Lovenkrands looking for Newcastle exit?

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Peter on his bike?
Peter on his bike?
Peter Lovenkrands has admitted that he may be forced to leave Newcastle in order to save his international career.

Lovenkrands hasn’t really had a look in this season and has only featured five times for the Newcastle first-team, with three of those appearances coming in the Carling Cup.

This has left the 30-year old forward having to admit that he could be forced to move back to Denmark to play his football as he looks to continue his international career. After all, it’s hard to get picked for your country if you aren’t playing for your club, or at leas it should be anyway. Whilst I personally would be sad see the Dane leave, I can understand his reasons for wanting to do so.

Lovenkrands was influential in last seasons promotion charge and bagged himself 16-goals as Newcastle romped away with The Championship. His pace and movement troubled defences last season, but my only issue with him is the fact that if he isn’t scoring then he isn’t doing much else and tends to disappear from matches.

Still, if he wants to move on then fair enough. Last season was quite emotional for the lad after he lost his father. You could see just how upset he was at times. Quite simply, he misses his native country, and with FC Copenhagen rumoured to be interested in him it could offer Lovenkrands the escape route that he appears to be looking for.

“I miss my country, so if a team like FC was interested, I’d certainly listen to what they have to say,” Lovenkrands told The Mirror.

“It is obviously harder for me to get into the national team than it is for some of the others who are playing regularly,” Lovenkrands said when asked about his international future.

So it looks like Peter could be off soon enough then, which is fair enough I guess. I can’t blame the lad for wanting out if he isn’t getting the games, but Lovo should remember that it is also a two-way street and he needs to justify his inclusion in the team.

Now I’m not training ground spy or anything, but in the matches he has played in he hasn’t done an awful lot to be honest, which kind of makes it hard to justify putting him in the team.

Anyway, whatever happens, happens, and if he moves on then so be it and he will get my best wishes for the rest of his career. His goals last season helped us to get to where we are are today, and each and every one of them was vitally important.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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56 Responses

  1. Has he played international football recently (say the last 3 years?). I would also be sorry to see him go, I can see him playing a big part this season.

    He scored big goals for us when we went down, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him. As you said though, he has been poor when he has played this season, in contrast to Shola, who really grabbed his chance when it came along.

  2. Off topic, but I see the game tonight on Sky is a mouth-watering prospect that will have the football purists drooling.

    Stoke v Birmingham



  3. Can’t fault Lover. He was steady as a rock last year. Give him a chance to make a decent shot & it was in or close. His steady play was a good help in Andy Carroll’s development. Seems he could use the playing time to stay sharp, and he could help a team no doubt. It just would be better for NUFC if the help he provided came in a different country.

    It has to be a form of good news if Lover does not see much of a future for him here. That means others on the roster are pushing up in skill, and we may yet see the option of two small strikers vs. some teams rather than the herd of bull elephants we bludgeon others with now. Not that I mind the elephants one bit, but it is nicce for CH to have options.

  4. loved what he did last season, but u hav to say when he has played this season he hasnt upd his standards like the rest of the players hav he has looked really poor, and with carroll n shola looking great n ranger is now lookin the part n looks to hav moved up to 3rd in peckin order id let him go

  5. Disappointed to hear this, but its true that he hasn’t performed when given his chances.

  6. i kno alot well most ppl dont rate leon best but now hes bk from injury id fully expect him to move above lovenkrands aswell, now b4 ppl go crazy noway am i sayin he is better but i think hoots will give best his chance b4 he gives up on him

  7. i hav to i can the likes of lovenkrands, rtaylor n maybe smith, xico moving on with lack of chances, and likes jonathon leager and tim matavz n arfa comin all young exciting talents n prob get all of them for combined fee of 12-14 mill

  8. Toonsy, would much prefer to laugh at the muckems getting hammered off the spurts tonight like :D

  9. When the inevitable injuries kick in or we need to try something different, he’ll get a few games. Once he gets a bit of regular game time we might see his worth again.
    Can’t judge him on his paucity of minutes so far.

