Destination Villa Park – Game 7 of 7…

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Aston Villa next.
Aston Villa next.
Going back 6 games ago, after the Arsenal comeback game, I did a piece on the next 7 games, namely:

Blackburn away
Birmingham away
Bolton home
Everton home
Stoke City away
Wolverhampton home
Aston Villa away.

That brings us from February the 12th to present day.

In the piece, I mused about such things as, how many points we’d get, how important they’d be in light of the games directly after, i.e. our last 6 games of this season including Man U at home, Blackpool away, Liverpool and Chelsea away, the rescheduled Brum fixture and our final game against fellow newly promoted side, West Brom, at home.

Well the 7th game is almost upon us and it’s the return fixture with Aston Villa. Since our demolition of them at SJP in the first game of the season 6-0 a lot of water has passed under both team’s bridges. Villa have had a torrid season wallowing around the bottom end of the league, while we’ve mostly been in the top half. Still, it won’t be one to take lightly.

Since the Blackburn game we’ve managed to glean 8 tough points. If we can do the double on Villa it’ll be 11 from a possible 21. OK, not the best return, but by no means the worst. If we could’ve got something from the Everton and Stoke we would be sitting pretty right now. But that’s been the nature of this season really, inconsistency being the operative word.

I’m sure we all had a number in our heads of what would be acceptable from these games. Some will have posted it here too.

So have we managed it, have we achieved our aim?

We’ve probably done about enough in my humble opinion, although a few more wouldn’t have gone amiss. We maybe could’ve got a bit more from the Blackburn game that we dominated. The Bolton one too, though they (Bolton) did play for a draw. Our defensive injuries probably did for our prospects v Everton and the less said about our self inflicted capitulation v Stoke City, the better. The Wolves game should have rejuvenated the teams confidence though, and has certainly made writing this post a hell of a lot more enjoyable. We really needed those 3 points to allevivate talk of the dreaded ‘R’ word and avoid a mad scramble for points in the tough games to come.

The fact that we’ve garnered more than a point a game has definitely helped solidify our position in the Premier League table, in fact it’s par for the course this season.

31 games played, 39 points in the bag.

It’s all been done without a settled forward line, Alan Pardew having to mix and match game to game due to injuries. Now we’ll also have to do without the services of Leon Best too, who was just starting to show some decent form in front of goal. Hard luck Leon, well done, thanks for your goals and get well soon man.

If we can get something from Villa and make them squirm into the bargain, it’ll be all good going into the final countdown.

Onwards and upwards!

Howay the lads!

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59 Responses

  1. Although i would be delighted with a win and we owe them another thrashing , a draw would be decent all things taking into account . They are at full strength and we have key players missing or doubtful . A lot depends on which Ameobi turns up , lets hope the one that give the Wolves the run around together with Lovenkrands . Hope its 3-4 nil for the Toon but i think 1-1

  2. Villa need the points badly, so must go for the win. If we can keep it tight and defend well, I think we can catch them on the break with a sucker punch goal.
    0-1. Lovely jubbly.

  3. I reckon we can take villa. . . Injuries or not, every time someone is out fr what ever reason, someone else always steps up to full in!!! Best has been a star recently bt nw it upto our old boys again Peter, Shola and possibly even a young and energetic Nile who I would hope to possibly start one of the next few games for us. . . Cmon Pardew, give the lad a full start to show what he can do with more time???

  4. On paper Villa have quite a few decent players, much deeper in fact than Newcastle.
    It`s a mystery to me how poor up until recently, their season has gone.
    I can only put it down to management, not being a great fan of Houllier.
    It will be no easy game Sunday and I would be satisfied to come away with a point.
    The run in to seasons end is going to be a tough one, with so many sides scrabbling for points, it`s by no means decided yet and not many sides can afford to relax.

    So rumorhas it we are to put in a bid for the next big name, the Belgium striker Lukaku, who at what is it seventeen or eighteen? is attracting a number of big clubs.
    It`s not unbelievable that we could in fact sign this kid, as he`s not quite the finished product so to speak and with a price tag of around twenty million for a prospect, well many clubs would i believe, pass on any deal.
    But having a retailer as an owner (buy cheap, sell high)
    believe he is willing to take a shot at an another thirty five million a couple of years down the road.
    Hey ! just speculating !
    Whadda you think ?

