Newcastle United v Wigan post match interviews.

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Newcastle character pleases Hughton.

Post match interviews with Chris Hughton and Roberto Martinez from today’s encouter with Wigan Athletic.

Martinez frustrated after conceding late goal.

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26 Responses

  1. I’m a wee bit drunk but sorry not a single positive from that game today…there was no spirited fight back cos almost every single player let their heads drop at 2 nil down.Shocking spineless display.

  2. ‘Chris Hughton declares himself delighted with the character of his side’.

    This just confirms to me that the man has no testicles. He should have come out and said that all days off and priviledges have been canceled until they can sort out this disgraceful home form against the bottom sides.

    Hughton = Ashleys bum licker.

  3. richietoon

    We didn’t deserve an equaliser at all and most of the players by then were heads down, looking like they wanted to get to their cars.

  4. Yeah, that would really inspire the team to play better at home. No added pressure at all.

    “You’re all shit. Now go and do better than you are capable of because that’s in no way a silly mind frame”.

    That will get us 40pts plus.

  5. DJg..there was no character,they all dropped their heeds at 2 nowt down,then when they scored and the crowd picked up then so did they.Us fans were as bad as the team, sorry but our home support is crap and has been for many a year…….as I’ve said no positives from today and if I was a Wigan fan I’d be p!ssed off for losing 2 points against a crap side.

  6. richie

    Their support was sh!t aswell. When they scored there was no noise coz they only had aboot 50 fans.

    I thought when he dropped Nolan and Routledge things would get better but its fkkin worse.

  7. DJG

    I’m quite disappointed with you to be honest. You normally talk sense on here but your comments regarding Hughton are a bit much. Yes, we played poor today, which comes as no surprise considering our recent run of home. However, Hughton’s substitutions actually got us the point in the end. We deserved the point as substitutions are key to ANY game. Ours were better than their and it dug us out of a hole. Onwards and upwards now. Our next game is away to The Hammers. A tough game and if we get 3 points from the game no doubt the majority will be back to singing Hughton’s praises. Don’t get me wrong, I have criticised Hughton in the past when I felt it necessary, but today his only error was playing Guthrie so soon after injury.

  8. RichieToon – regarding home support being crap – just watched highlights on MOTD – I’ve heard more noise in a morgue – was it that bad most of the game?

  9. DJG….I’m in the gallowgate and couldnt hear their fans at all..all came in the same taxi :-)
    I think Tiote’s great but it could have been worse cos my view of his yellow card was that it should have been red…he kicked out at the player………soz I’m usually a glass half full person but that was as bad as owt I saw in the relegation season(villa away apart).I’m on a reet downer :-(

  10. richietoon

    I know what you mean. It was a flashback to our days of severe squad imbalance. when the likes of Butt, Duff etc were in the side. I think that was mainly down to Guthrie’s inclusion, which I thought was a poor decision on Hughton’s behalf. However, I think people need to look at the game in context. We started well and looked threatening. However, Wigan’s tactics were spot on, they scored on the break and then again shortly after. This would knock the stuffing out of most teams let alone ours who have just lost the last two home games on the trot. Heads dropped and our performance suffered.

    However, I think the game did show us how little we offer as an attacking team in the final third. We are in desperate need of a proper, versatile striker. Or we have to hope Ranger can prove himself when called upon. Either way, business needs to be done in January if we truly want to remain in the league. I urge everyone to ignore Hughton’s comments regarding our squad being good enough and not signing anyone in January. He is just trying to boost the current players at the club. If we are struggling I have no doubts about the club dipping into the market.

  11. Deb, it was like a morgue but I think it has been for years even last year at times.I know the team should give you something to sing about but it’s also our job to lift the team and intimidate the opposition…maybe I started going to the match in an era when the team was crap (worse than crap) but the fans sang anyway and that’s what got me hooked, the atmosphere, the craic, proper fans… no expectations in those days though so it was a lot easier you went ot enjoy it no matter what, happy days.

  12. Deb, meant to say the crowd were great for a while when we scored our first but the team neede us long before that :-(

  13. El Toro……yep no balance mate…Perch was bad but he was left isolated by Guthrie drifting infield all the time……….i liked Guthrie last year CM and I know he’s not a winger and CH shouldn’t play him there but when he is played there as a pro footballer he should have the intelligence to stay in bloody position!!

  14. I would like to see us sign Chopra in January. I know many won’t want to see him return, but he is exactly the type of forward we need right now.

  15. Bellamy would be fantastic, but I can’t see City continuing to pay the majority of his ridiculous wages if he were to come here. That’s if they would even sanction the deal.

  16. El Toro……..aye ya right, that was more of a dream scenario.

    whey thats me off to me pit, hopefully I’ll be in a better fettle tomorrow(doubt it tho!).
    Neet lads…and lasses :-)

  17. Yeah, I somehow doubt we will get any loan signing favours from Man City now after the De Jong farce.

    We would have been an ideal place for City to send loanees to at the start of the season (Premiership, big crowds, likely regular football but no threat to their position) but after the past 2 weeks, I think they would pay a guy to play with their under 11 team before letting us have anyone.

  18. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a worse defender in the EPL than Perch. His positional sense is that awful I saw Wigan take a throw, and Williamson call him over to get back into position, it took the guy 10 seconds. God knows where he was, the widest camera lens out there couldn’t of picked it up. The fact that Martinez put Insomnia on that wing shows you something, and all other managers will now follow suit. Any wide man who can play both sides will now be on that wing. Willaimson wasn’t much better and even in some of his earlier games where he played ‘well’ I thought he was always risky, tugging on shirts in the box. Against a Man U more penalties will be given away.

    So it’s Raylor in for Perch at home against weak opposition, and Simpson any other game. I say Raylor against weaker opposition because he’s not the best back there either, but even if you put him on par with Perch and then add some great crosses and long shots/free kicks as we’ve seen in both cup games it’s worth it. Simpson doesn’t fill me with much confidence but he’s better than Perch.

    and Sol in for big Mike. No way Sol would’ve let someone a foot smaller win a header.

    In saying that we DID deserve a point today. Did we play well – no. Did they – not really. If it wasn’t for Charles they offered no threat. We definitely peppered their goal moreso than they did ours. I remember Krul making one save (a pathetic punch at that) and he’s another worry too.

    Some positives, Jonas was good I thought. Still running into dead ends at times but set up both goals. Hoots needs to tell him that sometimes beating one man is okay and then you can offload it. Carrol didn’t stop having a try, and if we could get a real striker alongside him we’d see the benefits more. I’m not adverse to both Ameobi and him upfront. Guthrie was okay but surely CH need to realize that his position is not on a wing. Both goals came when Wayne had been introduced and although his crossing resembles a Wayans Brothers movie he gives you something to think about with his pace.

  19. Based on anger,i guess wigan are more angry in losing 3points as compared to our’s…

    This 1point is truly doesn’t deserve to get based on the performance.

    Perch,and Wayne is no-no for me in EPL games yet. Wayne with pace but can’t even hold on to the ball for 10secs and poffs he is being push away.

    I know alot of ppl says ryan taylor is nt good for RB. then why not Ryan taylor plays Wayne role?

    Then Simpson plays Perch role. Simple.

    And also,i mentioned before,DM is not needed during Home games.

  20. We have a good spinal implant surgical team over here. Get ’em ready. Start with CH.