Newcastle v Wigan – Match banter.

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Worried about Wigan?
Worried about Wigan?
Welcome one and all to the only place to be for matchday experience, providing you can’t get to down to St James’ Park of course.

Stay with us and discuss all the goings on here as Newcastle take on Wigan Athletic this afternoon in what is set to be another do or die game for the home side.

Chris Hughton will again be looking to bounce back from two disappointing home defeats against Blackpool and Stoke, although today we can hopefully use a little bit of injustice to motivate us towards gaining the three points that we so vitally need.

I’m not going to go into detail about why the team should be pumped up for this game. They should be pumped up anyway, regardless, but the events that unfolded a fortnight ago at The City of Manchester Stadium should be fresh in the minds of our lads.

Do it for Benny is my message to them!

As ever, this is the place to come together and piss and moan about the match, as we always seem to do. Unfortunately there is some bad news for those looking for links to the game today as there doesn’t seem to be too many available at this early juncture. You could be a hero amongst bloggers if you find one that works and post a link to it in the comments section below.

For more information regarding team news plus a little bit of guesswork and some predictions you can check out my match preview or if facts stats are more your game you can have a look at Paul Reece’s most excellent ‘Top ten facts and stats to know about Wigan Athletic.

Three points has to be a must as chances are beginning to run out at home against the so-called weaker teams in the league. We have already been beaten at home, twice, by those kinds of teams. Let’s make sure a third one isn’t added to the list today!

Howay the lads!

Newcastle – Tim Krul, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Danny Guthrie, Joey Barton, Cheick Tiote, Jonas Gutierrez, Peter Lovenkrands, Andy Carroll.

Subs – Ole Soderberg, Ryan Taylor, Tamas Kadar, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith, Nile Ranger, Shola Ameobi.

Wigan – Ali Al Habsi, , Ronnie Stam, Steven Caldwell, Emerson Boyce, Maynor Figueroa, Antolin Alcaraz, James McCarthy, Jordi Gomez, Hendry Thomas, Charles N’Zogbia, Franco Di Santo.

Subs – Chris Kirkland, Ben Watson, Mohamed Diame, Tom Cleverley, Victor Moses, Mauro Boselli, Hugo Rodallega.

Referee – Mark Halsey.

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360 Responses

  1. So I’m assuming Guthrie will be on the right. So let’s get this right, every single time he played there he was shite, even in the Championship he was shite. So why oh why are we playing him there now?

    Good grief I need another drink!

  2. Maybe because he set up a shit load if goals Stu? It’s worth trying again as Routs has done feck all to justify his place….

  3. Toonsy – Guthrie couldn’t set paper on fire with a lighter on the right let alone set up goals! All his best work was done in the middle, same as Barton.

    At least tiote and Barton will have some movement in front of them with Lover.

  4. I like that team seems more adventurous, close to our strongest team, missing HBA and Raylor in for perch! HWTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Interesting about Nolan, seems a fluid system could be used. Jonas on RW and MCLovin on LW, giving support at either end of the pitch. Guthrie is a great player but drifts inside so expect perch to be exposed to nzogbia if jonas isn’t on the rw

  6. Not sure where everyone is getting these funky formations from? Looks like a bog standard 4-4-2 to me like……

  7. I was trying to think of a way Guthrie and Nolan could play in the middle like they did pre-season, but have no idea if it’s possible, so I’m throwing out fun-tarded ideas like 4-1-3-2 with a narrow midfield trio but that don’t make sense with Jonas.

  8. Prediction time…. errr would love to say 2-1 but taking recent form into consideration it is a dodgy one!!!

  9. FSOTC – Playing narrow is out if the question anyway I reckon. It would give N’Zogbia a clear run on Perch.

  10. very good point, Toonsy. Maybe Tiote would be pushed over to clamp down on Zoggers and Perch expected to attack up the right, which he seems to be decent at? Zoggers ain’t a great defender, as we know…

  11. really looking forward to seeing Carroll partnered with Loverman… if only the supply lines can get open. Barton’s passing seemed pretty poor in the last few games. Maybe he’s used the international break to recalibrate. Wonder how Guthrie’s passing will play in too.

  12. I don’t think anyone saw that team coming. Short of a 4-4-2 with Guthrie on the RW (oh dear) I don’t really see what CH is going for. Anyone think a 4-5-1 with Lover on the RW and both Danny and Barton in the middle?

    Oddness. Two right-wingers – both on the bench. Guthrie, not known for effectiveness out there, on the RW.

    I really hope CH knows something we don’t. Again.

  13. I can only assume they’ve been working with some formation during the break that gets Barton and Guthrie both feeding through to Lover and Bigger Lad. Hope it works…

  14. Tiote came on against chelsea reserves at right back and looked very iffy there.I do think it will be 4-5-1 though.

  15. Routledge must have been gash in training. Raylor we know is a bit of a one-trick pony, so no big surprise there – but at least either of those can create some width on the right. I really like Guthrie… but only in the middle.

