Toon transfer targets limited to two

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Alan Pardew, Newcastle United
Just one or two players, says Pardew
It seems that Newcastle United will be limited to one or two player acquisitions during the January 2011 transfer window.

Alan Pardew states that:

We are probably only looking at bringing one player in. Maybe we’ll bring in two – but it definitely won’t be more than two.

Whether it is a loan or a permanent move really depends on the negotiations and the type of player we manage to get. If we manage to get our No 1 target it will affect another deal we might have been working on.

But we’re not going to throw money at this window. We’ve made that clear to agents, players and clubs, and I think Newcastle fans will appreciate that.

We’re going to try and do things in a way that will protect the squad we’ve got – if we don’t do that we’ve got all sorts of problems.

As to who those players will be, Pardew has shown interest in Roque Santa Cruz, David Bentley, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Seb Larsson to date.

Of Santa Cruz Pardew says:

I think he is a good player but I don’t know if the circumstances and the timing is right for us on that one.

We have looked everywhere for new players. You have to make sure you don’t miss anyone.

In terms of players who might be moved on, Pardew has confirmed it’s possible but he doesn’t want James Perch to be one of them.

There are a couple of squad players at the club who haven’t featured much who may get a chance to move on,” said Pardew. “If we think that is better for them we may need to replace them – and that could happen.

I wouldn’t want someone like James Perch to leave. I think he’s a good character and his Newcastle career has really only just begun.

After yesterday’s performance I think we could recruit from the girl guides and still see an improvement. A number of our players should be quite ashamed and could do with a good kick in the ging gang goolies.

In my opinion, Pardew’s January purchases should be all about the midfield. I think we need more options both wide and in the centre, which might give us a better chance to play our way out of trouble rather than simply relying on a long hoof up to the front men.

We do have skills in the midfield already, most notably with Barton. Getting Benny back in the team should help too, but I think we’d benefit from more midfield strengthening which, to be fair, seems to be what Pardew is looking to do.

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35 Responses

  1. Apparently Kia Joorabchian has been appointed as a football advisor… I wonder how this will affect our transfer dealings.

  2. My source states Pards had a huge fall out with Ashley over the phone in front of the players.
    The argument was over false promises, budget restraints and threatened to walk away from the club.
    As a result the players looked demotivated.
    If any of you’s know the players they will confirm it for you.

  3. @Bobby Shinton

    who’s your sources, someone in the dressing room? as the players and manager were altogether when talking to Ashley.

    we don’t need more than two, we should survive this season and we have Arfa and Gosling to come back. no need to give pardew loads of money to waste.

    I heard he was interested in wright phillips. please Ashley, dont buy SWP!!!

  4. If he did, then its most unprofessional. Its also pretty unlikely IMHO.

    If I did that in front of my staff at work, id expect a formal warning,

  5. I think if he was having an arguement over the phone and the players were demotivated, it would more likely be about Ashley picking the team like it is rumoured he tryed with Hughton. It is also rumoured that he sacked Hughton because he picked a team that would lose Against Arsenal and Ashley desperately wants the club to win a cup, hence the ‘full strength’ side and unhappy players.

  6. “As to who those players will be, Pardew has shown interest in Roque Santa Cruz, David Bentley, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Seb Larsson to date.”

    Fairly predictable, lazy choices rather than bargains with great potential to develop further like Tiote and Ben Arfa. He should have the scouts out unearthing more players like them.

  7. bobby shinton yes he might have..but in front of the players that is bollocks u dont talk about stuff like that in front of players..this morning he is talking about for the first time let players go..and 1or 2 coming in..we have signed ben arfa so what restraints..didnt expect that so soon..

  8. atlast my comments are showing i have tried to comment several times over the last couple of days .
    We were crap and the players should donate their pay to charity as they dont deserve to be paid for such a piss poor performance.

  9. batty atlast where has everyone gone i hear toonsy has a new blog but i cant find it as no one will tell me ?

