Joey Barton to face more FA punishment?

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Barton in bother again?
Barton in bother again?
It is being reported that The FA are poised to take more action against Joey Barton, this time for an alleged obscene gesture during the Liverpool match.

The Express claims that The FA are awaiting the match report from referee Lee Mason before deciding if any more action is taken.

If Lee Mason saw the incident, which is highly unlikely as he missed a hell of a lot of other stuff during the game yesterday, and mentioned it in his match report then Barton will be fine. However, if Mason missed the incident, which is entirely probable, then that could open the door for The FA ta take retrospective action against yesterday’s Man-of-the-Match.

I can only assume that this “obscene gesture” is referring to when Barton grabbed his testicles and hinted that Fernando Torres didn’t have any. If that is the case then The FA are clearly taking the piss with Newcastle.

I didn’t buy into all the vendetta stuff when Mike Williamson and Joey Barton faced retrospective punishment earlier in the season, but I do think that this is particularly pedantic if there is any truth to it. Perhaps Sepp Blatter does have a point about The FA after all?

Anyway, an FA spokesman tried to explain what happens now;

“Essentially what will happen for an incident like that is that the FA will wait for the referee’s report and if the referee includes something about incident and that he had seen it but it hadn’t warranted a caution then he may not get sanctioned at all.”

“The disciplinary people will sit down and if they need to get video evidence they will do. If there is other video evidence suggesting that he did break the rules then there is a chance that an investigation might take place.”

I haven’t seen enough of the incident to really judge, but from what I saw Joey Barton played on as he didn’t realise that there was a Liverpool player down injured. The game was stopped, so Joey stopped and was confronted by four or five Liverpool players.

I distinctly remember the commentator pointing out that Fernando Torres had offered Barton the opportunity to sort it out in the tunnel at the end of the match, to which I can only assume that Wor Joey replied by intimating that Torres didn’t have the balls to do that.

We’ll have to see what happens with this one, but it really would be a kick in the teeth if Barton was pulled up for something as petty as this.

Mind you, it also wouldn’t surprise me!

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53 Responses

  1. Petty isn’t even the word Toonsy. I like you, wouldn’t be surprised if he was done again though. No one can handle him getting his head down and putting in some brilliant performances even though everyone claims that’s all they want him to do. It’s pathetic if he’s punished by the FA for something like this. I’d say the club should complain but thats seemingly what is leading the FA to punish us as a club or individuals for nowt in the first place.

    If he is done I expect to see players being punished for reactions to refereeing decisions, one on one confrontations, goal celebrations and more in the weeks to come. Fat F*cking chance.

  2. Barton will never learn and I agree something should be done! Robbie Fowler was banned for 3 games for his gay gesture to Graeme Le Saux so I see no difference here. Barton has an amazing talent and he is ruining his career! A sahme because he could have had 20 plus England caps by now!

  3. One could fear that we might get a dressing room problem down the line… Barton and Nolan are tough charecters for any manager to stay on top on and it will be a tough job for Alan to make sure that he stays in control.

  4. I think this could galvanise the players and the manager. Nothing like being treated unjustly to make them step up and play a good clean game next week…and win of course

  5. Newcastle should point out to the FA that a few liverpool players confronted joey and thats against the rules so if joey gets punished then liverpool should as well for not controlling their players , Unproffesinal Conduct i think they call it . Bin dipping cnuts cant take a beating

  6. So let me get this straight if the ref did see did see it they might take action depending on what he say’s in his report, if he didn’t see it they might use video evidence?? isn’t this the same FA that said because the ref saw the incident but didn’t take any action during the game they couldn’t “re-referee” the match when HBA got injured against man city by that thug De-jong

  7. Read the wording of the statement…

    It seems that some sad southerner or scouser in the press cant handle bartons performances and asked about the incident.

    Well barton sucked his finger so i thought he was saying torres wanted to perform felatio on him…but either way i just thought it was funny.

    Torres whines, dives and sulks all match and barton had another stormer and some people just cant take that.

    Tell you what, you’ll have a hard time if you can find a better english player this season.

  8. Big fat Joke Torres and others were trying to wind him up They didn’t like the fact nufc were a better team well done joey I agree Torres has no balls!

