Newcastle v Liverpool – Match banter!

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Calm down, calm down....
Calm down, calm down....
Good evening and welcome to our match banter article that will see us through the visit of Liverpool to St James’ Park.

It’s a welcome return to football after what has been a turbulent week for Newcastle United after the shock sacking of Chris Hughton, and the even more shocking appointment of Alan Pardew.

A lot has been said over the last week, and I’m not too pleased with the contempt that Chris Hughton was seemingly treat with by the Newcastle hierachy, but it’s done now and won’t be reversed. Now is the time for football though, and although I understand that there will be some protests, I hope that they are kept away from the players. We don’t want a repeat of Hull City!

It’s important that Newcastle try and win the game today, or at least get a point. We are about to embark on a tough run of fixtures that includes away trips to Birmingham and Tottenham with a home fixture against Manchester City sandwiched inbetween, so we really need to pick up points when and where we can.

Alan Pardew believes that Liverpool are there for the taking though and will be looking to get at them and assert our own game on them. Talking to The Chronicle, Pardew said this abut the match;

“Newcastle v Liverpool is a great fixture – it’s two teams who will be going out to win the game.”

“My view of the game is that we have to expose their back four. We won’t sit back, we’ll have a go and see what we get.”

“Hopefully we start well and the crowd get behind us and we go on and win the game. But it’s a great game to start.”

For a more detailed look at the team news and injury headaches that are affecting both sides you can cast your eyes over my match preview if you haven’t already done so.

The match will be beamed live around the world on various channels and will be broadcast on ESPN here in the UK. However, if any of you guys and gals know of any decent streams out there and wish to share it then please feel free to post the link in the comments section below.

It’s been a dramatic week for all involved with NUFC thus far, but now we have an opportunity to forget the turbulence and concentrate on a game of football, for 90 minutes anyway!

Howay the lads!

Newcastle: Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Sol Campbell, Jose Enrique, Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan, Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Shola Ameobi, Andy Carroll.

Subs: Steve Harper, James Perch, Alan Smith, Wayne Routledge, Danny Guthrie, Peter Lovenkrands, Nile Ranger.

Liverpool: Pepe Reina, Glen Johnson, Martin Skrtel, Sotiris Kyrgiakos, Paul Konchesky, Dirk Kuyt, Lucas Leiva, Raul Meireles, Maxi Rodriguez, Fernando Torres, David Ngog.

Subs: Brad Jones, Martin Kelly, Fabio Aurelio, Christian Poulsen, Joe Cole, Ryan Babel, Milan Jovanovic.

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305 Responses

  1. Ameobi?
    Think Ranger deserves a shot after a combination of Shola’s inconsistency/lack of form in the last couple of games, and how Ranger has looked lively when he comes on.

    But hey ho, Shola is tried and tested I guess


  2. any links for the match?

    Needs to give Carroll and Ranger a chance up front, Ameobi might get a bit fight in him if he thinks his place is up for grabs :-D

  3. I would like to see Pardew try this team:


    xisco looked good on the left flank in pre season and this would be a dangerous team, in my opinion anyway.

    HWTL!! 2-1 to the toon! ;)

  4. Im glad we have Joey back and I just hope he can keep his cool, so I presume Harper is back hoping to get the chance to get the No1 shirt back.
    I would be well happy with a draw but wouldn’t be surprised to see us win or fall apart, so I guess that covers all angles :lol:

  5. Keegan’s right there, the first problem is Mike Ashley know nothing about football and Derek Llambias knows even less.


  6. “You can’t work with these people, you can’t trust them. They say one thing and mean another. I had a phone call for about an hour, in an effort to try and sign a player. The moment I got off the phone, they had a conference call between them and decided that no, we wont offer 2 million, we’ll offer 1. And it will be rejected”.

    “Mike Ashley doesn’t know anything about football, that’s one thing. Derek Llambias, knows even less. So, you have to get in people who know what they’re doing, trust them with the job and let them get on with it. They don’t even do that. That’s why its a shambles”


  7. That lass in the strawberry mentioned how 14 people out of a thousand answered No, when asked if “Pardew would be supported”, pretty sure that’s a load of rubbish. The poll asked whether Pardew was the right man for the job, i’m pretty sure.