  5. chuck
    For that sort of silly money for such a young player i would rather we went for Wickham from ipswich. He is round about the same age half the price , 10 million is the rumored price and English , so would take much less time to adjust too his new surroundings . That would leave money over for a second more expirienced forward too bring in .

  6. chuck says:
    April 8, 2011 at 5:35 pm
    On paper Villa have quite a few decent players
    they acctually do play like they are on paper aswell

  7. Villa can Suck my Ball Bag….we owe them another slapping.
    But I am predicting a 1-1 draw.

    5hit on the Villa :lol:

  8. Ashley will buy you anything you want Chuck…just ask nicely and remember your manners.

  9. Anyone see the team selection, i mean what the f**k, is everyone injured and whats the story with Taylor if he`s not a better choice than Williams, i`ll kiss your ass in Times Square.
    Changed my mind here, we will be lucky to get a draw.
    Hey just cause we beat an injury ridden bottom three club last week, we think we can compete with a team that includes Raylor,Guthrie, Lovenkrands, Williams, with no Nolan, Aaaarrrghhh !
    And if you think thats bad, wait untill you see the bench.

  10. Now this kid Lukaku is not a maybe, he`s been watched by big clubs and it will be a surprise if he doesnt move this summer, been touted as the best thing since sliced bread.
    Anyone buying this kid is assured of making a profit down the road.
    Better than both Whickham and wor Andy and still only seventeen !
    Hey Ashley has been known to take a gamble and thats what he does, buys cheap, sells for a profit.
    Divent be surprised, you heard it here first !

  11. Worky I think it’s a typo, I think he means “whore andy”


    Why don’t we get both of them?

  12. Saylor ain’t no saviour chuck.
    Not sure why you hold quite so much stock in him?
    He’s alreet n’ stuff, did good for the fourth goal last week n’all.
    But he can be a total liability at the back sometimes.

    What’s Willo done to get your goat btw?

  13. Grumpy
    Fraid the days of “local hero`s” are long gone.
    S`awl abaht dosh innit ?
    Actually in retrospect, everyone got what they wanted out of that deal, erm apart from the Geordie fans, that is.

  14. CLiNT – Saylor demonstrated perfectly everything that is wrong with him when he set up that fourth goal. A swash-buckling run forward (fair play an that) which resulted in a goal (fair play an that) whilst leaving what would have been a huge gap at the back under normal circumstances.

    Fortunately we had 3CB’s and didn’t lose possession, but under normal circumstance there would have been just two, or one with Saylor having gone walkies.

  15. Chuck, yeah I do get it! In actual fact the days of local hero’s are long, long gone. I’m long enough in the tooth to have seen most of ours ship off to greener meadows under different greedy management prior to the present incumbents. It will continue until we become a team of achievers, if that ever does happen. :(

  16. Clint
    Hey i watch these guys and it`s my less than humble opinion that Saylor is a decend CD.
    Whereas Williamson IMO is as mistake prone as Bramble, gets caught ball watching and for someone as tall as he is, just does`nt win enough balls in the air.
    Does`nt read the game well, therefore constantly sliding in to tackle (good defenders read the game well and seem unspectacular)
    In his early days, his distribution was so bad, you would swear he was playing for the opposition.
    He has improved some, but I would only keep him as a back up for either CD.
    Again , just an opinion !

  17. chuck,
    the fans might still get what they want from the deal, money spent on players in the summer, might not like.

  18. chuck says:
    April 8, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Yep Amstel time! before I blow a gasket.”

    Thought so. Incidentally, have you ever had that “Brooklyn” stuff they brew over in your city? I used to drink it over here before I hit the waggon and it was very nice indeed.

  19. Willo,
    won everything in the air last game, everything.
    That’s a particularly jaundiced view y’got yersel there mate.
    Willo’s had no more than a couple bad games since he joined us, howay man.

    Saylor is a decent CB, definitely, that’s it though. He constantly sticks his arms out, gives away free kicks & pens, finds himself drawn to the ball, where he then finds himself out of position.

