Manchester City v Newcastle United match highlights video and post match interviews.

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Highlights, or perhaps that should be “lowlights” of today’s travesty of justice for Newcastle United against Manchester City at Eastlands.

The match highlights includes Nigel de Jong’s horrific, leg breaking challenge on Newcastle’s Hatem Ben Arfa.

Also included are videos of post match fuming from Chris Hughton, and finally, Manchester City assistant manager, Brian Kidd, expressing delight at “ugly” win.

For more in depth analysis of the game, check oot Toonsy’s match review and Fernando’s “Final Inquest” on the game.

Chris Hughton on “dreadful” decisions.

Manchester City’s Brian Kidd chuffed after “ugly” win.

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49 Responses

  1. toonut

    lighten up mate, we played very well today, against 12 men. We just have to start playing better against the weaker teams, if we do that we will be fine.

  2. We need to regroup and there are winnable games coming up. The only problem is, we are so unpredictable I don’t know which games we could actually win. I hope Hughton can sort it though because home losses to Wigan and Mackem’s will NOT be acceptable whatsoever.

  3. Just got back from the game. Just want to say that I am fully proud of every single one of those lads today. The officials cost us the game. No two ways about it. Disgraceful officiating.

  4. To say I am livid is a massive, massive understatement. Not only were we robbed of a share or all of the points, but the Premier Leagues decision not to stamp out overly aggressive tackles has also robbed us of our most explosive player. Sad day for the Toon.

  5. Toro-Spot on. I’ve said the same all day. The ref was disgusting and we could have came away with 3 points nevermind one had he got 3 quite simple decisions correct. In reality he got them shamefully wrong.
    As i’ve just said on the previous thread I also dont think there’s any excuse for De Jong’s tackle. He’s scissored Ben Arfa’s leg and thats caused the break of both bones. Sadly think that’s the last we’ve seen of Benny Boy in the Black and White. A huge shame for all of us.

  6. Can somebody get rid of the idiot from the last thread who’s posting under numerous usernames and thinking nobody realises. The fact you clearly dont know where the full stop or comma button is on your keyboard is showing you up for the idiot you are every time, you mug.

  7. Ross..aye its sirmike………he wants to go to bed but his mother is still busy in the bedroom……..Rooney’s next up :-)

  8. Well so far he’s came up with gems like “Tiote is a league one player” “I hope Ben Arfa is finished” and called Nolan a thug on numerous occasions, all under Apparent Newcastle related usernames and he clearly thinks he’s got everbody sussed. The lads a prize w@nker.

  9. De Jong is horrible. He needs to be given at least a 3-match ban for that.

    Ben Arfa’s loss is going to be very hard to come to terms with, he carried a lot of our hopes and had already shown he had the class to excite the crowd.

    The squad need to rally together and bond over the international break as we approach a run of three winnable fixtures which could shape our season.

    Such a sad day for everyone associated with Newcastle.

  10. denniswise…

    do me a favour and disappear. Nothing more embarrassing than a saddo pretending to be a fan of another club just to get cheap thrills.


    I was there, mate. Fantastic atmosphere and generally decent opposition fans. it was all ruined however with the poor officiating and embarrassingly stone age outlook Premiership referees have towards tackling. Apparently touching the ball first makes the tackle a “fair challenge” regardless of any other aspect of the tackle.
    The best way to look at it would be the Karl Henry tackle of yesterday. That Wigan player is lucky Henry miss times the challenge and only partly caught him. If he would have got contact with the ball he would have gone through the Wigan player and left him in bits on the floor. Then to top it off the ref would have deemed it “fair” because the ball was won. It’s a pathetic, old way to judge tackles and will see more and more players left with broken legs.

    This league is going to pot.

  11. Toro-I personally thought we were excellent the day. Tiote looks like a world beater thus far and was again spot on. Really looks like a good bit of business. Played some good stuff in the first and second half, shame the day was completly ruined as you say by shocking officiating.

    I cant stand this idea of the “midfield bruiser” being part of the “British game”. Strong, fair tackles, fine. But players like Henry and Cattermole clearly don’t know how to tackle. There is an art to tackling just like there is threading passes and scoring goals and British players clearly arent taught at a young age how to tackle properly. De Jong obviously isn’t British but he’s playing in the Premier League and has got away with a shocking challenge today because like you say, he’s apparently taken part of the ball and its the Premier League, where we have these old fashioned tacklers. There’s nothing old fashioned or British about it. You break a young lads leg with an unnecessary challenge and you don’t know what you’re doing as far as i’m concerned. Benny isn’t the first De Jong has crocked either. Look at his performance in the WC final. He led the battering ram that was Holland in thoroughly ruining the spectacle for neutrals with their ridiculous treatment of Spain.

    Stamp it out the game. I don’t care what happened back in the day as far as football is concerned. Players are far more technically gifted now than they were then, in all area’s of the field and it has to be stopped. Blaming things like that on the country you play in or the mentality of how our game is apparently played is childish.

