Arsenal v Newcastle – Match banter.

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The Gunners v The Magpies.
The Gunners v The Magpies.
Newcastle face a tough test this lunchtime when they visit The Emirates to take on a title chasing Arsenal side in 1:30pm kick-off.

I get the feeling that a lot of fans are not expecting too much from the game this afternoon, other than a spirited and committed performance from the lads in black and white of course. Still, Newcastle will be full of confidence after two victories on the bounce, including that 5-1 mauling of Sunderland, and our team do have a habit of performing away from home and pulling off the odd unexpected result, so you never know, perhaps we could defy the odds again today?

Newcastle boss Chris Hughton will be instructing his side to play without fear as they take on The Gunners, although he has also warned that the game this afternoon will be one of toughest games of the season.

“It goes without saying – you have to be confident after that, how can you not be? But whether you’re confident or not, we are going to as tough a place as they come in Arsenal,” Hughton told The Chronicle in the pre-match press conference yesterday.

“Most would consider it one of the most difficult. But we go there with confidence and the feel-good factor is there from the last couple of Premier League games. We must be mindful of the quality they have, but not fear it.”

A lot of people believe that Andy Carroll could be the key to unsettling the Arsenal defence, and I tend to agree with that to be honest. More importantly, it is something that Arsene Wenger seems to agree with as he talked about the striker, and the possibility of a call-up to the England sqaud for Carroll for the friendly match against France.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he was in the England squad,” Wenger said. “I have been highly impressed with him. He has presence, charisma, confidence. He is intelligent on the ball. For me he is a player who I had doubts about one year ago but in the last year he has improved tremendously.”

“For a young player like Carroll to improve, he needs attitude. That means basically motivation and intelligence. They are the two main things I see personally. When you are not highly motivated and intelligent your potential to improve is very limited.”

“If you have the right attitude and brain you can improve every day, and after a few years that makes a massive difference between two players with the same talent who don’t have exactly the same ingredients.”

For a more in-depth look at team news, history between the two teams and some fun facts you can read my match report here.

The game is being bradcast live around the world, so if you happen to stumble across a stream or two then please feel free to leave a link to them in the ‘comments’ section below.

Howay the lads!

Arsenal – Lukasz Fabianski, Bacary Sagna, Sebastien Squillacci, Laurent Koscielny, Gael Clichy, Alexandre Song, Cesc Fabregas, Jack Wilshere, Samir Nasri, Theo Walcott, Maraouane Chamakh

Subs – Robin Van Persie, Emannuel Eboue, Andrei Arshavin, Nicklas Bendtner.

Newcastle – Tim Krul, Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Joey Barton, Cheick Tiote, Kevin Nolan, Jonas Gutierrez, Shola Ameobi, Andy Carroll.

Subs – Ole Soderberg, Steven Taylor, Sol Campbell, Alan Smith, Nile Ranger, Peter Lovenkrands, Wayne Routledge.

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350 Responses

  1. 442 well done Chris, We would have got hammered trying to sit back and play for a point.

    Lets have a go with the height and heading ability in the side we can certainly pinch something from set pieces.

  2. Would settle for a draw today , at least that would give us an unexpected point . That said the lads will be up for it today after last weekends result :)

  3. As you can see from my name, i am an enemy here!!
    But i come in peace!!
    You guys seen our bench?? dayuuuummm!!!!

  4. I’m still waiting to see the ful Arsenal bench, which is why there only the four players there before anyone tries owt funny ;)

  5. I just hope that it if we lose we lose because we aren’t as good. Losing again in the capital due to some dodgy refereeing would spoil my Sunday and I like Sundays!

  6. all right haveing to big guys up top but must get the “right”service into them from down the flanks not just big punts up-field,heres hopeing

  7. Andy always comes up with a great performance when he’s spent the previous week in the press for something negative. I think that coke and whore story in the rag is a plant to get him going. Lets hope it works!

    Oh and JFK was murdered by the US gov’t.