  8. Well,

    At the very least, tonights going to be interesting.

    We’ll know in the first 10 minutes if the players are going to put an effort in for Pardew or if they just won’t be bothered.

    Unfortunately I see this being 3-1 or 4-1 to Liverpool.

  9. To be honest I have no idea whats going to happen the night. I have said within the past few days we’ll take a thumping and I still think it’s a big possibility.
    Along with the hostility within the stadium being a distraction for everyone, Pardew has taken one training session with the lads. What did he say to them? ”
    “Alright lads, how did Hughton have you play?”..I mean he’s not going to change anything drastically inside a couple of hours is he, so it’s essentially of go out and try to win lads. I won’t be blaming anyone bar Ashley should this go tits up quickly like.

  10. Dave – I think Rich was trying to sneak in at the back. He says he doesn’t care about getting older but I reckon he was lying ;) :lol:

  11. wish i was there with my shotgun, blow his fat head of, along with his one brain cell, suprise he has the balls to step in the stadium.

  12. See Carroll having to tell Shola to get into the box there as he knew fine well he’d wih the knock down, lol.

  13. Dave – Doubt it mate. It seems the rage is not materialising.

    Well played Shola for chasing the defender down just a minute ago. We won the ball back from that. He should take heed and do it more often.

  14. Incredible decision. Runs infront of Johnson, Johnson falls over, free kick. Lets hope thats not the order of the day because its laughable.

  15. Well Toonsy if they did it was supposed to be 10 mins in and the cameras havn’t picked up on it.
    I cant stand Johnson and cant see how he gets in the England team

  16. Carroll could be a nightmare for Kyriagkos the day if the delivery is good. There you go. GET IN LADS

  17. Is Nolan gonna use that chicken celebration every time he hits the net? It’s hilarious. He did like, an angry chicken right at the end there :D

  18. Anyone else want to ram the microphone down Chris Waddles neck?

    What a bell end that bloke sounds like sometimes, talks absolute crap

  19. They look a mess at set pieces. Misshit by Barton or not Campbell has strolled into the middle of the box by himself and has missed a flick on and goal number 2 by inches.

  20. Nice of them to put the ball out there, that one is probably ganna hurt Tiote alot more than many others on the pitch.

  21. Jesus christ you diving little tw@t. That is pathetic. Two terrible, terrible decisions in dangerous areas for us.

  22. hear what the commentator said there talking about supermack?

    Said ‘see, a southerner can come here and be appreciated’

    People actually believe us to be small minded biggots!

  23. Is me or has pardew finally make shola becoming a hardworking player? 8O

    He ish so good today,keeps running to get the ball.

  24. Strolla would be a cracking player….if he actually had a brain!! How many wayward passes or knockons to their defenders or goalkeeper does he do?? Its not like he doesnt have the experience to know better either. Shocking!

  25. Told you, that ugly bugger Kyriagkos resorting to cheating against carroll inside 35 minutes. Andy’s going to have him on a plate all day long.

  26. Gan on lads. Leave the drama at home, graft hard, and bang em in like!

    Canna believe Tugboat. Always scorin’ goals. Ya should get some foghorns to play real loud like whenever he scores, ya kna?


    Love the avatar, mate. Priceless!!

  27. If Strolla could control the ball sometimes he’d be a real handful, Barton’s vision tonight is priceless and it really shows how good he is for us, I only hope the West Ham bid comes to nothing as reported

  28. Steve-He’d be daft to leave for them like. Lets hope Pardew says no, unless of course it’s an Ashley masterstroke.

  29. tell you what, that Meireles seems to egt better and better when i’ve saw him play, seems a decent player.

  30. Liverpool looks more like the team dealing with turmoil off the pitch. Our lads have looked good.


  31. i’m glad Barton and Nolan are back, looking a better team for it. Tiote looking solid, Jose needs to tighten up his game, think jonas should run at johnson a bit more, he’s on a card and shite defensively. Shola looks his usual frustratingly self, although he does appear to be chasing the ball a bit more. Carroll looks head n shoulders above torres.

    that fecking hippy kyriakos(sp) should be on a card n all apart from that I’m quite enthused

  32. Tiote, Barton and the CBs look good. Jonas looks very poor. Typical Nolan- scores a goal but is invisible for the rest of it.

