Bolton v Newcastle – Match banter!

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The Toon tackle The Trotters!
The Toon tackle The Trotters!
After a brief international break, it’s back to domestic action this weekend as Newcastle United head to The Reebok Stadium – the home of Bolton Wanderers.

I have a lot of time for Bolton to be honest, and most of that is born from one man, a former colleague, and his lad.

The chap in question is called Dave Bates and is an ex-colleague of mine from when I was working for Royal Mail. Both him and his lad held season tickets at Bolton, and they frequently travelled up for the games.

One Saturday, on the way back, they were involved in a motorway pile-up. Dave survived, but unfortunately his lad didn’t. The support that Bolton offered Dave was immense and included personal visits to is home from Bolton chairman, Phil Gartside among other things. The seat was also left empty as a mark of respect.

They showed a touch of class, and I respect them for that.

Anyway, moving on to the match. Newcastle will no doubt be looking to build on what is turning out to be a fantastic season away from home for us so far. Standing in the way will be an in-form Bolton team who are playing some really decent football and currently sit fifth in the table.

The big bonus for Newcastle is that Andy Carroll came through international duty in midweek without aggravating the groin injury that had become the centre of a club v country row. Never before has Andy Carroll’s groin been under such scrutiny, apart from that time with the catsuit bird of course…..

“Ride me, ride me!”

Carroll is, of course, expected to start the match today, but for a more in depth look at the team news and injuries regarding both sides you can read my match preview by clicking this shiny blue link here.

I haven’t had the chance to check and see what the coverage is like for the game, so if any of you guys know of any good streams for the match today then please feel free to add a link into the comments section below.

I’m feeling pessimistic about the outcome today to be honest and have backed us to lose 2-0. Luckily my predictions are awful, which when combined with Newcastle being grossly unpredictable so far this season, should combine to mean that I will ultimately be wrong again!

Howay the lads!

Bolton – Jussi Jaaskelainen, Sam Ricketts, Zat Knight, Gary Cahill, Paul Robinson, Lee Chung-Yong, Fabrice Muamba, Stuart Holden, Matt Taylor, Johann Elmander, Kevin Davies.

Subs – Adam Bogdan, Gretar Steinsson, Mark Davies, Martin Petrov, Rodrigo, Robbie Blake, Ivan Klasnic.

Newcastle – Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Danny Guthrie, Kevin Nolan, Alan Smith, Jonas Gutierrez, Shola Ameobi, Andy Carroll.

Subs – Ole Soderberg, James Perch, Steven Taylor, Sol Campbell, Wayne Routledge, Peter Lovenkrands, Nile Ranger.

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281 Responses

  1. Toonsy is this the real Team :lol:
    I’m happy with the team and just hope that Fat-trick can do to his old team what so many of our ex players do to us. I think we should be able to get 3 pts today ;)

  2. well happy to see we are going for it again, just a little dissapointed to see Guthrie marooned on the wing, I wouldve preferred Dwayne but never mind.

    My fantasy team has had some success so far which is a nice change!!

  3. Raffo – And mine. An assit for Arshavin. Goals for Chamakh and Bale. Nice.

    Tottingham have done well to come back and win this though mind

  4. hmm, Guthrie, Nolan and Smith in midfield. Hardly electric is it? Let’s hope Guthrie’s delivering well and Jonas is up for it.

  5. they talk aboot the toon home form,the gunners and a some others are nowt to write home aboot.

  6. RAFFO aye m8 your reet,i keep thinking this game he will put some crossing in or release the ball at the right time,still waiting like,only thing in his defence is he tracks back canny

  7. I choose to put adam instead of vdv in the first 11 in my fantasy football screwed..

  8. A little torn today, as a Yank… obviously want our boys to win, but would like to see Stuart Holden play well too. Hopefully he has a good game, but not too good, if you follow me, and the rest of the Wanderers stink it up good.

  9. DAVE ime good m8,cannot see why richietoon cannot stream it back he there lazy git :)i like this holden kid for bolton, likes to run at back 4,and we got no tiote :(

  10. I think Carroll is struggling with his injury. Hopefully it’s just me looking too much into it….

  11. Going to get slated for this but… We know where his loyalties are. As I pointed out yesterday, last year he went out of his way to avoid this game.