  8. I don’t think it’ll be a draw. I would imagine a 4-2/4-3, going either way.
    Let’s hope it goes our way. As usual I’m overly optimistic.

  9. TOONSY “before anyone tries owt funny”
    told you to keep away from them type of guys m8 :)

  10. Just watched 5 seconds of Skysports News before turning it off, Chatting shit about Hughton and how the chairman wants a bigger name for next season as shown by Hughton not having an improved contract yet. god they’re knackers

  11. Looking forward to a good match today, a top side against a top-form side, should be a decent contest.
    I do think that if Newcastle play with 2 upfront from the start, they might get mauled. Newcastle would be better off keeping it tight for an hour if they can.
    First goal could be crucial, though as an Arsenal fan, we must expect to be winning these games, but have no right to win unless we put in the performance.
    May the best team win, and good luck to Newcastle for the rest of the season – they have worked very hard and proved a lot of doubters wrong.

  12. Think we’ll cause them problems at set peices today. Still think they’ll probably beat us though.

  13. We’ve taken a few steps forward recently, so we’re due to go backwards sometime soon. But this is Newcastle, anything can happen. Would take a draw, expect a loss. Just hope the referee isn’t the difference between the sides.

  14. Just a thought but another goodun from Shola could see him getting a Fabio call up as well. I haven’t commented since the the black kittens thrashing but have rerun his goal several times. We didn’t have any goals on MOTD for October but if that one isn’t included for November I might just send them a printer (thats a joke MI6 by the way)

  15. Stuart79

    Im sure Squillacci, Koscielny, Song and Chamakh will deal with are players in the air.

  16. With all respect GoonerDave, but many a team go to Arsenal and try just that, however, Arsenal can always break them down. So in my opinion the best thing we can hope for is Go all guns blazing from the start and try catch you off guard with non stop workrate required.

  17. i can see 3-0 today arsenal have a point to prove today plus they will want to give van persie 20 minutes

  18. Beatski just turned on sky to watch build up to match, they have 2 ex L’pool players talking about L’pool v Chelsea so joined in this blog instead.

  19. Have a bit of a soft spot for Newcastle I admit!
    Been to see you play twice, albeit a few years ago now.
    Great to see you back in the Prem, a team that always tried to play football the proper way.
    Heres hoping you hang onto Carroll, and stay up at the expense of Stoke.
    Cant wait for KO!

  20. I predict defeat, would be ecstatic with a point, and would be verging on going to hospital with heart issues if we get three points.

  21. tommy-
    We have found it much more difficult to break down teams who congest the midfield, and give our team little space.
    If you start with 2 upfront, you will need to have an awful lot of the ball to make it worthwhile, otherwise youll just be carrying a passenger in the forward line.
    But thats just my opinion, time will tell who is right!

  22. Toon_Factor says:
    November 7, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    Well they’ll be the only ones this season who have.

    Arsenal still not great in the air.

  23. Big Dave says:
    November 7, 2010 at 1:17 pm
    Well lads any streams up and running yet

    Sky Sports 1

  24. As for streams, btw, live footy doctor is pretty decent these days.
    Or try for a host of streaming links.

  25. I see your point, but one of the great things about Ameobi and Carroll Vs Scum, was the way they both dropped off to collect in midfield especially whilst they were on the ball. So if we can do the same again I hope we can congest the midfield abit but also have the same attacking prowess. By all accounts i think it will be a cracking game :)

  26. Yes you can get sky here :( but no I dont have it my missus thinks I spend to much time on the PC, so if I had sky I dont think I would have a missus :)

  27. Would bite your hand off if i was offered a point from today’s game. Like the fact we’ve got 4-4-2 but when questioned Hoot’s said it was simply down to the fact that he didn’t want to break up the team that battered 5under1and.
    We’ll need to put pressure on them constantly in the midfield, lets hope Tiote is up for a blinder. Keep it tight early and I think we could maybe, be in with a chance of snatching a point. Concede early and it could be nightmare stuff.
    Carroll has the problem to cause them all sorts of problems in the air, another top drawer performance from him needed the day if we’re to succeed in any way shape or form. HWTL.

