Carroll ain’t a Geordie

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Well, whatever
Andy Carroll thinks Liverpool is brilliant Then again he’s only been there 5 minutes..

This is short, simple and on topic.

Carrol said:

It was great to get out there and the result made it even better.

I was on the bench and itching to get on right from the kick-off really but I’ve started now and can’t wait for the next game.

When I was running back (after being called for a substitution by Dalglish) all the fans were shouting and screaming and so I got a little bit excited.

I was over the moon to get on there and get back playing.

The support was unbelievable for me.

The fans have been great since I signed and even when I was warming up, they were fantastic.

It was an incredible atmosphere, definitely one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

Like I give a sh.. , erm, hoot.

Go easy on me over the imflamatory headline. Just letting off steam.

Hey, look, no rambling!

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93 Responses

  1. Re: The headline. We will be better off without him in the long run. Good luck to him, and jose when he ends up there as well. Lets move on.

    I hope our old number 9 doesnt tell any of his liverpool mates any more good players we have via match of the day !

  2. “definitely ONE of the best I’ve ever experienced.”

    Carroll said nowt wrong if you could be arsed to read it properly or if your understanding of the English language is a bit shit.

  3. I saw this yesterday and winced. The whole thing still doesn’t sit well with me. Feel a bit like the wife ran off with some bloke I hate….

  4. Forget him he’s a “do as you likey” anyway so he isn’t a real Geordie. Also he’s got to say that he can’t go to a club that’s just paid £35m for him and say the fans aren’t as good as the Geordies can he.

  5. Oh, for chrissakes – what did people expect him to say? Nowt here to get wound up about. I did kinda hope he’d have a ‘mare of a debut, but that’s just sour grapes.

  6. I would expect him to say god Im sorry, i made a big mistake, and I want to go home!!

    So we could say, F11ck off and sell your ponies and your dags elswhere pikey pr!ck!!

  7. who gives a flying hoot what he says ..he plays for liverpool. I want totalk and read about newcastle united on related websites not harp on about ex players. Get over it he’s not affected by your hatred until he plays at st james’s. Move on saddo.

  8. A mate of mine has set up a smart phone application that allows you to vote for the NUFC for the rest of the season.

    You get a 20% discount voucher when they vote and they are entered into a prize draw for full hospitality, meet players etc at last game of the season. They can vote on iPhone or android during home or away games…

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  9. cause ac is gna say he loved the experience , let him get on with it , liverpool will want 2 sell him in a couple of seasons , they are a greedy club and will b buying lds more strikers in the future , carroll wont b welcomed back 2 newcastle , why?? cos hs a greedy so and so

  10. I’m sick of the media drooling over Carroll! He was a thug in December and now he’s gods gift! I’m planning on going to Anfield in May and our fans will more than likely outsing the Kop! I work with a few Liverpool fans who went to the game on Sunday and one loved him and the other can’t stand him. I hope he has a successful start to his Liverpool career like Torres has had to his Chelsea one whilst we have money in the bank to hopefully spend in the summer!

  11. Meh… I hope he does well for them. Nice first touch, and a solid debut. I just hope he understands the backlash he will get next season coming SJP wearing that horrible red. Good luck to the lad anyhow. Not our number 9 anymore, and with his dramas, I thinks its good it ended when it did.

  12. ryan why the feck do u care 4 carroll????? hes left us cos hes a greedy greedy man!!! i have no feelings 4 the lad , cant stand him!! i hope he has a nightmare 4 lpool and pleads 2 cum bk 2 newc then we say NOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dnt no how any toon fan can say ” i hope the lad does well for livrpool when he dosnt give 2 monkeys about us!!!!

  13. He had a mare. Gave the ball away 4 times in 15 min and united had most of the possession. I honestly think he won’t do that well for Liverpool, he will be sold for 10 million in 4 years to some team trying to survive. He is only good in the air and teams will learn to defend that!

