£1m bid for Neil Taylor confirmed

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Newcastle bid for Swansea's Neil Taylor.
Bid made for Naylor
It appears that Newcastle United have submitted a formal bid for Swansea left-back Neil Taylor.

Newcastle submitted a £1m bid for Neil Taylor yesterday afternoon, following rumours over the weekend that we were closing in on the 22 year-old.

The Swansea City Chairman, Huw Jenkins, said:

We have received a proposal from Newcastle regarding Neil but the proposal has not been accepted or rejected at this stage.

We have received a number of enquiries from different clubs for Neil’s services and, like all bids we receive for any of our players, we will be talking it over with him when he returns from a break next week.

Neil is a player we brought to the club this season from the Conference with Wrexham with a view to him progressing and developing with us over a number of years.

The last thing on our mind was to sell anyone over the summer.

Taylor is a fairly versatile player and can also play at centre back or on the left of midfield as well as his preferred left-back position, which is the kind of backup options managers usually like.

£1m for an international player (albeit only Wales and only 3 caps) sounds like a good deal but of course what counts is how he performs for us.

Apparently Taylor is on holiday in Spain at the moment but has said he’s quite willing to talk to Newcastle if the two clubs can agree a fee. Apparently Moysey has also been sniffing around the player, so if we want the lad we should act sharpish and tie it up before the Evertonians get their beaks amongst matters.

Twitty rumours go further and say he’s been offered a 5 year contract with Newcastle, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves – all we know is that we have offered £1m and it’s now up to Swansea to respond.

Apparently when Wrexham sold Taylor to Swansea for £150,000 they also negotiated 10% of any future profit, so they’ll be in line for £100,000 if our £1m bid is accepted, which is probably a fair chunk of money for a Conference team.

Taylor played 75 league matches for Wrexham, scoring thrice, and he has so far played 30 league matches for Swansea City without scoring.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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20 Responses

  1. Will he be the backup to Enrique or his replacement?

    I look forward the commentary ‘..Taylor has the ball and passes it to Taylor who then passes it to Taylor who then passes it back to Taylor who gives it to Taylor who gives it to Danny Simpson who passes to Danny Guthrie who slides it to Danny Gosling who lines up Ameobi who misses’. It may never happen apart from the last bit.

  2. Not bad. Obviously one for the future and not a replacement. I would have liked to have seen us put in a 14 mill bid for Pat Van and Sturridge from Chelsea. Two instant first teamers. Someone good to challenge Enrique and should he decide to go a good replacement.

  3. sounds like this one is true as its from the horses mouth. jose out and about 10 million for him, then we buy the bargin bin at 1 million. 9 million into ashelys fund and his most favorite expression ‘ all funds will be re-invested into the running of the club’ ffs.zzzzzzzz

  4. I want to be happy….but is anyone else getting that ‘James perch is a full-back that can play Centre Half’ Feeling???

  5. OK then we got Naylor Saylor and Raylor in the team and if we sign Sturridge and Graham, we will got Dan Gosling, Dan Simpson, Dan Guthrie, Dan Graham and Dan Sturridge. What the !!!

  6. its not too bad, as we wont get sturridge but yes funny man. funny thing is, sturridge is the one out of them all we do want.

  7. Dan Graham going to Swansea so we are unlikely to get beyond 3rd Dan black belt!

  8. Ginkho.

    With all the Dans and Tayls could this be Dante’s inferno in the making? (Dan-Tay – geddit?)

  9. Sturridge would cost us about £20M+
    It aint gonna happen peeps.
    Now shane long is far more realistic.
    Be underwhelmed and get used to it.
    This is NUFC.

  10. I say he is a direct replacement for jose.
    The rumour now are that arse are interested in gervinho but didn’t expect that we would be getting him anyway.
    Other rumours on twitter that batty and big dave have been banned for falling out with the blog master, any chance of confirmation on this one ?

  11. How can you say he’s a direct replacement?
    ffs we have been in need of a back up LB for years now, and as soon as we get a young one, yous have Jose oot the door. Just wait and see.
    He’s never even played in the prem yet, so no way a direct replacement. If Jose goes we will get someone else, (also on the cheap.).

  12. bb why do you think jose is staying ?. Imo he will be our lb next yr, but i will be pleased if we do keep jose or if not get a better tried and tested lb.
    But i just think that naylor will be our lb

  13. Did I say he was staying?
    No, we dont know, but I hope so.
    Taylor was playing in the conference lge 2009-10, its a big step up to the prem mate.

  14. Pardew has stated he wants competition for places next season. Even if Jose goes, we will still have 2 LB’s to start the season.

  15. i honestly dont think we are in for any of the fancy names that have been quoted. Cabaye may come.. but even then, who knows. all the others higher than lets say 3 quid i very much doubt. out bound will be jose for defo and they hope barton too and smith. I figure that they want barton and smith and jose off the wage page in order that outgoings continue in a downward trend as all new faces will be untested and will come in for 20k a week touch max. good in a money sense, lets just hope that it does not rip the heart out of us and leave us guttless when we are in a relegation dog fight.

  16. I think the club will be looking at this kid as a back up for Enrique. As good as Enrique is, we do need cover at left back. Yes Ferguson can play there, but he looks more like a winger than a fullback to me. The fact that this guy is young, breaking into his national side, played a lot this season in getting promoted into the PL and is cheap, shows he could be an ideal backup player to o e of our best and most established players, though I confess to not having seen the lad play. Another player to consider as a backup left back could be jloyd Samuel. Bags of premier league experience, knows his way round a top flight pitch, and has just been released at the end of his contract by bolton. Wouldn’t expect 1st teN football cos he never had it last year, probs just happy to have a club. He would be free, probably not high wages, and tbh, about as good a 2nd string player as we could ask for.

  17. Craig…nee way we’ll £10m for Enrique with only a year left on his contract

  18. has backup written all over it. jose has had no one to push him (bar maybe ferguson a bit this season) so bringing in a cheap, young player to find his feet and add a little competition is a good thing.
    also if jose ends up leaving, i’m sure we’ll be bringing in a first choice LB. we’ve been linked with a fair handful already this summer.
    people need to just chill, not believe all the paper/twitter rumors and wait and see what actually happens before flipping out.