  9. I saw joey doing his gesture, kept on doing it for a couple minutes I think as Torres wouldn’t let it lie. Personally I wonder if Torres was trying to wind Barton up hoping to get a reaction and him sent off. But I did think at the time, howay Barton shut the hell up ffs. It would be a farce if they did Barton for obscene gestures when every player to a man calls the ref and opposition players c**nts and tell em to f**k off and other such pleasantries during the entire course of a match. Someone certainly has it in for wor joey. I pray he doesn’t get banned again because he’s absolutely essential to our prospects. Indispensable, even, I’d say.

  10. Just visited the LFC online forum and found this pearl:

    “I wish we had owners like Mike Ashley, he’d soon get rid of Roy and his regime of shite.”

    They should be creful what they wish for lol.
    Hodgy sack rumour is just a load of twitter tosh.
    For now……

  11. If he gets done then the FA are having us all for mugs. Much worse is done week in week out by numerous players in every team-why aren’t they all being suspended? I don’t see how pointing to your genitals is worse than calling opposing players/refs c*nts as the above poster said, don’t think i’ve seen a match where an obsenity hasn’t been uttered. It was annoying that Joey needed Staylor to basically drag him away-I was wondering where Nolan was at that point, if Joey had run up to/attacked Torres then fair enough, but he didn’t and any ban is just ridiculous..

  12. BB

    Spitin their dummies out coz they’ve hit a rough patch last couple of seasons and wont win anything for a while.

    They wanna try being a toon supporter!

  13. joey should have stuk his boot into torres’s empty sack when they were in the tunnel. But then torres wouldn’t have the balls to face him in the tunnel

  14. I think it was more because he had a big handful of his meat and two veg, and had his hardman face on while telling torres he didn’t have the necessary equipment for some afters in the tunnel.
    It was really funny, I mean can you imagine a bigger girls blouse than torres having a go at JB. !!!
    I think nolan was off by then.

  15. DJG they are twisting and moaning cus they not in top 4 as is their God given right.
    classic stuff lol.
    some proper numpties too.
    here’s another.
    “…barcodes played shite football and still beat us 3-1”
    seems Torres is turning into ameobi too :D

  16. bb nolan was still on as he was talking to joey when he came away after it.
    Jay jay hows it ganin

  17. No mention of Kyrgiakos taking a wild swing backwards with his elbow 50 yards behind play just before half time. Carroll dodged it just in time, but that is irrelevant. I haven’t seen anything on camera, but if you happened to be looking in that direction it was as clear as day and the linesman should certainly have seen it. Then again the culprit’s name wasn’t Joey Barton so the papers won’t be interested.

  18. Driver8,
    aye, that & the fact that Kyrgiakos injured his own player off the pitch with another elbow that was aimed at AC but missed, good job like cos i reckon AC woulda nutted him if that had connected.
    Which wouldn’t have helped our cause any.

  19. Driver-Kyrgiakos is such an ugly bugger they probably just feel sorry for him. “Nee need to give the poor bugger any more grief”

    As for Torres/Barton, the commentators mentioned that Torres had said he’d see Barton in the tunnel. Now i’ll apologise to them if they do turn out to be pro lip readers, but I most definitly doubt it. I’m going to assume they took what Torres had said, from something such as a gesture? Why isn’t that being investigated? Inciting violence?

  20. petty??? the guy is a thug and shouldn’t play the game again! if that was anyone else in any other job, then they would be sacked! the lad is a complete twat! and ur a bunch of idiots for backing him up! fools!

  21. Maybe CH will get the liverpoo job, to help ‘stabilize’ them?
    They could maybe ‘bounce’ straight back up next season, if they do?
    at last, we’re starting to beat some of the ‘mid-table’ teams at hyem again.


    The whole Barton thing is yet another excuse for the press et al to ‘not’ give NUFC any credit for a great win under immense pressure, or Barton his MOM award.
    F*** the media, F*** the fa, qunts the lot of ’em.

  22. But barton knows the press will jump on anything he does, no matter how big or small, form GBH to a tackle on the field, which proves that he is a fool because he seems to do something stupid every week! the lad shouldnt be playing professional football, waste of space, and he’s not even that good!

  23. Ok mate,
    you’re right.
    Rubbish player, & never been a controversial player in the game before.

    ps…Why do you care, again?

