Pardew warns “overzealous” Tiote, but why in public?

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Tiote: “Overzealous” says Pardew.
Tiote: “Overzealous” says Pardew.
On the eve of Newcastle United’s game with Manchester United on Tuesday evening, manager, Alan Pardew has issued a public warning to midfielder, Cheick Tiote, that he must not be “overzealous” against the so called ‘Red Devils’.

Tiote does indeed have a somewhat poor disciplinary record having picked up some 10 yellow cards, and a red in the FA Cup game against Stevenage since he joined the club on 26th August last year.

Speaking in an interview, Pardew began by noting that he had missed the Ivory Coast’s ‘Lion King’ for no less than five games through suspension, two games for picking up ten yellow cards in a season, and three for a straight sending off. He said:

“I haven’t had that many Premier League games but he has missed five of them, and that can’t be right,” then adding:

“He can be overzealous at times.”

Focusing on the game tomorrow evening, he then noted:

“The referee will be important in this game. I don’t want the Manchester United factor, with Alex and the way he is with referees, to come into play.

“It will be important for Alex and myself that 11 players are on the pitch at the end of the game because there is going to be a bit of feistiness in it.

“It’s an important balance and he (Tiote) needs to get that right.”

Speaking of his undoubted importance to the side (statistically, Newcastle do much better in games where he plays than in games where he doesn’t), Pardew then remarked:

“He is important to us and we have missed him. We missed him against Aston Villa with the pace they have in the team and having him back in the side is going to help us considerably.”

While Pardew is right in saying that Tiote has indeed had his disciplinary problems on the pitch, as do many players who play in his defensive midfield role, and that it would undoubtedly be a good thing if he didn’t pick up so many suspensions as he does, it is hard to guess why he would choose to warn Tiote on this issue in public, rather than in the privacy of the dressing room or the training ground, though I am willing to be enlightened!

As Pardew suggests, “Manchester United factor”, and “the way Alex Ferguson is with referees” may come into play once again, but surely, all this will do is draw the referee’s, and Ferguson’s attention to it more all the more? And possibly serve to make Tiote something more of a ‘marked’ player like his midfield teammate, Joey Barton?

Here’s hoping that it doesn’t.


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35 Responses

  1. Thats the difference between Pardew and Hughton, One kept things in house the other cant wait to let the world know what he thinks.
    For the most part, he puts his mouth into action before he puts his brain in gear IMO.
    Yeah there`s a difference .
    Wonder what the players think about this guy ?

  2. Tiote has been harshly treated by refs too though.
    There have been a few yellows that didn’t need to be brandished, & the red v stevenage was pathetic.
    Rather like Barton’s tally.

  3. I think you’ll find that AP is more a ‘normal’ manager when it comes to being asked questions than CH.
    He just seems to give ‘honest’ answers.
    Whereas, CH was the anomaly/enigma that said nowt & acted casual.
    Maybe that has spoiled people somewhat?
    Although, i find it funny that when CH was boss people wanted more coming out of the club & now people seem to want less.
    Or is it more that people just need to go against what’s being done, no matter what that is?

    Can’t please any of the people, any of the time.


  4. Any of you lads seen The Social Network?

    Paraphrasing but: “It’s like every thought in your head must be spoken and shared”

    My point is, Alan Pardew invented Facebook.

  5. Thump,
    living in Camden Toon is as much ‘social network’ as i’ll ever need mate, too much some times.


  6. You just hit the nail on the heed CLiNT there is always people moaning just to moan and when it comes too Newcastle United it just gets to extremes . Then again every one has a right too their opinions otherwise life would be boring i suppose . In the end though CH did a bloody marvelous job even though he said less than people wanted and Pardew has not been here long enough too say if he is the man too bring back the good times and a cup win .

  7. Clint the cool head i agree with you and enjoy reading your blogs and post.
    Some people are never happy unless there abusing Pardew or having a Chrissy love in. I for one wish we had got a ‘Top Manager’ but we got Pardew so i just have to get on with supporting the Toon and chrissy isn’t part of of our team so people should try and move on as it makes for a depressing and very negative blog.

  8. I was thinking that AP was trying to send a message to the refs about their over zealous approach to us, especially with rudolph in the stadium.