  33. Our defence look very nervous at times Tiote is our main man again the lad just does not miss a tackle but nearly lost his tackle that was painful to watch , Nolan scores again:)

  34. Decent, so far…

    Jonas I must say looks disinterested, and Shola as usual is just bad.

    People will say he got unlucky with the deflection, but in truth it made his poor shot look decent, when he should have set up Jonas.

    Tiote has been excellent again, as has Barton, and Nolan continues to be a major threat goal wise.

    Carroll has done very well of the little scraps he has had.
    He’d be an even bigger threat with a pacey striker making intellegent runs around him.

  35. This is where the diffrence may come, Hughton would sit back and invite pressure, what will pardew do?

  36. How’s the crowd reacting? I bet if we win tonight and a few more the masses will turn back as last time. Ashley will know that, from
    what I saw on SSN there weren’t many protesting

  37. Typical Nolan- scores a goal but is invisible for the rest of it.

    MDS – Nolan’s best ability is being in the right place. This applies to him defensively too.
    He may not be putting in crunching tackles, but his positioning forces the team to play the ball elsewhere.

    The work he does defensively often isn’t appreciated.

  38. Do you know the offside rule? Shola, Shola,
    Do you know the offside rule? Shola, Shola,
    Do you know the offside rule?
    Get onside you f***ing tool! woah woah
    Bring on the Power, Taylor is looking decent and Tiote is out of this league!
    C’mon, the TOON!

  39. We suddenly look incredibly frail at the back. We looked a bit shaky first half but so far second we’ve looked like we’re still in the changing room. Campbell is half asleep.

  40. I’ve been biting my lip to wait and see how they done for the three games, but seriously, if you think Campbell and Taylor are better than Willo and Collo need to have a word with yourselves.

    There was plenty of you as well…

  41. pardew the ultimate ar*eH7o4 alongside mike assley…f@ck yorself n bring in ranger for ameobi..ohh indeed ther are..sweet

  42. bloody hell, a decisive subsistution, forgot what one of those is, and it’s not yet 89 minutes…

  43. Jonas needs to go in January, he either runs and gets tackled, misplaces a pass or does a shocking cross!!

  44. Barton just grabbed his balls and mouthed off at Torres. He really doesn’t take sh!te from anyone does he, but he loses his temper far too easily. He was fine until Torres said something and all of a sudden he’s kicking off.

  45. Sime-Hes done more in 15 minutes than Shola all game. He deserves a start if he’s playing like this regularly. Getting in about the back four and giving them real issue’s. He just sent N’gog packing with a head leaking like a fire hydrant.

  46. Bloody hell Jonas, play Jose in down that flank. Nolan immediatly realised the pass that should have been played but duffed it.

  47. You know he’ll have enjoyed that one more than many other he’s scored. Two scousers on the scoresheet for us the day.

  48. get in joey lad, alreet route one, but can I just point out that Ranger again in there man, been great since he came on

  49. Tiote has purely taken one for the team there. He knew fine well it was a foul and that he’d be carded. I love him, that new hairstyle immediatly makes him Mr T aswell :D

  50. Smith for Nolan is a smart enough sub. 5/10 mins to go, bring Smith in, tell him to sit in the center of the field and cover the back four. Nolan naturally has a tendency to go forward, Smith wont.

  51. yeash smarrt sub to bring on smith for nolan…seeing the sight of smith must make the other team sick..

  52. Tell you what, I will happily eat my words. I just didn’t expect anything like this. Our lads have shown a serious bout of professionalism in going out here and doing a job on Liverpool. Fair play to our boys, top notch.

  53. AWESOME goal by Carroll!

    Guys look @ 7 posted by me :lol:
    All 3 of them scored!

    Howay the lads!

  54. BD-I just thought off field issues would overwhelm the game itself. Wasn’t expecting a result and wouldnt have minded should we have not got one. Absolutly over the moon.

  55. i was waiting when would carroll score..

    then he goes bang!~~


    nice way of recovering the lost against WBA.

  56. Ranger looks really exciting and ready for the first team.

    Can somebody describe Carroll’s goal please as I lost the Veetle channel.

  57. @182. A well placed laser into the lower right corner from about ten yards outside the center of the box.

