Newcastle United 5-1 Sunderland – The Final Inquest.

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The Boys Are Back In Toon!
The Boys Are Back In Toon!
Apart from having headlines telling you that you had just won the lottery, isn’t a 5-1 drubbing of the unwashed the perfect reading material?

A certain amount of trepidation had begun to creep in on the generally buoyant Geordie spirit after a series of mixed results. At the same time, there was a lot of paper talk that the club had decided that Chris Hughton’s time at the helm was quickly approaching an end. The club promptly went out, decided to be more vocal (about time too), and stated where they stood regarding the situation. With the expectations higher than ever, the need to put more points on the board, and a manager clearly favoured by the board, the excitement surrounding the always enticing ‘Tyne-Wear Derby’ had now reached fever pitch.

In fact, I wonder whether Chris’ contract talks are already fairly advanced and more lucrative than before. For a man apparently working for peanuts, that was a pretty sharp suit he was wearing.

Anyway, the player’s fairly outstanding performances, are summed up below:

Tim Krul – Another solid performance, and if I were Steve Harper, I’d begin getting a little worried. However, he’s far from the finished product (which itself is a mouthwatering prospect, as the sky’s the limit with this lad) as their consolation goal showed. He had his eyes solely on the ball and no awareness around him at all. Seemed astounded that Bent was anywhere near him. It’s excusable in the current circumstances, however, in games where the score line is tighter, those kind of mistakes can cost us vital points. All in all though, I believe he did well.

Danny Simpson – Great to see the lad back in a proper fixture for us. Appears to be getting back to what we saw of him at the beginning of last season, which is a good think. Nice amount of overlapping with Barton as well.

Mike Williamson & Fabricio Coloccini – Sturdy defensively yet again. This partnership is definitely one I would not break up. Whether or not we have a fully fit Steven Taylor in the squad or not. Collo almost grabbed himself another goal as well. Would loved to have either one of these two defending against Bent rather than Carrol for the goal. In all fairness to Carroll though, that was probably the first header he’d failed to win all night.

Jose Enrique – It’s getting incredibly difficult to find fault with this lad. Like Krul, he gets better every week. Great improvement in his already remarkable offensive play. Would like to see a bit more from him defensively though. A better effort from Welbeck on the break in the first half could have spelt trouble as Enrique was a tad out of position. Fortunately for us though, he managed to fluff it.

Joey Barton – Even though he was once more played out of position, on the right wing, he hasn’t looked bad in my opinion. Has an eye for a pass as well as a cross. And even when he did drift in, he caused quite a few problems. Cracking shot from him in the first half, and great save from Mignolet to be fair.

Cheick Tiote – I hope that the sections of the fans that don’t post on here appreciate him as much as we do. He plays a massive role in what has been probably our best defensive line-up in years. However, what he does, he does quietly and efficiently, and this gets overlooked far too often. Yet another great display from the lad.

Jonas Gutierrez – Has looked like a doppelganger of the man we signed two years ago. His performances in the last few games have been nothing short of a revelation as to what he can do when he’s focused. Great runs yesterday, which unlike before, had quite the end product to boot.

Kevin Nolan – Call him what you like, lazy, tugboat and what not. He may go missing for massive spans of the game, but one thing I’ve always said about this lad is that he possesses a certain quality that I wish our strikers had. He just always manages to get in the right place at the right time. And if he manages to keep these sort of performances up, he might even be that 15-20 goal a season player we’re looking for. Who knows?

Shola Ameobi – Proved that he can play in a formation with another striker, and definitely warrants a start until he proves otherwise. Knows how to find the back of the net even in adversity. Good second goal too.

Andy Carroll – Great effort from the lad.  I think that Chris Hughton’s realised that we shouldn’t pressure him too much as well. Didn’t choke in the slightest, and seemed to cause their defense no end of problems with some fairly decent runs and kept popping up cause a fair bit of irritation. Linked up rather well with Ameobi. Couldn’t be fussed if he doesn’t get the goals we expect if he can help the team create them the way he did yesterday.

Can’t really say much about the subs to be honest, but I honestly can’t seem to remember when we played a team off the park the way we did yesterday. Yes, the result at Villa was better, but the game play yesterday was something else altogether.