  12. Newcastle lost 2-1 away at Man City but played well and had the most horrendous luck. Ben Arfa had his tib/fib broken after 4 mins by a tackle by De Jong. They got a penalty, which wasn’t a penalty. We didn’t get a penalty that was a penalty. Colloccini also went off with a groin injury. Good points were Jonas scored a good goal and had a cracking game even with 3 or 4 defenders on him the whole time! Tiote was also class. Sol came on for Colo and had a solid game. Looked better than the last time I saw him play. If the ref had been decent we would have won 2-1 instead!

  13. El Toro

    Williamson touched the ball outside the box, so bang goes that theory.

    Point is going to places like that we are playing 11 men and the ref. They are like Aladdin fukkin rags to riches, jumped up tossers, so far they have won precisely nowt.

    Every 3 points in this league have to be hard earned and even the ‘easy’ games arn’t really easy. We have the international break now and then a run of results that will either get us points on the board, or put us in deep trouble and bragging rights time is coming up aswell.

  14. I also noticed that Perch’s performance improved significantly when Campbell came on and from where we were you could see Campbell moving him about the whole time. Campbell was awesome. He single handedly took both AdePAYMEMORE and Yaya out of the game with his surprising pace, strength and aerial dominance. What a signing he is.

    Tiote was superb today and even I must say he is starting to exceed my already high expectations of him. He has everything a central midfield player needs imo. He held his own against the bullyboy tactics of both Yaya and De Jong.

  15. Ross

    16# I couldn’t agree more. If anything, this reluctance to let the “old days” go is holding the English game back

  16. Tiote is class. Calm in possession and some really classy touches. Shows the role can be played without resorting to brutality, too.

  17. Toro-Stan Collymore today on TalkSport was talking about the serious injuries seen in LaLiga and Serie A. Mentioned the fact that there barely are any.
    I normally dont like listening to him but he was spot on today. You had City fans calling up giving every excuse under the sun for De Jong. “It was the way Ben Arfa fell”, “He’s a nice lad”. They’re all “nice lads”. He basically just said there’s no room for it in our game any longer and unless we start teaching kids from a young age the technical aspect of the game, we’ll get left behind. Something that I fully agree with. It’s already visible now. The difference in technical class between the South American countries, Spain and us is staggering. Yes we have players like Gerrard who are technically gifted but lets be brutally honest, the likes of Xavi, Messi, Iniesta-They’re miles ahead of anything we have to offer.

    The closest thing we have from what i’ve seen recently is Jack Wilshere, which is just ridiculous given his age. That’s Arsenal for you.

  18. nolan is the biggest thug in football and you lot know it the way you talk on here about the premier youve only just got back in it i really really hope you go back down…..nolans tackle was worse the horrible spotty faced kopite

  19. Jack Wilshere and Adam Johnson. Two quality exceptions. Adam Johnson will be what everyone was hoping Joe Cole would become.

  20. Johnson looks a right player aye, the little mackem. The moment he came on today me and my mate immediatly said he’d score. He does look the real deal though. A proper winger who can score goals. Him, Wilshere, Hart, and A.Cole, first names on the England team sheet for me.

  21. Johnson is a top player and a Toon fan who might have ended up here had circumstances been different over the last few years.

  22. ross why are you trying to be critic slagging de jong off yet when nolan smashed the everton lads leg you clapped spotty kev off and booed the young lad in agony on a stretcher you horrible hypocritical deluded idiot. what goes round comes round no wonder people dont like newcastle fans

  23. Nolan’s tackle was attrocious. Nobody would argue with that.
    Now kindly F*** Off rosshansen (and don’t just reappear as some other twat)

  24. a bit of honesty at last now stop being deluded and we will all get on fine. just enjoy your one season back in the big league coz soon you will be back were you belong where that goat tiote will shine….the chumpionship…and you can hold your silly sack the board protests outside your half a stadium all day coz nobody cares about spewcastle

  25. I hate to think of Ben Arfa ending up like Smith. Granted i know they’re different players but it would be disgusting to see him wasted like that.

  26. never mind ben arfa you should have signed arfa daley ha ha ha ha anyway he will never play for you again and soon you are going back down i like seeing newcastle go down. all them time warp fat slobs outside the sid james singing about mike ashley.. i think its time you got another messiah boys… your a yo-yo club

  27. rosslawrenson or whatever your next name is going to be, for God sake grow up! You have the mentality of a 5 year old.

    Toonsy do something about him please.

  28. Just some Mackem 13yr old up past his bedtime. Figured if we ignored him he’d fuck off but he’s clearly pretty lonely.

  29. Just some Mackem 13yr old up past his bedtime. Figured if we ignored him he’d f*ck off but he’s clearly pretty lonely.

  30. Actually rosslawrenson …. i think you will find that a yo-yo’s and clubs are entirely different biscuits.


  31. Robbed, of a great player.
    Robbed, on there ‘pen'(?).
    Robbed, of our pen.
    FuKing sick of having to get on another refs back. What a pathetic excuse for a ref.
    Can’t believe HBA gets his leg bust after 2 fuking minutes by that no-necked thug.
    Disgusting stamp on Perch by lescott too.