  24. Barton is a piece of shit.Alway’s has been & alway’s will be.From sticking cigars into peoples eye’s to beating the crap out of someone in the high street for no reason.He’s a punk!

  25. If Barton is charged, how bout charging two liverfool players for violent conduct?

    1stly, the prison break guy for the kungfu kick into Ranger’s face

    2nd, England’s “best” right back for the flying kick into Barton’s chest

    Cos obviously both of them are not going for the ball!

  26. I hate to suggest it but having just read through Pardew’s experience Ashley may have made an inspired decision, obviously it is much too early to make a judgement but there does seem to be method in his madness. Pardew has basically been quite successful everywhere he has been and there are reasonable reasons why he wasn’t when he wasn’t. Plus he has always worked at it.

    Reading promoted to, as is, the Championship, then West Ham second season up to Premiership, taking them to a Cup Final, which they really should have won, if not for a Gerrard 90th minute heart breaker. They were then bought which is always dodgy for the existing manager, especially with the Teves and Macharano deals seemingly done behind his back. A bad run and he was gone.

    He then took over at Charlton who by all accounts he improved, although not enough to stay up. Though importantly this should also be seen in the light of being the post-Curbishley era. Curbishley had done everything for Charlton, him going, them getting relegated, a lot of factors against Pardew there, almost whole era ending against him.

    He then turns up at Southampton and with a 10 point deduction still only just misses promotion, but wins the Football League Trophy at Wembley. Falls out with Chairman and is gone.

    I would say Ashley has employed some one with something to prove and someone who does seem to generally get the job done, given half a chance and who also pushes his clubs towards a bit of glory: play off finals, FA Cup Final, League Trophy Winners. If anything he has just been unlucky, which of course some of his behaviour will have led to, but this I would say is no mug and someone who has the belief tinged with a bit of disappointment, that can quell a bit of the ego, but not stop him pushing on.

    Obviously early doors, but it is also may be all for the better that he is trusted a bit by Ashley, because this really is his appointment now. His first real one really. It could be said Pardew has the talent, he just needs to be stood by when things do go a little bit pear shaped at some point. The fact that Keegan and Ian Holloway also regard him as a friend says something for his character. I gotta say I feel a bit better than I did a few days ago. This is a guy with something to prove and arguably talent to prove it. We’ll see. But, it is not as bad as I first thought.

  27. Beardsleys Boots says:
    December 12, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    Just visited the LFC online forum and found this pearl:

    “I wish we had owners like Mike Ashley, he’d soon get rid of Roy and his regime of shite.”


    You see, this is why I hate Liverpool. They flobbed the dumy wanting new owners, got new owners, now they want another change to get rid of Hodgson. I mean WTF?

    I could easily have said that I would have liked to have Hicks and Gillet here at Newcastle, including the £300-odd million that was spent on transfers by them. It isn’t their fault that Rafa spent it mainly on shite!

  28. For God’s sake, if the FA take action over something so minor, they really are pathetic.
    What harm does it do? Its no different from sledging in cricket, which happens all the time. And players merely laugh it off.

    The FA really are the most useless organisation in history.

  29. No action will be taken, it’s simply the press dragging up a story out of nowt, if players were retrospectively banned for obscenities there would be games where teams wouldn’t be able to field 11 players

  30. The press know that we are one of the few clubs where the FA can be pressured into taking the dreaded ” retrospective” action and thats why they make so much of it, how about doing Maxi for diving or Kyragous for elbowing, fancy a bit of Alan Hutton two footed or even Essien nasty lunge at Bale and there is a nasty elbow by Dunn of Blackburn yesterday and numerous pathetic play acting incidents which reduced that particular game to a farce.
    My point is you cant be selective in applying a particular law or sanction, its all or none.