  12. lets hop Willo doesn’t get hit by any retrospective FA punishment, suspensions already mounting up..

  13. both sides do look poor to be honest, I’ve lost count of the amount of times the balls pointlessly been given away. 6 and 8 in the prem respectively, not the best advert is it? What a difference ben arfa, tiote and barton would be making!

  14. possibly the worst team i’ve seen play in years. sloppy. not creating anything. passing all over the place. shit.

  15. If we start losing away games too we’re in trouble. It’s only our away form that’s keeping us out of the bottom.

    But you never know, Spurs x 2?

  16. toonsy says:
    November 20, 2010 at 3:45 pm
    Both goals have been completely avoidable. Both have been caused by pissing aorund at the back.

    toonsy, we did it every fcking game last year but got away with it. We won’t and aren’t this season.

  17. Jonas got switched to the right for the last bit if that half. 2-0 at HT and I’m struggling to find any positives….

    Carroll has held the ball up well at times……


  19. Wish we’d signed Lee for the right midfield, he’s caused mayhem down the flank and still the commentators going on about how well bloody blunderbuss davis is playing.

    Guthrie should have had one, nolan at least 2. We played well last 20mins.

    Need an early goal, and then ye never knaa.

  20. we are devoid of ideas, jonas just runs at ppl with his head down, we arent good enough to be pissing around at the back. First rule I was always taught was if in doubt get the f****r out!!!

    We need Routledge on the wing and a decent left footed winger on the left. I have thought that Jonas may be useful in a more central role, but he isnt good at crossing, isnt left footed, so what on earth is he playing on the LW for?!?!

    Bolton are a decent team as they are in 6th position in the table, one point above us at the moment

  21. Afternoon lads, listened to the first half through SSN and it seemed quite easy for Bolton. From what i’m reading both goals were thanks to us AGAIN arsing around with the ball at the back?
    are there ANY positives to take from the first half or does it look like we’re out of it?

  22. Raffo, I was thinking of Jonas in the middle too, since he can’t cross for shit. Good at running at people, but it would be nice if he stopped trying to beat the same man twice and instead beat a man and picked a pass…

  23. terrible performance really..our defence just need to smash it though, even apart from the goals we concede theres always someone fannying around, trying to run it out etc. if there isn’t a good pass we need to just blast it upfield.

  24. Ross the only positive is that its still only 2-0
    We need to get out and start playing, I hope we see Routledge coming on as it is all one sided

  25. we need to move guthrie infield and put routledge on right wing, smith off – even then I doubt we’ll get back into it

  26. I seriously wonder is the current harewood the one we got in CCC~~~~OMG…he keeps scoring.

  27. “Jose Enrique, who needs to sort his act out probably more than anyone else in blue today”…Not an encouraging thing to hear considering he’s normally our best on the pitch! :(

  28. why are we continually passing to players in white, hasn’t CH told them we’re playing in blue today !

  29. BD-Nee idea mate, I thought he was on 7 but it was the commentary team that came up with the Carroll stat.

  30. Thats the problem with playing CM’s out on the wing, they will always drift inside. I think a winger is a must in Jan, as I dont like the thought of Benny boy stranded out there either. I would like to try and get Kranjer in jan as he could be a missing piece

  31. Dave – Don’t blame Nolan. Blame Enrique’s shitty hospital ball that left him with no fricking choice man.

    Stop being selective….

  32. top scorers prior to todays games

    Top Scorers

    Barclays Premier League Top Scorers

    Carroll Newcastle 7
    Malouda Chelsea 7
    Nolan Newcastle 7
    Tevez Man City 7
    Bent Sunderland 6
    Berbatov Man Utd 6
    Cahill Everton 6
    Drogba Chelsea 6
    Elmander Bolton 6

  33. We’re apparently just standing off them when they come forward, giving them plenty of time to pass the ball.
    Enrique is having an absolute howler by the sounds of things.

  34. simple – we are doubling on davies and leaving lee with all the time in the world.. every goal has been created/scored by him.

  35. to be honest they’re just walking straight through our midfield unopposed, we’re making it easy for em

  36. By the sounds of things our delivery into the box has been absolutly awful.
    Seems like we’re missing Tiote aswell with nee one pressuring the ball in the center of the pitch.