  28. How many comments will the commentators make about Hughton’s job, takeover, Carroll’s sex life, etc? Already heard 1.

  29. Big Dave just manup and tell her who is boss!!

    Sorry I just couldn’t resist it. I do know and empathise with your predicament. ;)

  30. They really are the softest bunch of arseholes I have ever seen. Either that or they are the biggest bunch of cheats ever

  31. Top notch from Tiote there like. Nicks in to win the ball and keeps us ticking over, he’s done well so far against Fabregas.

  32. Is my stream quality crap, or has the ref missed several late and niggly tackles against us today…?

  33. interesting comment by Pleat…”good piece of business by Arsene Wenger…no one had heard of him but Arsene picked him up for about 12 million”…these two commentators on Sky are just utter retards.

  34. I wont lie though, I do sh!te mysel a bit when Tiote starts doing those little 90 degree turns one way and then the other in the middle of the field. He keeps the ball but one of these days it might go pearshaped.

  35. Shoals Tiote and Collocini having really good games. Come on lads frustrate these cheats

  36. Munich Mag

    Know what you mean for Joey but he won’t have licence to bomb forward.

  37. Whumpie-I said a few comments up mate, get that Tasche back and he’s Hitler, 100%. They’re all going to ground on him aswell.

  38. oh man Joey…his delivery is crap today….that should also be a yellow card for diving by the Arsenal man !!

  39. Right, that again is a professional foul, on Tiote. Same thing Tiote just did, yet there’s nee yellow.

  40. Just watch the linesman there. He started to put his flag up for a foul on Enrique then changed his mind. Have some balls man!

  41. Christ, the likes of Wilshere and Nasri are overpowering us on the ball at the minute. Chances are if we put the shoulder in we’ll give away free kicks.
    Great counter attack from us there but as to be expected, we had the majority of our lads back in our half. Need to go in at half time level, would be the worst time to concede.

  42. Jonas has been pathetic today, just looks slow and disinterested. No concentration.

    Simpson on the other hand has been superb. And Carroll has just scored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooohooooooooooooooooo!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. We’re quite lucky there I think. Alot of refs would have give a foul on the keeper, even though it clearly wasn’t a foul.

  44. Canny celebration for Andy to immediatly go to Hoots aswell. Good lad :D
    Thoroughly undeserved as far as chances on goal go, but we’ve stood our ground at the back and taken the chance.

  45. Excellent excellent first half performance from the team. Who defensively have been brillant.

    Simpson and the unlikely Ameobi have been very impressive.
    Tiote superb AGAIN, and what was the yellow card for?????
    Barton and Jonas have been poor unfortunately otherwise we could have put them under some pressure offensively as well!!!
    Krul outstanding save, Williamson and Colo great as well.

    For me though the three outstanding players have been Simpson, Tiote and Carroll first half.

    Keep it up lads!!!

  46. Munich Mag says:
    Get in there heeed the ball !!!!!!!1-0 Toon !!! shit my streams gone!!

    Is it your prostate?

  47. Ross

    Wouldn’t say undeserved at all, those are the only real chances your going to get away from home against a side like Arsenal.
    We’ve been excellent defensively and thus deserved something when the chance came our way.

    Excellent tactics by Chris Hughton.

    I’d say Jonas aside, our players have been excellent.

  48. Plenty of time to go yet though lads. Arsenal are gonna come out like a steam train I reckon. I’ve got ’99’ in my phone ready :lol:

  49. We must keep it tight for the first 15 minutes in the second half. If they score early they will probably go on and win it.

    Either way, it’s going to be like the alimo this half.

  50. Bl**dy stream keeps freezing, did manage to catch the goal though. With enough chances like that he could get more, trouble is we aren’t getting enough quality from Jonas or Joey. 2nd half is going to be a nail biter.