  9. Axel,
    I agree mate, people have a total right to air their views, that’s why we’re here.
    I totally agree with your assessment too man.

    Firstly, thanx very much for your support mate, it’s truly appreciated.
    I fully agree mate, bang on.

    That’s why i try & have an even approach to my posts.

    Cheers lads.

  10. “Overzealous” its hardly a public bollocking! he’s a cracking player but some of his bookings are crazy! You don’t want to change the lad too much but 5 games is far too many to be without him. I reckon he will calm down a bit next season without losing any edge.

    In terms of going public with it, APs answering questions in a press conference. Tiote was always gonna come up with it being the eve of his return. Not Pardews biggest fan but he’s a better manager than chris hughton, end of.

  11. Clint your welcome just try and stay balanced and level headed they are good qualities to have.
    Killy mag everyone knows he is just trying to honestly answer questions that he is being asked. But that dosnt stop people with an agenda trying to stick the boot in every chance they get, its sad but it takes allsorts

  12. In regards to Pardew, if you think this is a Newcastle thing, perhaps you should talk to both the West Ham and Charlton fans, where he was intensly disliked.
    Of all the possible managerial candidates to select this fool, indicates a total lack of anything other than, a need for a yes man who will be so controversial he will take the heat off, the top duo.

  13. is this anti-pardew stuff not going a bit too far now? its getting boring and ive been used to more from this blog

  14. Subconscious factors can affect what you see; studies have found that fans can more fairly judge fouls when watching players move from left to right on their screen because we are so used to reading that way.

    If Pardew has made the ref think that we don’t mean to harm Man U, then he has possibly just avoided a disaster in tomorrows match.

  15. Does anybody else think that fatash and lapdog look like Stattler and Waldorf out of the Muppets. Got the muppet bit right anyway. !

  16. Bilbobaggins
    Terribly sorry old chap we are not up to the desired etertainment level you have been accustomed to, I and hopefully the rest of the rabble, will renew our efforts and hopefully bring a level of entertainment that meets your approval.

    Free scoring
    Got the first paragraph, but the second escapes me ?

  17. Nice to see some good support for the manager like.
    Whatever your views on him, he’s the Toon boss right now, so he’ll get my support.

    Yea, we all have opinions, but there comes a time to just support & see where that takes us.

    I was just thinking about wigan getting their win v blackpool the other day & the thought occurred to me that:
    Would our fans be getting on the teams back if we were in their position or would they just carry on supporting to try & encourage the team out of the shit.
    wigan fans seem to be trying the latter & they could pull out of the tail spin, time will tell, but they got a most important win.

  18. “pardew is a better manager manager than chris hughton”,only marginly.some fans think we are moaning too much about pardew,it’s like chuck said,everyone knows what pardew was like before he was appointed,he’s a gobs***e,self publicist,fantasist and all round liability.he is noted for opening his mouth,and letting the wind blow his tongue around.look at his record,he was only slightly successful at west ham,other than that his ability as a manager is patchy.
    if there is any modicum of truth in fact,that he was approached about the newcastle job,five weeks before hughton was sacked,then he is a,a grade c**t in my opinion.he is another shortsighted appointment by ashley,and he will most probably not be here this time next year,let alone five year.
    they said they wanted someone with more experience than hughton,which is fair enough,if they were any board at all,you would have thought they would have had the sense to bring in a manager,who was worthy of a five year deal.
    what do we get for this apparent move to take the club to the next level “f***in’ alan pardello”.he’s hardly a massive step up from hughton is he?there is no way that pardello,will take this club from where it is now unfortunatley.
    do we even take the chance of giving a transfer kitty to a man that will spunk a load of cash on that starman,carlton cole?this maybe the only time old tightarse ashley,will be in his right to give a manager no cash.
    did anyone read his interview in the sundday sun?he said we are involved in transfer activity,we are talking to players who are nearly out of contract,all that says to me is “nominal fees” so it looks like fatarse tightarse is up to his old tricks again.

  19. Chuck,

    Yup, it’s a bit unclear. I meant that by making public statements emphasizing that our players are trying not to make dangerous challenges, then the official could actually ‘see’ our challenges as being less malicious.

  20. Trojan,
    at this point, we’re only allowed to talk to/look at players coming out of their contracts mate.
    Owt else is called ‘tapping up’.