  37. wrong move – should have moved guthrie into centre mid and taken smith off whos offered noting – then again we’ve been generally crap all over the pitch

  38. Christ Coloccini what is going on. Why on earth is he looking to Dummy a clearance header. Elmander in and he’s scored again. Yet another cock up at the back.

  39. 3 of 4 goals caused by our back four by the looks of things. The arsing around we got away with last season will not go unpunished this season.

    Coloccini off?

  40. no point keeping a CDM on when you need 2, now 3 goals. Bad day but no suprises. We just need to move on from this, Bolton are a decent team now, unfashionable but decent and I can only hope CH thinks about dropping Jonas and plays orthadox wingers. Why isnt Ferguson involved anymore? An orthadox LW who is left footed

  41. Sounds like Bolton haven’t played well and we have gifted them the goal. Tryed to play out of area again instead of clearing it. Red for Collo so thank god Campbell and Taylor fit.

    Come on the TC and co. who all came out the woodwork after the 3 wins. Where you at now ?

    Considering Chelsea’s form I think that is a game we need to win now to arrest this slide down the table.

  42. Oh yes Routledge and Lovenkrands are match winners??
    They’ll fit right in with this “crock” today!!!

  43. They’re attacking at will now, this is an absolute battering. An embarrassing battering at that given the fact our pathetic defending has gifted them 3 of 4 goals.
    Petrov on, could get worse.

  44. Nice one..finally getting Sol and S.Taylor in partner.

    Mike Seriously need to be drop atm.

  45. I’m actually embarrassed today. So so dissappointed with them. They need a good kick up the backside! And can someone at the club please give Smith the amendment in wages that reflects that of a mascot! Cause he certainly isn’t a footballer. Gutted for colocinni, usually pretty solid he’s been left exposed today and you can see his frustration which has left him with a bitter 2 match ban.

  46. Agreed

    S.Taylor (even though he shouldn’t really but he will be in shop window) and Campbell should get a chance now. At least they will just clear the ball when needs be. Willo is starting to make errors now that he didn’t last season. This game today just shows how weak we are without our best 11.

  47. The most worrying thing is we’re rapidly becoming a one trick team, if we aren’t already and teams know it. Relying fully on Carroll and when that doesn’t work we’re stuck.
    He’s having yet another good game for us but he’s the only one playing well in a game where we’re 4-1 down.

  48. Ross

    We needed another striker m8. Lovenkrands is hopeless so is all the other options apart from Carroll and Ameobi in the odd game.

  49. Guthrie needs to get his act together, He looks slow lethargic and isn’t putting any sort of effort in makes me sick to think we are paying him 20k a week or so.

  50. DJG-I think most of us have been saying that since the start of the season. Needed a quick, proven goalscorer to play off the shoulder of Carroll. We’re literally hanging on his every movement at the minute. If he’s on form we play well, if not we struggle. There are day’s like the derby where everything clicks but they’re 1 in a million. Bolton are in fine form and have been playing some lovely passing football in recent weeks, but they don’t even need that form to beat us today. By all accounts we’ve been embarrassing.

  51. Concede 4 goals, play badly,,lose and Colo sent off – what did I do to offend the gods? Please lets get to the end of this game without serious injury or further embarrassment.

  52. They have been sloppy a lot of the time at home though, that is a fact. Maybe this game will be a wake up call that we will not get any easy points like last season. It is a tight league and we could soon be down the bottom as fast as we got up to 5th in three games.

    I feel sorry for Krul, sounds like he’s been let down badly today.

  53. I can handle losing, unlike some, I can also handle losing 4-1, but what I can’t, and never will, handle, is a lack of effort.

  54. Perhaps we will now pick up form and beat Chelsea – just like Stunnederland after we hammered them 5-1! Oh, and there goes another pink thing flying past my window and going Oink!

  55. Beginning to think that our best midfield may end up being benny, tiote, nolan/guthrie, gosling. 3 of which we’re missing today. Absolutely no strength in depth. I can’t for one second see why we’re not giving Fergie a run out, we need wingers, as well as some pace in the middle. He can’t do any worse than the current shower.