  58. @toonsy: well,there is one protest i am gonna to make.

    Can’t you lad’s make the host server work properly….:(

  59. Well done to the team in putting recent events behind them and going for what was a must win but not crucial game. Well done to Alan Pardew. Ranger made the difference and was a good substitution by Pardew.

    I have always been a Mike Ashley Apologist so well done to him for turning up in the face of the protests which I fully condemn.

    Carroll, i am simply short of words to describe his man. That Goal has surely added and extra £10 million to his valuation and we are going to be tested in the transfer windows. An important win which launches us back to the vanguard of the premiership.


  60. Ice richie was telling me that Toonsy is the Geordie Dancer :)
    Ross I dont think many would have said too much if we hadn’t got anything out of the game ;)

    This is the 3rd time I have tried to submit this, is it just mine or is the page not loading for others ??

  61. Lacedaemonian says:
    December 11, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    “Ranger looks really exciting and ready for the first team.”

    Was thinking the same myself, looks to have come on so much but maybe he has used the change of manager as an oportunity to stake a claim for first team football.

    Changed the game, fantsatic win

  62. ranger changed the game…got 30 mintes..he will play the kids and we will go forward..quiker becuase of that…well dun lads..sol was crap and could have cost us the game…

  63. Thoughts on Today , good performance from the lads against what has to be said was a poor Liverpool side, still sloppy lapses in defence that could have cost us dear. But a good solid professional performance , game turned back to us with Ranger on for Shola, Barton excellent on the wing some quality delivery, Fantastic strike from Carroll and finally a superb interview from Nolan and especially Joey Barton…Top Bloke!

  64. Toonsy-To be fair the moment the final whistle went, “get out our club” kicked off. Fair play to everyone there for putting the protests aside for 90 minutes. I turned down a ticket upon hearing the news of Hughton’s departure.

  65. Beautiful beautiful football, Barton and Nolan, absolute gems, Barton can’t go anywhere, 10x the player guthrie is. What a blinder from Carroll! Nice to get a win under Pardew

  66. MDS-

    Sounds like Carroll can use his feet as well as his heed. I really like that lad and am happy that he’s wearin’ the #9 shirt. He deserves it like. I hope that Pardew can really make a success out of this. Time will tell.

  67. Sol was simply awful throughout.

    Luckily,Colo ban will be off next match.

    Welcome Him back.

  68. CUM ON!!! GET IN!!

    Well done the lads. Got stuck in. Icing on cake goal for Carroll at the end. NUFC 3 Liverpool 1 GET IN!!!!

    Come on lads lets support the team. 8th in the table, good result. Ranger got 30 MINS !!! For once, flippin heck did he perform for new manager!!

    Have faith lads come on. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. I think if all goes well Carroll will be a future Captain and I think he would make a good one as he never stops’ gives his all and would lead by example

  70. Lacedaemonian says:
    December 11, 2010 at 7:33 pm
    Ranger looks really exciting and ready for the first team.

    Can somebody describe Carroll’s goal please as I lost the Veetle channel.

    He got the ball 10yards outside the penalty box and the liverpool players didnt close him down!

    He unleashed his left foot (rocket foot) through it like I saw him in practice at Carlise. From outside the box. It bounced and Reina was beaten bottom corner. He had breakfast with Cappello this week aswell apparently. Good lead 10 goals this season already.!!

  71. Seriously though, we need a thread about our centre backs.

    I was the first to back Willo and Collo against people saying Taylor and Sol should play and I feel vindicaed after these three games.

    Collo and Willo have played loads together and have been part of the tightest defence we have had in years. But still, people wanted both to play, how quick people forget Boumsong and Bramble.

    However the last few games we have picked out errors which simply shouldn’t have happened. I’ve not felt as assured as I have when they have played.

    I hope they both come back into the team for the next game.

  72. Carroll has 10 goals and 6 assists this season. That is simply superb and I never foresaw such statistics from the lad this season. We aren’t even at the halfway point yet.