  14. I was brought up on the saying sooth of tyne your a makem sorry all toon fans living down past gods water. born and bred in walker and that’s the way I look at it mother born queen lizzy hos lived in newcastle all her life makem. so headline true in my eyes carroll the greedy long hair pikey bar stool not one of gods people but a makem

  15. Eerrrmmm! and what did everyone expect him to say ?
    I would really rather be playing for Newcastle to-day, but Pool offered me more money plus a chance to win some silverware.
    When are you guys going to grow up and realise players only kiss the badges and say the right thing about the clubs who are paying them the big bucks.
    Loyalty ? how much is that worth ?

  16. Maybe I was the only one that was gutted to see him turn out for Liverpool.

    It still hurts, and I wish the judas twat all the bad luck a person can possibly have in his career.

    Sour grapes? Yes, I believe thats what it’s called.

  17. a bit petty some of the comments on here,what do you want him to say,”the scousers have been cnuts to me,since i arrived”?it’s all set up for caroll to score a hattrick against us at anfield,with fat boy and the tawdry owl,sitting there all biscuit arsed,as they are made to look like cnuts yet again.

  18. I really didn’t know how to react to seeing AC in a liverpool top.
    He’s a real talent and, as a geordie, number9 he could have done so much for us.
    Ultimately, he’s a fraud and a sell-out.
    Let’s take the £35M (far more than his market value) and move on.

  19. He’s hardly likely to say the fans are shit and he didn’t want to play is he?

    Anyway, are Geordies saying ‘aint’ now?

  20. lets be honest here guys,the lad has ability i would still like to have seen in a toon shirt but 35 million ia alot of dosh, just as long as that money is spent in the summer as i feel we are over acheiving with what we have currently.

  21. As hard as I try I cannot wish him well, to me he will always be a Judas. He’s nothing but a gobshite, his supposed love for the club was out the window in two seconds as soon as Scumpool waved a load of cash at him.

    I also blame Kevin Nolan, he encourged AC to go to Scumpool, Nolan in his interview the day after the the transfer admitted as much on Scumpool TV. How dare he, it was his job as captain to talk the lad into staying with club who nurtured him and put up with all the trouble he (AC) got into, slapping lasses around, the nightclub fights. I cannot wait for his 1st court case in a scumpool shirt, I have not doubt that it will happen sooner rather than later.

    Ashley’s not blameless in this either, I think him and lardarse hung on till the last minute to get the maximum amount of money out of any club who was daft enough to pay 3 times what carrol was worth.

    The trouble with footballer these days, they are not sportsmen any more, they think they are celebraties and expect to be treated as such.

    Break a leg Andy.

  22. ONE of the best atmospheres, not THE best, theres still st. james’ (and wembley i suppose)

  23. He’s gone because our corpulent owner wanted the money more than caring about what the money spending fans wanted.

    Just as Blackpools owner took the £14m for Charlie Adam ………. no wait he didnt did he ?

    Dont get bitter about AC get fecking angry at the Fat Cnut

  24. Fans are understandably feeling let down by someone who said they were a Geordie in heaven, wearing the Newcastle 9 shirt.

    You can’t swerve that mate.

    It’s like someone saying: ‘you’re only sticking up for him ‘cos you share a first name’.

  25. What you cant swerve CF is the fact that if Fatman didnt want him to go he COULDNT have gone. Oyston kept hold of Adam and told him he could leave at the end of the season when or if Blackpool were safe.

  26. What I also find difficult to understand is how many so called “Geordies” appear to accept the Fatman and Weasels word against that of AC ?

    They are two of the slimiest cnuts ever to hold power at SJP (and I’m including SJH and Fat Fred) and have been shown to be congenital liars (as WT puts it) on not one or two occasions but on many occasions that we know about.

    Just goes to show you can fool all (or nearly all) of the people all of the time.

  27. Andy, I actually remain a bit undecided on Ashley, but Llambias does my head in. It’s not that I want to insult him, I just don’t see the point of him.

  28. I don’t recall ma or ac saying anything about it like.
    The only thing i do recall is a pathetic, disguised attempt by ac saying some vague crap about him thinking they didn’t want him, knowing full well that fans would add 2 & 2, then pick their fave number.

