We’ll get a gander at Gosling next season as his fitness returns

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Dan Gosling, set to be in contention next season.
The Goose plots his comeback
Newcastle United midfielder Dan Gosling looks forward to being a regular in the team next season.

A player most fans have been keen to see in action but have so far not had much of a chance to is Dan Gosling. His only appearance for us this season was as a substitute in injury time during January’s 1-1 draw with Brucie’s rabble. He allegedly has talent but injury has prevented him from demonstrating it to us while he’s been at Newcastle.

Gosling admits his lengthy time under the doctor (ooerr missus) has been tedious but he’s still keen to get back into playing regularly:

I need a break, I’ve been in the gym for about a year now and it’s just mentally draining.

I’ll get a few weeks off then I start early before the lads come back so hopefully from the first day of pre-season I’ll be with the lads and raring to go.

My knee is good, I’ve had a few other niggles obviously because I’m not used to training, my body isn’t used to being out there.

I’ve had a few set-backs with my thigh and groin, but the knee is fine and I’m just raring to get back into playing regularly.

Gosling reckons that missing last year’s pre-season made life difficult for him and he hopes that he’ll be fit enough to partake in this year’s:

I was always playing catch up this year and everyone knows that if you miss pre-season it’s going to be a difficult year for you.

Obviously I’ve had a few set-backs with my knee and in the end I just wanted to be fit.

But hopefully next year I can start off on an even keel with everyone and hopefully be good enough in pre-season to get a starting place in the first Premier League fixture.

Finally, Gosling explains how the rest of the squad have helped him not to feel too left out despite him not being on the training pitch with them for most of the season:

It was hard to interact with the lads at first.

They’re out on the training pitch and coming back in having banter and I didn’t really know what was going on.

But all the lads have made me feel welcome.

It’s a great club and great people involved in the club and I’m really happy to be here.

I do hope this is just an unlucky phase for the 21 year-old midfielder and that he’s not going to be one of those players blighted with injury throughout his career. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s capable of.

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18 Responses

  1. Basically means either the club will not give him the money he wants (i dont think there has ever been confirmation of a pay cut) Or the length of contract is not right. Could also mean he is not convinced that we will invest. hmmmm, who knows.

    I find it hard to believe and or crazy that the club wont give him a decent length contract, yet give nile ranger who is shite 5years! But mr lambiase deals with contracts and he knows nothing about football.

  2. he will be playing next season on his final year of contract so we will still yet see him next year.do have to say he and nolan are both reaching 30(barton turning 29) so i guess you could get 1 or 2 years out of them but barton leaving just another blow could see it happening with Newcastle always a step away from drama

  3. I guess it sends out all the wrong signals to the team and fans when the player of the season doesnt get a new contract BUT this will drag on and on, this story is not over.

  4. You just could not make it up, Barton part of the backbone of the team along with Nolan, and that stupid bunch of tossers in charge wont offer him a decent contract. I’ll bet any money that if an offer comes in for Barton this summer, they will take it.

    I hate the pair of them Ashley & Llambias, just when you think they are getting to grips with job of running the club properly they go and f**k up again.

  5. if things pan out which they have (and will continue)with ashley running this ship will have a good dose of stability then f**k up all over again with selling our top players or worse,i can really see this happening with the fat man still in charge

  6. I doubt this is about money or length of contract. They are things that would be negotiated in a new deal. The [apparent] absolute nature of the decision here suggests to me that Pardew has had six months to have a look ar him and has decided that, good player or not, he is still a dick. He has been highly influential for the last two years but not irreplaceable. We will improve solely by him not taking all the set pieces.

  7. Is it possible that we have other irons in the fire?

    Just to play ‘devils advocate’ like.

    Joey’s had one really good season so far, this season.

  8. 11……..you are talkign total rubbish. no offense like. barton is our motor. our engine room. everything goes through him and i am gutted about this.
    I tell you what is good though and that is that at least we have a blood and guts truth from the agent cos just a few days ago our amazing manager said that the offer had been made and that it was up to the player and his agent to take it. Now we know that no offer has been made and that it is pardew tryign to bullsh1t us as he knows joey is very popular. Does Ap ever ever tell the truth about anything?????
    So, where does this leave us then? Nolan has said he wanted barton to stay so we let him go. Nolan will also now run down his contract and go. Jose is alrady played his last game for us. Jonas said it was vital that jose stayed for him to be happy. I am telling you now, the wheels are going to fall off.
    I said just yesterday t hat this window is not about who we buy but who we keep. you get Ap making all the right noises sayign that they want to kick on and have stability and build on our current squad etc etc… i love joey and i want him to stay etc …. ALL CRAP, EVERY LAST WORD

  9. It a bit early to tell yet on Barton.

    Maybe we’ll be offered top wedge for him, cos if he stays for 2/4 years we’ll get nowt for him.

    Only time will tell.

  10. and so it begins……the summer from hell.

    we are going to be asset stripped over the next few weeks and the core of the team will be gone and replaced by cheap,young players who ashley will hope can gain value then he can do same to them in a few seasons.

    this is our lot. joey,tiote,jose etc are all probably at their peak worth this summer and will be sold. then the next lot who do well will also be sold

    anybody who believes in this regime after everything that has happened need help

    we have no future

  11. i got joeys spare shirt from the game sunday,itl probably be his last game so will frame it today.

  12. Look forward to seeing what Gosling is all about. I’m not quite sure what his skill-set is supposed to be (running? passing? shooting? tackling?). If he has any of those 4 he could be a decent replacement for Barton.