Manchester City 2-1 Newcastle – The final inquest.

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A sight for sorry Toon eyes.
A sight for sorry Toon eyes.
Having resigned myself to the worst possible outcome during the week, I actually find myself pretty comfortable with the result.

Few fans this week actually expected anything other than a defeat at the hands of the blue limitless overdraft that calls itself Manchester City.

For me this week was all about seeing how we performed more than anything else. Going down fighting is one thing, while lying down and taking a beating is something else altogether. For the most part, I think our lads played a good game. A performance of this sort would have, I feel, ensured three points last week. But enough of the history lesson. Here is an analysis of the individual performances as I saw them.

Tim Krul – Just seems to keep improving week after week. He does panic a little in a scramble and needs to work a little on his positioning (especially for the second goal), but he’s getting better at dealing with crosses all the time, and I believe he’s already better at decision making and shot-stopping than Harper.

James Perch – I think he was overwhelmed by the opposition. Showed a little bit of indecision and that was evident to the City attack. Definitely needs work on his positional play as he left gaping holes a couple of times. Put in some neat tackles though.

Mike Williamson – Though there were people slating him after the penalty, I believe his game was exemplary. Take into consideration the opposition he was up against, and the fact that he got the ball when the penalty was given, and there really is nothing more to be said.

Fabricio Coloccini – Sturdy defensively. Can’t really complain much about his performance, and who can forget that cracker of a volley?

Sol Campbell – Seems to have a bit of pace that made him look far younger than he is. Helped keep up with City’s attacking style. Great exponent of the theory ‘when in doubt, put it out’. Can see him being extremely valuable to us this season. Should be given an extension beyond this season if he continues in this form.

Jose Enrique – Another fairly impressive performance by the Spaniard yet again. Though he does make the odd defensive blunder which on the day may cost us. Seemed to relish the opportunity to link up with Jonas yet again and they did exceptionally well in my opinion.

Hatem Ben Arfa – The poor lads chance to shine was cut drastically short by the ‘butcher-in-blue’, Nigel De Jong.

Wayne Routledge – Good bursts of pace, which is his forte, but wonder if his lack of end product ever gets addressed in training. There doesn’t seem to be any improvement in that area. One particular misplaced pass on the halfway-line a little into the second half stands out in my minds eye.

Cheick Tiote – The lad seems to be one of those consistent performers in the best possible way. Does whatever he does well and as often as required.

Joey Barton – Terrible passing for someone like him with an eye for a pass. Terrible at set pieces. Chipped in with a few good tackles at the start of the second half though.

Jonas Gutierrez – Played his socks off. Caused them quite a few problems at times with little bits of flair. Good positional sense to get the goal in as well. Invaluable all round.

Kevin Nolan – Missing in action for large spells of the game.

Shola Ameobi – Hit and miss really. And that’s about the most spot on description I can afford him, with no pun intended. A few nice tricky passes aimed at unlocking their defense but otherwise kept out all afternoon.

Andy Carroll – Seemed to find himself at the end of half chances at best. Seems to have lost a bit of confidence to be honest, but had a sort of uplifting and galvanizing effect when he came on, though that may well have been the product of my imagination.

Between a bad decision for the penalty, De Jongs horror tackle, and a few missed chances, the result could well have gone our way, so like I said last week, onward and upward, and roll on every other team that sees us as the underdog. It’s what brings out the best in us.


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175 Responses

  1. Krul and Hart are now better than Given and Harper respectivly, fact. Krul kept us in it today and was unlucky he didn’t get a better knee to the penalty. That ref Atkinson awarded Villa a pen against us in the last game and never looks remotely like giving us one. Even when the SMB commentator even said it was a stonewall penalty. Whats the betting he slips in a pen against us at some point in the next Newcastle game he referees.

  2. we were robbed to an extent , but we dont want to appear like an x factor sob story.
    the worrying thing for me is , we are looking similar to what we were like , when we went down.
    never really being hammered by teams , except 5-1 v liverpool , but losing games narrowly by the odd goal.
    if we cannot beat wigan at home , then we do have to start worrying.