  16. Will folks was listening to 5 live in the car and near crashed when I heard that Captain Tugboat wasn’t playing :)
    Was real surprised to hear Guthrie was starting aswell
    Howay the Lads

  17. Setanta Canada is showing the match on tape delay tonight at 8pm est. Which makes me think there should be more live streams popping up, and at the very least one English language one. Will post when I find one.

  18. Yeah, Raylor would’ve been a good addition in this game I’d think. Oh well, I’m big on Guthrie and although he did come inside way too much he did have some great crosses onto the head last season.

  19. Hmmm,i rmb someone showing a line-up yesterday and there’s one guy question him,why nolan not in ur line-up?

    Now admit,whose that wizard who can see the future? ;)

  20. Let me guess,ryan taylor,wayne and Nile ranger will be the possible subs coming on later in the match. :lol:

  21. According to Lee Ryder…..

    “Tiote to sit in front of back four, Barton, Guthrie and Jonas in three man unit”

  22. Ice at 1st I couldn’t believe that CH would drop him, but seeing as he isnt on the bench it must be that he picked up an injury, so hasn’t really been dropped by CH :lol:

  23. CC – Campbell and Nolan have ‘niggles’ according to NUFC.

    I reckeon they both both misheard and though it was ‘nibbles’. I hear they are still waiting at the snack bar……

  24. Tiote recieves the Player of the Month award on behalf of Ben Arfa.

    How many more could he have had……

  25. Its a 4-3-3



  26. guthrie, our best midfielder last season, in. Yes. Amazed at some of the harbingers above. You got what you wanted: nolan out, 2 strikers fielded, and you’re still moaning about summit! Hughton’s team selections continue to be intelligent, fair and bold. Damnit I love that dude.

  27. Embarrassing goal. Two center backs both double the size of insomnia caught watching the ball and he’s got above them to head it in.

  28. Big Dave says:
    October 16, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    “Worky Just noticed the new total for the donations its going well mate”

    Aye Dave, I still have Clint’s to add to that too.

  29. I hate watching spanish links, when someone scores against you the last thing you need to hear is a spanish yelling goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll for 20mins

  30. we’re getting relegated – getting hammered by all the relagation favourites at home, fooked

  31. one question…what has lovenkrands done? nothing. game over. perch makes me ill. 4-4-2 woo hoo great

  32. Where’s Whumpie and his fckin ridiculous notion that ‘team spirit’ makes you better players?

    We don’t look like scoring and we look fckin awful at the back!

    We really good enough for this league?

    Oh and by the way, I’m at the match and we look fckin shockin!

  33. zogs is all over perch – need to get him off but for who, taylor can’t defend either!

  34. Insomnia found in the box by himself, again. What the f*ck are the back four doing? Where was Perch?..really depressing. That’s the game over inside 20 minutes. Both scored by a pathetic little tw@t and relegation favourites are taking 3 points from our place. Brilliant.

  35. Any other streams? Ones that don’t stop every few seconds? Or is it one that’s just trying to save me from the more depressing passages?

  36. Goal back before half-time and it’s game back on lads. Keep the faith, even though it’s hard to at the moment…

  37. toonsy-Be brutal mate, we’ve put one decent ball into the box that Carroll didn’t gamble on in 27 minutes. Both goals were embarrassing to concede, the defence just wasn’t there. I agree we get a goal back and things change but it certainly doesn’t look like happening at the moment.

  38. And sorry if it sounds like i’m picking individuals out, but it has to be said. Insomnia is making Perch look pathetic, a change needed. Everything going down the left for them.

  39. that first goal there was 2 def beside zog didnt even jump,and hes only 5ft 7/8 for christ sake

  40. CH seems to have really screwed up here – either that or there are problems off-field that we don’t know about that made him pick this line-up. The things going wrong are the ones that most could see as a problem before kick-off.

  41. this is embarrassing – our defending and passing is out the window, perch is out of his depth against zogs

  42. Ice-Neither of them even knew Insomnia was there mate. One actually backed into the other as the ball came into the box and there he was on his lonesome to nod in, embarrassing.

  43. yes whumpie, was expecting a lot especially after kicking their arses in Fifa 11 some time back…sad

  44. What’s really annoying is watching how many passes Wigan strings together successfully with us running around like headless chickens trying to get to the ball. Then, when we’ve got it, not only can we not string the passes together, we’re under immense pressure…how is that they can do that but we can’t? Very annoying.

  45. Martinez has our number today. Battlers in midfield, pace on the wings, men behind the ball and a lightning fast counter attack. Sounds simple, but it’s doing us every time. We need a bit of luck to get us back in the game as we are clearly shell shocked at the scoreline and sheer pace and aggression of Wigan’s play.

