Pardew: “All our staff are out looking at players”.

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Pardew: Bringing in top players, apparently.
Pardew: Bringing in top players, apparently.
Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, has been been speaking on many things regarding himself and the club (as usual).

Amongst these, he has reassured fans that both himself and “all Newcastle staff” (including the tea lady?) will be out looking at players in readiness for a bonanza of summer transfer activity at the club. He also dropped a strong hint that he will be looking to make Stephen Ireland’s loan move to the club permanent, though the controversial player has yet to make an appearence in the Newcastle United first team through a thigh strain.

Firstly, on the subject of scouting for new players he told the club’s official website:

“I’m off to a couple of games this weekend. I will go to watch Stoke on Saturday, and am then going to a game abroad to watch a couple of players.

“All our staff are out looking at players, because that is important. We have to make sure that we bring in top players to this football club.

“It’s that time of the year when we are talking about pre-season, players for next year and making sure that we don’t make any mistakes.

“In the past this club has made mistakes and we don’t want that to happen again.

What these “mistakes” were exactly, he omitted to mention, turning his attention to Newcastle’s final nine games of the season, adding:

“We’ve got an important job to do on the pitch in the final nine games, make no mistake about it. That is our focus.

“But while we haven’t got a game this is our secondary focus.”

Meanwhile, in another interview, he also dropped a heavy hint that Newcastle United will be seeking to make Stephen Ireland’s loan move permanent, also revealing that he “took a chance” in signing the midfielder.

Pardew revealed on Ireland:

“We knew when we took him he was injured but this thigh strain, like anything when you’ve been out for a long time, you pick up these little injuries.

“I don’t think he has played a game since December 9 or something.

“Maybe we forced him back too early because of Joey Barton’s situation. I think we’re at fault a little bit because he’s picked up a thigh strain.”

Then, hinting at Ireland’s somewhat controversial history, Pardew revealed that things aren’t going too well for the player with Gerard Houllier at Aston Villa, and that he may well have a permanent future on Tyneside. He also suggested that we will see a fair bit of Ireland in Newcastle’s final games of the season saying:

“He’s still got time to impress me because I still think there is a chance of something permanent here for Stephen. Things at Villa aren’t going too well.

“I want to have a good look at him before he goes back. We haven’t got anything in place in terms of a deal, there wasn’t time and we took a chance, Villa took a chance and that’s where we are.

“He is under a little bit of pressure because there aren’t many games left, but when you’ve got a player of Stephen’s character, I don’t think that is a bad thing.

“He is a player who has played on a big stage in the past, it’s not like he is coming from a team which isn’t high profile. Manchester City have been very high profile when he was there, there were big players arriving but he was their best player.

“He’s a really nice guy, he’s fitted in well. I don’t think he needs an arm around the shoulder as such, but he needs our full attention. You can’t let him drift. He needs to know he is important and he could be here. If he doesn’t feel important he doesn’t play his best.”

He will, no doubt, give us further updates on how things are going with the Aston Villa “Diva”.

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84 Responses

  1. whaterver!! talk is cheap. what about the players that will leave. he should stop taking the Chronicle bait and keep his mouth shut before he’s realises he’s made a mug of himself. He doesnt know how much he’ll get. We may have to replace Enrique and barton yet, probably with S.Ireland…

  2. mark says:
    March 10, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    “he should stop taking the Chronicle bait”

    Possibly, Mark, but the first interview I quoted was for the club website, not the Chronic. He loves to blather on to everyone and doesn’t seem to need much in the way of “bait”. :-)

  3. Don’t see a lot wrong in what he said to be honest?

    Are people still moaning for the sake of it?

  4. Yes, he does tend to be a bit of a blather, but he`s here and we gotta deal with him.
    My wost fear is he will squander the available monies on second rate players.
    It`s a gamble in many respects, especially when signing younger players.
    Hopefully our scouts have had time to take a good look at those players on our list of possible signings.
    Have to say up till now, we have been associated with some decent players who would no doubt help strengthen the side.
    These decisions, the buying and putting to-gether of players, is probably the most important decisions made by management and can either make or break a club.
    Just hope our people are up for it.
    No pressure like !!

  5. As for Ireland ?
    Have always rated him, guy has great abilities as a player and would really like to see him signed.
    Never thought we had a chance to get him and now due to circumstance here he is, sign him now !