  3. Yes De Jong is a complete head case, he has form having broken Holdens leg while playing for Holland and should have seen a red from any normal referee.

    However as that phuckwit Atkinson took no action at all its now down to the FA to ban him for at least six games not just to set an example to all the thugs in the game but also to get Citeh to recognise that the player’s behaviour should be reigned in or sell him.

    Tiote is a prime example of a defensive midfielder whose role is to break up play not break legs.

    My heart goes out to Hatem and he clearly doesnt deserve this. Lets hope its a clean break.

  4. Gutted for HBA – fraid I don’t agree that it was an honest tackle, de Jong has gone in there to put a marker down for the rest of the game – was a bit sad to see the man city players hand slapping each other when they realised HBA was getting stretchered off
    couple of extremely dodgy decisions but we’ll get more of these against us in coming games and god forbid if Barton hurts anyone in a tackle – no doubt they’ll bring back the electric chair – kin prem is a joke

  5. Wigan is just one game though. Things won’t be fine and dandy if we beat them. We should by now have 11-13 points and we are stuck on 7. We have to start playing against the beatable teams and forget about the Man Cities ect, we were never going to win today given the talent they had and the ref. Even though we played well they looked like scoring throughout and were unlucky after carving open our high line numerous times. We shouldn’t get carried away, we haven’t bought a striker and this will be a long hard slog. The mackems may have 4 center halfs and a joke midfield, but they have bought their way to an international strikerforce with Bent and another £13M striker. Goals are what will keep us up and who have we got that will score regularly? Defenders are already wising up to Carroll. He just got barged off the ball today and along with his poor first touch that tactic virtually nullified his goal threat.

  6. I think Tiote deserves a bit more credit than that to be honest. Exceptional in my opinion and a great signing – could easily fit into a big 4 side from what I’ve seen.

    Wigan is already looking like a crucial match. Anything less than a win could be disastrous. 2 up front please.

  7. For me (and its only my opinion, so don’t shoot me!) Perch looks out of his depth, Routledge is showing why he’s had so many PL clubs and Ameobi, well god knows!

    Williamson has been great, Campbell looked assured, he gave Adebayor a yards start and still caught him, Barton looks good but for me Tiote just looks awesome!

    Need another striker though!

  8. Think that’s what they call a noble defeat. I do worry how that sounds like relegation stuff though. We need to start getting points on the board at home.

    The overall team performances have been 7 out of 10 this season. The only real stinkers being blackpool first half and stoke second half.

    I also think we looked better with two strikers late on – neither are good enough RIGHT here and RIGHT now to be relied on as a lone goal getter in the league. We need to follow the principle of – if one doesn’t score, the other might have more space to get a shot in – especially at home.

    Ben arfa’s injury is heartbreaking but to avoid relegation your looking at other players to galvanise a solid home run, just trying to be positive.

  9. sorry trojan, but we’re looking nowt like we did when we went down.

    we have players out there who are actually playing, and putting in performances even though lady luck seems to be against us at the minute.

    when we went down, half of the players didn’t even look bothered and at times acted as if we’d lost a game even before it had kicked off.

    don’t see that with the current squad, they never stopped playing against city today, and more than deserved a point from the fixture.

    we’re a far cry from seeing owen, viduka, etc aimlessly bumbling around the pitch waiting for the whistle to blow.

  10. TROJAN 69 it is starting to look similar to 2 yrs ago, I was fuming when we lost to Blackpool and Stoke but most folk thought its not the be all and end all, But the season we got relegated I can still remember fuming that we should have beat Hull but it was the same then folk thought it wasn’t the be all and end all. But in the end it cost us a very high price, I still believe that to stay up we HAVE to beat teams around us at home.

    Fernando I pretty much agree 100% with you ;)

  11. DJG: No need write WOT~~~

    just a simple sentence…As long as CH don’t vary His formation,we will be slogging for 1 goal game..and is HOPEFULLY only.

  12. How ‘king kev’ can sit there n say that was a honest tackle is beond me he new wat he was doing he went after r most creative player so he would not want the ball it looks worse everytime I c it dirty cheating bastards ref might as well of bin wearing blue today!! Couldn’t belive it stitched up!!

