Second Best – Newcastle United v Everton match report.

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Best scores, but it wasn't enough.
Best scores, but it wasn't enough.
With Newcastle United and the fans hoping for a victory that would take them into the European places, this game started with some optimism in the air.
After Newcastle kicked off though, the game proceeded in a fairly scrappy fashion mostly for the first fifteen minutes or so. Tiote seemed no time in getting stuck in (as usual) bringing down Everton’s Phil Neville (seemingly playing in midfield today) with a very firm challenge in virtually no time.

There was a bit of cut and thrust both ways, but with no moves going very far on either side really. It wasn’t until almost a quarter hour into the game when Everton goalkeeper, Tim Howard, gets his hands on the ball for the first time. It was also Everton who had the first real chance of the game after seventeen minutes. Starting with Kevin Nolan lashing the the ball across the Toffees goal with no one to connect, Ex Magpie, Sylvain Distin (or “Sacha Distel” as Bobby Robson used to call him) scrambles the ball away, launching an very good Everton counterattack. With another ex Magpie, Louis Saha eventually finding Mikel Arteta in space on the right flank. Arteta, a candidate for man of the match by the time the game was done, cuts the ball towards goal, forcing an excellent save from Steve Harper. The resulting corner sees Everton’s Leon Osman having another crack, but that effort was also unsuccessful, going just wide of the Newcastle goal.

However it was Newcastle who were the first to find the back of the net. The pressure from the Toffees seemed to act as some kind of “wake up call” to the Newcastle players, who started to elevate their game somewhat at this point. 23 minutes into the game, a Gutierrez pass found Mike Williamson who then passed to Kevin Nolan. His shot was fended off by Tim Howard, but unfortunately for them, he only parried it on to the head of Best, who headed in from close to chalk up his sixth league goal this season, and also proving that he wasn’t such an unwise investment for previous manager, Chris Hughton, after all. 1-0.

Everything started to look quite rosy at this point, at least for the next few minutes with Best almost putting another one away minutes after the first goal, but sadly, it was not to be. Then, Leon Osman went and equalised against the general run of play. With Osman both starting and finishing the move, he easily, and unexpectedly skips past a usually vigilant Cheik Tiote around the centre of the pitch. He then finds the excellent Mikel Arteta. He, in turn, dances past Steven Taylor, who was another one seemingly playing outside of his usual position today, at right back. Arteta then feeds Osman again with a great ball to sidefoot past Harper. 1-1.

That wasn’t the end of the punishment for the Magpies though. Around five minutes after the previous goal, Tiote’s trip on Arteta resulted in Referee, Howard Webb, awarding a free kick to the Toffees, and the man I tipped as the Everton man to watch in this game, their excellent left back, Leighton Baines, took a great free kick, putting in the just the right area. Although Everton strikers, Jermaine Beckford and Louis Saha couldn’t reach it, an unmarked Phil Jagielka could, and proceeds to volley the ball into the back of the net. 1-2.

The pressure, and the bad news in general continued for Newcastle, as left back, Jose Enrique holds his hamstring and the Everton pressure continued as Harper, a possible Newcastle choice for “man of the match” is forced into making another excellent save. Williamson tries, and fails, to play Saha offside. With the Frenchman homing in on goal, Harper did a great job getting off his line to make a save.
Meanwhile, Enrique limped back to the dressing room. He will be a great miss for Newcastle in future games if he is out. Eventually, when Enrique’s understudy, the yound Shane Ferguson is expected to replace him as he warms up on the touchline, up pops the man in the mask, Shola Ameobi to replace the left back, with Danny Simpson slipping over to left in Enrique’s place, and Lovenkrands moving back to the middle of the park.

As half time approached, Tiote redeems himself for his previous failure prior to the Everton equaliser with a great stop to deprive Everton of another shooting chance. After four minutes of extra time, that was the end of the first half.

After the restart, Ameobi gets himself settled into the game with some good work upfront, forcing two saves from Howard in the Everton goal and keeping them pinned back in their own half for a few minutes. As the pendulum eventually swings the other way though, minutes after that, Arteta slipped past a hapless Steven Taylor once again before firing in a floating cross which finds the head of Saha this time. Thankfully it went over the crossbar. Arteta continued his excellent work for the Blues however, as did Harper for the Magpies. Arteta, along with Everton goalscorer, Leon Osman, fashioned an excellent chance by setting Jermaine Beckford free to crack one off, forcing yet another great save from the Easington shot stopper.

Cue the introduction of Everton’s Victor Anichebe, whose recent lawsuit against Newcastle United for a very bad two footed challenge by Kevin Nolan the season before last, inspires boos from a rather disgruntled Geordie faithful. The two parties (Anichebe and Nolan) then proceed to continue hostilities, with the pair being booked for an off the ball incident.