  6. sorry alan love you really,you are just the man to take newcastle forward.there should be a myriad of girls hockey teams,with banners saying”we love alan”.

  7. batty says:
    March 10, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    “you meen thanks too pardew we have a chance of signing him”

    batty, the main reason we have a chance of signing Ireland is thanks to him falling out with yet another manager. First it was Trappatoni, then Mancini, now Napoleon at Villa. How long will it be before he falls out with Pardew?

  8. I don’t like the whole “he needs to feel important” line. Who the fletcher godber does he think he is?
    I wonder if Messi needs to feel important?
    Villa fans were right Ireland is a self indulgent pr1ck.

  9. yes, perhaps I’m a little harsh on him. I just don’t buy into Pardew. 1 win in 9 says a lot.

    S Ireland seems a bit of a dick. Any old pro from yesteryear listening to him complaining about Irish Football. He recently said, “going away for 3 days playing for Ireland against Andora!, I’ve got better things to do than that” So err what has Ireland proved apart from a fat salary? Bad attitude, I wouldnt touch him. I believe he’s being lined up because we will lose Barton..he’s a very cheap Barton

  10. Micky Toon
    You are quick to condemn the guy without reason, other than quoting a comment from Pardew.
    I have read conflicting reports from Villa fans cocerning Ireland and we all know how the media loves a whipping boy.
    At least he`s honest enough to admitt he does`nt get along with Houllier (who took a top eight team to a fight for survival) and unlike our own local hero who who without a word f***ed off to Liverpool and started kissing badges there from day one.
    Strange we hear little about him, why is that ?
    Give the guy a chance, all we want is a good performance on the pitch, without the usual bull***t and badge kissing.

  11. @15 He’s had one good season in about 6. I’d prefer to keep Barton and bring on Gosling. much more hard working and can attack better than Ireland.

    I just think we dont need him, given Barton stays.

  12. Seems everyone is dumping on Ireland ?
    Exactly what are you guys looking for ?
    A footballer who has excellent skills or a politician who tells you what you want to hear ?
    Tell you the truth it`s refreshing to get the truth from a professional footballer for once.
    The usual crap is “it`s about the team not me” well you have all heard it and probably some of you still believe it.
    Hey i think he will be a positive signing and an asset on the pitch, so, get off his back and give the guy a chance.

  13. ireland had one good half season at city,then nowt,know hes been out with injury at times,but i would like to see more before we part with cash

  14. chuck says:
    March 10, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    “At least he`s honest enough to admitt he does`nt get along with Houllier”

    He didn’t get along with Mancini or Trappatoni either, Chuck.

  15. Mark
    Have you even seen Gosling play, cause most of us have`nt
    or if we have vaguely remember.
    Are you claiming Gosling, who is commonly accepted as a defensive midfielder is in fact a better attacking midfielder than Ireland, who was voted team player of the year at Citeh two seasons ago,where he had a phenominal season.
    A player who broke into the Citeh side as a teenager and played for the Irish side as a teenager.
    But Gosling is a better player, that what your saying ?

  16. Mancini was a very professional player, truly dedicated to the sport that pays him, probs why they fell out.

    Ireland seems to care about himself with remarks he’s made. We’re better off without players with attitude. we got rid of those a while back, why buy more, its a recipe for disaster..

  17. does anyone think Ireland is here because Joey is on his way?

    personally I woudn;t mind cos I don’t really care who our 11 are….there’s no loyalty left in the game…

    what you think?

  18. batty says:
    March 10, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    “ireland has as much abilty as joey if not more”

    He certainly has ability batty, but he keeps falling out with managers and leaving clubs every five minutes, and there’s no reason why Newcastle United should be any different.

  19. @Chuck

    Yes m8, that’s what i’m saying. IF Barton stays and we also have Tiote/nolan I’d rather keep Gosling he has an impressive attitude & the times I have seen him he has been a very bright player. Can’t remember seeing his a a defensive player tho?? I’m talking back-up here. I dont think Ireland is any better than we have and for what we would pay for him I think its not worth it….because his attitude is stinking

  20. I’ve already said on here that if Ireland can reproduce his man city form for us, I would be happy. Still doesn’t stop me from thinking he’s a prick.