    Howay man,
    sometimes players see dollar signs & it turns their head & they’re off.
    No excuses necessary, we get it, andy doubles his wages or better.

    Over & out!

  29. Just picked it up Hugh,
    the name does ring a bell like, a distant one, quietly sneaking through the mist of time.
    What did they do, track wise?

  30. Hugh de Payen says:

    “It’s not that I want to insult him, I just don’t see the point of him”

    He’s there purely to stop Fatman from having to listen to people who might not tell him what he wants to hear :(

    and CF you believe Fatman and Weasels story then do you ?

  31. Andy,
    i believe nowt mate.
    I just don’t buy into everything being one person’s fault, ever.

    It’s like everyone saying everything was ‘Blair’s fault’ a few years back, people love a bete noir, it’s human nature.
    We may never know the real truth, but i’m sure as hell not gonna spend my days having the hump about shit i do FA about.
    I support the TOON, not the owner/chairman/or individual players, they are all transient, NUFC is the only permanent.
    I know you know what i mean mate, it’s blessing & a curse, all at once.


  32. Andy, I do think there’s a middle ground. I can’t for example, belive Ashley will crap on his own doorstep and screw the club up for no good reason.

    Clint, that distant bell on the band goes back to the 80’s and you have heard of them as they used to support Crass.

  33. Hugh,
    Gonna rack me brains, that’ll be where i’ve heard of ’em, the Crass connection.
    I’l chat with me mate tomorrow, he was in Anti-sect, he’ll jog my memory.

    I really am off up the wooden hill to bedfordshire now though.

    Catch ya’ the morra.
    Night lads!

  34. Ah well….we’re all sore we lost him. We would be chanting his name every week if he were still here. But 35 mill pounds later we hate him.

    It’s not really Carroll we’re pissed at. It’s the fact that we lost one of the few positives of the season. We actually had a young geordie number 9 the whole league feared. Everyone feared him even the top 4.

    Screw that….onwards and upwards lads. Top 6 next season. I want to watch us play Barcelona sometime withnin the next 5 years and I’m sure as hell any Newcastle team would have played with more heart than pathetic Arsenal last nite. They absolutely gave up except for Wilshere. Fabregas was blinkin invisible.

  35. hugh dont apologise ,you vent what you want m8 ,iam 1 of fattys biggest haters , but i still think carrol is a judas c unt ,so dont let bobby shitsue get too ya ;)

  36. You’ve got to love Nora for his eh. Em? Uh?
    Alright you don’t have to love Nora.
    It’s wrong he should have a lap top in prison anyway!
    Batty you are pampered in HMP!

  37. This is the worst type of childishness and just makes proper Geordies look childish. We got a huge wad of cash so why not leave the lad alone.

    Of course he’s a Geordie and I hope and believe he is proud of the fact. He’s opened a new chapter in his life,probably with a boat load of regrets but he has to start in the right fashion.

    Can you imagine how we would feel if a player joined us from Liverpool and when asked how his first match went said “yeah it was alright but I’d rather be back on Merseyside than playing here”. He’d get mullah’d.

    You are a fool. Leave him alone.

  38. @bash
    It looks like Hugh has held his hands up and Nora Batty is just killing time until visiting time.
    Let’s chill out.

  39. bash he was never a propper geordie bieng born sooth of the tyne ,and boby we are even allowed oot too gan and watch the toon ;)

  40. Suppose people from Gateshead have more claim to be Geordie than those from North Tyneside.
    I’m from the Toon but atleast we and Gateshead own the Tyne bridge. People from north Tyneside say words like daint and daintkna instead of divvent and divvent kna.
    I bet you are from there Nora aren’t you.
    I think Troy is from Gatesheed.

  41. another day,and more utter crap and drivel from mr wonderful,himself pardew or now called grey owl.
    this guy talks as much s**t as kinnear did,alan not many people on tyneside give a f**k about anything you have to say.david cameron has more credibility than him,if that’s possible,you are another mug soon to be thrown to the wolves,by fatty.

  42. batty says:
    March 9, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    “bobby shitsue ile be waitin for your reply”

    You may be waiting some time on this ‘blog batty, as I’ve just banned him.