Then there was hope for Newcastle! Leon Best met a good Danny Simpson cross, heading the ball into the back of the net once again, only to see the goal disallowed by Howard Webb for pushing Jagielka. It’s hard to write this, but the decision was probably fair.

And so it ended. Europe must wait!


Newcastle United: Steve Harper, Steven Taylor, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Sanchez Jose Enrique, Danny Simpson, Cheik Tiote, Kevin Nolan, Jonas Gutierrez, Leon Best, Peter Lovenkrands.

Subs: Danny Guthrie, Shola Ameobi, Michael Richardson, Shefki Kuqi, Tim Krul, Shane Ferguson, James Perch.

Everton: Tim Howard, Tony Hibbert, Phil Jagielka, Sylvain Distin, Leighton Baines, Leon Osman, Phil Neville, Jack Rodwell, Mikel Arteta, Jermaine Beckford, Louis Saha.

Subs: Jose Baxter, Seamus Coleman, Victor Anichebe, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, Johnny Heitinga, Shane Duffy, Jan Mucha.

Referee: Howard Webb.

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27 Responses

  1. a tricky run in lads for the last couple of games of the season would of really wanted to get points out of the everton game being at home and all how do you think everything will pan out after the everton game with a trip to stoke next!

  2. nufc337 says:
    March 5, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    “how do you think everything will pan out after the everton game with a trip to stoke next!”

    Didn’t Stoke get knacked 3-0 by West Ham today, nufc? Knowing our luck though, they’ll probably come back like Everton did against us after being knocked out the Cup by Reading.

    Mustn’t be so pessimistic though. :-)

  3. that summary was spot on i thought we would get beat today we dont have a good record at st.james. its wierd you have a chairman who is a multi millionaire and our chairman hasnt got a pot to piss in. personally a think football is going to crash all this money and debt thats about. good to see newcastle back in the prem ( proper club )anyway a thought the way ashley dumping hughton was a disgrace he should have been given at least a couple of seasons nothing surprises me anymore in football. best of luck for the rest of the season lads

  4. toffeeboy says:
    March 5, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    “that summary was spot on i thought we would get beat today we dont have a good record at st.james. its wierd you have a chairman who is a multi millionaire and our chairman hasnt got a pot to piss in.”

    Thanks toffeeboy.

    I don’t know. He paid out quite a bit for that Fellaini, and you’ve got some other, excellent players. Of course, you don’t sack your managers every five minutes too! ;-)

    Arteta was great for you today, and Harper was our best man, unfortunately.

  5. Bit gutted about that result probably a draw was a realistic result. Only good news is that we really do only need a couple of wins for the rest of the season to stay up and have Wolves, Birmo and West Brom at home in our future, plus Villa, Stoke and Blackpool away in which to pick up points.

  6. what a mean worky is ashley hasnt got a clue about football yet he is in control of a massive club with a massive turnover you have 50 odd thousand paying customers every other week so you must have a good few bob too spend in the summer with the carroll money as well. our chairman loves everton but he is potless and although our gates are about the 37 thousand mark i just dont know were the money has gone somethings not right and to be honest mate a think chelsea are sniffing around fellani we have never been able to keep are best players pisses me off tbh mate a think the only reason moyes hasnt walked with all the shite he gets off our chairman he is on £72.000 a week. anyway mate a suppose you will have mixed emotions tomorrow carrolls playing in the “battle of the brands” and them horrible kopite filth have already got a sickening song for the 35million pound man something to the tune of “sweet caroline” but its “sweet carroll nine”……sickening isnt it

  7. toffee boy the red side of mersyside are very clever ,how long did it take them too think of that song :lol:

  8. toffeeboy,

    I don’t know about Everton much, but most Premiership sides lose money and Newcastle have lost more than most despite all the fans turning up every other week!

    As for Ashley being clueless about football, he is, but I think that most others are too really. The difference is that they have the good sense to leave it to the experts without interfering. Kenright probably falls into that category.

    Good luck for the Toffees anyway, unless it’s against us(again)! ;-)

  9. What struck me about to-days game was the fact without Joey in the side, we are a very average team.
    Then looking at the bench, one realises how short a bench we have, kuqi, Perch, Ferguson, etc
    Kids, a guy ready for social security and a refugee from the second tier.
    And some of us are talking about sixth place, hey! lets secure our future in the PL and when Al. brings in those four or five reinforcements during the summer, combined with Ireland & Ben Arfa, perhaps then we can talk about success or at least a top six spot.
    I gotta tell you, the way things are going lately, a struggle to earn points against at least ten or more teams in the same position, aint gonna be an easy run in, scarey in fact!
    Actually I would`nt expect any more than two or three new faces, just hope they are quality.
    Wondering if Enrique has had second thoughts, cause apparently Pool are looking at other LB`s as for Milan? yeah in his dreams.
    He may be better negotiating a new deal with an improved side.