  21. worky have you ever thought he could be pardews love child ,they seem much alike with there attitudes so might get along ;)

  22. to Worky and Batty:

    both good points. We’ve had a good record recently with players with a history. but the thing is that was Hughton who got everyone together. Can we really rely on Pardew to do the same?

  23. pman well i think pardew is doing a decent job ,seeing the strikers hes had too chose from

  24. p-man says:
    March 10, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    “but the thing is that was Hughton who got everyone together. Can we really rely on Pardew to do the same?”

    I’ve been thinking the same thing for some time, p-man.

  25. @ batty Yes m8 his attitude was very poor. probably why MA has only offered his a 2yr contract. Perhaps he wants to see more good work from him before extending the contract.

    He’s been on top of his game of late and it shows in recent results how much we’ve missed him.

    He still has a lot to prove but he’s way better than Ireland

  26. @Batty

    pardew is doing a decent job…

    How do you get this? we’ve won one more than Wolves and he’s won 1 in 9? he’s doing as good as any muppet MA decides to put in charge of the Toon..

  27. I think it was the players that got themselves together rather than Hughton and they look to be staying together despite a change of manager.

    As for Ireland, these comments are good management from Pardew, it would be quite easy for Ireland’s head to drop if he doesn’t think he can win a contract here because he hasn’t played enough, Pardew is waving the carrot in front of him that he still can win a contract here as long as he does the business when he is fit.

  28. Workey
    Before you get on the anti Ireland bandwaggon, let me just say, lets not get on the guys case before he does something we dissaprove of at the club.
    We are all aware of how outspoken the guy is (marches to a different drumbeat) personally i find that refreshing from the usual bullshit voiced by most players.
    And as far as not getting along with both Houllier and Mancini or Trappatoni, so what? does that make him a bad guy ?
    Truth is half the Villa team, dont get along with Houllier, and Trappatoni has his problems with the Irish side and apparently was annoyed that Ireland would`nt play for him.
    It`s idiots who without a valid reason, take shots at the guy with half truths and nonsense, thats annoying.
    If you guys want to get on someones case, then why not take a shot at your home town traitor Carroll, not someone who has just arrived.

  29. @36 thats why he’s found himself without a club (twice) in the last year..he’s probably thinking in his small deluded wig-less napper that R Madrid will bid for him..

    Barton on the other hand should be playing for England!!

  30. @ batty: agreed. He is doing a great job that really cannot be underestimated. But I think we’re currently going through our first dip under him, so let’s see how he does. But I think the fans have a BIG role to play yet. It’s all well and good while we’re getting the results. Now we need that final push for safety and beyond… I really hope the fans at the games give 100% instead of getting on Pards back. We’ve been way beyond expectations so far and I can see why recent results can be worrying.. but it’s still a pretty amazing season…. the fans CANNOT lose confidence now.

    @ worky. it is worrying, and by the summer we;ll have a lot of fit mid-feilders (hopefully). I can see a few going. But if I’m honest, I trust the strategy of MA. Ever since relegation, we’ve only been moving forwards, INCLUDING the sale of AC.

  31. Yes Chuck its very refreshing to take on a player that lied about both Grandmothers dying in 2008 so he didnt have to put on his beloved International shirt most players would die refreshing.. if every toon player had this attitude we would be in a fine pickle…

  32. How do you get this? we’ve won one more than Wolves and he’s won 1 in 9? he’s doing as good as any muppet MA decides to put in charge of the Toon..

    Winning one more game than Wolves seems a strange thing to pick up on, you could say we’ve only won 3 less than Spurs who are chasing CL football which sounds far more impressive for a team in their first season back in the premiership.

    I agree with Batty in that Pardew is doing a decent job, we look much more compact as a team since he took over and I think his points to games ratio is better than Hughton this season too, despite having a much tougher run of teams at home which is where clubs expect to be picking up the points.

    The problem we’ve got now is that we play decent football most of the time but lack that threat up top to put the ball away consistently, hopefully that problem is solved in the summer as well as the lack of squad depth with the Carroll money being distributed between signing 4 or 5 players.

    It’s just a case of getting to the summer and rebuilding from there for Pardew and to be fair that was always the case once the club sold Carroll.

  33. p-man says:
    March 10, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    “@ worky. it is worrying, and by the summer we;ll have a lot of fit mid-feilders (hopefully).”