    The lads played a great game, Campbell looked great & consistently burned off
    adebayor. Tiote is total class, probably just shades motm above Jonas, who also played a blinder. Everyone else put a good shift in. MW was ripped off. It was a great tackle, outside the box. If it was a foul/pen, why wasn’t he red carded? How the F**k did we not get a pen?
    Soon as that attack happened on HBA, it was obvious from the ‘pop’ that it was a break. Especially as it was so quiet in that morgue they call a football ground.
    It was so obvious that this was gonna happen, when the refs didn’t stop thugs like henry/de jong/tw@ermole earlier in the season.

    I feel fuking robbed by CVNTS.

    Anyhoo, i’m proud of the effort the lads put in, gutted for Colo too, he was playing well.

    Can’t believe it.

    Disgusting is the only word for the ‘so called’ pundits with their pathetic excuses for the blue butcher: kk, waddle, all of ’em, cvnts!
    They are effectively allowing this shit ‘style’ to continue with their cliched & passive bullcrap.

    Final word for Hatem Ben Arfa:
    Get well soon man, you showed real bravery clapping the fans whilst going off on a stretcher. We hope you’re back playing for the Toon real soon.

  32. sorry clint hes finished what id like to know is how come all of sudden ben arfa is a great player and why are you all moaning remember when thug nolan broke the everton lads leg you clapped nolan off and booed a injured man on a stretcher and nolans tackle was worse stop being hypocrites the lot of you

  33. Great as always pricks comin on and spoiling it. A rather tasteless display from our mackem friends. Pathetic really

  34. Guys,am a medical student and from as far as i know a double fracture of the tibia and fibula takes around 3 to 6 months to completely heal depending upon its complexity.hope that its the less complicated one and he will be back soon.but wat worries me more is that players who suffer from these kind of injuries are never quite the same players again.just look at eduardo,dyer,smith for examples.hope the same fate doesnt materialise for benny boy:-)get well soon lad,we are all with you..

  35. So every writr-up of the match is talking about a “strong challenge” from De Jong. Bollocks! It was a cowardly attempt to injure a fellow proffessional and can’t be tolerated. We need to appeal the decision and get him at least the usual 3 game ban for that kind of foul.

    I think it would only be fair if De Jong himself or more likely Man City had to compensate and pay Ben Arfa’s medical costs and wages until he can play football again.

  36. This was the first game that I’ve managed to get to this season and I have gotta say I thought we played very well under the circumstances.
    Tiote is an unbelievable player, strong fast and has skill!! Fantastic signing. From what Ive seen so far this season there are so many ?? with regards to other positions!
    Think Hughton has too much faith in Nolan to score and be the backbone to our team. Yes he is constantly talking to our players and ref but his game does not offer us enough in my eyes. We need a proper off the man second striker or try 4-3-3 with routledge/guti having a more forward role.
    Shola just does not deserve to play over Carroll end of story. His aerial ability is good however his decision making is horrendous. The amount of times the ball came to him and he knocked it forward to their keeper or misplaced a pass, Carroll made a massive difference and he looks awesome!
    Simpson/Perch down the right is where I worry the most, in the second half Tevez and Silva ran riot over the two of them. Think every team knows that is our weak side. Routledge is too much of a lightweight and runs into the player too much but looks good when cutting inside-prehaps play him off the front man? Perch will need time, I would be playing R.Tayls over him purely for his crossing ability!

    I was in the City end row b on the half way line so was bloody close to Ben Arfa and from what I saw he made De Jong look like a numpty hence the payback! Unbelievably shocking tackle, no need for it what so ever and it seems the refs are yet again not giving us what we deserve! It happened a lot to us in the relegation season, its happening this! He needs a ban, no ifs and buts he needs a 3 match ban and a fine! You dont break 2 bones in somebodys leg by doing a good hard tackle, you do it by wrapping your legs around and trying to hurt them!

    Bambi penalty was unbelievable cos all the city fans around me were head in hands thinking we’d got it!! No idea how the ref missed it.

    Great to see the spirit of the lads shining through, the city players were rarely speaking whereas our lot were having some banter and constantly chatting! I cant see us going down at all, we have a lot of strength and character and I can see us strengthening in Jan. Its only early in the season and were still getting in our stride with a lot of our players adjusting to Premiership life.

  37. Got up this morning and just watched MOTD2 suprise suprise spent most of their time arse licking citeh I am fed up to the back teeth of the sycophantic media the bbc should no better but they don’t, it just seems the more money a team as the more they get there arses licked

  38. For anyone interested there are two avenues available to show support for HBA

    The first is a Chronicle blog giving the opportunity for fans to send their best wishes to him

    The second is an online petition which seeks to persuade the FA to review yesterday’s horror tackle and do the job that the clown Atkinson so obviously failed to do.