Toon rumours about The Zog, Enrique and Jay Bothroyd

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Charles N'Zogbia - allegedly wanted by Sunderland and Juventus as well as Newcastle.
What colour stripes will he wear?
The Zog may be heading the Mackemland, Lyon are after Enrique and Pardew still wants Bothroyd. Allegedly.

According to that paragon of virtue The Daily Mail, we might fail in out attempts to sign Charles N’Zogbia from Wigan.

Based on absolutely no evidence, quotes, ‘club sources’ or anything else that I can see, The Mail suggests that Bruce and the baboons from Wearside lead both Juventus and Newcastle in the race to sign the £10m-rated player.

Clearly no player would actually choose to go to Sunderland over Newcastle (or Juventus), so my sympathy goes to The Zog if Martinez and Whelan send him there kicking and screaming.

Is there a team anywhere that doesn’t want Jose Enrique? If the press is to be believed he seems like the most in-demand player in the Premiership and his list suitors has been extended with alleged interest from Olympique Lyon.

Lyon currently have Ahly Cissokho at left-back but rumour has it that he’s on his way to Inter Milan in the summer.

Jonas has recently been singing Enrique’s praises, saying:

I believe Jose is one of the best left-backs in the Premier League, right up there with Ashley Cole, Patrice Evra and Gael Clichy.

Jose is only young so he is going to get even stronger.

It is a very special relationship between Jose and me. We have an amazing understanding, almost telepathic. Having Jose playing the way he does is brilliant for me, we know what each other is thinking.

Very true. The Enrique/Gutierrez combination is probably our most prolific route to getting the ball forward. I still think Jose will go but I’m hoping like hell he won’t.

The omnipotent ‘club source’ has been stoking the rumour-mill again, this time suggesting that Jay Bothroyd is definitely on Alan Pardew’s wish-list and the club is likely to make another attempt to get the player after failing to do so in January.

The 28 year-old Cardiff City striker has had a great season, scoring 19 goals in 22 appearances.

And finally, no stories about the mating habits of pandas today. Instead I’ll have a laugh at how upset the Mackems are about the Olympic Torch. The committee responsible for the torch has decided that it will pass through and stay in Newcastle, Durham and Middlesbrough but they wisely decided that Sunderland was too much of heap to allow it to stay there.

This snub got a Mackem MP on his high horse and he raised the incident in parliament, saying:

Sunderland is the biggest city in the north-east yet the Olympic Torch is not staying there. Why?

I would suggest if the Right Honourable Gentleman has a look around next time he’s in Sunderland he’ll have his answer.

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34 Responses

  1. I hate N’Zogbia once a petulant little prick always a petulant little prick in my opinion.

  2. I’d have Zog back without any doubt. A midfield of:

    Jonas HBA N’Zog
    Tiote Barton

    Looks exciting to me.

  3. i thought sunderland was a town? is it now a city? ffs…whats the world coming to!

  4. Jose is not going to Lyon That is for certain. Not in a millon years.

  5. Anyone seen the new Puma orange away kit?
    Stick it in the same bin as the daffodil adidas kit.

  6. I think our second strip should be all red with red shorts also, and a liver – bird with the words ‘ you’ll never walk alone’ on the badge , so that should we need to transfer any of our new academy starlets they can feel comfortable going to the next club , and feel less guilty about moving from Black and White , whatdayafink Andy Carroll ??

  7. @2…….. not bad but only Tiote and HBA are prob going to be with us by the start of the season.

  8. 6..sir jase…. is that really a pic of you mate, if it is, you looking mighty fine!

  9. Sounds like Jonas is pleading to go with Enrique, as like a double act..

    I’ll be v dissapointed if we sign any championship fodder, Cole, Bothroyd etc.. there’s a reason they play in that league. Bellamy is the only forward worth considering but that’s never going to happen.

    This summer is make or break time for MA & AP.

  10. look guys… we all know how this is going to pan out.. we have been here every single window under ashely and every one is a joke and money making excercise only for him. we will sell quality for more money than we spend, bringing in at best, average players. Doing well this season instead of scraping in at 17th will have done more harm than good… ashley will now see no need to spend a penny and will of course look to sell one or two of our good ones. bet your house on it.

  11. Hugh.

    I’d venture to suggest that the Olympic organisers weren’t so much concerned about allowing the torch to stay at Sunderland, but that they may have no choice if it’s nicked!

  12. @12 you’re probably right but, maybe… everything is in place now to push the club forward and Ashley realises this… lol who am I kidding..

    keep the half-faith!!

  13. @ 3 it makes no difference – it’s still a shithole full of shithouses whatever label they hang on it.