  46. One off the line. If that goes in it’s game back on. Something else that didn’t fall our way lol

    Ah well

  47. We’re starting to apply pressure and make chances at their end but we need to take them, they’re the better team and we wont get many more at this rate.

  48. Christ man Insomnia is just leaving Perch for dead. A simple step over and a burst of pace and Perch is done. Change it!!

  49. That’s it. The crowd on Perch’s back now. Career over at Newcastle after 8 games.

    Best fans in the land eh…..

  50. Toonsy-He’s getting hammered mate, plain and simple. Insomnia has scored two goals and is creating a goalscoring opportunity EVERY SINGLE TIME he goes down the left. Human nature to be frustrated at him.

  51. Toonsy they might be having a go at him as he is away up field every chance he gets instead of being back defending like he is supposed to be ;)

  52. What can we expect, this is pretty much the same team that got relegated last time in the EPL! Krul, Tiote and Perch have not made us a force.

  53. Its no coincidence that N’Zogbia has played on the right all season until he plays against us where he starts on the left and is playing directly up against Perch.

    He is out of his depth and teams know it.

  54. @Big Dave: we shall be celebrating cause we both predict a lost didn’t we???

    For a moment,i thought Perch plays RM. ;)

    and Guthrie RB.

  55. Big Dave-Exactly. He is constantly caught out of position. He was nowhere to be seen for either goal and is nowhere to be seen whenever they counter attack. A simple cross field ball/ball down the line and Insomnia is galloping off into open space. It’s no coincidence. I’ll support every single one of them 100% but voicing an opinion on a player shouldn’t be seen as a lack of support. Its more a fact than an opinion anyway. He’s been outclassed so far today and other teams are quickly establishing him as a weak link. Unlucky for him, yes. Even unluckier for us though.

  56. I still think we can get back into the game hopefully CH will tear them apart in the dressing room,
    AOD sometimes I think Perch thinks he is a striker :)

  57. BD-Not on the first half performance mate. Wigan will rinse and repeat given their first half success and unless we make changes we wont get back into this. We made chances at the other end towards the end of the first half but they defended like dogs and made creating chances at our end look simple.

  58. I just hope simpson can come in and establish some stability, he’s not proven at this level either.

  59. Now Now Now,let’s HOPE Perch scores,Big Dave? ;)

    Hopefully CH tells the players and make a sub….by telling let’s play for a draw instead. 8O

  60. Can’t really defend Perch today, but then again I can’t defend Williamson either. No excuse for getting beaten in the air for the first goal. Campbell anyone?

  61. Will Raylor do any better than Perch against Insomnia? At least he’s unlikley to run out of position as quickly and he’d give us some width.

  62. Ross we need to do something but CH doesn’t normally make changes till 70 min so hopefully we will still be in the game by then.
    Mike G Simpson mightn’t be a proven Prem RB but I know I would prefer him over Perch ;)
    AOD hopefully if he scores it will be for us :lol:

  63. Toro-I know you’ve been a Perch sympathiser for a while mate and I respect you for that, but surely today makes you double take? If a mid table player like Insomnia is making him look like this, in a team that were “serious relegation candidates” have to wonder whether he’s up to the job surely.
    I hate to say it but the results against the likes of Everton/Villa just look like flashes in the pan. We’re in for another dog fight.

  64. Apparently all my links are down,maybe someone wants to prevent me from watching a comedy?

  65. BD-I can’t see a defensive change being made like that, probably in an attempt to keep his confidence up or something. Christ, if that first half hasn’t knocked his confidence he has thicker skin than most.

  66. Ross

    I don’t agree Zoggy is a mid-table player. I think he could walk into most top 8 teams to be honest. However, this performance can’t be ignored and he will rightly come under fire. Williamson should also take criticism. He has been caught flat footed too often first half and should NEVER get beaten in the air by Zoggy.

  67. workyticket says:
    October 16, 2010 at 4:11 pm
    I still think we might draw this one.
    >>>>>>>>Can’t see us scoring and think we will concede another on a break away.

  68. I’ve gotta say, I thought CH had the team perfect today, with one exception… Guthrie RW, really? Hughton basically said that N’Zogbia was Wigan’s main threat pre game, so surely we should have someone who knows how to play RW countering that danger?

    I like Chris, but his tactics are shocking at times.

  69. Crap day crap week for me. Tops it off nicely. CH will come under fire now and I can understand why. There are no gimmies in this league but we should be performing better against these teams at sjp, poor poor poor

  70. Shola coming on. Probably worth a crack; at least he’s got some tricks. (Besides falling over, before anyone else says it :)

  71. These r the games we have to start winning , i dont think we r gonna pull this back , but we r in e relegation fight from here on in

  72. Cheers Dave, that’s what I was watching before it was pulled for “Copyright infringement”. Seems to be back now though.

  73. @Big Dave: told you Perch is playing RM..and not RB. :lol:

    I think we need ryan taylor set-pieces to save us.

