Pardew rants at TV tactics

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TV tactics upset Newcastle manager Alan Pardew.
They're out to get us
Alan Pardew remonstrates against the media for trying to embarrass Newcastle United with Sunday’s live fixture.

Alan Pardew has been having a pop at TV broadcasters over what he sees as an attempt to embarrass the club at the hands of Liverpool after they secured the services of Andy Carroll.

Pardew said:

You could argue this game was scheduled for live broadcast so that it would be an embarrassment for us, with Andy Carroll playing for Liverpool and us not being safe.

We are safe, but having said that we are still as eager as ever to play the game.

There is still a lot to play for in these last four games for us.

I must admit I think he may be being a little paranoid here as – after the famous 4-3 (and the less famous 4-3 after that) – Newcastle away at Anfield has often been a choice TV fixture.

That’s not to say that the media don’t love to heap misery on Newcastle sometimes (although we do sometimes set ourselves up for it), but in this case I think any ’embarrassment’ would just be an ‘added extra’ for broadcasters who probably planned to televise the match regardless.

Anyway, Pardew goes on to add a brief assessment of our performance at Blackpool ahead of Sunday’s game against Liverpool:

Maybe we did not deserve to win at Blackpool, but we still could have.

We had one or two good chances in or around their box, but we did not take them.

That is something we are always looking to improve.

I have to agree with Pardew there. We lack for a top-rate striker in my opinion and the missed chances follow as a result. We’re going to have to convert more of these attempts to goals if we want to take points off Liverpool on Sunday.

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16 Responses

  1. parvenu is probably right on this,can’t believe i’m agreeing with him.on the other hand you cannot blame the tv companies for this,i mean if carroll was to put four past us,it would make for a cracking story,from a media perspective.

  2. C`mon ! i`m sick and tired of this shit, if it`s not the suvern press or the cockney mafia and now tv being used as an excuse for regional inferiority complex.
    Get over it, fuggedaboutit, it`s embarrassing !
    Gotta cut your cloth accordingly, we have been exposed as a club with an owner who cares more about the bottom line than about the success of the club.
    And yes he has his adherents, who think he`s doing the right thing (the beancounting brigade)possibly due to the new UEFA rules that niether they or anyone else fully understand.
    Sorry but for those of you who believe there`s going to be big names brought in, having earned a few bucks on the Carroll sale, well the big names may be Snodgrass his teammate and a defender from Cardif i believe, all from the second tier, fu***ng great !
    More of the same to come, as for competing in europe any time soon, surely they must be joking, nada but mid table mediocrity i`m afraid.

  3. your right there chuck,anyone thinking there is going to be a champagne summer,with first calibre signings,will be in for a disappointing time.ashley is an “owt for nowt,giz a shout”merchant.

  4. What I find really depressing is that I am tending to agree with the negative views being expressed by Trojan and Chuck. Unless ashley has a road to Damascus type epiphany, then the Summer transfer window is going to be groundhog day all over again.

  5. Bonkers Pards.
    There are 3 big-draw fixtures this weekend, Chelsea v Spuds, Arse v Man U and Scousers vs us.
    TV has nabbed them.
    Mackems vs Fulham anyone?

  6. Grumpy aad toon…
    I divn na what a grund hog is but a reckon thel be nee 35 mill spent in the summa thats for shooa. mair like 15 mill tops.

    …Nice Astin Martin.

  7. grumpy old toon,i’m not being negative,just realistic.
    i think we’ll sign some players,but they wont be marquee signings.if we can unearth some more gems like cheik tiote,and a few others,i dont really care how much they cost.
    i just hope he doesn’t do the mike ashley shuffle the pieces around the chessboard.where any money spent is off set by him selling our best players,so when it comes to the end of a window,he has a zero net spend.
    he has previous for operating like that,where he turns a profit every window.

  8. Whatever Ashley allows Mildew to spend during the coming months its got to be better than being owned by some shady russian, an american franchise or some chicken farmers – surely!

  9. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    April 29, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    “then the Summer transfer window is going to be groundhog day all over again.”


  10. chuck,
    man, take a pill dood.

    There’s nee inferiority complex gannen on mate, some in the press & elsewhere would argue that we think we deserve to the point of delusion.
    It can’t both be right.

    It ain’t ‘rocket surgery’ with regard to the new fifa rules either.

    & while you’re at it, shouting the odds, are you some kinda clairvoyant mate.
    You seem to ‘know’ what’s ganna happen next like.

  11. Trojan 69 – realistic. Heh heh. Yeah, you are, if realistic means projecting your fears into the future.

  12. Trojan, don’t know about the marquee signings, he won’t be buying with in-tent. ;)

  13. brisvegas,all i’m saying is,i’ve heard a lot of fans with their wish lists out,and some of the players mentioned,there’s no chance of getting them.
    no fears here,i’m just saying we wont be signings supestars.