    Campbell should have been playing as soon as he was fit – need his organisation!

  56. well thats the worst i’ve seen us play in a long while , we need to sort it out asap – shows how weak our midfield is.
    need to get rid of smith and guthrie in jan and buy some a decent player

  57. DJG-I’d be worried if any of our lads still thought easy points were up for grabs after we lost to Stoke and Blackpool at home whilst scraping a draw with Wigan. I know what you mean though.

    Sounds like we’ve just been completly off the pace today. Even the players that we can normally rely on when we’re playing at 50% seem to have had shockers. Enrique by most accounts has been awful. Colo terrible and has been sent off, Guthrie seemingly rubbish.

  58. Tiote is a massive massive player for us now, and to think it was the most understated of buys with Benny boy.

    Chelsea have absolutely pummelled Birmingham and lost but theres now way for us to get anything against them.

    I think it is fairly obvious we need depth, Tiote, Ben Arfa are major players for us, and Jonas hasnt done anything for me at all, he needs replacing.

  59. We cant afford a revamp!!

    What we need is to play the correct people in their correct positions.

    Ben Arfa when fit is a must, Tiote is a massive player for us. The main bug bare is the lack of width. Barton has done a decent job but he is wasted out on the wing and Guthrie is not a winger either. We have 2 big men up top so whats the point in not beating a man and getting a decent cross in?

    It is one game, we have dished out 2 hammerings so we have to take it on the chin, but we must learn from it and bloody pick up next week

  60. 1. Without Barton and Tiote in the midfield our defensive frailties were well and truly exposed.

    2. Alan Smith, good servant that he was, is finished.

    3. Carroll can score from nothing.

    4. Jose Enrique may be a better Left wing than a left back, and he’s certainly better than Jonas.

    5. Routledge and Loverman injected some speed into the side and looked relatively dangerous.

    6. Steven Taylor has a chance to reclaim or make a case at Center Back.

    7. Guthrie was absolutely useless on the right and needs to be played in the center–maybe with Barton on the right?

    8. Bolton are no fluke. We should buy little Stuart Holden and Elmander off them.

    9. I’m going to throw up.

  61. Well, hopefully that was our off day. We were shit, but also didn’t get the rub of the green.

    First goal should have been cleared. Our own fault
    Second goal was the same.
    Third was a pen, fair do’s
    Colo should have done better for the fourth
    Fitth wasn’t a pen as Jose got the ball.

  62. Missed out on tiote massively
    Also barton as well, guthrie just can’t play on the right. Hopefully this is the result to knock the players back into action, I never thought we’d grab even a point so result wise its not so bad. Performances however…Carroll seemed to be the only one trying, Campbell didn’t looked too special after Colo got sent off, so maybe staylor to start at centre from now on? We couldn’t break up a winning team, well after the last 3 results we’re clearly not a winning side, so time to chop and change.

  63. I am sorry, Oh god, for whatever I did wrong for you to heap this punishment on me. I will go straight out and sacrifice a virgin to you ( – if I can find one in Bedlington).

  64. Routeledge looked good when he came on AGAIN. Never seen him have a really bad game yet he gets so much stick.

    Last year he created the most goals for us, and to me he is far more productive than Jonas despite the critism he gets for his final ball.

    Smith and Ameobi are pathetic again as the are in 95% of the games they play in.

    As for the rest, I’ll put it down to having a bad game.

    How may times Hughton wants to persist with Guthrie down the right and see it fail I just don’t know.

    Lovenkrans makes the least intellegent runs off the ball I’ve ever seen. And his finishing is generally poor.

    Simpson——–S Taylor———Campbell———-Enrique

    Only side we can play next week.

  65. will chelsea make it hat-trick of losses? stay tune next week. :lol:

    Chelsea defence is horrifying TBH.

  66. nolan was very dissapointing, but the whole team was embarrasing today…and the only player worthy of the newcastle shirt was Andy Carroll!

  67. No midfield.
    & don’t put our chances away.
    Some shoddy defending, but put under too much pressure by our slack MF.
    Usual waste of time at bolton, & we lose another to suspention & waste our great goal difference.