  51. JJ
    I am sure it is the role both joey and jonas are playing for the team. Both like to play in final third but this is not the day for us to dominating the opposition

  52. Best time to score, right on 45mins and just before half time. Not getting carried away though, could be 4-1 yet.

  53. Anyone reckon Harper would have made the save that Krul did? If it was down the other end and the Arsenal keeper made it I dare say that it would have been touted as world class :roll:

  54. Krul gonna to be hard to shift. Is a very good keeper and will get better. This academy lark is quite a good idea.

  55. toonsy says:
    November 7, 2010 at 2:29 pm
    Come on lads. Put me in hospital.

    Can I just second that…

  56. Haha, I still the Arsenal might take it, but it certainly makes for a good second half.
    And they have to score two to win. Would love it if we could sneek one more. And get Cliche sent off.

    Having said that. I hope Chiek can stay on because he is the key man for me along with Carroll.

  57. toonsy

    I reckon Harper knew he was in trouble if Krul got a long run in the side. Could see he was gutted when he got injured.

    Tiote is not just our best player, but our best player with the ball as well, nothing seems to faze him class player like.

    Jonas needs to improve, sometimes he goes missing away from home, he can’t do his little tricks against arse and it’s putting him off his game.

    Keep it tight and I recon they will tire after their champs league, hope so anyway.

  58. Jill-The 1940’s have been on hold, apparently Hitler is trying desperatly to get through too.

  59. DJG – As Ross said earlier, those little 90 degree turns worry me a little, but overall he is fantastic.

  60. Biggest test of the Magpie defenders’ resiliency coming up. More exciting than Doctor Who and the Robots of Death.


  61. Unlucky Carroll there, keep his eye on the ball and we’ve got a brilliant chance at latching onto a ball across the face of goal

  62. Carroll looks like he tried to set himself too early there, then set up again, by the time had the ball was at his feet.

  63. Tiote is an amazing find for 3.5million forget Chamakh at 15!!!

    I have to be honest and say I am not sure Jonas should be first choice winger when Benny comes back, I think Nolan has taken his chance alot more than Jonas

  64. who have Arsenal just brought on? havent seen him before i dont think, must be a new signing ;)

  65. Every time we’re breaking down those flanks there’s nee one in the final third to try and latch onto anything

  66. Tiote megs Koswhatever and plays a brilliant cross field ball to Carroll, he’s been top buzzer AGAIN so far the day.

  67. hmmmm,much better, 4 shots now being made.

    we need to find a winner from someone quickly…my heart can’t take it anymore. 8O

    Not sure CH wants to make a sub,but do we need to get Wayne for His speed and Ranger like right now?

  68. Time for fresh legs. A sub every five minutes will help break up play and get a rest to our midfield

  69. To Mike Dean:Now Now Now,get someone sent off please from Arsenal. :lol:

    Since wenger already used all his sub’s.

  70. Ranger-Because you love it. Doesn’t matter whether you want to put yourself through it or not mate, you’ll do it regardless because it’s all you know :D

  71. Big Dave says:
    November 7, 2010 at 3:05 pm
    fuk the commentaters are creaming themselfs when Arse get in the box

    So am I to be fair, but it’s coming out of my arse!

  72. They all do and I bet they continue to do so. Chelsea, Manure, Mancity, Lpool and the spuds aswell as the arse. Anyone else they dont give any credit too, and this result whatever it is today will be Arsenals fault/glory, nothing to do with us. Its what boils my pi$$

  73. What does Wenger look like with that stupid fcking oversized coat on?

    A prick that’s what!

  74. Now to relax everyone,

    WBA Or Man city….

    which team do you all prefer win?

    I would want Man city win though,so we can be 5th for at least next few days~~if we win tonight.

  75. Colo should have played Ranger in there like, he’s fresh and could have held it to win a free kick or better.

  76. with us, west brom and blackpool going so well i guess the supposed gulf in class between the leagues isnt what it was. 5, 6 & 11th! :)

  77. Now is the time to delay the play as much as possible.

    if spotted a chance,then quickly shoot.

  78. HAHAA,bloody red card at so late. should have been earlier. :lol:

    Lady Luck is shining on NUFC today.

