Frustration! Blackburn v Newcastle United match report (with video highlights and interviews).

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Alan Pardew impersonates a teapot.
Alan Pardew impersonates a teapot.
Speaking on this game, and the one that preceded it, Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew said that the Arsenal game was one that he would “remember for the rest of his life”. However on the game with Blackburn he commented “This is one I can instantly forget.”

Perhaps he shouldn’t though. Besides being far more exciting than the 0-0 scoreline suggests, there were lessons to be learned.

On with the game itself though. Pardew decided to revert to a 4-4-2 formation with Lovenkrands joining Best upfront. They certainly made a much better start in this game than the last one, with a first chance coming to Newcastle. Captain, Kevin Nolan almost try to get on to a very decent pullback from Joey Barton, but was unable to connect.

The next chance was one of the few that fell to Blackburn though. Around five minutes after the Nolan chance, a clearance from Blackburn’s goalkeeper, Paul Robinson, was headed on by captain, Chris Samba. This in turn found the head of Manchester City misfit, Roque Santa Cruz, who also made a rasping header which hit the post.

Shortly after that it was Newcastle’s turn for some ball on post action at the other end. Despite being a left back, Jose Enrique acted as a potent attacking force in this game, and I think it would be pretty safe to say that after the ninety minutes were over, he was the man of the match. He sent in one of many excelent long passes, this time to Lovenkrands, who sent the ball looping over the head of the Blackburn goalkeeper with a tricky lob. Sadly though, it just hit the top of the post. It would have been a great goal if it had gone in though.

Shortly before the half time interval, striker, Leon Best, volleyed the ball wide in the last chance in what was a fairly uneventful first half.

Newcastle really started to come to the fore after the break. However though they dominated possession, making many attacking thrusts along the way, there didn’t seem to be many more genuine chances for the Magpies than there were in the previous half. One of the best was when questionably permed Argentinian centre back, Fabricio Coloccini, chested down the ball then cracked off a fierce shot. He forced the save of the game in the 54th minute from Paul Robinson, who managed to tip the effort over.

Despite the second half dominance though, it just did not seem to be Newcastle’s day in front of goal. Blackburn were frequently poor down their defensive flanks, letting the Magpies in, with veteran ex Real Madrid right back, Salgado having a particularly poor game. However the Blackburn centre backs seemed to hold the fort somewhat better when the balls came into the middle.

Other chances were Barton and Gutierrez shooting over the crossbar, Leon Best driving a shot straight at Robinson and that was about it really.

To close with Alan Pardew once again, he summed it up thus:

“We stood up to the Blackburn physical presence and dictated the game but the only disquieting factor was around the final third,” said Pardew.

“Considering the amount of possession we had we didn’t work their goalkeeper hard enough.”

Match highights.

Post match interviews.

Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew expresses his disappointment that the Magpies didn’t manage to win the game despite having Blackburn on the back foot for long periods of the game.

Blackburn Rovers manager, Steve Kean expresses that his first priority was to keep a clean sheet, and admits that his team has seen more opportunities in front of goal on previous occaisions.


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26 Responses

  1. I suppose a point’s not bad given that we were away and our record against Blackburn is awful. I thought we might take all three though.

  2. This game showed that the team needs either a big man that can really battle the Chris Samba’s of the league, or more speed to run past the monsters.

    Kudos for AP and/or Willo for getting Willo back on track and delivering his best. For a while I was put in mind of Old Chuck Wepner “The Bayonne Bleeder” who took everything Mohammed Ali could dish up and lasted to the end.

  3. BeeGuy says:
    February 13, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    “Old Chuck Wepner “The Bayonne Bleeder” who took everything Mohammed Ali could dish up and lasted to the end.”

    BeeGuy, wasn’t he the inspiration for “Rocky Balboa”?

    Well, supposedly anyway.

  4. paul toon says:
    February 13, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    “This one took a bit of time workyticket!”