  68. This is a very “special” day just because of the fact that Routledge seemed to give away the best passes, something you can’t see too often, or was it because everyone else was sh*t…

  69. I don’t think Bolton are much of a better team than us, just we gifted them 3 goals and the referee gave them the last. It was a day when everything went wrong, let’s just hope we react the same way Sunderland did when we beat them. Coloccini had a stinker but he’s been great all season so we can hardly complain. We do however need a another quality striker and winger.

  70. FSOTC – I have thought about that before but I am not sure. I wouldnt mind seeing Ferguson have a go on the LW

  71. Players I want out of Newcastle:

    Smith (play Guthrie in the centre), Lovenkrans (play Vuckic in that role – he’s already better)

    Then the obvious: Perch, Best, Xisco. When they

    When Smith plays we generally lose. Thats no coincidence.

  72. worky,
    webb is a poor excuse for a ‘top ref’ , & no mistake.
    Thought it was just me there, ta mate.

  73. Well, I’m not surprised by the loss, but I am disappointed with what this does to our goal differential. Sigh.

    Bolton are a good team. Owen Coyle’s doing very, very well there. They’re not Sam Allardyce’s team of cloggers anymore, are they?

  74. Seems to be a good time to try S.Taylor and Campbell together. We have conceded some poor goals in the last few games and now there is an excuse to drop/rest Willo and Collo. For god sake, Guthrie is not a winger, gets himself to much in the middle of the park, and then goes missing on the outside leaving Simpson alone. Final note, don’t look to much on the scoreline. Many goals today avoideable and we were just beaten, by a better side and a side on fire at the moment. Like some have said, Sunderland was beaten 1-5 not long ago, and went to Chelsea and got a win. Must believe we can do the same? :)

  75. We are still 9th guys, obviously it is fairly tight, but W Ham and Wolves are starting to drift away which is fine by me.

    I am not so certain who would want to buy those players you mention JJ. I suspect we are stuck with them for a while.

    Also, we didnt have many first XI out today did we? only barton and tiote and maybe benny

  76. Raffo,
    but Barton & Tiote were sorely missed today, crucial really, as we had no mid field.

  77. I think Willo’s been good and it’s not a good idea to drop him. Who starts instead of Colo, though? Taylor or Campbell. Obviously based on today’s substitution, Campbell has Hughton’s confidence over Taylor, but is he quick enough anymore? Will his positional sense be more important than that? Interesting…

    When, oh, when is Tiote back?

  78. Raffo, Barton, Ben Arfa and Tiote are HUGE for us. Only Carroll and Enrique have their quality as first eleven picks.

    And considering their replacements, Smith, and Guthrie (out wide) missing them becomes even bigger.

  79. “Fans Should Own The Club Fans Should Own The Club says:
    November 20, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Yeah, our central midfield was completely absent today. Smithy is finished, methinks.”

    Smithy never began…

  80. Anyone else thinking that Jonas needs a rest again, so he will come back hungry like last time against Man City? Don’t think he has produced much in the last couple of games?

  81. I want to cry and screaming out loud. FFS
    WTF is going on
    It’s really a bad bad day like everything could go wrong is go wrong and we play really bad.

    And don’t just point to certain player that played awful because it was the team performance every player were poor today.

    I don’t want to blame player but to say that Nolan was the fault man on pen is just wrong it was Colo/Enrique play that led up to that shyt. The defend need to cut all the bullshit-arrogance-play out.

    For now, we fcking lose embarrassing so the only thing the team can do is kick their ass real hard and realize that then we must re-group and work fcking hard to let this awful behind.

    Bolton played really well and our defendsive exploded every time they attacked so well deserved win for them and actually I think they was the best team that have played against us.

    I hope this result be like Leyton Orient game so it can spur the team to step up and hit a good show.

    I will keep supporting the team no matter that we got hammered if the team still give their best and show fighting spirit for the team.


  82. I remember Smith had occasional moments of very hard work and effective displays in CDM, but I can’t see him recapturing any of that. I like him, his attitude and his work ethic, but I just think he’s finished.

    Jonas: Man, another great thing about Ben Arfa was that he was built in competition for Jonas, who continues to infuriate. Great dribbling that goes nowhere but up his own hole for the most part. Maybe he’s better in the middle? Drives me mad…

  83. Clint – Oh mate I fully agree that Barton and Tiote are our main players. I want Barton to play in the middle alongside Tiote and I actually wonder how Gosling and Benny on either wing will do for us. The main concern as I say is the wings and it has been for a while.