  74. Can’t the town of Wigan be happy with two decent rugby teams? Do they have to have a good football one as well?


    Hmm. Routledge on. Not the obvious change down the right side…

  75. we’re pretty much pathetic today, obviously taking some tips from the midweek england performance


  77. That is a PATHETIC decision to award against Barton. He’s spun into Barton and they get a free kick. Ridiculous.

  78. Gotta be Simpson back in for the next match, and I think we’re missing Nolan’s leadership skills, maybe even Smith to put it all back to basics. Gotta keep it no worse than 2-0 and start from scratch in the next game.

  79. It has never been clearer that we need a quality striker. Carroll has looked back to his usual self over the last few games. Bags of effort, but little quality.

  80. Don’t see where the goals are coming from in this team. Our wingers can’t cross, and Barton and company don’t get up quickly enough to support the attackers. It’s a lot of weight on the shoulders of Carroll (and even Ameobi, Best, Ranger, Loven etc).

  81. Johno-We’ve had a few chances here and there mate, but we’re not taking them. They’ve cleared a header off the line…and thats about it. Guthrie just skied a free kick over their bar, we dont look like scoring to be brutally honest.

  82. We need the ‘development team’ on. They know how to overturn a 2-0 deficit. Also… Shola! Get in!

  83. Shola should now be starting in place of Carroll in my opinion. He has more to his game and is that little bit more experienced. Or maybe play the two together.

  84. I really wish Shola chased ‘lost causes’ more often. He often looks lazy, but add a bit more enthusiasm into his game and he’d look good!

    Also, anyone else think Routeledge helps us? I know he’s got his critics on here, but his speed distracts defenders and gives our players a bit more room to play.

  85. So we’re back to the team that looked good at the end against Citeh. SHame it took an hour of crap play to work that one out, eh.

  86. @Whumpie, amazed we didn’t start with this lineup, tbh. Given (as you said) the performance vs City.

  87. Blip – both SHola and Carroll tend to stand/sit around for several seconds after a play breaks down, complaining to no-one in particular, instead of getting up and fighting for it back. Annoys the hell out of me.

  88. I have at least seen Andy try to close down a keeper this season though. Can’t remember the last time I saw Shola pressure anyone.

  89. Compare that to Jonas, who just lost out (as usual) to three players but didn’t even break stride trying to get it back; never even hesitated. More fight like that from our strikers would be nice…

  90. They still look dangerous on the counter. That ball over the top down the channel catches us every single time.

  91. Handy Andy. Naughty boy; that we can do without. We are not the bleedin’ argies.

    Nile on. Good thing.

  92. Christ. This balls to the wall stuff with 20 mins to go when we realise we’re losing is still depressing to watch. Carroll should have at least had that on Target there like. Does Ranger on mean we’re going 3 up top for the final 3/4 minutes?

  93. Aye Carroll seems to have lost his way past few games. He’s had a few excellent chances inside the last 10 mins that he’s managed to cock them up.

  94. goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  96. thank god because i don’t know if i’ve ever disliked an ex player as much as i hate insomnia

  97. why da fuk can we not play attacking football for the whole game instead of waiting till the last 10-15 mins when we are getting beat :(

  98. Let’s hope CH just starts with something like that formation next time. Cannot see for the life of me why he’d start with what he did.

    And Tiote didn’t get a reducer in on Insomnia. Shame.

    Ho hum. Good fight-back, lads.

  99. Tell you what, we’re bloody lucky there. This “realising we’re down with 20 minutes to go and going all out” rubbish has to stop. Why didn’t we play like that from the first whistle?..
    It’s like we need to be in it deep to actually boost the players into going for it. Bloody lucky today. Captain Colo to the rescue.

  100. KING COLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rather disappointing result but a good comeback… when they eventually got going!

  101. Lads, does anyone else remember the last time this happened to us? I honestly don’t recall the last time we snatched something at the death…

    I remember plenty of times we’ve only started playing in the final 10 minutes or so, but not the last time it paid off!

  102. And in saying that, a draw is still a little frustrating today. Under the circumstances, i’m very happy with it. But if we want to make sure we survive this season, games like that we should be picking up 3 points.

  103. No other football team in the country would put you through so much emotion.

    We were lucky today!

  104. good on collo – we were kin awful today but still managed to pull a draw out the bag
    we’ll be relegated on this form though

  105. I have refrained from giving players stick except Nolan up to now, but the sooner Simpson is back the better because IMO Perch has been out of his depth

  106. can’t say i’m pleased with the result… but this is why i continue supporting this bloody club haha.. no other thing makes me feel so many emotions in 90 minutes week in week out.. howay the lads!!