  13. Alreet lads just got back..yet again sh!t ref,whats the score wi benny boy?
    Tiote is f*ckin awesome imo.

  14. TROJAN 69 its no way similar to when we went down , think back m8 most of that season we never looked like getting anything out of every game we played . Today we were never 2nd best , the last 20 minutes of the first half we were by far the better side a draw would have been a fair result today if you look at the full 90 mins . This away from home against the richest club in the world who are in the mix for a CL place . Their was a point in the relegation season when we looked like we could never score .

  15. f*** you de dutch pig.please roy keane do us a favour and get your mates together to beat the stuffing out of the bloody b******..what a p****..i can’t believe this is happening..our most promising player..

  16. bollox :-( so my next question is,if we still wanted to buy him but he doesn’t play 25 games does the fee in the buy clause remain the same and can other clubs come in and buy him?

  17. Richie tis a bad day for us mate, I just hope that that isnt the end of our association with Benny.
    Toonsy are you doing a bit of fishing ?

  18. i hate de jong..i hope he drives his car off a bridge,that bald pated w*****..him and van bommel should be banned by fifa..if that french arse platini and that sodding sepp blatter were any good they would’ve done something about dirty players like de jong and van bommel..

  19. Rich – Nobody can answer that properly as nobody will know outside the people who need to know.

    I personally don’t think it will affect him signing for us. The 25 game thing is juat a get-out on our part in case we go back down again in my opinion.

    On the plus side, and slightly twisted it is aswell, if anything the injury will put other clubs off of him. He won’t be in the shop window and will need to prove himself again before anyone will take a gamble on him in my opinion.

  20. Lads, imo this is nothing like two seasons ago, we were crap then and played really really badly, this season with the exception of stoke 2nd half and blackpool we have looked like a decent team who is very much capable of holding our own, the reason we havent got more points is that we have been a bit unlucky and we need experience to manage to get from 1-0 up to 2-0 up for example it will come we have a relatively young team and we will be ok

    Gutted about HBA tho

  21. Dave – Nope. I genuinely believe that if Keegan told a certain section of Newcastle fans to eat shit and die they probably would.

  22. I think we can still buy him, I think the 25 game clause was like a guarentee that we will pay for him. Depends very much on how bad this career threatening injury is and how he recovers. I wish the lad a speedy recovery though, he was still getting a feel for the league and maybe was used to a bit more space/ time in france but NO WAY did he deserve that.

  23. @Big Dave: Since Ben arfa is still able to to wave goodbye,i presumed he is out for around 4months? ;)

    I got strong feeling ryan taylor will finally start…And i hope so…ahead of wayne. Oh Gosh.

    Wayne is the ex-Jonas…or maybe slightly worst.

  24. i can’t believe i’m saying this but i hope mick mcarthy and his brawlers beat the stuffing out of manc,atleast end de jong’s career..’coz i have already seen too much of his dirty tackling and it sickens me.he should’ve been playing a good 10 yrs earlier when players like roy keane and cantona were in their pomp

  25. toonsy

    I grew up during the ‘keegan’ days but didn’t follow football then. I see the guy as little more than a clown to be honest. I think he talks utter s### at times. Watch as certain fans will now give me stick as in their eyes he is some sort of god.

  26. I wish people would drop this retribution on De Jong thing. We are better than that FFS! Keep the chins up and act with decorum.

  27. Toonsy I agree that the 25 game thing was for our benefit. But as you said it will put teams off but it could also put MA off aswell, but I really hope not as getting him has been one of my highlights

  28. DJG says:
    October 3, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    “I think he talks utter s### at times. Watch as certain fans will now give me stick as in their eyes he is some sort of god.”

    That is pretty much spot on :)

  29. Dave – I don’t think it will put MA off. Remember, Newcastle will know how he is doing long before anyone else does.

  30. current refereeing is SO you see yellow cards being doled out at the slightest instance of contact but players like de jong and van bommel going unpunished week in week out..but it was great to see us rally after that god awful penalty decision.jonas might well go on to be a geordie icon.
    ps sod off martin atkinson and manc

  31. my final inquest! ben arfa goodbye and good luck..i jinxed u..saying u was the best player in the league..make a good recovery and hope to see u soon in a toon shirt..and for r.taylor hope to see u in a toon shirt next

  32. aye DJG,that would be enough to make people believe in god if that happened to those two dirty b*******

  33. Aye Dave me too(ref Benny)…..I think we deserved more,I still think Man Ure are still the only team to outplay us however we need to start sticking more points on the board quickly although didn’t really expect owt today.