    Another record broken.

    This team loves to break record,don’t they? ;)

  79. So what’s the big fat twat Ashley going to do now?

    Give him a contract you fcking w*nker, and not one for less than £1m a year.

  80. This is mental well done the lads !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My god the Sky commentators are absolute shite….having REAL trouble saying out good about us. All pro ARSENAL absolutely garbage.. But it doesn’t matter he he !!!!!!

  81. Vegas-I’m quite genuinly laughing mate. Cannot believe the last 7 days. When it’s good to be a Geordie, it’s bloody good. :D

  82. ILM – I’ll have you know my legendary predicitons have us where we are today ;)

    What a result. It tops the 6-0 over Villa in my eyes.

    However bad Arsenal have played (and don’t forget they are always saying that about any team we beat, the defence MUST have been magnificent – possibly the whol;e team!

  84. Munich Mag spot on its never how good we have done its how poor the others had to be. I say if they were poor it was because we made them look poor ;)

  85. I am sure CH would say let’s don’t get carry away…

    but this.

    sry CH,i can’t help to get carry away~~~ :lol:

  86. La La La lALALALALAL Geordies !!!!!!!

    We never looked in trouble, Arsenal could have Fabregas sent off, and even after Arsen Windger got them 4 minutes extra time we STILL beat them !! This is all unreal, away wins at West Ham, Everton AND Arsenal…I’ve never experienced that in my life time !

  87. Good grinding win and we had chances to get more.

    Big Dave, I’m goona (that was a misspell but thought I’d leave it as an ironic pun) have a big smile on my face as I now have to get on with the jobs my missus has lined up after letting me watch the game. ;)

    We’re 4th at the moment. Champions league anyone? :)

  88. is it just me or does anyone else think that from we started attacking more with a 4-4-2 type set up we have started to play far far far better

  89. What about wor Tiote !! Another early yellow card, but the lad STILL cruised through the game…immense !!!

  90. I was so impressed with our fitness and work rate, even Carroll defended well from time to time, we knew Arses would push us back and we stood up to it – credit for CH for instilling belief in the players.

    Nice to see Arsehole in an oversized coat about to start fucking moaning again, sore loser and always will be, can’t wait for the MOTD edit tonight just to see his winging face.

    Good result and a brilliant week, bring on FatHeed on Wednesday neet.

  91. SIMPSON was excellent, bar a couple mistakes at the end. This back four is the one that carried us through the Fizzy Pop, Saylor and Perch will surely be made to wait for another chance.

  92. Well played. Our strategy was spot on, we knew we could not boss the game so depended on the one or two chances. We played for a 0-0 draw today were lucky with a goal that turned into a win.

    Well done to both Shola and Andy for playing thier roles well when called into defence.Tribute to Carroll for getting a goal despite working on scraps all day long but it was a team effort. Our defence did a very good job.

    I would have accepted a defeat but this team and Hughton got the job done well.

    I am thrilled!!

  93. Imagine if we had beaten Blackpool, Stoke and Wigan eh?!

    It is a great great win and lets hope the form continues. I really would like to be comfortable well before the end of the season

  94. Bloody fuc*ing brilliant lads.what a result,let me repeat it,what a result and what a performance:-)and to go with it,did anyone see the club statement on the official site?
    Thank you NOTW for firing our lads up:-)

  95. Toonsy

    Arse fans singing ‘cheats’? What for, Ranger going down for the red card?

  96. Ice- :D

    Tiote was different class today, the lad has an endless tank, works constantly and never seems to tire in the center of the field. Looks easy when he’s in possession of the ball bar a touch of over confidence every now and again, distributes it comfortably and genuinly just looks a class act. Back four again Excellent, Carroll again excellent, Krul with a few brilliant saves. Even Ranger looked very lively in the few minutes he was on, kept the ball well, defended from the front and forced the sending off by refusing to give up on a loose ball. Brilliant lads, brilliant.

