious this time haha

  8. As you can tell I’m a west ham fan, at uni I’ve got a mate who supports Newcastle so along with watching us get relegated I watched a lot of your team last year, ba will be perfect for you, technically not the greatest he seems to run awkwardly probably due to the knee problem however he knows where the goal is! On the other hand with nolan I can’t see him coming to us, but ive hears rumours we’re going to bid again with Carlton cole as a makeweight plus money wether Nolan comes or not you do not want cole but with two strikers practically for free its probably an offer mr ashley won’t turn down.
    Shame to see ba go he’ll be a huge hit up north!

  9. Alreet Essexhammer,
    don’t think we’d want cole like mate.
    I can’t see Nolan leaving this year either, it seems he wants to stay & he’s just dragged his ass outta the championship with us. He still has 2 years left on his current contract anyway.
    It was sad to see you irons drop down a league, but i’m sure you’ll be back man.
    Keep the faith mate.

  10. I can’t see him coming to us to be fair, but cole was signed by pardew for us, so may be a little connection there!

    However with us we deserved to go down we wasn’t good enough, wrong manager and players were just there to pick up there wages probably the best thing that has happened to us, yeah we’re going to lose our best players but we should get rid of the likes of kovac etc! Anyway id like to see Newcastle to better next season you need 2 strikers and maybe a solid defender, keep Enrique if possible he is class! And ashley needs to offer Barton a contract that would be a big loss!

  11. Essexhammer its a shame you lot went down , i have allways liked the way you lot play and can’t believe Fat Sam is your new manager. He goes against everything your club are known for , Still if he gets you promoted at the first go then i suppose your fans could accept his style of play for a season or two . After that sack the useless pie munching git .

  12. Degenerative knee problem, can’t ever pass a medical and will be wanting huge wages? No thanks, let’s move on and look at players who’s legs won’t fall off under a tackle.

    I’m not buying the thing about players not passing medicals having good careers either when the example is ricardo fuller! If that’s what we have to compare to then he’s not worth it.

  13. scott hear what ya saying mate but the fella did bang in 7 goals in a relegation team that was west ham in 13 long as hes on a pay as you play deal or something written into the contract in case he gets long term injury dont see how we can lose as we geting him for nowt.

  14. We need to get him and Sturridge in and stick with Best and a youngster like Airey or Sammy Ameobi. Get rid of Lovenkrands, Xisco and Shola.

    The Hammers would have to be interested in one of those three guys. Shola and Loven have both shown they could do a good job in the CC and you’d have to think we’d let either of them go for as little as a few mill.

  15. Ba will score alot of goals for us with Ben Arfa, Jonas, Cabaye and Barton (if he is still here..) supplying him! And that is without any new signing e.g. Zog! He is what you call a natural goalscorer, a cheap mans shearer if you like! Can score with both feet and with his head, can score from long range but tends to find himself in the right place at the right time! Forget about his knee, we are signing this guy for free so as long as we have some settlment agreed incase he does bust it we have a very low risk signing!! Im really pleased with this if it goes through!

  16. personally i wouldn’t have much of an idea as to just how serious this knee problem could be in the long run,especially coupled with high wages and ashley’s penchant for offering long 5 year deals.but it did seem like he was able to do a job for the hammers and he might be good for us.
    nonetheless i hope our striker situation gets resolved soon.the carroll wind fall should’ve been spent on quality to bolster our squad

  17. Where does this High wage thing come from. Does anyone really think that ‘ under the current regime, someone with dodgy knees and a massive wage would be welcome at the TOON. I think not !!!
    His knees didnt stop him scoring quite a few at the Bolyn and his wages would surely be subject to various areas of small print in any contract with us. HWTL

  18. if he’s a crock he will fit in well.

    he can be our new Carl Cort?

    leaves Shola without the burden of having to be injured to destroy defences across the land (I think I MAY still be drunk….)

  19. Your getting a fantastic player there guys, he really knows where the goal is, not like that oaf carlton cole who couldn’t hit a barn door! I’m sure if we had Ba from the start then maybe just maybe we would have stayed up. I’ll be gutted to see him go though, oh well one player leaving makes way for another (hopefully quality) player. Good luck Newcastle fc, hope you guys have a fantastic season.

  20. Hmmmm ! got Ba eh!
    Damaged knee or not, he appears to know where the net is.
    A big, tall 6′ 3″ i think striker and for nowt eh!
    Knew Ashley would’nt be able to resist, but it does generally mean higher wages.

    Some of the conversation from the top article justifies my observations and comments in regard to Ashleys new business plan, of buying proven talent at a young age, instead of going with unproven youngsters.

    Bad news is Sturridge has had a £20m. price tag placed on him by Chewsea, too bad, the guys going to be phenominal.

    Not hearing much about Sow ? a highly rated French striker, seems our scouting interest has moved from France to Switzerland, who like the EPL sides are also stocked with foreign players.

    Guess Kenny is looking at other LB’s seems he wants an improved Enrique for less than we originally paid for him and threatening to go for Arsenal & Celtic players.
    He will be back, probably go for around £8m.
    Question is are we going to get someone decent or go with the kid Taylor ?
    If he comes that is, seems a bit reluctant.
    Hell, could start a back line with three Taylors!

  21. Rodzilla says:
    June 11, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    “what’s your take on this then Walky? We signed another crock then? Could be a good signing, if he isn’t “too tired” to put pen to paper.”

    Rod, I think he’s a good striker but writing as someone with who lives with a degenerative bone problem myself, I would have doubts about signing him. As I pointed out in the piece though, it’s just gossip from a gadgie at the Mirror who claims he’s spoken with Llambias so far.

  22. ToonArmyElite,
    I’m guessing you don’t get sarcasm, hey?
    Keep up mate, there’s only 3 posts before mine, no excuse.

  23. He will do a good job for you boys god knows whats happening fee wise apparently we signed him for 5.5M

    And now going on a free bloody madness, Anyway hope he goes to you boys you will love each other good luck Demba and the toon army next season !