  107. Worky, fair enough, it was a good shout.

    I mean it though, when was the last time we did that? Fizzy league aside (seem to remember us frustrating Bristol City)…

  108. Big Dave

    Or Steven Taylor at RB maybe when he comes back, anything accept Perch will do he’s starting to bug me

  109. Carroll dropped for the next game please. Ranger looked lively and I would consider a partnership of him and Ameobi for our next home game. Carroll has been found out it would seem. Great potential, but needs to add another dimension to his game.

  110. thank God. As few said above. Why we always need to go behind before playing with urgency. We need to start games better if we need to survive.

  111. reckon its time to drop williamson for cambell, he was poor today and we’re letting to many goals – obviously we need to get perch off and find someone to play RB

  112. blip says:
    October 16, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    “Worky, fair enough, it was a good shout.

    I mean it though, when was the last time we did that? Fizzy league aside (seem to remember us frustrating Bristol City)…”

    We’ve been very erratic and unpredictable this season, blip. I’ve said this before, but I think that’s normal for a team in this state of development, and I think that we will become more consistent in time.

  113. T_F I agree 100% but I dont think Saylor will get picked :( I dont think he fits in with the teams plans even if it was for the good of the team.

  114. Carroll has been sort of invisible the last several games but isn’t it because the supply lines have been poor?

    Maybe Shola should get the start ahead of him, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame Carroll all together. There’s a lot of midfield possession for us, but the final ball into the striker/s has been very poor. Aside from Jonas’ excellent cross today, The strikers have been stranded and without supplies.

  115. Big Dave says:
    October 16, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    “I have refrained from giving players stick except Nolan up to now,”

    Aye, but you’ve beaten Nolan constantly with a massive stick though, Dave! ;-)

  116. FINALLY,PPL Starting to believe Perch is still not up for epl standard yet.

    Gosh,kinda feel relieved after a certain amount of ppl slagging me off at start saying perch is still good.

  117. fourfourone

    Agreed. Would Campbell have allowed such shocking defending today? Williamson has avoided criticism, but imo he wasn’t much better than Perch today. Our whole right side of defence looked shocking. Thank God for Colo. We are now seeing the REAL Fabricio Coloccini. Guthrie looked off the pace today, but that was to be expected. In fact, I think that was Hughton’s biggest clanger today. There was a clear lack of cohesion in midfield which must have been down to Guthrie’s recent inclusion. Ameobi has surely earned himself a start?

  118. Worky we will need to find consistensy quick before its to late, as I think when you drop in the bottom its hard to climb back out

  119. Well I seem to remember us not getting going till the 2nd half at this point last season. So I wouldnt worry too much about it. Come January if we’re still doing this THEN i’d be worried.

  120. Big Dave says:
    October 16, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    “as I think when you drop in the bottom its hard to climb back out”

    I knaa all about that one ATM, Dave. Seriously though, even if we carry on as we are, we still wouldn’t quite get relegated, and I really don’t think that luck has been in our favour either.

  121. Worky @ 285 :) if I had the choice it would be a baseball bat. I just honestly believe that Nolan will hold us back for a few reasons but only time will tell ;)

  122. @E Toro, I like Sol. I think he does a really decent job of organising the defence. Certainly Perch would have been shouted at for his positioning…

  123. Big Dave says:
    October 16, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    “I just honestly believe that Nolan will hold us back for a few reasons but only time will tell”

    Are pies one of those reasons, Dave? :-)

  124. Worky @ 291 > I knaa all about that one ATM, Dave. Worky never give up mate just keep climbing these are the lows that make you stronger ;)
    As for luck I said during our relegation year we have to take our chances and dont leave it up to lady luck or the Refs as we never seem to do well with either

  125. I think that those two goals by Insomnia were an almost catastrophic blip today, possibly due to Perch. Apart from that though, I didn’t think we were quite as bad as some people were saying.

  126. Anyone else think JB was sh1te AGAIN today???

    His passing is all ower the place. What’s with all his “Hollywood” balls??? I know he reckons he’s good enough for England – is he trying to reinvent himself as the new David Beckham. He’s already got the ridiculous facial hair.

  127. wasn’t Zoggy’s first goal the result of a fluky deflection off Enrique? I think he stuck a leg out to block DiSanto’s cross and the ball nicked his leg and fell to Zogs.

    Admittedly, Willo and (was it?) Colo should have handled him, but he took that header beautifully, back across the face of goal.

    His second, gotta hand it to him, was superb.

  128. Big Dave says:
    October 16, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    “Worky @ 291 > I knaa all about that one ATM, Dave. Worky never give up mate just keep climbing these are the lows that make you stronger”

    Very Friedrich Nietzsche, Dave (“That which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”). At least the site is looking good now though, and will get alot better thanks to you and a few others.

  129. Worky I thought that c@nt would comeback to haunt us, but one thing I will say for him when he was coming off he was getting dogs abuse but he didn’t rub our noses in it which he could have but he just kept the head down

  130. Toon Chicken, I agree–Barton’s passing has been way off target lately. Shame too, because the ideas are right much of the time but it’s like his range-finder and coordinates are totally effed.