    I would like to see Krankjar from the spuds come in but also a decent striker, maybe Keane on loan just to see us safe. I agree that theres also some dead wood that needs clearing such as Xisco, Smudger, Perch etc, but I make my point again – if they arent playing for us and perform badly when they come in, who on earth can we flog them to?

  84. Magpie_May13 says:
    November 20, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    “I want to cry and screaming out loud. FFS
    WTF is going on”

    We are very erratic at this current stage in our development, Magpie, which is quite normal and happens to alot of teams which are in a transitional stage in their development. Despite this up and down form, I am expecting a finish to the season that will be more consistent than the start.

  85. ‘We will still finish above Sunderland’

    Will we sh!te. They have bought goalscorers and have a billionare who pumps the money in, we havent.

    Thank god Tiote is back next game, without him and Barton we are a championship team.

  86. yeah, me too. Hope the team become more consistent and I’m sure the player will massively realize that.

    just a huge shock from the result

  87. CLiNT – Are you ever going to accept that we lose because we were second best and stop blaming the ref? Every game you criticise the ref.

    Webb was correct on the hand ball and correct for the sending off.

    Collocini was a fcking dirty disgrace! If that was against our player we’d be going mad. Webb had no choice.

    We got fcking hammered, by a better side.

    Get over it!

  88. Raffo,
    agreed re: flogging players mate.
    HBA & Gosling up & running would be nice like.
    I’m not totally down with over reliance on wing play, a bit is useful, but you need really quick, top wingers to be properly effective. Don’t know how possible that is?
    We need to learn how to break teams down.
    Bad day at the office today like, all sorts went belly up, didn’t it?

  89. After the sunderland game I was feeling positive, but ever since they have took off like a rocket and we have died on our ar$es. Totally predictable, totally toon.

  90. Do i know you Stu?
    Do you see me having a go at you?
    Didn’t think so.
    What is your problem with other peoples opinions?
    I couldn’t give a flying f*** what you think mate.
    Right, i’m off away to cry cos Stu’s picking on me.
    Boo Hoo!

  91. All these other managers need to shut up saying Hughton should get a contract and could walk away ect..

    The guy has done nothing yet in the premiership in two seasons. Yes there has been some wins, but more often than not this season we haven’t bothers. Hughton is too soft, push-over, there has to be a disaster before he acts, good managers change things anyway, not after the horse has bolted.

  92. bad day indeed clint – I think wign play is not the be all and end all either, to be honest I would love to see us try and play with Tiote and Barton as 2 CDM’s, with a fluid 3 man unit in front who can play across the pitch with Carroll up top.

  93. Im suprised S.Taylor has got this chance almost instantly after seeming to be down the pecking order. I hate to say this but I think the experience of Campbell and Taylor could save our bacon this season. Too many times in the last few games Collo and Willo have been raped off the ball, amazingly both one after the other against Blackburn!!! Campbell is now older but he wouldn’t get done like that, Roberts would have been flattened IMO.

  94. Raffo,
    again, i agree mate.
    We’re just not linked up enough between MF & attack.
    Bit too staid.
    Ah well, a few changes are enforced now, so we’ll see if that shakes things up a bit, for the better.
    Doubt they’ll need too much rocket for the next game, let themselves etc. down today.

  95. ‘Its not the end of the world’, ‘on another day we could have got something’. ‘No complaints about Collo’,

    C.H im starting to dislike you. We need a leader not a bottler. Why doesn’t the team perform in normal games? Bolton are crap and so is Davies. Thank god Chelsea are in a crisis, they will still probably beat our pushovers though.

  96. Don’t really know what Hoots is doing in these last few games.

    Put out :



  97. stuart79 says:
    November 20, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    “Webb was correct on the hand ball and correct for the sending off.”

    He was also incorrect not to give Carroll a penalty for being pushed and gave a penalty for what was a perfectly good tackle by Enrique, Stuart. So Clint does have something of a point today as it was a poor performance by Webb.

  98. We desperately need a pacey creative player on our right side of midfield. At the moment Routeledge is the best we got.