  10. batty

    ‘The Spaniard has always appeared average at best, a player with a decent amount of ability but a left back who finds it hard to find the middle ground between attack and defence and a player who is often caught out postionally.’

    ‘The chances of Enrique moving to Man United are slim to none, we are after all talking about a 24 year old who is still without a full international cap,’

    Which friggin numbskull wrote that, he is one of the best LB’s in the league, probably only behind Cole and not for much longer. He would probably use Man United as a stepping stone to the next world cup to replace Capdevila. P### off whiskey nose. So thats why he was at Wigan.

  11. djg yeah i know it ,it must be the same reporter that give tiote a 6 and sed he was never in the game against wigan ,the sun lol

  12. fs is it a blog or secret service :) why will no one tell me ?
    As for new players what are we going to do with all the mf we have never mind new ones when gosling and ben arfa

  13. If you try to play League 2 type football against a team who play it every week, then what we got is the result.

    I wouldn’t blame any of the forwards for the result as they got nowt from the back or midfield.

    Smith did nothing and we might as well have started with 10 men with him on.

    The few odd occaisions we looked any good when we didn’t play the lump-it and that weren’t very often.

    If these were Pardews tactical choices then the man is a dick.

    I know most of my comments have have already been said but its carthatic to get it out and won’t say any more. Its a gone game and survival in the EPL is what we want.

  14. when gosling and ben arfa return that is lol. So is toonsy’s blog a touchy subject or summat, i will still use here aswell

  15. Never like to see us get beat but more hacked off with the performance than actually going out of the cup.We don’t have the quality in depth to go on a long cup run imo.We need to rack up the points for survival then go from there, cup runs can wait until we have a stronger squad next year(hopefully).

  16. Pardew`s lopsided team choice and poor tactics to blame and players lack of guts and effort to blame. Bollocks to empty tanks and feeling tired i`ve worked six twelve hour shifts down the pit and played football. these prima donas want to get their arses into gear and get real.

  17. Bobby if what you say is true, then it would seem that Pardew has already lost the dressing room. Any pro who aint motivated going out for an FA cup match whatever the circumstances aint worth his place in the club.

    I might be wrong but this Ziani hs echoes of that french guy we had on loan who turned out to be cr*p.

    Personally with one exception I reckon we have some good forwards and don’t need more.
    What we do want is a Van Bommel type midfielder who can boss the midfield and has some technical skill and creativity. Worth a splash Mr Ashley!!

  18. mossa says:
    January 9, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    “Bollocks to empty tanks and feeling tired i`ve worked six twelve hour shifts down the pit and played football. these prima donas want to get their arses into gear and get real.”

    One thing’s for sure, mossa. Lower league Stevenage will have played more games and will also have less to draw from squad wise when injuries and fixture congestion take their toll.

  19. I agree with Grumpy we need a midfielder who is big and strong like Fer who can boss midfield as well as a good supplier from the wing. Tiote is going to miss games through suspension and who is strong enough to relace him? Nobody currenty.
    Surely our priority has got to be back up for Jose every window we have said this but nothing ever happens apart from playing that dick Perch out of position.
    Finally if Pardew says he wants to keep Smith and Perch it is time for him to go

  20. i think pardue hasnt a clue wot hes doin which yesterday prooved , i really cant predict the end of this season , jst so hope we get a couple of gud signings in jan !!!

  21. Army69 says:

    “i think pardue hasnt a clue wot hes doin”

    Maybe Fatman brought him in so he could choose the team and get Pardwho to say it was his decision ?

    Witless, Clueless and Blameless that’s our boy :(

  22. in the 28yrs of me supporting the toon yesterday was prob defo the most embarrasin day 4 me , pardue man buy sum gud players yi cockny arse

  23. Army69 says:
    January 9, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    “in the 28yrs of me supporting the toon yesterday was prob defo the most embarrasin day 4 me”

    Army, I was at that Leyton Orient game with my Arsenal supporting friend when were hammered 6-1 by another League Two team. That one took a bit of beating for being “embarrassing”!