  34. AoD

    Aye his delivery is better and we would have a corner/ set piece taker on the pitch. Carroll needs balls in and R.Taylor would do that…..won’t happen though. ;)

  35. toonsy ffs decorum we geordies dont do decorum (just looked the meaning up in the dictionary ) ;)

  36. wayne routledge just has pace.the lad runs about like he’s just nicked someone’s pace.i’ve never seen him do anything productive except for occasionally getting into good areas and failing with the final would have made sense if he had a half decent footballing brain and was able to draw defenders away from the centre to leave space for carroll but from what i’ve seen so far,he’s a bit of a one trick pony sadly..

  37. When Smith broke his leg wasn’t it just the sheer power of the ball hitting his leg and not even another player? Wierd that.

  38. DJG imo if it wasn’t for KK we would still be in the lower leagues and would never have been any where near europe unless for holidays or we would never have had some of the best players we have seen at SJP. So I suppose in my eyes he is like a god and I will never forget what he has done for us, But you like everyone else has there own opinions so I wont be giving you any stick ;)
    Toonsy @ 28 but you must agree with him about the Tackle ?

  39. Dave – No I don’t. I’ve just been waiting for someone to pick up on the irony of me saying that in the last article.

    Re Keegan – It won’t be lost on me what he did in those 5 years whilst he was manager. Those 5 years (out of 118 years of history by the way) were fantastic and I am thankful for them, but it doesn’t mean I hang off every word he says forever more because of it. It appears some people still do.

  40. As a city fan at the game, here are a few things I thought

    1. De Jong went in hard but not as a thug, when you see it replayed it isnt the worst tackle just unlucky. Nice round of applause from the city fans.
    2. Barton did OK, he certainly has improved since I last saw him. If that was a bad game then he must look good in others.
    3. Yep ours wasnt a pen and yep yours was. Unfortunately thats the way it goes. I’d like to say it evens itself out but we all know it doesn’t.
    4. Overall I thought you looked good and I cannot see you going down, you have some good players and play quick incisive football. on another day you could have come away with all three points without doing anything differently.

    Good luck for the rest of the season, its always nice to see a full away end definitely makes for a good atmosphere, the likes of Wigan and Blackburn (20 miles away bring a few hundred!)

  41. A point Toonsy made can be adapted slightly. Like Toonsy said, it may well put other clubs off Ben Arfa and not only that, but he still managed to take his oxygen mask off and wave to the Newcastle fans.

    There is clearly a connection between this club and Ben Arfa that is hard to describe. His first strike was to get out of Lyon in general, but this time, he wanted Newcastle specifically. It wasn’t any other team, it was just us.

    He has already said in interviews that he needs to feel loved and he certainly gets that here. But maybe he has seen the now quite distinct legacy that Newcastle has with gifted French midfielders.

    There is just a ying/yang like deal here. Even his first name sounds like something a Geordie would say – “I Hatem, he’s a pratt, like”.


  42. So Toonsy what your saying is you didn’t really mean what you wrote in the last thread ? > ” The match was barely 3 minutes old when Newcastle were dealt the first blow of the afternoon. Hatem Ben Arfa picked up a serious injury as a result of a tough but fair tackle by Nigel De Jong.”

  43. Big Dave

    Yes I dont deny that he has been positive for the club in the past, although he didn’t win anything, but I also think he has left clubs high and dry aswell and not just our club. The last time he was here I think it was purely motivated by money because his soccer circus went t!ts up. For me the Dennis Wise/ Ashley thing was very convenient for him. He didn’t even try he just walked, that is no hero for me. I could understand if it was christmas and we were second bottom or something but for me when you sign a contract you are obliged to not walk out after 5 mins.