Honestly, am not getting ahead of myself (I certainly hope not anyway), but on the back of this result, if we approach the Arsenal game with the same mindset, I wouldn’t be surprised to get something out of it. Here’s to hoping anyway.


P.S: My apologies for having missed the inquest for the last couple of matches, but was unavailable for a little while due to bereavement.

And as an afterthought, THANKS STEVE BRUCE!

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52 Responses

  1. 25% of the way through the season 33% of the points needed to survive. Not a bad performance either. what was the score. oh yes 5-1 HWTL

  2. Agree about Krul , havent seen any reason to drop him , yeah he could of done a bit better with bents goal but its a learing curve for him as well. Id be worried steve ;)

  3. Carroll worked his socks off and so often was playing the ball into the square, knocking headers down or drawing two defenders into space that he made Ameobi look good. I think Ameobi took his goal and his penalty well but I think a player like Andy could benefit from being given some penalties to take as well. It will lift his confidence and he is the future after all. The whole team played well though and everyone did their job very well.


    Never tend to bother trying to get anything on my phone after the match, but saying as Yesterday was a special one I got a bit of the sing along on the way out. Only really gets going towards the end but it’s a taster for our oversea’s lads on here as to how the majority of the walk back into town went,lol

  5. Fernando sorry for your bereavement mate, I agree with what you have said regarding the players, I was worried about Tiote before the game and even more so after he got booked so early, but he calmed down and rienstated himself as our Rock. I do feel abit sorry for him as he was overlooked at 1st because all the spotlight was on Benny, but I think he will always be the understated quiet man that just gets on with his job. I too would like to see AC as the penalty taker as I think it should come with the No 9 shirt

  6. Just spotted this in the Guardian:

    Carroll and Ameobi are irresistible hustlers

    There is something irresistible and even endearing about the Andy Carroll/Shola Ameobi big-man-big-man front pairing. This is a partnership of twin-hulks, albeit two big men with the widely-desired surprisingly good feet and a decent turn of speed, too. The game plan against Sunderland, as in the victory against West Ham, was to press high up the pitch – in a manner it is tempting to describe as “Barcelona-esque” – with both men constantly cutting down the space for Sunderland in possession. Like a pair of formidably committed nightclub bouncers, Carroll and Ameobi hustled and intimidated and showed an absolute commitment to the cause. Some have said that the classic No9 is an endangered, or even extinct, species, and it is hard to know whether the success of Ameobi-Carroll supports or disproves this. It is their flexibility in defence and attack that is impressive, rather than their target-man credentials. At times this season Carroll has played less like a classic No9 and more in a hustling all-action role you might compare to that of a flanker in rugby union, a physically imposing link-man, closing down opposition ball-carriers, creating and stifling and generally acting as the glue for his team’s forward thrusts. It is a gameplan that may be almost exclusively suited to the Premier League, where the ball is there to be won (attempting it at, say, Camp Nou might be verging on the inhumane). But it is greatly to Chris Hughton’s credit that he has both the insight to put this tactic of forward pressing into play and also the personnel willing to carry it out for him.

  7. Blackpool could have scored 2 in the last 2 minutes, shoddy finishing really.

    Also, did anyone listen to the Leg-ends earlier? what did “super”mac have to say?

  8. Nice to see the Toon running demolition derby,s at SJP.
    On another note can anyone else see Ierland or some other international side come knocking for CH if things carry on in the right direction?

  9. “Like a pair of formidably committed nightclub bouncers, Carroll and Ameobi hustled and intimidated and showed an absolute commitment to the cause”

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Shola intimidated a few bouncer’s in koo’s last night like. He’s a big lad and was throwing some serious shapes by the bar, haha. Sadly however, Alan Smith from what I saw was the only one who made the effort to dress up given the fact it was Halloween.

  10. Flippin heck, wor Press Officer is working OT at the moment. Two statements in a month is unheard of 1 – quashing the CH out rumours, 2 – quashing the FFS wanting to buy the club rumours.

    Mancini to get bladdered at Citeh anyone ? I would just love that to happen…

  11. Can I just say that Tiote seems to actually be the kind of defensive midfielder that the media tried to imply Nicky butt was for us.[1]

    He breaks their play up, and keeps the ball. covers the defence and isn’t afraid to help out going forward when the moment occasions.