  73. DAVE could be m8 must have been before his haircut.
    richie was going to spain but thought it was about xmas time,could be on a job for batty,aye server is a pain at the mo,thats why i havent said much, doing my heed in

  74. ILM I havn’t seen Taylor make to many mistakes and not as many as Willo and I like Willo but IMO I think Taylor is better, and should keep his place with Colo coming back

  75. Barton should be in an England shirt sooner rather than later. He wont be down to his past which is a shame, yet his own fault, but he’s been outstanding this season. You’d have been excused for thinking Gerrard had put the black and white on for a day.

  76. Well it really was a story of footballers at different ends and stages in their career. Sol was sloppy for their goal, but how well did Ranger do for his 30 minutes?

    Correct me if i’m wrong here but isn’t that the earliest we’ve put Ranger on in the league? I’m thinking we’ve only ever gave him 20 minutes at the most – but boy did he take his chance with both hands.

    No knee jerk reaction on the defence needed, though it’ll be nice to have Willo and Colo back should we need them. And I think after today, Mr Ranger deserves a start ahead of Ameobi!

  77. Ross

    He was awesome today. Almost faultless. In fact, aside from Jonas and Sol the whole team were faultless.

  78. Shola went off injured which was the reason for the ranger substitution, it was obvious the liverpool defence couldnt handle the power of carroll and shola so ranger an obvious choice – good game, agree ranger should prob be given a start next week.
    Nice touch Joey Barton dedicating the win and his MOM award to hughton
    Good to see the fans put the protests aside for most of the 90 mins

    well happy with the result – tho we have to remember Liverpool were very poor Sol was even worse, terrible and looks past it – luckily Collo and Williamson back next week

  79. Wow, great results, still quite a bit to iron out but great results none the less.

    Jonas, Ameobi and Campbell are the three first team players I really wouldn’t mind losing in the transfer window.

    Ranger has a lot to learn still, but he already offers more the Ameobi and has potential to improve greatly.

    Ameobi is just quite simply the worst premier league player I have ever seen.

  80. barton and nolan made all the difference today. with collo and willo coming in the next game, we ought to perform better (liverpool looked terrible). tiote is pure class and i am so happy hes so good and so young. carroll was unplayable.

  81. Great win. Barton and Nolan made all the difference. Surely Ranger has shown that he is the perfect partner to Carroll. Ranger is quick and strong and will actually hustle and harry the opposition defence, something that Shola rarely if ever does. Thank goodness that Willo and Colo are back the next game as Taylor and Campbell don’t look very sound. I don’t know whether it is Campbell or Taylor but as a pair they look suspect.

  82. Kamar

    I hate to admit it, but it’s Campbell, mate. He looked class against Chelsea, but has been shocking since. However, I can’t help but feel he organises the back four well though.

  83. To me, it seems Pardew is gona have a very hard time getting the players on his side, as at the moment, regardless of who is manager, its seems like the team is being led by Nolan and Barton.

    Anyway, my match ratings:

    Krul – 6 (solid enough, needs to be more assertive)
    Enrique – 7 (good game, needs to cut out the lapses)
    Campbell – 2 (did nothing right, shocking game)
    Taylor – 6 (decent next to a terrible partner)
    Simpson – 6 (coped well, can get forward more)
    Jonas – 3 (offers little, poor game)
    Nolan – 7 (did what he does best, scored an NB goal)
    Tiote – 9 (just outstanding, bargain of the decade)
    Ameobi – 2 (slow, no football brain, clumsy, whats new)
    Carroll – 9 (Was unstoppable today!)

    Ranger – 7.5 (excellent impact, needs moulding but great prospect)

    Pardew – well, can’t really take credit for the result, but it should make things easier for him.

  84. Im so pleased for Pardew I really am. Im not a scab before anyone says. In those training picks you could see him talking to Joey. Then he said to the press he thinks Joey has been excellent this season and wants to build a team around Joey, Carroll and Benny. Far enough Joey said he’s only been here 2 days and im an Evertonian but come lads lets get behind the team and the management now!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Did anyone watch ESPN. When it was in the strawberry that tall lad on the far right (her left) was Scotty. Lad I know from gateshead.

  85. O’Hurley

    If Xisco got the regular football Ameobi gets, he would better than Shola.

    Mind you, I think I would be better than Shola.

  86. How funny was Roy Hodgson.

    Comments on Carroll, and Ranger, then when asked what he thought of Torres’ performance.