  44. We need to get rid of Routledge, Nolan, Perch and replace with better signings and of course buy a new striker to help out Carrol. That is my view anyway.

  45. I am quite sick about ppl keep saying getting rid of Nolan~~

    He is played in advanced role…and of course with him supposed slow pace,everyone is slagging him…but who put him there in first place???

    Nolan is still a good decent player…but shouldn’t be played at Advanced role….But CH thinks that…what can we do???

  46. toonsy

    I thought it was the old gas and air.


    Fair enough but we’ll agree to disagree. I think players like Cattermole, Henry and De Jong are ruining the game and other proffesionals careers. Tiote is an example of good ball winning challenges that don’t break peoples bones.

  47. Point still stands, he still thought enough to take the time to move it and wave to the fans. He clearly has the fans and the club in some affection. He may want to be here next season to “make up” for this.

    Be that a permanent move or another loan deal.

  48. de jongs tackle was perfectly fair, just an unfortunate outcome. Ameobe pulled Kompany back as he tried to clear when United scored. David Silva had a stonewall penalty denied him. Newcastle need to make and finish more chances if they are to prosper. They certainly need to defend better as city could and probably should have had a few more.

  49. Newcastle need to make more chances?

    Newcastle shots – 8 (4 on target)
    Man City shots – 9 (5 on target)

    Not much difference there then. How about possesion?

    Newcastle 57%
    Man City 43%

    Hmmmm. That stats don’t back up what is being said by the City fans ;)

  50. Brian Kidd said on a post match interview everyone knows De Jong is as honest as the day is long,so a day last three seconds now,no wonder I feel old.

  51. mm u shit blue! we played u off the park at your ground..we spent how much..yes it was fair..he went in with his left leg..then hooked his other foot around it..which made his leg go up in the year..that is the worst kind of challenge..a cowards challenge..becasue it doesnt look like wolves..ask anyfootball player whcih 1 is worse.

  52. Thanks for finally filling up the away end today – despite the crap weather it made it worth it, some atmosphere at least! I haven’t seen the tackle yet – didn’t get in to the ground until two mins after. The world cup tackle has tarred NDJ with a dirty brush but he’s more of a mascherano than the psycho he’s made out to be ….honest! a ruiner in midfield. I hope BA is ok and is back asap. Thought you played great to be honest – very tight and organised and on the floor too – i think that took us all by surprise. Playing like that you wont be going down again for a long time. Good to see you back.

  53. mm…….obviously didnt watch the game(not sober anyway ;-) )

    Well said bitterandblue…have a word with mm :-)

  54. Should have been a win today,we should have had a penalty they should have had a man sent off the refereeing in the Prem is shocking.

    Real shame for Hatem-realm shame.
    Get well soon.


  55. In my opinion, we have a great defence and midfield but what we are lacking is a prolific goal scorer! The kind of football being played is great but the finishing always lets us down… On another subject: where the hell was Nolan today?

  56. For all everyone said the refs in the Championship were poor compared to the Premiership – how many broken legs do you hear of in that division?

    It’s a better division.

  57. Still can’t get over the day. The thought of not seeing Benny play for us again is a crap one. Let’s hope its not that severe and we can see him in Black and White again. The lad might have been branded as having an attitude but for me, he just wants to play football and was trying to get his career back on track with us. He could be a hero given the chance. Hope to god it’s a quick recovery. We deserved a win the day and didn’t get it, the refereeing was awful.

    HWTL and Howay Benny boy.

  58. DJG DJG says:
    October 3, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    “When Smith broke his leg wasn’t it just the sheer power of the ball hitting his leg and not even another player?”

    No, no mate, I remember watching that game actually, it was awful, there was a free kick and when the ball was moved he charged it down. When the player hit the ball he turned his back on the ball and his standing foot was stuck in the gound and his weight went on top of him, thats what dislocted his ankle, and ultimatley, broke it.

    The outcome? urgg, was a nsty one that like, I think it’s the dislocation that gets you, seeing the ankle point in a different direction.

  59. AdolfGandhi

    The Championship refs let the game flow more and show respect to the players. They also seem to get more of the big decisions right possibly because there is less pressure.