    Aye, I’m sorry about that, Paul. I wrote a different one out from start to finish, didn’t bloody save it like I tell everyone else to do, then the PC froze and I was as sick as a parrot! Hence the delay.

  5. On Transfers !
    Reported were interested in the youngster Connor Whickham.
    Believe he`s worth somewhere in the region of ten million or more, lotta dosh for a seventeen year old.
    However could prove to be worth considerably more if he develops as expected.
    Could possibly sell him for as much as whats his name.
    Watched Kranjcar the last coupla games for Spurs, this guy is a talent and why he was`nt getting time from Arry, remains a mystery ?
    Woulda loved getting him to sign for the side.
    Joe cole ? yeah had a great career, had a lotta injuries and his wages are over the top, no way Ashley will consider him.
    As for Enrique leaving, aint gonna happen, Ferie is gonna splash big on Bale, who is a monster, he can either replace Evra or Giggs.
    Should be interesting to see who comes in during the summer and for that matter who is sold.
    Appears our midfield (if we sign Ireland and with everyone fit) looks very decent.
    Where we need help is in defense and up front, if we get Whickham he wont be ready for a while, in which case he and our other developing youngsters should be loaned out, in order to get experience and be evaluated.
    So we really need a guaranteed striker and perhaps a couple of full backs with at least one decent CD.
    That of course is only a wish list, that could take more than one season to accomplish, but the continual process of buying and selling players in order to improve the quality of the side is essential.
    Being teams have a similarity to assembly lines and players short careers of ten years, either more or less.

  6. chuckles says:
    February 13, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    “Watched Kranjcar the last coupla games for Spurs, this guy is a talent and why he was`nt getting time from Arry, remains a mystery ?”

    Chuck, In the post match interview of the ast game, ‘Arry said that Kranjcar was a great talent too, but that the reason why he was playing so little was because of the emergence of Gareth Bale’s great talent.

  7. aye WORKY there was a time last year when bale looked like he was going out on loan at one point,just shows some young players need time,some more than others

  8. Why wouldn,t young Wickham not be ready for a while. Can,t understand this attitude of not playing the kids coz theyr,e too young. I remember a certain Trevor Francis tearing the leagu apart when he made his debut @ 16. We will never find out what these kids have got if we keep them wrapped in cotton wool.

  9. icedog, is that actually a picture of you? Fair play if it is, must be a right fker typing sentences.

  10. actually, I was just thinking, I bough some chicken last Wednesday and its use by date is today. I also have a lamb madras ready meal in the fridge which is use by Tuesday. I don’t reckon I’ll fancy chicken tomorrow. Should I take the Tuesday-Chicken gamble and go lamb?

    All responses appreciated.

  11. What the hell are newcastle thinking. Signing Joe Cole!!

    Age 29 a has been who never got a game at Chelsea injured or just crap anyway. And the same thing at Liverpool! Too old for us and no potential. I guess its a fair trade the bull for bullsh!t cole to liverpool.

    We shouldnt spend a penny on this guy we should be using money to bring in talent not a team of dads army. As for Lovenkrands what a crap player ‘oh i can fill Ac boots’ he cant even put them on. Same with Besty. Both want games when they couldnt get on the pitch now neither of them are any use, all talk and no goals.

    I am also betting we lose 3 players by next summer, Tiote, Enrique and maybe Barton (possibly Jonas instead)
    WOrst of all is us turning into a selling club, we will never achive anything as we wont have the players to get us there, too busy being sold or heads turned. NUFC always 1 step forward 3 back!

  12. tooneye,
    i understand your fears mate, but just cos it’s in a crappy rag, it doesn’t mean it’s true kidda.
    liverpoo will be trying to off load their deadwood in an attempt to claw back some of their outlays. I agree that we shouldn’t touch joke hole with a barge pole, ooo, a little rhyme. Hold on to your hat mate, with the cash ac brought in, we should be able to resist most overtures.
    It’s all down to whether players ‘want’ to leave now, cos we don’t ‘need’ to sell.