  10. Xisco going nowhere. Greedy, lazy, bone idle fecker.
    He must be having a bloody good laugh, the twat.

    Soz 4 that but it winds me up that we are stuck with him for another couple years.

  11. Aye Xisco must have really pissed of Hoots because he was getting more of a look in then Ranger and Loverman put together at the start of the season, Effeminate twat…

  12. clint he got 70 min against wigan n he was terrible i think that is why ranger has jumped above him, dont get me wrong i think lovenkrands was class last season, but i think he hasnt took any of chances in cup or league to prove he shud b starting

  13. u cant blame xisco for the wages hes on the club give him them, and i hav to say i dont think he has ever been giving a chance to prove himself, he has never had a run of games

  14. Davy,
    wow, a whole 70 mins all season, hardly a run like is it?
    & it’s subjective that he was terrible v wigan.
    Who was great in that game?

  15. Some of our players deserved to get more games but it’s hard to change the starting line-up now. It will not fair if we do that without proper reason.

    We still not reach the half of the season. just 11 from 38 and their chance will come, no doubt about that.

  16. McLovin was great last season but I really reckon that was his level and couldnt really see him getting regular runs in many prem teams.

    Agree Davy, although I’d like to see Best get a game or two he cant just be put in for the sake of it and I can see him headin off as well.

  17. McLoven was a great worker at the club’s most depserate hour. Fairly play if he wants to go somewhere and play regularly.

    I think we will see the likes of him, Best and Xisco leaving the club in January. Possibly Smith as well.

  18. hughton should use this speedy man instead of nile ranger as subs..peter is one of the most important man in can he is being ignored by the manager??without peter i think we are still in championship league..

  19. am not saying best will get starts am saying i think we will start seeeing him get a chance from the bench once hes fit, i dont think he has done yet but in pre season i hav to say he looked like he come bk with a different attitude like he was determined to prove us all wrong which i hope he does

  20. masri i cant agree i think ranger is ahead of lovenkrands at the moment and more to the point he is just as pacey

  21. mazri says:
    November 9, 2010 at 4:41 pm
    hughton should use this speedy man instead of nile ranger as subs..peter is one of the most important man in can he is being ignored by the manager??without peter i think we are still in championship league..<<<< not playing well enough thats why he cant get in ,and with out him last season we still would of won the leauge

  22. Batty – “and with out him last season we still would of won the leauge”

    wot a load of honk mate.
    He scored 13 vital goals last season. But I agree he out of his depth in prem. He probably recognises that too.

  23. We need a new striker alongside Carroll!

    Lovenkrands is sometimes very good, but some times so bad that he is invisible. He is struggling too much.

    Ameobi has suprised me a bit this season, and have shown us a bit of his class from his golden-days when he was know as a huge talent. He was terrific against Sunderland and Chelsea, but against Arsenal I think he wasnt good. He looked sometimes like a tired midfielder and he didnt work for the team, like every else did. This is something very bad with him, that he is struggling too much, like Lovenkrands also.

    Xisco is just a flop and some of Newcastle`s badest buy in the newest time. Hope he will never feature in the PL for the club again.

    Ranger is a gifted talent! Hope he will get some chance this season, and I hope he will play a big part for us in the future.

    Leon Best isnt the best, but maybe he can be better. Havnt seen him play so much, but he have never scored for us (just a pre-season goal), thats bad for a striker.

    So my conclusion is that we need to get a new striker in january or in the next summer-window!

    Think we should lay some money on the table and try to sign Luis Suarez;-) He would be perfect alongside Andy Carroll!

  24. Lover man is this generations David Kelly.

    TC- sorry kidda mistook heated debate for anger. I’m too used to soft southern ponces being overly nice to each other makes me sick . Call someone a pleb around here and they take the huff.