    He’s exactly what our midfield has lacked for years now, and could quite easily turn into one of the signings of the season if he keeps up this early season form.

    [1] By this I refer to the number of times Sky/BBC would say how excellent Nicky Butt was during and after games where those of us in Black and White just saw him having another stinker that involved nothing else but rash tackles, bookings and daft challenges round about our own area.

  12. Thanks Ross–the Stadium is fughing immense! I’m a New Yorker and the Red Bulls have just built their own new stadium, so it’s shiny and new, but it’s only something like a 25,000 seater… Maybe one day my local Red Bulls will have a giant like that… IN NEW YORK CITY! Or, better yet, the Cosmos will be resurrected…

  13. FSOTC-Or even better than both, you manage to experience a Tyne-Wear derby first hand. Yesterday was the loudest I’ve heard SJP for a long, long time. I took a mate who had never been to a Toon game and he was in complete shock. All he said today was how he’d never experienced an atmosphere like it, he looked like he was about to faint when the first goal went in and the place went wild. He isn’t a Newcastle fan but he couldn’t help getting into the swing of things, he was going off it every time the ball hit the net. Not a bad one for him to attend with me! lol.

  14. At the end…Exactly mate. Said i’d take a few of the lads down if they wanted but he was the only one who said he was definitly up for it, so he was the only one that got a ticket. Took him out last night and the town was jumping, he absolutly loved it. Rest of them all text me at full time saying they were sick having decided to stay and watch it on the box at home. Unlucky for them, lol.

  15. JUST KIDDING. Although aside from getting into the box more often, his performance was about the same as the last few games.

  16. I will probably state the obvious, but Tiote is one of the main reasons behind the most of the success we have had as a team, and the progress it has made. We have lacked his type of a player for years, we got ourselves our own Makelele, and if he keeps on going like this we might have snatched a signing of the season. A bit sad about the smudge tho’, but I can’t complain about the results.

  17. Well, the Red Bulls did do something that KK dreamed about but could never pull off… they signed Henri.

  18. DJG…
    not quite laying into the mackems like he said but canny article :-)

    “Yeah, time I slaughtered the Mackems, I suppose! Well done last season and this”.
    Mick D

  19. Morning lads and lasses, still buzzing after Sunday but looking forward to testing ourselves against Arsenal where we need to continue our workrate and hopefully give a good showing against arguably the best footballing team in the country.
    Seeing as West Brom won there, surely we have hope.
    Reading this article this morning from Colin Young in the Mail who started the ball rolling with the Hughton contract rumour and there are hints as to which side of the divide he is on.–Sunderland-fan-matter.html?

  20. Anyone read Louise Taylor’s match report in The Guardian? For a match that had nine bookng, one red card, a penalty and six goals it was awfully short :lol:

    I bet she carved into her dark bedroom wall using a knife :lol:

  21. Toonsy was in the north east then louise taylor doesn’t have time to do a thorough match report, you dirty dog toonsy, you’ve been having another go on her have you?:)

  22. Now Shola’s voiced support for Hughton but there may be a down-side to this and other well-intentioned expressions of good sense.

    Could there be a risk of Ashley not wanting to be seen to be responding from external pressures by giving Hughton the recognition he deserves? This really must be decision that does not allow the world at large to think he’s caved in to opinion and the only way he can ensure that is to act very very quickly!

    Will he though, that is the question.

  23. lesh – Ashley and the club have already publicly backed Hughton and said they will sit down and discuss a new contract at the end of the year.

    I wouldn’t have expected them to go back on that had we lost on Sunday, so why should they make a rash decision based on one (albeit incredible) victory?

    It’s ridiculous, last week the press were making up stories about Hughton’s imminent departure, now they trying to create a (even bigger) rift between the club and the fans by saying the club aren’t backing him as they should.

    For all the sh1te that has happened on and off the field during Ashley’s tenure, these last 12 months or so have been reasonably stable.

    I say lets just let the club deal with it as they have said they would. I’m sure a new contract will be sorted when they say, and let’s face it, when has the number of years left on a contract had any correlation with the security of a manager’s job – especially at the Toon???

  24. Yup Toon and I agree that it’s the media whipping this up.

    However, I still stand by my point that until teh club can silence the media over this, then it will persist. That being the case, the only way to silence the mischeif makers is for both parties to put pen to paper -PDQ!