  31. 4411….agree

    Clint… mikebwfc “cares” cos if he goes on his own blogs there’ll only be him there, nae other fans to have craic with…..Blyth Women FC don’t get many on their blog ;-)

  32. Lione @ 30 – think you’re missing the point, Pardew also got all of those teams relegated or as near as damn itl – West Ham went massively downhill once he started shagging a players wife, Charlton was a bit of a mare for him – def had them playing better in prem tho not good enough to save em. Nowt wrong with that bit he couldn’t get anywhere near mounting a promotion challenge. Southampton by all accounts were playing better football but even with a 10 point deduction they were expected to easily make the playoffs as they had the best squad (on paper) by miles in League 1, it was the fact they didnt make the playoffs and started badly the following season (although rumours persist that he was shagging someone elses wife did the rounds on the south coast)

    I’m happy to give him a chance, play some decent football and get some points on the board – survival was and still is the name of the game this season

    Saturday was about showing Chris Hughton our support and thanks for what he achieved for us, its now time to move on
    Pardew can easily win fans over by putting points on the board

    Ashley/Llambias will never have us board but they arent going anywhere and frankly dont give a flying f vck

  33. jj,
    do they play ‘the french game’ (cricket) in the snow?


    mike the north midlander,
    We like punk rock on here.

  34. Not many actual plaudits for our good win at the weekend, yet, in any of the press.
    Don’t tell me, as per, liverpool were shit, we weren’t good?
    Bad defense, not good attack?
    I suppose Barton, ashley, demos, Pardew are better news than the football?

  35. Barton looks good, but in reality this is because he is surrounded by very average players. He wouldn’t get in any of the top four squads. Fact.

  36. The problem with Barton is he’s carved such a rep that marginal calls will more likely go against him than somebody else. Truly talented, truly a boor.

  37. Barton is a reasonably talented footballer – maybe say between the best 100-200 English players. What does the 200th best cricketer/tennis player/golfer earn….. Even if you think he’s better than that, he isn’t in the top 50. But he thinks he is as his good as his pay-cheque. Wrong.

    Sadly, he is also a nasty, foul-mouthed little thug, who in his line of work gets away with it because he is a ‘sports star’. You or I would have gone to prison for the videod attack on a passer-by in the street. He got away with it – not the only footballer to do that, Boyer and Woodgate did much the same thing…. But what comes around goes around. He has thoroughly deserved his reputation as a piece of xxxx, and if he then gets treated accordingly for every misdemeanour then he has only himself to blame.

  38. If what you say is now an issue, the NUFC squad to a man should wear those little mouth masks you see the Japanese and Chinese wearing on cold and/or bad air days. No FA rules against it, and would protect the players right to free speech.

  39. Actually, the punishment is obvious – send him on loan to whatever team are playing Wolves every week for the rest of the season. Mick and his players will soon teach him how to behave ;-)))

  40. ‘BeeGuy’- what are you talking about? free speech????? he got his balls out on the pitch, if any kids are watching it just sends the wrong impression, and ‘richietoon’, i thought i could comment on here and have a decent debate about the thug that is joey barton, but obviousley not, i cant believe how many are commenting on apparentley being hard-done-bye, its obvious that Barton is an idiot, and that newcastle have had there fair share of idiots, on and off the field, im off to watch blyth women FC!!!

  41. Mike – Wake up you soft southern cunt. Barton DID NOT get his bollocks out FFS. Get a grip man.

  42. Mikebwfc says:
    December 13, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    His balls must be the size of M & M’s as nobody else seen em…

  43. mike…if you’d come for a debate fair enough but you didn’t.You came on to abuse JB and toon fans ” the lad is a complete twat! and ur a bunch of idiots for backing him up! fools” thats not debating it’s abusing!!

    Aye Joey was a fool but only because he should know everything he does will come under scrutiny, they’re will have been worse things either done or said in every single game at every level this weekend.
    What Torres did was worse offering to sort it out in the tunnel, that implies violence does it not?….they you go debated and sorted. :roll:

  44. Maybe it was wishful thining by Mike? Maybe he was so desperate to see Barton’s balls that he imagined them for his own homo-erotic deviance?

  45. bartons a legend,one of very few footballers not to forget where he came from,as for that idiot mike shoud gerrard not be allowed to play football after he bashed that guy in the bar???? me thinks not because stevies a good boy!!!

  46. Apparently he did get his cock out and waved it at the crowd as he was walking towards the tunnel. That’s what all the fuss is about.

  47. 50 – There is a world of difference between getting into a ruck with a bloke in a bar over whatever, (not good but understandable) and walking up to some stranger in the street with a group of your mates for support and repeatedly hitting and kicking him when he’s on the floor just because you can and have a lawyer who will get you off even if you’re caught.

    Barton’s a tough lad when he’s got a ref and 10 mates to protect him or the odds are 5-1 in his favour. He’d fill his nappy in a straight fight.