Carew who?

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Carew: Too old for Hughton?
Carew: Too old for Hughton?
United have found themselves linked with yet another Premiership forward this week with talks of our interest in Aston Villa forward John Carew – but we do really need him?

He’s powerful and good in the air with an eye for goal and he’s experienced and 37 goals from 87 starts isn’t a bad record in the Premier League.

But an average of 10 goals a season in three years – is it any better then what United already have? A fit Shola Ameobi could achieve that and could Carew form a partnership with  either Carroll or Ameobi? so like for like.

I don’t expect a move for Carew, he doesnt fit in with the kind of signings made by Hughton, players he can develop and who can be moulded into the side.

At 31 years of age I could see him being another Mark Viduka for United, a player already with injury problems coming so St James and doing very little for us.

Carew has been branded as “stupid” and of “living in the past” by Houllier, who also stated that Carew had to do more to win a new contract at the club by Gerard Houllier this week and known for being problematic for O’Neill again is he really a player who would fit into the new, all in it together attitude of the current United side? Read more:

My guess is this is more Carew’s agent fuelling up talk of a move and letting people know he is a free agent in the summer.

I just hope Hughton doesn’t get any ideas with the paper talk.

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75 Responses

  1. Definatly wouldn’t want Carew! but with possibly Best, Lovenkrands & Xisco on their way our i think it’s pretty obviously that next season we are going to need a partner for Carroll, personally i would like to see Kevin Doyle but i think Hughton will go for someone younger and next season have a striker force of;

    Carroll, Doyle, Ameobi, Ranger, Airey. :-)

  2. A great player when I used to go and watch him at the Mestalla. 31’s a little old for the kind of player that Newcastle are signing nowadays though.

  3. wouldnt want this lad at all – at 31 he’s no spring chicken, Whilst his record is good it aint great and think what we have at the mo is better. From the way we have been recruiting I think we’ll be looking at a young striker whos already playing regularly that has great pottential – e.g. Van Wolfswinkel or that young slovenian lad

  4. I think we have enough target men with Carroll, Shola and Ranger.

    Wouldnt mind Robbie Keane as a creative second striker to give us different horses for different courses.

    Move Xisco and Loverman on as they bring shit in this league IMHO…

  5. “But an average of 10 goals a season in three years”….

    doesn’t that sounds like a certain Owen there. ;)

  6. Lovenkrands along with Best and possibly Zisco will mean Newcastle will need to bring in additions,this is why certain names are cropping up at the moment.
    We need a young left winger and we are being linked to Petter Vaagan Moen from S K Brann who is out of contract at Christmas and 26 years old.
    The other lad is called Tim Matavz who is a central striker from Groningen and is 21 years old and the talk is 5 million Eur o’s

  7. Much is made of the bad behaviour of football supporters and rightly so, but watching the so called intelligent future of our country rioting in London beggars belief, animals.

  8. Looking up a forward’s “Goals per Game” ratio at Soccerbase or somesuch, then thinking that you can assess a player on that alone is rather silly. You have to watch them actually play. Understanding football helps a little too.

  9. bigbadbob says:
    November 10, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    “but watching the so called intelligent future of our country rioting in London beggars belief, animals.”

    Is that a quote from the Sun, bigbadbob?

  10. EH?
    We don’t need any more big lads up top.
    Like tatty heed said on a previous thread, Charlie Austin is a way better bet.
    We NEED a nippy little forward to compliment the big uns.
    More childish pressmongery.
    Shit they really know nowt.

  11. i think a common theme with hoots signings are, pacey players with a good work rate willing to put in a good shift. Carew is not quite that.

  12. MDS,
    aye mate, whomever doesn’t see that(that we need a nippy forward) in the press, is even dumber & less researched than even i give ’em credit for.

  13. bbb,
    better get used to a bit of rioting mate, there’s gonna be a lot more in the next couple of years, as we backslide into the 80’s & depression/deep recession.

  14. tattyheed seems to think Charie Austin is a nailed on signing in Jan or the summer. I would much prefered we signed him. He’s 10 years younger than Carew, fast, intellegent and a hungry developing striker with a top track record so far. Mind I very much doubt that Hughton would be interested in Carew.

  15. remember this little fiery fooker in the lower leagues that was all the rage. Names eastwood. Think he’s in covenrty or the like. Anyone hear owt on him lately? Fizzled out in the fizzy pop maybe?

  16. just on a side note, i’m sure he has averaged more than 10 goals a season.
    every season he has been at villa he has been our top scorer. I think he scores about 15 goals a season on average including cup games.
    Newcastle don’t need him, Carroll, AMeobi and Carew would be immense in the air and for strength, but you need something different.

  17. Villafan-

    I agree mate. We need someone a little more like Oba Martins in his prime (when he could actually hit the goal from 5 meters away). Fast, energy, and an eye for goal. We’ve got the air on lock down with AC and SA.

  18. batty says:
    November 10, 2010 at 3:57 pm
    exchange him for best

    I think Villa would rather pay to send him to land fill.

  19. bigbadbob says:
    November 10, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    “Worky, no, how else would you describe them?”

    They looked just like ordinary, rather mild mannered students out on a demo to me, bigbadbob. I certainly wouldn’t describe them as “animals”. I used to be MUCH worse than they were in my day! :lol:

  20. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    November 10, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    is Stu calling you a dog biscuit?”

    He can call me “Bonio” all he likes, Clint. I’d rather be compared to a dog biscuit than that pompous, hypocritical little Irish clown, “Bono”.

  21. Fulham had the chance to sign him years ago but pulled out after a medical because his knees were dodgy, and he’s shite

  22. Fulham had the chance to sign him years ago but pulled out after a medical because his knees were dodgy, and he’s shite anyway, heskey starts ahead of him, say no more ;)

  23. no thanks, I’d take albrighton though. Also no way to robbie keane (we got lucky there) and no to doyle either yee dafties. A couple from the following would be nice;-) huntellaar, wickham, honda, austin, moses, park chu young, wolfswinkle, odemwingie.

  24. aye batty figured as much. Was talkin aboot the wrestling bloke. Not really funny if you have to explain it :/

  25. Tired, hungry and sick of getting home from work to do wallpaper stripping, removing cupboards and radiators and things, still nevermind eh :)

  26. got the next andy carrol..ranger have u all forgot him..better at his age then carrol…ranger and carrol next 5 years…ranger is the real deal and ch nows it…fast and powerfull..what more do u wont..makes better runs already then u have seen last 2 games..should have scored agaisnt arsenal and got a player sent off..

  27. batty says:
    November 10, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    “jersy >>> steve austin 6 million dollar man”

    Steve Austin would be rather cheap in todays market, and he could do 70mph!

  28. love it when people talk about signing people like Huntelaar when owl heed has said on several occasions that making big money signings are a thing of the past – for now.

    Would love connor wickham though, but haven’t spurs already had daft money for him rejected?

  29. I Love Mike says:
    November 10, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    “love it when people talk about signing people like Huntelaar when owl heed has said on several occasions that making big money signings are a thing of the past – for now.”

    Hughton will probably keep digging up “big money” signings like Tiote and Ben Arfa before they are big money signings. That’s supposed to be the plan.

  30. can’t help but think you should have gone with the title John Car-who?

    Also, the protesters are animals, i suppose you just like to sit back and take injustice then ‘bigbadbob’ (the irony.) What other option is there, when the Lib Dems have stabbed their own party in the back for a glimpse of power?