    Andre Ayew——————————–Ben Arfa


    Subs: Harper, S Taylor, Campbell, Nolan, Guthrie, Routledge, Jonas, Ameobi, Ranger, Kadar, Vuckic, Ferguson.

    Sell: Lovenkrans, Best, Smith, R Taylor, Perch, Xisco.
    (these players will never make the grade)

  99. Thats what I am advocating toonking, with Benny to replace jonas when he is back.

    Clint aye mate we need to go on and chelsea are great attacking but if Sol can hold on we are more than able to pick on their makeshift defence.

    DJG – Bolton are 4th on merit mate, how can you say they are a bad team?

  100. Stop sticking up for them. They were crap today and got well beaten. Richie and the lads that went must have been almost too embarrassed to walk out of the half empty stadium.

    One swallow doesn’t make a summer. I didn’t expect us to get any points today but to let in 5 (2 penalties) where the other team played average is a joke.

  101. Well as good as he was last season i say get rid of Jonas , where the fcuk was he today ? the ccc was his level(been thinking it all season ) . Why on earth CH did not switch Guthrie to CM at half time and bring on Routledge for Smith is a mystery . We were chasing the game and needed a bit of pace and energie , although i still think we will finish mid table today was a real wake up call and proved our weaknesses . We have players that are just not premiership level in the squad and need shifted . Start with Smith & Jonas . At least Tiote is back for the next game and the sooner Bartons suspension is over the better .

  102. We do have a small squad in terms of quality. The under belly is pretty ordinary and/or young and its starting to show.

    Also teams are really starting to work us out. We only attack down the left or hit long diagonal balls for Carroll.

    If the likes of Stoke, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton and wigan can work us out the better teams will quite easily.

    Probably get castergated for this but I think we desperately need a couple of players in, in Jan. We need a striker and a midfielder.

    Shame we’re without HBA as he’d be the difference I imagine.

    Ah well, onwards and upwards, or maybe not, Chelsea next up!

  103. SuperMac has always said Jonas frustrates him and has too little end product and again he was proved right and all the to$$ers who come on and say ‘he must be back on the bottle, hehehe hahaha’ well he knows what he is talking about and you are idiots. Listening to the commentary today I think he could tell what was wrong and where C.H makes the same mistakes time and time again that will stop him being a top manager. We could do worse than having someone as experienced as SuperMac as manager. He would deffo try and fix these problems that are so obvious to everybody and their aunty!

  104. ‘Probably get castergated for this but I think we desperately need a couple of players in, in Jan.’

    Why would you think that, it’s obvious to everybody.

  105. DJG says:
    November 20, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    “C.H makes the same mistakes time and time again that will stop him being a top manager. We could do worse than having someone as experienced as SuperMac as manager.”

    :lol: Time for your medication, DJG.

  106. DGJ – Because some on here think we can just potter along with team spirit not good players.

  107. worky

    Well at least he knows whats wrong. Think Hughton does aswell but the guy is too weak. Nice guys finish last in football. Look at the guy who has been one of the most successful managers of all time, he’s a bully.

  108. DJG says:
    November 20, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    “Nice guys finish last in football”

    Tell that to Sir Bobby….

  109. toonsy says:
    November 20, 2010 at 6:53 pm
    DJG says:
    November 20, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    “Nice guys finish last in football”

    Tell that to Sir Bobby….

    I bet the players who found themselves benched or dragged off at half time didn’t think he was that nice.

  110. DJG says:
    November 20, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    “Nice guys finish last in football.”

    Don’t be silly, DJG. Bob Paisley was a very nice man, as was Bobby Robson and lots of other managers who won lots of trophies. You are simply throwing your toys out of the pram because of one bad game.

  111. DJG says:
    November 20, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    “I bet the players who found themselves benched or dragged off at half time didn’t think he was that nice.”

    Is that what constitutes not being nice? Being subbed? Being put on the bench?

    Just who would you have brought on?

    How do we know Hoots isn’t ripping strips off the team now? What gets said publicly and what gets said privately are very different things, and to think otherwise is incredibly naive….

  112. workyticket workyticket says:
    November 20, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    “You are simply throwing your toys out of the pram because of one bad game.”