  20. toonsy,
    exactamente on Saylor mate.
    Soz just went back & spotted your comment.

    He’s arl ower the shop, literally sometimes.
    Sometimes he plays a great game, sometimes he gets it all wrong.
    He’s mid 20’s now & should have settled by now.

  21. Worky
    Yeah, we got some mini brewery`s that brew up some tasty suds and they are generally fresh, however you can get amstel anywhere and it aint a bad beer.

    Yo Clint !
    Look i wouldda grabbed those thirty five big ones in a New York second and yeah this club desperately needs an infusion of quality, which hopefully will happen, but I suspect free agents and cheapo`s are on Ashleys horizon.

  22. chuck says:
    April 8, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    Yeah, we got some mini brewery`s that brew up some tasty suds and they are generally fresh, however you can get amstel anywhere and it aint a bad beer.”

    Chuck, sounds like Brooklyn lager and Pilsner is more popular over here in London than it is in Noo York. You can get it in the pub at the end of my road but I don’t think they have Amstel in there.

    I had a relationship with Amstel, or “Águila” as it is known in Spain when I used to go over and stay with some girls I knew in Valencia. It was universal over there, and very cheap. As you say, it ain’t bad and it was less than 20p a bottle from the supermarket in those days. The football was good too, Benitez’s La Liga / Uefa Cup winning Valencia team at the best stadium I’ve ever been to to watch football (La Mestalla). It was only 18 euros too.

    Happy days!

  23. worky,
    beautiful city too Valencia.

    aye mate,
    We tend to go for ‘shop soiled’, slight seconds & damaged goods, cat. D & players with something to prove atm.
    The Dorty dozen?

  24. Beardsley’s Boots,
    you could have a good shout there mate.
    They (villa) are getting increasingly desperate in their push for points, so hitting them on the break could be the ticket on this one.
    A draw probably wouldn’t be the end of the world either.
    Though a win would put the cat amongst the pigeons.


  25. Sorry aboot it all kicking off the other night CLiNT, that roy’s roll’s just doesn’t like me for whatever reason, i ish he would go back to the farm or street or albert square or where ever he comes from, puff. :lol:

  26. hey, I bought 2 six packs of cheese ‘n’ onion crisps for a pund the day like. Thought it was pretty good mesel.

  27. DJG,
    hey divn’t worry about it mate, really, it’s no prob.

    “It’s a test, designed to provoke an emotional response”.

    As they say.


  28. ..MMmmm, crisps.

    …now for the stockpile of neighbourhood cats I have rotting in my cellar, double Yum.

  29. Rod,
    i got a six pack down the gym for a tenner on a special last week.
    Turned out to be a 7 pack though, took it back, it looked weird.


  30. …how, Clunt, a tried the same deal at mi lerkil Jim, fker selt iz a brand new 9 pack (just gone on the market, proper rare noo).

    ….it turns out it was actuallly a lifesize replica costume of the Saskwatch, from one of the 6 Million Dolar Man episodes, or something…………

    …….eh? Leave me alone nurse

  31. …now that you’ve highlighted my plight, I’m not actually sure I like or dislike.

  32. I know I do like a good Ford Capri in a Mediterranean wrap, with a splash of Lea and Perrins

  33. ….with a Polar Bear in the boot, trying like buggery to convince David Bellamy to set up his own independant Football programme to compete with match of the day.

  34. Re the Saylor going walkabout bollocks – would you prefer it if he’d just hoofed it forward and stayed where he was? Surely he did the right thing. He did what a footballer should do. In that circumstance he would be justified in expecting a team mate to cover for him. If that didn’t happen, blame the others not Saylor.

    It may well be that sometimes he chooses the wrong times to go forward, the incident against Wolves was not an example of it. Au contraire, it shows him to be a good player.

  35. Brisvegas, I reckon I just probably wouldn’t be that arsed; and maybe take a nap,.



  36. girl @ 30 – it’s not true to say i dislike you.

    just pointing a few facts out – that’s all.

  37. Brisvegas,
    it’s Saylor going walkabout defensively that’s the problem, not the odd foray up front at the end of a game mate.

  38. Roy C yee tel him whats he doin on here anywa he shud gan back to wi the othor clampits