  97. Arse played the long ball.. hahaha

    Our defenders just blasted it back out every time. f### off Andy Gay and sky, we were immense today.

  98. Jamie Redknapp on Wor Andy- “If you want a lad to lead the line, he’s the best there is at the moment. He’s better than Heskey, better than Crouch, The lad is immense”

  99. ROSS said when they signed benny that tiote was the kiddie nee good scoreing 3 if you let 4 in m8

  100. Listen lads the arseholes on $ky will obviously take Arses side and paint the picture that we were lucky, and us the poor Geordie nation were never expected to get anything anywhere near a result today, we all know they support Chel$ea / Arses / Manure and so don’t rise to their bait.

    That’s the way it is and that’s the way it will always be until they start broadcasting from the North.

    Cloud9, HWTL for Wednesday neet

  101. Agree, for me TIOTE and SIMPSON were men of the match today, closely followed by the rest of the team ;-)
    Only poorish player today was Jonas.

    My player ratings:

    Krul: 7.5 – excellent save to keep it 0-0, solid
    Enrique: 8 – kept pace with Walcott, solid
    Willo: 8 – never put a foot wrong
    Colo: 8.5 so solid, some great cut outs
    Simpson: 9 – brilliant game, made Nasri look poor
    Jonas: 5.5 – poor game, didn’t have much go his way
    Nolan: 6.5 – quiet but put in some hard work
    Tiote: 9 – just brilliant, the heart of our our midfield
    Barton: 7 – much better second half, good diagnal crosses
    Ameobi: 8 – showed some great work rate and hold up play
    Carroll: 8.5 – excellent workrate, strength and determination.

    Ranger: Handful when he came on.


    9.5 – great tactics, great manager for our club!

  102. Excellent tactics by Chris. Outsmarted the great Arsene. Heroes all. Laughing and drinking me whusky.

    I might just stay up all night and watch the next match. Too hyped to sleep. Laughing. Laughing. I don’t think I’ll ever stop.

  103. To be fair to Sky, Jamie Redknapp waxed lyrical about us from start to finish. Heaped huge amounts of praise on Carroll, said he has to get a go for England and said without question Hughton has to be awarded a new contract inside the next 7-14 days. Even mentioned how good Ranger was when he came on, did exactly the same as Shola with fresh legs.
    Hughton’s post match interview again displaying how much of a gentleman he is. Praised the fans and dismissed the fact that these wins strengthen his hand when contract negotiations begin. Said he’s taking it one game at a time and it was a great 3 points. I’m absolutly over the moon, lol.

  104. Colo looks absolutely world class. Credit needs to be given to the entire back four – looks like they are playing the offside trap much better of late.

    Williamson had a couple poor games but was back to his best today!

  105. we just looking a proper fookin team. great result, everton villa arsenal mackems all smashed, man city outplayed. reckon we will do the business wednesday too, howay the lads

  106. Simpson: 9 – brilliant game, made Nasri look poor

    Don’t agree that Simpson gets a higher score than Barton and Carroll. Still made 3 or 4 silly mistakes and holds off too much. Getting better though.

  107. A couple of changes JJ

    Krul: 10
    Enrique: 10
    Willo: 10
    Colo: 10
    Simpson: 10
    Jonas: 10
    Nolan: 10
    Tiote: 10
    Barton: 10
    Ameobi: 10
    Carroll: 10

    Ranger: 10
    Hughton: 10
    Life: 10

    Even the government looks good at the moment.

  108. JJ I know that Jonas didnt have the best of games but surely not 5.5 I watched him put a good shift in running back to help out loads of times ;)

  109. Big Dave

    The thing with Tiote is he is excellent and strong in defence, but he it the man making the engine move on offense too, but always finding space in front of the back four and freeing up a pass for the defenders and attackers to get rid of the ball when they are pressed by the opposition. He tires them out and takes the pressure off the entire team. Great player. So similar to Makelele is scary. And exactly the kind of player we have needed to build a team around.

  110. Ice-I saw that, the two players he mentioned in his interview. If he’s anything to go by, Hoots should be on the phone to them asap, lol.