  10. to be honest batty they probably nicked it from you lot i can assure you there is nothing clever about kopites the majority of there fans are not scousers anyway. i believe carroll is a big arse anyway who left coz he had problems with gangsters. it reminds me a bit of the rooney saga a local lad makes it big with the club he supports and as soon as the money is put in front of them….there off greedy gets the lot of them

  11. haha! Reading between the lines I suspect Batty misread Chuck referring to Perch as a refugee from the second tier because he is of mixed race. As opposed to being someone who belongs in the second tier but somehow finds himself playing in a premiership team (sometimes) who just happens to be of mixed race. Which is what I think Chuck really meant.

    To be honest I suspect we have a canny few championship quality players (Loverkrands, Guthrie, Smith, Ameobi, Perch, Raylor) which should be no surprise as we have just come from there.

  12. Blemo
    You could be right, but i have learned to ignore Batty`s statements generally.
    Agree we need help, quality, but quality usually costs.
    Rather bring in two or three top players than five average reinforcements.
    Must be about time to make decissions on some of our youngsters, make it to the bench or to the lower divisions?

  13. chuck i misread summit u wrote soz ,you might not be a racist ;) but your still a b@stard :lol:

  14. Pardew is talking cheap again with comments about 12scouts visiting other countries etc.. talk is cheap man, we need player at our club not more fluffy promises. look at our bench yesterday..v poor.

  15. of course pards is talking pap… ashley has his hand right up his jacksy and is dictating everything pardew says ffs! like you say.. talk is cheap andthat is about all we ever get.
    WE need two wins fast before we get dragged into relegation fight

  16. Couple more bad results and the press will be rife with Pardew next for the chop!
    I beieve we should stick with him until Xmas and see how far we have come with new signings etc in the team.

    Sorry bout the Saha prediction on Friday, I was told he was injured and would’nt play!

    Cant believe everything you hear!

    Do we think Ashley will stick it out with Pardew if this poor run continues?

  17. Who knows what the fat man thinks, he still probably wants to sell just cannot find a buyer and therefore doesn’t really care about the long term prospects of the club.

  18. pardew is talking like he did prior to the january transfer window & we all know what happend then.

    the summer transfer window is a long way off but the deadline for season ticket renewals & the 10 year season ticket scam is not far away – this is fatty’s way of communicating with his customers.

    i hope the penny drops with people sooner rather than later.

  19. Toffeboy – You may not have a multi millionaire owner but what you do have is a owner who loves Everton and has supported the club since he was a kid and he has some idea of what he doing, sticking with the same manager David Moyes who has done brilliantly with not much money. What has Ashley got in common with NUFC, nothing, he was born and brought up in Buckinhamshire, has no north east roots whats so ever. He’s been owner less that 4 years and we have had 5 managers. I cannot for the life of me understand why he bought the club. Thats not to say you have to be brought up in Newcastle, we have many fans from all over the country and very welcome they are.

    Funnily enough when Judas Carroll went to Liverpool, I thought of Rooney and Everton, your club made the little toad what he is and a soon as Salford United waved a wad of cash at him, he off, just like Carroll.

    I sometimes get the feeling that the clubs, owners, managers, players and agents sit aroung laughing their socks off at us fans, parting with oue hard earned cash on tickets and merchandise, keeping them in lifestyle that we can only dream of.

  20. toonie1949 says:
    March 6, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    “I cannot for the life of me understand why he bought the club.”

    He said that he bought the club to “have a bit of fun” or somesuch, however it was probably as a vehicle for Sports Direct really, toonie.

  21. Worky, I can think of cheaper marketing vehicles for his tat, as I am sure you can, its cost a bloody fortune so far.

  22. toonie1949 says:
    March 6, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    “Worky, I can think of cheaper marketing vehicles for his tat, as I am sure you can, its cost a bloody fortune so far.”

    Well one thing I have never figured out, toonie, is why he didn’t do “Due Diligence” before he bought it. After all, he was buying it off Hall and Shepherd!

  23. worky, As far as I know, John Hall give Ashley a very short period of time in which to make up his (Ashleys) mind if he was buying the club or not. Of course it was the perfect time for JH to strike a deal as Shepherd was laid up in hospital. As JH was the major shareholder, once he had sold to Ashley it was all over bar the shouting. I am fairly well convinced that JH saw the shit has was about to hit the fan as far as finances were concered and got out while he could taking something like £95million with him made up of shares, dividends, salaries (to his gobshite son Dougie) etc., that was over the 17 years or so he was involved with club but the vast majority of that money was made from the sale to Ashley.