  131. WORKY i think any weakness in the E.P.and you will get done if the opp manager knows his onions,on carroll is the court case on his mind? i said he would find it a harder nut to crack in E.P.

  132. Toon Chicken says:
    October 16, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    “Anyone else think JB was sh1te AGAIN today???”

    I think that in some respects, he still isn’t completely back from all his time off the pitch, TC, especially in the range of his passing sometimes. The one thing that’ll get him back is playing though.

  133. A great come back showing plenty of character and after a first half like the one we had this draw feels like a win. The table does not lie and again we find ourselves presented with a home game we should have won.

    My analysis of the game showed the following:

    We caused problems for ourselves. Nzogbia’s goals particularly the second was lucky but the first goal was due to stupid defending. Brainless defending something which cost us all three points today. Krul was beaten at his near post which is a sin in gaol keeping terms but he should not be in a position where he is forced to make a save at his near post.

    We gifted Nzog those two goals today and we will soon be running out of games against teams from whom we should be walking away with all three points.

    I want to be more patient but these mistakes are looking as though they are endemic particularly to Perch. His reading of the game today and against stoke (own goal) have been poor. everyone makes mistakes in all positions all over the pitch but when Perch makes his mistakes it always leads to a goal

    Another point is the two strikers upfront is leaving our midfield too slow to join the attack because the ball is taken off our front man before any meaningful support arrives. I cannot help but think if Nolan was on today he would be the one with a goal. Let us face it, Carroll is Good but not great. If an offer came for him between £10 – 20 Mill for him I would take it. reason i say this is because he is not a 20 goal a season striker and will never be. We do not have one and this we must accept is a luxury exclusively for the big teams.

    His status at Newcastle is exacerbated by the fact that he is a ‘local lad’ further exacerbated by the fact that he is wearing the famous no 9 and further exacerbated by his very positive attitude and affinity for the club which is indubitably refreshing to see in this mercenary age.

    Let us not fool ourselves teams now are fighting simultaneously for Europe and relegation. We were lucky today but in this instance we made our own luck.

    My recommendations would be: CH may need more player rotation particularly in the key area of attack. There is a predictability about our play that even I can clearly see. Ryan Taylor is a wasted asset as he is clearly our best Free kick taker and with no real attacking teeth upfront we need to consider free kicks as real goal scoring opportunities! One goal can settle a game these days The same way Penalties are considered hoe often do we celebrate the awarding of a penalty before it is even taken?

  134. fsotc – it was williams and perch, they seemed to get in each others way – both played badly today in my book along with barton, guthrie, carroll in fact everyone

  135. @Big Dave: generally speaking,i gotta disagree with ur stick against Nolan.

    Cause simply till now,he isn’t making any mistakes..didn’t he?

    He is simply being put at a position no longer suitable for him in EPL.

  136. T-C it hurts to say it :( but I agree with you on Joey’s passing in the last couple of games it has been way off for most of the time ;)

  137. toonsy says:
    October 16, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    “I dodn’t see enough of the match to write up a match report”

    I’ll dee one, Toonsy. Scran forst like!

  138. Way I think most would agree that we need to start the next game with 2 strikers – one of which should be Shola.

    I think Routledge should come back in the right – he has been out of touch lately but maybe dropping him today will give him a kick up the jacksie.

    Maybe do the same with Barton next game and replace him with Guthrie.

    Then it looks as though Simpson will have to come in for Perch.

    ……Carroll, Ameobi
    Jonas, Guthrie, Routledge
    Enrique, Colocinni, Williamson, Simpson

  139. Cheers Worky. Streams were rubbish the day like. Gave up and listened to the radio in the end.

  140. Ranger should be thrown on in almost every game as an impact player. He brings a lot to the table and could really exploit tired defenders.

  141. Also, is anyone else waiting for the next decent team to arrive at SJP. We clearly don’t cope well with the onus being on us to attack and win.

  142. While Perch didn’t have a good game today it didn’t help him that Guthrie was playing right wing for some bizarre reason. Guthrie is average enough in the middle but to play him out wide is ridiculous, it meant Perch had to push forward as an attempted winger and as a result was out of position.

    Looked like a deflection involved in both goals, but thats didn’t change the fact we were poor and the formation was a joke. We might get away playing that way in the Championship but not this season.
    We got relegated last time because we lacked width and flair and I’m afraid it’s going to cost us again.

    Routledge hasn’t been great this season but at home he simply has to play as we don’t have a viable alternative. Ryan Taylor is next on the list for me, but Hughton doesn’t seem to rate him at all, despite the fact that he is one of the only players we have who can put a decent cross in and score from free kicks.

    Can’t believe Carroll is getting stick, he is a storng powerful centre forward and we don’t get decent balls into the box for him to thrive on. It’s not his fault the service from out wide is awful. And I think today also showed how important Nolan is for us.

