Can a free agent such as Aliadiere plug the striking gap?

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Aliadiere, Free Agent
That Frenchman
Although the transfer window is shut, Alan Pardew could still engage the services of a free agent to bolster Newcastle United’s striking options.

There are those who would suggest that Ashley demonstrated his inexperience by letting Andy Carroll go without having a replacement lined up.

After all, Liverpool didn’t let Torres go until they were sure they had Suarez and Carroll to replace him.

There may be something in such accusations but there’s also no accounting for dumb luck. What are the odds that, 15 minutes of football after letting your number one striker go, your number two striker will pick up an injury that will sideline him for 4-6 weeks?

The rumour-mill has already started churning out options as to how the money we got for Carroll will be spent with the Brazilian Hulk leading the way. I’m pretty sure there’ll be plenty more rumours to join that one before the summer’s over.

In the interim, however, Pardew can look at free agents to plug the holes left by Carroll and Ameobi, which is no doubt where rumours of Newcastle’s interest in Jeremie Aliadiere have come from. The 27 year old ex-Arsenal and ex-Middlesbrough striker is not exactly a prolific scorer, having put away just 14 goals in 130+ appearances, but beggars can’t be choosers at this stage in affairs.

Having said that, there’s typically little substance to back up the rumour of Newcastle’s interest in Aliadiere and it seems to me that it’s based on nothing more than the fact that he’s a free agent. It will cause me a problem if we do take up the services of Aliadiere as I seem to struggle to spell his name, having variously called him Aldaire, Aladiere and ‘that Frenchman’ in the drafts of this article (and that’s before I even get to the accents).

The alternative is that we have faith in Best, Lovenkrands and Ranger. I don’t know if those three are capable of stepping up and taking the responsibility but I certainly don’t think we can write any of them off based on what we’ve seen from them so far this season. I just think it’s unfair to judge a footballer until they’ve had regular starts for a good many weeks in a row.

On the other hand, can’t Shola man-up and wear one of those masks to protect his cheekbone? Or possibly a knight’s helmet?

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55 Responses

  1. no faith at all in what we have available at the minute!
    if we score 10 goals in our remaining games id be amazed!
    Xisco and Routledge should never have been allowed to go!
    Asset stripping & saving wages is all this is!!
    Corrupt, Liars are the 3 wise men!

  2. Ping! Probably a bit premature and missed first post!

    Your opening comments are fair Hugh but despite ill luck, when CArroll went we were left with Shola, Ranger and McLoven. Fine you might say, but waht if one of that trio were injured?

    Well, now we know and maybe MA and Llambias need to recognise is that it’s impossible to run a successful football club with a very small and weak squad. They may well have realised now that unlike runnig a casino where one can buy a new wheel or whatever over the counter as it were. Players are just not available in that way!

    On a positive note, if this guy’s any good, then media coverage’ll result in him going somewhere else…. unless Benny A’s done some persuading

  3. just looked at the fixture list wolves B’ham, bolton and everton home as well as WBA. Blackpool away. i tbhink with current strike force cd do the job for saftey atleast

  4. He has always looked like one of those players who appear to be on the verge of being very good but somehow just can’t make the transformation from ugly duckling to swan, bit like Mido and I hate to say it Shola.

    Once we get Tiote back we can then hopefully become ultra defensive and hope for snatch and grab goals from whoever is playing as a striker/s. Just a question of survival prior to the big “Summer spending spree”!!!

  5. What about Ewerthon – He’s quality!

    Oh and this Blog is going well down hill – the .com and .info have taken over!

  6. I know for a fact that we are trying to bring Aladiere here. Pardew met with him yesterday. This has been confirmed by a few trustworthy journalists on Twitter.

  7. I don’t think Alialialialidiere is anywhere near good enough but if we pick up anymore injuries to forwards(which we will the way it’s going) we’ll have to give the tealady a pair of boots. Desperate needs call for desperate measures, and JA is a desperate measure imo…………Well done Ashley and Llamsarse :-(

  8. hopefully be just a plug in gap be an absolute slap in the face if we sign him up at the end of the season

  9. No no no NOO ! Id Put all our strikers b4 him, he is a free agent for a reason ! Theyd be adding nothing Pardews a liability

  10. Boro still let Aladiere train with them so he must still live quite local. Apparently the emergency loan market opens next week – anyone know what the rules are? Does having a brainless owner count as a good reason?

  11. ‘On the other hand, can’t Shola man-up and wear one of those masks to protect his cheekbone? Or possibly a knight’s helmet?’

    Are we talking about the same footballer here that wears a gum shield to protect his nashers from a stray arm.

