Newcastle’s pre-season tour of The States

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Sporting Kansas City
20th July
Newcastle United’s pre-season tour of The States includes matches in Kansas City, Orlando and Columbus.

Newcastle’s pre-season fixture list includes a tour of the United States, with three matches lined up.

On Wednesday 20th July 2011 the Toon take on Sporting Kansas City at the Livestrong Sporting Park, Kansas. The stadium is brand new, allegedly costing $200m, and Sporting Kansas City actually managed to beat Manchester United last summer.

SKC are in the top US league, having been there since the league’s inception in 1996, and having won that league three times. Ex-Millwall, Palace and Southampton striker/midfielder Ryan Smith plays for them.

Orlando City
23rd July
On Saturday 23rd July 2011 we’re up against US 3rd division Florida-based team Orlando City. They were only founded in 2010 and they are currently being coached by Adrian Heath (ex-Everton, Burnley etc.).

They have three main supporters’ groups called “The Ruckus”, “The Iron Lion Firm” and “The O-Town Hooligans”.

Columbus Crew
26th July
On Tuesday 26th July 2011 we take on Columbus Crew at the Crew Statium in Ohio. We last played this team in 2000 when Bobby Robson was manager and managed a 2-2 with Carl Cort getting both Newcastle goals. These are also a US top division side and, like SKC, they have won it 3 times.

Their current coach is ex-Everton and Poland player Robert Warzycha and their team includes one Englishman (well, a scouser) called Andy Iro, although he’s never played for any English teams.

This might provide an opportunity for some of our Stateside fans to get to see the Toon in action anyway.

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20 Responses

  1. if we play in kansas city,i hope we dont get picketed by the phelps family.we used to have justin fashanu,playing for us.they’ll turn up with banners “fag enablers”,”newcastle fans are going to hell” lol.

  2. wish they would come to Los Angeles, i would DEFINITELY SEE THEM… sigh. one day i will be at St. James’… one day.

  3. I’ll be at the kansas game and at the columbus game, hopefully get a chance to meet up with some posters from here. I think I have managed to find out where the team is staying in Kansas City, so if we get humped then it’s down to me keeping them up all night on the beer. hehehe.

  4. can’t wait for this. going to be making the travels to all three.
    if anyone is interested, we’ve started up a group that’s coordinating with all three clubs for discounted tickets and events around the matches. and ToonArmyAmerica on twitter
    we’ve been in contact with the club too about setting up events with the players and staff as well. (sorry for the spam!)

  5. Get stuck in eastcoastmag,
    good lad.

    Nice to see it’s making a few Toon fans happy, the lads getting across the pond.

  6. Damn, wish they were coming to CO. I’d drive to KC for that match (20 hr round trip) but it’s on a feckin’ wednesday and I can’t take another day of holiday this year. Shite. Glad to see the Toon in the states, sad that I can’t take part in a bit of it. This country’s just too damn big sometimes.

  7. Hey!, the Red Bulls gotta nice new stadium here, just a few minutes by subway from Manhattan, what the hell you going to the great unwashed for, there`s more football fans here than anywhere in the country.
    Kansas City, Orlando and Columbus, is like going to Middlesboro, Stoke and Wigan, all wonderfull places.
    Should be going to N.Y., Boston and LA.
    Who`s your tour arranger, Llambias ?

  8. KC’s not a bad place. Great BBQ. Columbus = Smog land… then again, LA’s air quality probably makes boro seems like a spa. When it’s 110F in July, I’d rather not be anywhere near the festering sh!te hole that is LA.

  9. chuck,
    except that NUC & the like are full of glory hunters, so trying to over turn that ‘support’ is much harder than preaching to the unconverted?

    It’s like NFL, MLB, NBA over here, people ‘support’ the glory teams mostly, especially in the big cities. Ever seen the number of Brits in cities like London wearing ‘Yankees’ caps?

  10. chuck says:
    May 19, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    “is like going to Middlesboro, Stoke and Wigan, all wonderfull places.”

    Have you been to Middlesbroigh, Stoke and Wigan recently, Chuck?!!!

  11. Damn if they could get just a bit father west, like California or Arizona. is this the final schedule or will they be adding matches?

  12. Workey
    have i been to Stoke, Middlesboro or Wigan lately ?
    Errmmm No!
    In fact the only one of the three i have ever been to is Boro.and the others are not on any future schedule of mine.
    But you dont have to have been to Detroit or Cleveland to know what kinda places they are.
    Though i have been to both and you can believe it, that there are some ugly post industrial towns in the States that make Boro.
    look like “The garden of Eden”
    Actually, the Red bulls new stadium is close to Newark NJ, not exactly a garden spot.

  13. Chuck @ 18
    ‘i have been to both and you can believe it, that there are some ugly post industrial towns in the States that make Boro.
    look like “The garden of Eden”’

    Chuck if you drive into Boro when it’s still dark there are flames coming out of some of the factories. I would say it looks more like HELL than the garden of Eden. :) I agree with you though about Detroit, I’ve never been there but why would I want to.

  14. Detroit is a bizarre city. Was there in Jan of ’09. Wasteland. Just abandoned buildings every where. The sewers must be full of CHUD.