  25. I think it would be best for both him and the club if he moved on in Jan. He’s actually 31 in Jan, which im suprised at coz I though he was about 28. So if he wants international football he needs to get his skates on. Im very appreciative of what he did for us, especially his goals in the championship, where at one point he was banging them in; but this is what happens and he won’t beat prem defenses over the shoulder enough to score enough goals in this league. Good luck to him, I hope he ends his career at a good club back in his homeland and possibly European championships with Denmark. I don’t think he’s got a future here though, even Ranger seems ahead of him now.

  26. Ameobi is getting better and better the last few seasons, he is finally reaching that potential that we knew he had. I think England could do worse, considering Heskey and Davis have been deemed good enough. I don’t think he would score loads but Shola would hold the ball up lovely for players like A Johnson, Gerrard and Wallcott.

  27. Kris – “gainst Arsenal I think he wasnt good. He looked sometimes like a tired midfielder and he didnt work for the team, like every else did. This is something very bad with him” – WTF did you watch the game!? He worked tirelesly and had a V Good game for what he was asked to do. CH stated afterwards he was the one that was asked to drop in and he did that with aplomb ensuring Arsenals midfield couldnt pass it through us in the centre.

    Anyone else read the comment from Fat Sam – “It will be my first trip back to St James’ Park as a manager and I don’t know whether I’ll get a good or bad reception” – Ha I’ve a sneaky feelin it wont be too good ye fat twat!

  28. imo he is the best finisher amongst the strikers we currently have. I think with some more consistant playing time he could find his form. However he doesn’t create much anymore and how do you justify playing him over others who are on form so he can find his? I think he’s an important player on the squad but at 30 he doesn’t have much time left so if he wants to go somewhere where he can play regularly that understandable. We signed him for nowt so it’s not like he owes us anything. He’s been worth ever pence and more. Too bad we won’t get back half of the value he means to the squad.
    I don’t think it’s that he wants to leave the toon, he just wants to play, so whilst i’d love to keep him around, i just wish him the best.

  29. International career? Aye mate you had a class World Cup. Ohh hang on…

    And that was when he was playing! And well!

    To be honest, i’ve been waiting for this story to emerge, as for me, at his age, I didn’t expect him to buy into the whole ethos we have going on now.

    He needs to be playing really and to be frank, I think his time at this level may be up.

    Saying that, what he done last season can not be swept under the carpet and because of his efforts, i’m sure all fans would see him leave with a heavy, if understanding, heart.

  30. Kris says:
    November 9, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    “Leon Best isnt the best, but maybe he can be better.”

    hahaha I likes that one.

    “Think we should lay some money on the table and try to sign Luis Suarez”

    I liked that joke better though ;-)

  31. Its no suprise Capello was at that game like with Walcott, Carroll and Ameobi playing. I think he will pick at least Walcott and Carroll and maybe Ameobi and Wilshire aswell.

  32. ILM – Be fair mate. He gave up on the World Cup to focus on getting fit and proper for us and to spend some time with his famiy after his dad died.

  33. davy

    Smith can do the rough stuff, but nowhere near the same quality, dribbling and distrubution.

    Guthrie is a better player than Smith but could leave us a little exposed.

    For me it all depends on who we play when he’s suspended and if it’s at home or not.

  34. Agree with you on all counts, Toonsy. Sad to see him wanting out, but totally understand his reasoning. No idea why he’s not doing the biz this season, but no manager is going to use a player who’s not delivering the goods in training.

    That’s what many on here (those asking for Xisco and Best to be played more) need to realise. Nobody is GIVEN a starting place. They have to earn it in training. Clearly Best, Xisco and Lover haven’t been doing that as well as Carroll, Shola and Ranger.

    If Lover does go, let’s hope the spot is filled with some young, quick talent – either new or brought up from the youngsters. Phil Airey, perhaps?

  35. Off topic but i see Lawro has predicted we’ll win tomorrow, bollocks.

    on the upside i’m 20th in FF.

  36. Davy – that’s what Smith is for. He’s not the same kind of player (nowhere near as pretty to watch) but can still do a job for us when needed. And let’s face it, he will be needed – DMs get a lot of bookings!