    “I don’t make comments on individual players”

    Liverpool is in a bigger mess than we are as a club, and I just love it. Because I cannot stand Liverpool! Hahahaha.

  87. Just out of interest, has anyone given Pardew credit for bringing Rnager on? He was the one player that made a huge, huge difference.

    Campbell had a bad day at the office it has to be said. Thought Taylor did immense under the circumstances. I’d play Colo with Taylor.

  88. IMO Kadar has been hard done by; but you take the 3-1 over Liiverpool even though Campbell had another stinker and confirmed to me he is now back-up. Ranger was HUNGRY and caused them huge huge problems. Haleluliha haliluliha!

  89. Toro-Agreed, he was essentially faultless. His range of passing was brilliant. The most exciting thing for me though was his goal. He’d ran ahead of strikers and got himself into the box and it paid off as he latched onto a loose ball, really pleasing to see. I get the impression he loves the club having seen his post match interview aswell. He’s a scouser, he understands the fans and the hysteria surrounding the club I reckon. I believe him when he says he just wants to get his head down, play his football and thank the fans. Keep him, it’s essential.

    I wonder what the lads who said he had to go and were disgusted to see him play in b&w would say now?

  90. Classic KK quote – Mike Ashley knows nothing about football, Llambias knows less than him!!!!


  91. Another classic quote coming from ESPN and Waddle – While Batman and Robin are in charge they’ll never succeed! Quality.

  92. Big Dave,

    Oh dear, sorry Joey, how could I forget him!

    Barton – 8.5 (great game, great deliveries, still would love to see him in the centre, but I understand why he has to be on the right now).

    Would love this formation at home:





    Routeledge—————————————Ben Arfa


    Ranger can gain experience coming on for either Routeledge as an impact player.

  93. Noticed how there wasn’t much Ashley oot chants in the last 10 mins!!

    And 50,000 or sommit was it!. Biggest crowd for donks.

  94. Im SO pleased we beat Liverpool!!!!!!!!!! for once!!! Get in lads!! Come on lets get behind the team and Pardew. We need to stay up and build on our position. Ashley has said he will back Pardew and keep him here for years and I don’t think he’s lieing. So ncome on C.H was hard done by but today was the perfect ‘thank you’ birthday present from the players and he will go on to do very well im sure about that.

  95. Stuart79

    KK hust couldnt wait to get the boot in m8. lol

    ‘Ashley knows nothing about football and Lambias knows even less’ :lol:

    What do they expect the guy walked on them, nowt like unbias reporting eh! Keegan get a life man ya t### what happend to ya billy smarts circus?

  96. Stuart…KK was spot on with his comment IMO

    Even Pardew said the Groundwork for today’s win was already done, the change of Strolla for Ranger was made then due to Strolla getting injured.

  97. DJG says:
    December 11, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    “Keegan get a life man ya t### what happend to ya billy smarts circus?”

    Surely that has to be WW4?

    Anyone rememeber WW3 on the blog when I dared to put the word ‘king’ in front of Kevin Nolan. How very dare me 8O

    There was some lips popping out that day :lol:

  98. Just back from the match – well, had my tea first.
    Never expected that – especially for a few minutes after they scored (TERRIBLE defending – no danger until we gifted the ball to Kuyt and even then he shouldn’t have scored). We looked 2nd to the ball for much of the first half as well and seemed unable to keep possession but slowly we pulled things round as the 2nd half went on and created some good chances for Carroll and Ranger before we scored.
    I thought Ranger had his best game for us – he put himself about in a way I haven’t seen from him before and created space for others. JB was excellent – but a slight worry: did he raise his hands after the “injury – playing -on” business? Will there be another bloody inquest by TV?
    Finally, it was especially satisfying because I had 3 “Reds” sitting behind me – don’t know how they got tickets there- and one of them was very loud and deliberately being provocative. I luvd it when we scored our second, really luvd it!
    PS Wasn’t the ref s**te?

  99. Yes he upset me the whole broadcast with his bias opinions Big Dave!

    He was worse than than Mackem that tries to pass as a newcastle commentator!!!!

  100. magpie6699 ref was awful and i counted 15 times he gave liverpool the rub of the green today….anyway wonderful performance by the lads..esp jb,carroll and young nile..ameobi’s times up!