    But the longer it takes us to support a manager the harder it is for the team.

    Something we at the Toon know only too well. sadly.
    he ain’t god’s gift(not that there is a god like), but he’s here.

  21. Clint best of luck keeping it balanced i just think you might be fighting a losing battle m8.
    Porciestreet @16 funny you mention that they were the names that Worky gave to Chuck & Stu

  22. FSS,
    mate, he’s being something between facetious & sarcastic.

    I think you have a point bud.

    Maybe the reverse psychology is lost on chuck?

  23. the stats don’t lie tiote is a wonderful player, the bargain and singing of the season in the preimership! but he is no good to us when he is suspended and it is an issue that needs a reaction from tiote to adapt his game more! so why not speak out in public? im on the fence with pardew i dont think he is any worse or much better than houghton other than he has more experience but my god you never listened to any houghton press conferences as he said the same stuff time and time again when the fans sometimes needed answers regarding players

  24. Free scoring
    Methinks you give too much credit to refs.

    Yes your right, somewhere between facetious and sarcastic, is just about right.

  25. clint,the circumstances in which he got the job are dodgy,he seems to be mates with the current so called regime.he seems quite happy to prostitute himself for the morons running the show.
    me personally i’ve never liked the bloke,even before he rocked up here.i know we dont have to like him,but get behind him and the team,which i’m happy to do,i would never shout abuse at him on the terraces.
    my main problem with him,is he is no step forward,and the club are not any better or worse of than before he came.his appointment imo was needless,and a lot of hassle,for f**k all.there does seem to be some other ulterior motive for him being here,and a penny to a pound it wont be good.

  26. trojan,
    i totally get what you’re saying mate, honestly, i do.

    We can either look at the powers that be as ‘sounding him out’ before his appointment or being snide & crafty.
    the fact remains though that if they didn’t it would be a rash appointment & if they did it’s a crafty appointment.

    Most fans can’t stand their respective chairmen/owners, so that’s just par for the course with me like.

    I know ours grind on people, mostly cos of kk, but it’s nowt new in football, is it?

    Maybe i just don’t give a **** about that angle, mostly cos i can’t do owt about it, but also cos i’ve got too much love for NUFC & football & can’t be arsed.

    Some things get me goat & i have a rant but i care more about what happens on the pitch game in, game out.

    Call me auld fashioned.

    I know you love the club mate, i’m not having a go.


  27. Workyticket, just looked up rape in the dictionary – an authority on such things I believe – and first 3 definitions are indeed of a ‘sexual violence’ nature but it also means:
    an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.

    Archaic . the act of seizing and carrying off by force.

  28. One thing about Pardew , a lot of people say he talks to much and always has and that he is a bit of a playboy and keep bringing up his past , but not long after he took the job he did admit he had made mistakes even mentioning the flash car he bought when at west ham , a ferrari i think it was . The thing is he has admitted he made mistakes and we have all done that , which to me suggest’s he is an honest bloke and how many managers before him have we had that admit they made mistakes ? Lets cut the bloke a bit of slack and give him a chance . Firstly let him make sure we are in the premiership next season then give him the summer to bring in players reshape the team and see this time next season where we are . Another question is how many managers would of turned down the job in similar circumstances ? not many i think .

  29. I’ve just heard the quote that “Pardwho wants discipline from Newcastle” which is about two games too late. We needed both Nolan and Tiote to heed that call before their two game bans.

    What we want tonight is passion for the cause. We’re not the better team so we have to make up for that deficiency by harassing them, denying them space to breathe and getting up their collective noses.

    A “let’s allow Arsenal to walk all over us” performance will get us nowhere. So feck discipline Pardwho lets get at them you Cockney ter watt.

  30. AndyMac says:
    April 19, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    “We needed both Nolan and Tiote to heed that call before their two game bans.

    What we want tonight is passion for the cause. We’re not the better team so we have to make up for that deficiency by harassing them, denying them space to breathe and getting up their collective noses.”

    Aye Andy, but if the likes of Tiote, Barton and Nolan (our nayhgtiest boys) started constantly pulling out of tackles, or barging through people to get that late goal etc because they were worried about picking up a card all the time, wouldn’t we then accuse them of not having “passion for the cause”? ;-)