  37. toonsy

    He didn’t look very fit against Wigan, I can’t remember him doing anything tbh. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said if he’s not in the mood for it, or looking like beating defenders in behind, what else does he do? The answer is not a lot. He is up against two other strikers who track back, defend corners, hold the ball up, ect. Lovenkrands seems to have one style, play on the shoulder of the last man every time. maybe he wouldn’t be so bad if Carroll switched to right centre forward and Barton kept blasting long rangers from the right hand side for Lovenkrands..

  38. DJG – I think the real problem is one of two things. Either…

    Lovo is a confidence player


    Lovo needs a run of games to get up to speed

    The first one will only be fed by the second one anyway, but it’s the fact that he doesn;t offer anything else when he isn’t scoring that makes it pointless including him. Unlike Carroll, who even when he doesn’t score still puts a shift in.

  39. Well isn’t it nice for once it’s not a big club poaching our talent, nor any other derogatory reason towards the club as to why Lover wants to leave.

    Big pat on the back to him for his troubles whilst he’s been here – he’s gave back more than enough and what we could have expected and I will be sad to see him leave, but happy for him all the same.

    Now though, can we sell him? We signed him on a free like, so can we make a bit of dosh in January? Either way – it’s up to Ranger to edge himself even closer to more than just the last few in a match. I can see it happening soon, what an exciting young striker that kid is.

  40. toonsy says:
    November 9, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    ILM – Be fair mate. He gave up on the World Cup to focus on getting fit and proper for us and to spend some time with his famiy after his dad died”

    hmm not sure I buy into that toonsy, say it to yourself, “he gave up on the world cup to get fit” ?????

    Would it not have been the case he was trying to get fit for the world cup? I doubt any professional footballer would just ‘give up’ on the World Cup.

    Anyway, I think we all pretty much agree just reading through the posts, fair enough if he wants to get regular football somewhere else, I think we will be in for more agile, pacey, creative, younger attackers/wide players in the summer anyway so his time was probably up.

    However, for his efforts last season, especially under awful personal circumstances, he would leave with massive respect from us all.

  41. toonsy

    Aye possibly.

    I can’t see him getting the luxury of a run of games just to get up to spped though tbh.

    The thing about Lovenkrands is that his game almost exclusively relies on his pace. In a players 30’s that starts to drain away. Its like Owen, he was never the same player after injuries and he could no longer beat the last man. These types of stikers are usually at their best in their early 20’s. Whereas Carroll could be still very good in his 30’s.

  42. I hope he isn’t going like I think he has a heart of a lion after the way he played through the tragedy of losing his father. I will always appreciate what he has done for NUFC and still believe he has alot to offer the team as he is a different type of striker to the ones we currently have. I have heard alot of people saying about their being a nail in the coffin for Alan Smith. I agree he’s maybes not the most skillfull player on our roster but I think he gives 110% every game and has been one of the big reasons why we currently have this team spirit. I think we will need him if Tiote is injured or has a bad run.

  43. Irony is that last season Lovenkrands stated he didnt want to play for his country but preferred to play a part in the Toon#s Championship campaign !!!

    The truth is, like Routledge, he’s not BPL material. He probably knows that and wants an opportunity to play first team football which may get him back into the international fold.

    I wish him well and thank him for his contribution during last season but its time to move on.

  44. Cattermole is a dodgy little bastad, went in to tackle Modric then raised his foot to go for the shin. Like de Jong this bloke should be banned from top class football.

  45. Gutted if Loverboy leaves, he did us pround last season & if he’d gotten the chance this, he’d do the same but I understand if he wants to leave, we can only play 2 strikers at a time & it seems our big lads are the chosen ones’ up front… :)

  46. Lovenkrands is a great player, fair enough he hasnt been brilliant yet this season but he has hardly played and hasnt even finished a match yet, if shola has a bad few games which he always has, he doesnt get dropped, also carroll and loven are the best combination…