  101. alanmc – yeah – the one time he gave us a surprise free kick was when we had the ball and were breaking out of defence! And he failed to punish some blatant cheating by Torres and Austin Maxi – if he’s not giving a foul then they had to be complete dives and deserving of a card.

  102. Big Dave hes either from Ashington and got a lisp. or he’s a mackem!! hahaha

    Ive never heard anyone talk like him.

    Also the Come on Torres. Just was unlucky there. Liverpool should be 2-1 up. Get lost ya macken no one cares if you once played for the toon f### off lol.

  103. DJG did you want him to come out and say that Ma was a real football man and that he was fair with the way he treated CH and the Fans ?

  104. Maverick says:
    December 11, 2010 at 9:11 pm
    Ah…DJG is just a bairn is he??


    You be Maverick

    Ill be Iceman

    Highway to the dangerzone! No get away from my bum! hahaha

  105. Toonsy I never really took much notice of the “King” part to be honest, untill it all kicked off :lol: I bet it was like being in Afganistan with the barage that came in after that :)

  106. off topic,see the guy that does the horse-racing on t.v.said hes had his wages CUT 80%the rest by 20%,its not reet hes a toon fan :)

  107. toonsy

    I don’t know what language he speaks toonsy but I know people from felling. Nd he don’t sound like them. :)


  108. wtf is every 1 haveing a go at keegan for ?
    every thing he says is the truth i for 1 respect what he is saying Big Dave he cares a lot for this club

  109. Batts Not a bit of wonder you have a go at him :) he does come of with more sh1te than WWW at times.
    Toonsy is he still banned ? or has he just never came back

  110. Toonsy-

    Hows he got such a fat heed and neck.

    He mustnt have when he was a fooballer if he was anygood wahatsoever. I divvent like him one bit. I hate it as soon as you find out he is commentating. Me da reckon he seen he in the bigg market and he was a utter t!t.

  111. i would love for some rich arab that buys us and brings back keegan and gives him a blank check :)

  112. Dave – Aye, I remember that, but I can’t remember whether he pissed or or if he got banned?

    This wasnlt a plce for the faint hearted at times :lol:

  113. aye Toonsy, ya been missing me mate? I’ve just been busy organising my Charvas for the demos today ;-)

  114. Toonsy your right mate, Is things going better with you mate as I havn’t been on that much this week and I havn’t seen you on as much either.
    Talking about banning you want to hear the stuff DJG was saying about you lastnite just ask Batty :lol:

  115. Dave – I read it on my phone. I just thought it was typical really, him sticking the kife in whilst I was away and that ;)

    Work is killing me at the minute. Wasn’t so bad last week, but this next will be shite again :(

  116. Big Dave

    You sh!t stirrer :)

    I was kiddin as I clearly put in brackets at the time toonsy is class and has been a smooth dude this week especially. Total chilled out. :)

  117. if roul moat had waited a few more months he could of killed mike ashley and he would of been a hero

  118. see the thaw has brought richie back,get a bigger spade m8 for next time :).
    you have a big enough spoon

  119. DJG you are a Bullsh1tter mate your puckering up to Toonsy now cause you know he would ban you, but last night you we’re puckering up to Worky so that he wouldn’t ban you, while abusing Wor Toonsy and Batty will back me up on that isn’t that right Wor Batts :lol:

  120. DJG DJG says:
    December 11, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    Maverick says:
    December 11, 2010 at 9:11 pm
    Ah…DJG is just a bairn is he??


    You be Maverick

    Ill be Iceman

    Highway to the dangerzone! No get away from my bum! hahaha

    Ah, I see, juvenile homosexual humour!!

    Never mind enjoy school Monday !!

    KK is still a hero to me and many people i’d say.

  121. if keegan came back 2moro every 1 would be at his feet a keegan mania wouyld sweep tyneside again wishfull thinking :)

  122. Batty I know it was your nick mate ;) and your right some of the stuff DJG said about Toonsy was low ;)
    Ice there’s only one Joey Barton :lol:
    here is a Joey interview with that pratt Stan collymore

  123. BATTY :)
    telt you to wait couple of games,bet still safe,that result could have been for clueless chris :)