  111. Simpson looks so good because maybe Perch was really poor; I gave him the benefit of the doubt but perhaps he is better suited to play CB.

    Hughton surely bought him because he can play across the back four. It was somewhat upsetting when we thought maybe Chris intended for him to be our first choice RB.

  112. on there m8 he is like him was chelsea best player imo.

    bet benny is lapping this up too :)

  113. Jonas had a poor game because arsenals tactic was to put three players on him as soon as he got the ball, 80% of the time he had no one ahead of him to pass to
    Shola was immense as a midfielder today
    In fact was a good game from everyone, admittedly we didnt have much in final

    fvcking fantastic man – I loved it

  114. I’m going to need intravenous fluids after creaming myself so many times watching us win at the Emirates.

  115. Jonas has a big weakness in the fact that he only has the ability to pass the ball forward when he passes it at all. He usually just puts his head down and runs and thats why he seldom finds the strikers because he doesn’t know where that are.

    Think he has great skill and workrate, I just wish he’d play a bit more with his brains.

    Regardless, everyone is entitled to a poor game, especially against the likes of Arsenal, and the fact the the rest of the team all played like champions. Well who cares…

    Great week for the club. Who’d have thought we’d be 4th in November!!! Surely a top 10 finish is on the cards.

  116. BIG DAVE dont you think maybe perch wasnt a 100% hoots signing,might have been nudged by someone ;)

  117. I would also like to claim a little glory for my comments regarding Tiote and CDM as being the most importand position we needed filling in the summer.

    We MUST MUST MUST beat Blackburn on weds at SJP to push on from the last few results. If we do we are looking in decent shape

  118. Big Dave –

    No one can really disagree about Perch now that Simpson has done so much better. Should we give some of the credit to Joey for providing some great support today?

    And can you really blame me for failing to contain my excitement?!?! We’ve won at Stamford Bridge, Emirates, Goodison, Upton Park, robbed at City of Manchester Stadium. Played well at Molineaux, where even Man U struggle… keep this up and I may have to watch Away matches in me skivvies so that I don’t ruin any more of my pants!!!

  119. Krul- 8 Harper must now be worried, some hard saves made them look easy but they wern’t.

    Simpson- 7 Getting better, Gave the ball away in dangerous areas which he needs to cut out. Finally got some good blocks in but still holds off too much.

    Collo- 9 Master class performance, both on the deck and in the air.

    Willo- 8 Very solid and starting to become an unsung hero for us. I have though he is a v good player for a while now.

    Jose- 8 Good performance, not so much fannying about at the back today just got rid, well done.

    Barton- 8 Cappello must have also had one eye on Barton. Starting to make this inside right role his own.

    Tiote- 9 What can I say, world class, could have easily been playing for Arsenal in champs league.

    Nolan- 7 Did what he had to and worked hard.

    Jonas- 6.5 Did OK. Recovered in the second half after it looked like it could have been another away day no-show. Couldn’t make mugs of arsenal and looked frustrated.

    Ameobi- 7 Has bags of skill on the deck and frustrated them.

    Carroll- 9 Starting to make a name for himself. Best in the business in the air. Made them pay for giving him an inch.

    Ranger- n/a. Will have enjoyed that run out at his boyhood team.

  120. Everybody going on about Tiote being a rock in the centre.
    Dont forget we have had Nicky Butt for the last five seasons. haha

  121. Ice I think you could be right mate I think CC nudged CH into him.
    on a different note I see some tanker has been posting under my name on the last thread

  122. budalovesa

    Ye, Nicky Butt went down with two clubs!!!
    Coincidence?! I think not! He was useless… So was Owen. Two players I’ve never been more happy to get rid of.

  123. While the entire team give their all today and deserved the win for me MOM was Krul , the lad just keeps on improving . Tiote was awesome and Shola worked his socks off Carroll took his only real chance and is really starting to become a goal scorer at the highest level . Roll on the next 2 home games , this team is really starting to find its feet in the prem .