    It might be worrying if Ireland does sign a long contract, then proceeds to have a wobbler every time he isn’t an automatic starter for the team, then says that he hates Pardew and that he needs to go home because his grandparents have died again.

  34. @45 yes, that is a good way to put it..i.e. winning 3 less than spurs..

    I suppose I better hold my tongue until the summer to see who he buys.. I’ve never been a fan of Pardew (obviously)I just think he’s a typical MA signing.. do this do that, say the right things and you’ll be ok..

    buy yes..I’ll get off his back :)

  35. Workey

    He keeps falling out with managers and changing clubs every five minutes !

    Wrong !
    He came through the Citeh system and under Hughes had terrific seasons.
    Following Mancinis takeover, he along with others were cleared out.
    As for Houllier, who really knows ?
    C`mon now !

  36. I was in the same position as you Mark and I couldn’t believe they would swap Hugton for Pardew, I’ll give him credit though and say he’s winning me over but as you say the summer will be the big test.

    How much say he has in the players he brings in is another matter…

  37. Chuck, I didn’t say anything about Hughes. He did fall out with Mancini and Trappatoni though, and allegedly said that all foreign coaches are “no good” in one of those foot in mouth interviews.

  38. @49 yes, thats the problem I have. How much say will he have?

    If (dare I say it) KK was here he would be questioning MA now about funds that WILL be available.. that’s why, hence my first comment Pardew needs to keep his mouth shut. What’s the point in looking for players if he might get nowt.. perhaps he knows already what he’s getting off MA.. i very much doubt it tho

  39. Mark

    As you seem to really have a thing about Ireland and are determined to demonize him, not much i can say.
    Plus your statement concerning Gosling is obviously nonsense as you were completly unaware he was a DM not an AM

    However i agree that Barton is plaing well and does in fact deserve a shot at playing for Engerland.

  40. @53 No, not at all. I remember that seaon for city when he was outstanding. If he could reproduce that kind of form then fine, he may be a good signing. but for the risks involved and the price we would pay + would he get a game infront of the midfielders we’s a big risk..

  41. Listen, do supporters want to hear communication from the manager or not. It seems to me that whenever he speaks there are a good number of supporters not wanting to hear. Surely any words are better that none, dont forget CH wasn’t the most frequent of communicators.

  42. Tonanti says:
    March 10, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    “Listen, do supporters want to hear communication from the manager or not.”

    It depends what you mean by “communication”, Tonanti. There’s a difference between genuine communication and meaningless PR blather, much of which turns out to be true today, and untrue tomorrow.

  43. Workyticket

    I take your point, however meaningless PR could surely be interpreted as all things to all men.It is up to the individual to interpret what is meaningless or not. This has got to be better than no communication at all.

  44. Workey

    You guys just refuse to get it !

    What you are doing is condeming the guy before he does anything detrimental while at the club, no ?

    It`s known as demonizing.

    Plus you got it right by using the term allegedly, face it non of us were privy to what actually accured between player and managers, therefore non are in a position to place blame, unless you explicitly believe what you read in the tabloids.

  45. Tonanti says:
    March 10, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    “This has got to be better than no communication at all.”

    I’m with the inscrutable Lao Tzu (and Chris Hughton) on that one, Tonanti:

    “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: “we did it ourselves”.”

    Another point, what the fans hear, the media also hear and an excess of “communication” in Newcastle’s case could (in my humble opinion anyway) possibly bring a return to the “comedy club” days with endless speculation and reading between the lines. I’m not saying that is the case now, but that it could be in the future.

  46. chuck says:
    March 10, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    “It`s known as demonizing.”

    No, it’s known as “demoniSing”, Chuck! :lol:

    On Ireland, I will agree with you that he can be a very good player, but “demonising” tends to imply that a person or group are being vilified about something or other without any real evidence to substantiate it. In Ireland’s case there IS evidence that he can be a bit of a temperamental handful. I’m not trying to “demonise” him anyway, just raise a note of concern based on his previous form. I’m also not saying that he definitely won’t go on to have a long and successful career at Newcastle.

    PS Is it Amstel that makes you radgie? Or lack of Amstel :-)

  47. “He’s still got time to impress me because I still think there is a chance of something permanent here for Stephen,” said Pardew.

    So how’s he gonna do that then Pardwho ? By putting out all the cones in the right order ? FFS This was a bloke who was suppoed to be 1 match away from starting a game in January ?