  12. Don’t think we’ll get someone like Aliadiere unless one of the current three get injured, or panic sets in. Between Nolan and Benny when he comes back I think we should score enough, the midfielders will have to chip in. Aliadiere is out of contract because he is a perma-injured heap of shyte who couldn’t even do it at the boro. Bringing him in won’t solve anything at all as far as im concerned. Nolan would and will score more when he’s move back upfield to accomodate Tiote.

  13. Wimbledon, you can sign any out of contract player at anytime during the season…as long as you have space in your 25 man squad….I think!

  14. Richietoon – thanks, but an emergency loan is for a contracted player… but I can’t find out what constitutes an emergency, except that you can do it from next week. I think its at the FAs discretion, and its a straightforward thing with keepers, but beyond that…?

  15. True Wimbledon, don’t know if we’d qualify for an emergency loan as we still have 3 fit strikers who usually feature in the first team squad.

  16. @ 8 regarding that – tiote bloke – i can see the arse taking the piss oot of us the morra like & him hoying a red card tackle in oot of sheer frustration.

    best his sits this one oot i reckon.

  17. Guys dont panic weve got a Spectacular Player called Stephen ireland.He has got angel”s wings on his back

  18. Don’t believe the Hulk rumour.
    Don’t believe the Marveaux rumour.


  19. Marveaux – left sided midfielder?
    N’Zogbia – left sided midfielder?

    How many left sided midfielders do we need, we have Jonas and Ben Arfa – we need right sided midfielders and strikers.

    For me Gervinho, and Albrighton and then one more striker.

    Would love Sanchez, but we couldn’t get him I don’t think.

  20. now we are reduced to scraping the f***ing barrel thanks to fcb and his lying bastard mates pardew and lamarse

  21. Let’s just get relegated and move on-MA and his cronies are not fit to run a premiership club our current strike force that we have left is pathetic.

    Hardly any of the Carrol money will be reinvested in bolstering the squad every transfer window under this regime has been a disgrace.

    Fook off MA you Tw@t.

  22. Up until this window hed spend about as much as hed recouped since he came to power. Hes now approx 35 million up. When you consider we have a massive matchday revenue (approx 1-1.5 million), a massive fanbase and are very popular with broadcasters, its hard to see how he has to keep pumping money into our club.
    Hes run it terribly since he came here and now we have to settle for ali-hada-mare!

  23. I have supported Newcastle Uniteed man and boy since 1957 in the days of Len White, not missing a single season, even after I moved to Yorkshire making it more difficult to follow my hometown team. Following the ongoing chaos within our club I have decided to call it a day, being fed up to the back teeth with football in general and the situation at Newcastle in particular. I travel 6 hours and 300 miles to watch every home game to fill the pockets of greedy footballers and an even greedier owner, only to be treated with utter contempt by both camps. Whether the blame for Carroll’s departure lies with the player, his agent or Mr Ashley is irrelevant to me anymore, all I know if I’m being taken for granted and won’t stand for it any longer. I’ve decided to go and watch a local non league side where at least a bit of honesty prevails and the lads on the park are there because they want to be, not for over inflated pay packets rivalled only by even bigger egos. I’ll always support NUFC in my heart but no longer through my wallet……after years of abuse I’ve finally seen the light.

  24. If 35 mill is to be the transfer fee’s and wages , then lets take a standard prem league player…15k per week , with a 8 mill price tag, a 4 year deal for that player would cost 780,000 for wages so 8.75 mill for him, however a good prem player, 25k per week and 10-15 mill price tag, Total cost 16.3 mill, that will leave around 10 mill, so enough for a standard prem player….so don’t expect any Big transfers folks, as sure as eggs is eggs then MA won’t be investing all of the money, if any!

  25. Maverick: What £35m? The taxman is going to take a huge chunk out of it in April! I also noted the clear as mud statement from Llambias saying the money will be spent “on the club” they’re looking for a way out already…..Liars, all of them.

  26. Can’t believe that we did not loan one of Liverpools strikers as part of the deal just at least to make the numbers up until the end of the season , Ngog or Kuijt would of been released if we had insisted .

  27. Maverick – as I understand it the usual financial sums take account of 1 year’s wages only – so it’s transfer fee plus 1 year’s wage, not 4 or 5 or whatever the contract is.


    (said Jeremie Aliadiere, in an unwanted monkey fashion).

    (see fig. 1)

  29. don’t worry folks rod’s just popped oot for’a..ciggie..the entertainment will resume at 1.45 am sharp’ish. man with-oota doubt…as off to the scratcher m8 av got a couple of boiler waiting for is

    by the way rod am stilloff the cig’s thanks to you xxxx

    pleased your still alive…i thought the worst. good night.