  143. Absolutely pathetic. The worst I have seen them play in a long time. Knew N’Zogbia would score and he did twice. The second he still had a lot to do and was a v good finish but the first he was unmarked in the box for a simple header. Ive never seen a team throw away a win like Wigan did today. It probably didn’t seem too bad to the outsider but having been to the match I am very worried. They were absolutely crap today.

  144. I don’t get it. Seemingly everyone who supports Newcastle online was crying for Nolan out and two strikers upfront. We got that today and now everyone is saying Hughton doesn’t know what he is doing? What does that say for the fans then?

    The only mistake I saw was putting Guthrie out wide. He can cover there if absolutely necessary but not when coming back from injury. Beyond that, he did pretty much what every fan wanted him to do.

    It isn’t his fault the team have a collectively large ego that doesn’t match its talent level. They may be more of a team unit these days but the arrogance level against teams deemed “lower level” has never left it seems.

    Also, Ameobi scores again. His goal ratio over the past two season has been superb. If he hadn’t got injured last September, Carroll would never have got a look in. We need to have more faith in Shola while he has this form and hunger.

    It leads well into the Sunderland game in a few weeks, his traditional hunting ground.

  145. Don’t be too hard !!!

    We played good football and then got caught by Wigan. There was a shock among them and second goal we concede didn’t help . Obviously there’s much much pressure on the lads they just didn’t have time to think that’s why the long ball started.

    The lads showed gut and soul to play for the club and got a result from it. Look the way they celebrated equalizer goal , it’s meant so much to them.

    Just give the lads support all the way when the game still playing and then you can moan whatever you want when the game finished.

    Don’t kill the lads or CH from that.


  146. Crap, Crap and Crap again…reet that’s my detailed analysis of the match(Toonsy ya can use that as ya match report if you want) now I’m off oot on the lash :-) HTL

  147. Lack of quality ball today, I can see only one, the one Jonas crossed to Shola. We look hopeless at the middle and no second line forward to collect the ball at all.

    We should practice how to attack and position they should stay when attack. And I want to ask something. Ever we train at StJames’Park because it look like we can’t get any advantage here at all.

  148. Macas

    Carroll is getting stick as Ameobi has looked better than he has when he has featured ever since the Chelsea game. Carroll doesn’t offer enough at the minute and needs to add another dimension to his game imo.

  149. Just got back from the match, I;m not going to complain about a point we should never have got, but something needs to be done and fast. Not one player can really say they had a good game, all were shocking with the worst offenders, Perch, Jonas and Barton.

    Just hope the fact they pulled it back from nothing can give them something to take into the next game and try that bit harder

  150. The next game is away to West Ham.

    Considering we’re both in a relegation scrap and we seem better away from home – this is a MUST win game, surely?

  151. Headlines: “Toon fight-back papers over the cracks”
    James Perch? Agree – he has to be rested for his own confidence – too early for me to say he’s total rubbish – but he is playing poorly at the moment. Danny S or ultimately Staylor? Not convinced by Raylor generally.
    Colo – still the best of our centre-halves.
    Enrique and Guti – sometimes too predictable – how many times will a commentator say “Enrique to Gutierrez, back to Enrique” or vice-versa. Teams are getting wise to it and just bottle them up.
    Never stopped trying? – AC, JB and Guti – even though not going too well for them.
    Shola? Made a difference and scored a good goal. Not quite the donkey some think?
    Maybe he and AC CAN play together up front in some games. I think ACs presence allowed Shola the opportunity and he also made Colo’s goal.
    Loverboy – disappointed for him and by him today.
    Guthrie – disappointing – but just back from injury – on the bench for me.
    Barton – some bad stuff today – not the world-beater some claim?
    Btw, did I hear Campbell is injured? Anybody confirm?

  152. Shola seems to be showing himself as a “small man” type striker at the moment.

    He doesn’t have the pace usually required for the role but his, at times, outstanding skill and technique with his feet win him the space required to get shots in.

    Carroll knocking the ball to Shola’s feet might be the best way at the moment since our total disrespect at treating Lovenkrands like one of our kids has totally knocked his confidence to hell and will take time to rebuild.

  153. All this ‘we deserved a point’, ‘we were unlucky’ stuff…

    Bollox, we looked like what we are today, a second rate team, playing long ball rubbish with a second rate coach (not a manager).

    By some miricle we managed to deny Wigan 3 points, a team we will likely be fighting for survival with.

    There’s so many errors I could talk about but im just too depressed.

  154. What about the ridiculous Sports Dorect on the roof of the Gallowgate then? That has pissed me off!

  155. Forget the bedsheets, thats the last time I pay good money to watch that sh##e. Don’t think im the only one either judging by the empty seats all over the place.

  156. workyticket says:
    October 16, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    AngelOfDeath says:
    October 16, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    “This guy is cruising League 1.”