    I would argue that if Pardwho thinks Ireland has any chance of a career here then he needs his fecking head examined along with Ireland :(

  48. The ironic thing is that we already have a player in a similar mould to Ireland at the club yet he is lauded as a masterstroke of a signing.

    His name?

    Hatem Ben Arfa :)

    Now he really has stropped off from clubs and even did so to join us. He has been in fights and has fallen out with managers and is a spoilt brat (or acts like it) by all accounts.

    However, since he has been here he hasn’t put a foot wrong with regard to his behaviour, yet he is equally liable to strop off in the next moment and force a move to another club.

    Where are the bad words about him?

  49. workyticket says:
    March 10, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: “we did it ourselves”.”

    My lads at work say that about me, but with a different slant and the words ‘lazy’ and ‘bast**d’ thrown in usually :lol:

  50. For goodness sake! The club’s slammed for saying nowt, Pards is slammed for saying too much. They’re damned if they do and they’re damned if they don’t! Ireland? He’s a helluva a player yet he’s perceived as a crap player. What the heck do folk want? Fickle or what! Ffs, look on the bright side!

  51. Worky
    I can go with that, have in fact mentioned he marches to a different drumbeat, which i find to be somewhat entertaining being a change from your usual badge kissing phoney`s
    As for your definition of the term radgie, i believe the meaning was to describe something dirty or disgusting in the day, seems to have morphed into an entirely different meaning nowadays, now describing “an attitude”, then language does tend to change over time, especially jargon or slang.
    An example here would be “off the hook” now meaning terrific as opposed to “you`r no longer a suspect”
    As for the Amstel, i would say lack of and as for demonising does`nt have the same zing as demoniZing.

  52. Toonsy
    Yeah “Steve`s” taking all the hits, whereas “Ben” probably has a worse rep. and i aint heard a word about “wor Andy”.
    I did mention this in another blog but eh !
    Well Amstel time, outta here !

  53. Army69, No, I can’t nor will Pardew – he’s keeping his powder dry. And quite rightly!

  54. I heard (from a reliable source) that they were looking to buy Andy Carroll, following Kenny Dalgliesh admitting: “The lad’s shite, and what’s that hair aboot, the noo?”

    Watch this space.

  55. Jackie Milburn (Newcastle United)

    ‘Wor’ Jackie is widely regarded as the best striker to ever play for Newcastle United and was instrumental in the Magpie’s three FA Cup victories in 1951, 1952 and 1955. En route to the first of those triumphs the converted winger, who turned up for a trial with Newcastle in 1943 with a pair of borrowed football boots wrapped in brown paper, scored in every round, topping that with two goals in five second half minutes as Newcastle beat Stanley Matthews’ Blackpool 2-0 in the final. The following year Milburn left the Wembley heroics to Chilean striker George Robledo but sent Newcastle on their way to the final with a stunning hat-trick in a 4-2 quarter-final victory over Portsmouth. Then, bidding for a third FA Cup in five years, Milburn scored after just 45 seconds – the fastest goal to be scored in an FA Cup final at Wembley at the time – as the Toon beat Manchester City 3-1.

    vote jackie 2 b the best fa cup player ever

  56. If Pards is to sign at least 4 players, you can bet there are some on the way out to make way.

    Perch, Guthrie, R Taylor out.
    Bring Kadar, Vuckic, Airy into the first team squad.

    Also not hearing any credit coming out of the club to Sol Cambell for getting the defence organised???????????

  57. icedog says:
    March 11, 2011 at 12:31 pm
    A69 your reet mate,and a top guy to-boot

    thankyou m8 , its my lasses grandad

  58. ARMY69,its true mate the man was a gent of the highst order,i met him.pity there nee more like him.was just a kid at time but will never forget it.

    hope you know your a lucky lad

  59. On the subject of modest gentleman, Jackie Milburn, here’s a little anecdote from his Wikipedia entry.

    “Away from football, Milburn was a shy, quiet and modest man, well liked and respected by all who met him. There exists a story whereby Milburn met Cardinal Basil Hume, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and a huge Newcastle United supporter. Both unassuming men, they were in awe of each other. After a conversation, the talk moved on and one suggested an autograph would be a good idea. The other agreed. Both men stood back and expected to be the recipient of the autograph, without realising the other man wanted their autograph in return.”