  14. Watched Enrique,s game on Sunday he is top draw stuff.
    We should throw the kitchin sink at him to keep him, if
    he walks he cannot be replaced.
    Same as Carroll he can’t be replaced immediately with
    Bothroyd etc
    NZog always was a gunna be at Nufu would,nt go back for him
    He wanted to leave first with Given to desert the sinking ship back in 2008/9 no loyalty

  15. i watched jay bothroyd for cardiff against reading,and he was shocking,he lacks pace for a start.i think with him and chopra upfront,was one of the reasons reading beat cardiff.they had very little cut or thrust,and looked laboured at times.their movement was non existant.
    if we signed him,we would just be adding to the problems,we already have.
    on the other hand shane long looked the business,johnny on the spot,good movement,eye for goal.i critisized the lad on here a couple of weeks ago,to be honest,i hadn’t seen a lot of him.he has made a believer out of me now though,if we are shopping in the trampionship,then someone like shane long for me.he would give us something different.

  16. MA and the staff have the 4 B’s to look at when deciding the next roster:

    The Bairns (academy lads)

    The Broken (currently injured)

    The Bodies (those who are fit)

    The Buys (players with other clubs)

    These articles never seem to look at the whole picture, just who would come in to replace an incumbent. The truth is, the staff, we hope, is looking at the big picture, not just a narrow view.

  17. I would have Zog back in a heartbeat, he looks better and more ‘mature’ than when we had him. One of the most exciting players in the Prem.

  18. Bruce and the baboons of Sunderland?

    Baboons? Hugh, baboons are very intelligent!!

  19. Hey enough with the sophomoric macho Sunderland knocking bullshit, sound like a bunch of teenagers trying to sound tough, hell they are neighbors and in some cases relatives.
    Zog it`s been stated would`nt mind a return to Tyneside and we will be lucky if we get to sign him, a much improved player.
    While we are at it, how bout a look at Rodallega and McCarthy, of course thats only if they go down, which i dont think is gonna happen.
    Bothroyd?, fugedaboudit ! aint gonna happen, just more newspaper ink wasted.
    Not sure about Enrique ? coupla weeks ago woulda said he was a done deal, but perhaps he is considering his future here with a decent contract on offer.
    Perhaps the rumors about other clubs are just that, rumors ?

  20. sorry to say you disalusioned mackem lot, but the definition of a city is that you must have a cathedral within the limits of the ‘town’.and you aint got one so, 5under1and town it is. Whats it like to always be seccond eh, never mind jimmy ! HOWAY THE LADS.

  21. craig chisholm says:
    May 19, 2011 at 7:58 am

    “i thought sunderland was a town? is it now a city? ffs…whats the world coming to!”

    Craig, to be precise it’s a ‘shanty’ town, aka a ‘squatter settlement’ or ‘Favela’. They gave it a little certificate so they can say it’s a ‘City’, but it’s only a pretend one to make them feel better about living in such abject squalor.

  22. chuck says:
    May 19, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    “You guys are whack !”

    OK Chuck, I’ll try to behave myself and curb my own ‘Mackemism’ in future. I’ll probably be like Dr. Strangelove for a while though. :-)

  23. I’m not sure what to think about N’Zogbia. On the one hand he seems to have a bit of an atitude. But on the other he has gone from strength to strength recently and is no doubt a top quality player. I would prefer him 100% to Lovenkrands and I wouldn’t want him going to the mackems.

  24. “Dr. Strangelove” now thats my idea of humor, plus a film which included great acting and directing.
    Caught it originally on broadway, when first released in the early sixties.
    Some of the subtleties of the humor went over the heads of an uncertain audience at the time (height of the cold war).
    But it rates up there with such movies as Bicycle Thief, Treasure of the Sierra Madre and The battle of Algiers, to name but a few.

  25. chuck says:
    May 19, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    “Dr. Strangelove” now thats my idea of humor, plus a film which included great acting and directing.”

    Kubrick’s always been one of my favourites Chuck. He was a true visionary of cinema.

  26. Face it the club was in chaos at the time and a whacked out Joe kinnear did`nt help, so who can blame anyone for wanting away to some saner place.
    Yeah i have always thought the guy (N`Zogbia) had talent and to think of him plus perhaps Ireland and HBA playing for the club, plus a few decent additions come summer, hey cant wait !
    Pardew says (a lotta stuff) that he will be carefull about who he brings in, actually doubt if he has a lotta say, but who knows what the hell goes on, or who`s in charge.
    Obviously it`s a good idea for the fans to be vociferous about who they dont like (C.Cole)cause we are not hearing much about him anymore.
    To hell with it , may as well have the inmates (fans)running the asylum as the owner or his henchmen (could they do worse), so keep on objecting to any player/s who does`nt meet the required standards.
    After all this guys got “tons a dosh” and thirty five big ones.

  27. OK on the subject of rumours this suggests its Ryan Giggs who wants to protect his identity and is paying top dollar to bring about a super injunction.

    Why dont these footballers realise they run the risk of being found out ? Maybe its because they live in a fantasy world fuelled by mega bucks which lead them to believe they are untouchable? Feck him and all the others !!!

    I want football to return to its roots with players wanting to play for their club and not the salary.

    Yeah right not gonna happen :(