    Didn’t knaa he was gay, AOD.

    Well he IS in Brighton…

  157. Well guys
    back in scotland after being at the game. Boy were we ordinary today. Its always easy to criticise but there was nobody who shone today not even Jose. The big negatives have got to be Perch, Williamson and Lovenkrands. Offered absolutely nothing to the cause. Normally a player does at least one good thing in a game and you think ok he is just having a bad day but sorry Perch did nothing. And to still be on the field after 80 plus minutes says nothing for Hughton

  158. Don’t just blame Perch, the whole team is crap.

    We should have bought a proper striker to stay in this league, Lovenkrands is a winger from scotland, Carroll cant trap the ball like an expensive striker, thats why they cost a lot of money. Barton is a slow donkey, like Nolan and Smith.

    We may snigger at N’Zogbia and Sibierski, but they were better players than we got now.

  159. I don’t think this panic times but eight games in we are where we thought and hoped we would be a couple of points clear of the relegation zone. A top half finish is dreamland. We will lose more points than we win we just have to make sure we get enough points. The players I would like to see on the pitch are Vuckic, Ranger and Xisco

  160. Ranger won’t get a fair chance under Hughton. He brought him on for the last 2mins today. Whats he supposed to do then.

    After the horse has bolted and all that.

  161. Don’t get the “Lua Lua – must play him” – because he scored a free-kick today and with a good shot last week. Ryan Taylor can do that – doesn’t convince me he’s Premier league class though. I watched the Bournemouth/ Brighton game on Sky – and I thought Lua Lua’s contribution otherwise was limited – he was totally nullified by a good, steady Division 1 full-back.

  162. I’d be interested to know what C.H has been doing with them in training for the last two weeks because we looked poor after the last international break aswell. Some of them looked like they’d just had 2 weeks in the bahamas today.

  163. Where’s Whumpie, Worky, CLiNT and the other fckin ridiculously, hideously unrealstic ‘supporters’?

    We are fckin poor! I’m not even complaining about the result as we’re just not good enough.

    I believe we are the new WBA – the yo yo club.

    What a shame…

  164. Our two goals came from crosses today both by Spidey who gets crucified by that useless leprechaun john anderson on radio newcastle. But honestly is the standard of delivery from out wide by everybody gets worse week by week. This is the delivery Carroll thrives on. I ask the question do we practice crossing from the flanks because on today’s evidence no is the answer

  165. “Some of them looked like they’d just had 2 weeks in the bahamas today!

    Except for the lack of a decent tan :)

  166. our defending was poor again today we seem to play a system where we defend areas of pitch and not get close to the opposition and allow them to knock the ball about at will. For large parts of the game up to the seventy minute marks it looked as if Wigan had an extra man. A better team than Wigan will crucify us

  167. Can praise the spirit and come back all we like… the fact is our home performances apart from Villa against the weakest opposition the premiership has to offer have been extremely poor. Its becoming seriously worrying…

  168. Just to update – our other loanee that played today, Ben Tozer, was sent off for throwing a ball at someone’s face I think.

    Not ideal.

  169. stuart79 says:
    October 16, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    “We are fckin poor!”

    Williamson was poor in what was an awful two minute spell for the big lad. Left the rest with a bit of a mountain to climb but we clawed back a draw in the end.

  170. At least we got a point, not in the bottom 3 and I personally don’t think many teams we’re competing against would’ve got a point in that situation (I’m thinking West Ham, Wolves, even Wigan if they were 2 down). The one team really surprising me is West Brom, now Thats a comeback!

  171. What I think Stuart79 means is all that Williamson can do is head the ball. Opposition have quickly wised up he can do nothing with the ball. Stoke pressured us and left him free so we passed him the ball and all he can do is pass it to Krul or hump it forward. The same again today. His distribution is not even championship standard but more sunday league

  172. Don’t stop at Williamson, Worky. We’ve got a team full of Championship players who aren’t good enough. Perch is that much out his depth he struggles to get on the pitch, Routledge hasn’t done anything in the PL – ever and we aint got the goals or creativity to stay up.

    Its worse for us this season as the teams who came up with us are going to Arsenal and winning, Man Utd and drawing or Liverpool and winning. We’re not doin that, not only that we’re not even beating Stoke, Blackpool or Wigan at home!

    Were’s the confidence coming from that we’ll stay up?

  173. JJ says:
    October 16, 2010 at 8:37 pm
    Can praise the spirit and come back all we like… the fact is our home performances apart from Villa against the weakest opposition the premiership has to offer have been extremely poor. Its becoming seriously worrying…

    Well said. Im dredding what will happen when a decent team comes to town. I think we will get humiliated I really do, it’ll be 1-6 or something at this rate.

  174. twas a well below par performance today mate, we really need to get our shite sorted before its to late.
    I sometimes wonder what we do during the week as come match day we cant seem to string more than 2 passes together :(