  43. TROJAN 69 says:
    March 9, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    “this guy talks as much s**t as kinnear did”

    He talks far more s**t than Kinnear ever did, Trojan.

  44. okay lads, its about time we ended this.
    everybody is to blame for this.
    andy carroll couldn’t wait to get his hands on all that extra money and couldn’t give a sh*t about his home town that he was ‘honoured’ to wear no.9 for.
    as much as we all hate fatty and lambias andy carroll claimed that it was them that pushed him out the door, yet in his first liverpool interview said ‘as soon as i heard liverpool were interested i knew i had to leave’ kevin nolan told him what a great place it is, fatty welcomed the money with open arms, and andy carroll couldn’t wait to leave.
    end of.

  45. I would rather watch boro play than Carroll. In fact I all ways get abit nervous when players sign new contracts at Newcastle like Carroll. If we sold carroll sooner we could of got a replacement

  46. Why are you all going on about him being a a plastic Geordie or a half a Geordie, anyone from Tyneside are Geordies wheather it be Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside or South Tyneside or even Northumberland. He’s from Gateshead, yeah big deal he has the same accent and rights to claim title as a Geordie as a person from Newcastle, plus Gateshead and Newcastle often get confused by people thinking they’re the same area, which they practically are, so anyways all people from tynes are Geordies no matter what! (plus there is plenty people from south of the Tyne areas that are more Geordie from north of the tyne areas!

  47. Why are you all going on about him being a a plastic Geordie or a half a Geordie, anyone from Tyneside are Geordies wheather it be Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside or South Tyneside or even Northumberland. He’s from Gateshead, yeah big deal he has the same accent and rights to claim title as a Geordie as a person from Newcastle, plus Gateshead and Newcastle often get confused by people thinking they’re the same area, which they practically are, so anyways all people from tyneside areas are Geordies no matter what! (plus there is plenty people from south of the Tyne areas that are more Geordie from north of the tyne areas!

  48. Thank you workyticket,at least my opinion is apprectaited. Aslong as hes from an area of Tyneside which he is – Gateshead then he’s a Geordie. People from these areas shouldn’t hate each other because they are the same people, we should take out our hatrid on the durham and sunderland mackems!

  49. Hey,
    lay off Durham callum.
    I think you’ll find that most people from Durham city, north, west & south Durham are Toon fans predominately. Maybe east you get a few deluded mackems.

    You need to get around the region a bit bonny lad!


  50. Clint @ 76

    Dead right mate.

    I’m from “darn sarf” in West Auckland and there are plenty of toon fans here, I can tell you – although I’ve got a couple of relatives who’re of the “other persuasion”.

  51. Yeah you might be room fans right but it doesnt make you Geordies, you still all have a mackem accent!

  52. Callum says:
    June 26, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    “Yeah you might be room fans right but it doesnt make you Geordies, you still all have a mackem accent!”

    Clint and myself are Geordie expatriates in North London, Callum. I was born in Gosforth.

  53. Fair enough if you where born in his forth fair enough, but I’m talking about other people from Durham! What do you mean by the London bit?

  54. Aye, I thought it was the curse of predictive text, Callum, it nearly always is.

    We moved to London quite a long time ago (not together). We’ve both worked in music and stuff like that down here.

  55. Callum says:
    June 26, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    “So are you from tyneside or Durham?”

    Born in Gosforth, raised in Durham City mostly, but I spent alot of time in Newcastle too, at the RVI, the General and my sister’s place up in the Swallow Hotel on Newgate Street. I beleive it’s called the “Quality” hotel now? I used to gan down and see Supermac in his boutique there when I was a bairn as my sister’s husband was his landlord. That’s when I started supporting the team.

  56. Ive lived in Durham since I was five but heifer that I was born in Gibraltar coz me dad was in the army, lived there for a month then I came to Gateshead! :)

  57. Callum, I did have links with the dark side too, but I never liked the town of Blunderland very much, I was a Geordie all the way!

  58. callum,
    the dark side is ‘5*1and mate.
    The village of the damned, etc.