    I think the main reason you will see less broken legs at that level is that the players have more respect for fellow proffessionals.

  60. Can I say too, think we need to chill on the prognosis as well, we’ve got no idea what’s happened to Ben Arfa, may turn out to be not as bad as what’s thought.

    Here’s to hoping eh…

  61. “The world cup tackle has tarred NDJ with a dirty brush but he’s more of a mascherano than the psycho he’s made out to be”

    So what about breaking Holden’s leg then ? Was that an accident too ? Sorry Mancs but you’ll believe that De Jong shits gold bars because you want to.

    IMO his type of player should be told they are surplus to requirements at any club. It beats me why, when you have all that money, you couldnt have gone out and bought a better DM than him.

    As I said earlier, Tiote is a great example of a DM who does what he should do, break up play and then reditribute. De Jong seems to think if he clatters into opponents then they’ll back off him which is not what a DM should be doing – he’s straight out of the Cattermole book of cloggers.

    As Collymore said later on, if every other type of player in a team plays shite then they get dropped but De Jong wont get dropped for knocking out our major attacking threat – he’ll probably get a bonus because he won that game for you with that one cynical act.

    Thats what wrong with your football and take it from me you wont win anything with Mancini in charge no matter how much money you throw at the team.

  62. Did anyone else think Tiote was gonna batter De Jong near the end of the game?

    De Jong went flying in on Tiote and Tiote get out of the way and just stood over him wanting to belt him. De Jong looked terrified.

    Tiote is a monster. He dominated the midfield.

  63. On the other hand I almost wholeheartedly agree with this Mancs opinion

    “de Jong I might as well say it: Nigel de Jong’s reckless tackling is wrong, and increasingly embarrassing. He’s a talented and effective footballer, no doubt about it, but the way he goes for the ball endangers fellow professionals and is inimical to the finest traditions of Manchester City. Hatem ben Arfa is the second person, after Stuart Holden, to have his leg broken by de Jong in 2010. Today’s was not his worst offence, and it was not done with the express intention of leg-breaking, the possibility of ben Arfa coming off worse cannot have been unknown to de Jong. This needs to stop now.”

    No matter whether he intended to break a leg or not every time you choose to go in to a tackle by wrapping your leg around the player concerned, you know they’re not going to want to come back again for more.

    Fecking ban the bloke for six months or as long as his victim is out of the game.

  64. AdolfGandhi

    Yeah m8 I saw that, I was hoping he was gonna kick De Jong in the head.

    Does anyone else think Tiote’s head looks like Brain off Pinky and the Brain?

    ‘There’s those that can play, then there’s those that stop others playing’.

  65. Big Dave@49

    Spot on, We wouldnt just be scraping on the piss stained floors of the lower leagues, The club was on the verge of folding due to the high debt levels.

    According to Alan Green on 606 that twat atkinson is being paid £65k a year to fcuk up matches, Christ its good work if you can get it.

    We was robbed but we played well, Luck changes, Evertons has, ride it out good things come to those who wait.

  66. “Actually he does shit gold bars – i’ve seen him do it. VERY impressive too”

    with his dick in your mouth at the same time no doubt :)

  67. Just read that Tevez wasn’t booked when he left the pitch after his goal too. Even more dodgy decisions.

  68. Sorry lads, just seen the MCity pen on youtube, and I must admit us toon fans would have been disappointed not to have received that at home. Unlucky, but thats what happens now, the top clubs get all the close calls in their favour. Cannot find the De Jong tackle on HBA anywhere on line. The De Jong tackle in the WC final SHOULD tar him, it was horrendous. Him and the other cloggy Van Bommel have both doing it for years. De Jong is a hacker, and Van Bommel is a dirty barsteward, I see him doing it every week for FC Bayern. Would love to see him up against wor lad Tiote…

  69. Toonsy @ 87 thats an old one can you not get one of him in the blk and wht stripes :)

    CC £65 plus what he is on from the big boys :lol:

  70. Munich – It was outside the box? How anyone can say they would be disappointed to have not got a penalty when the tackle was outside the box…. well…..

  71. Adolf Ghandi, to be honest mate, I was thinking the same about Tevez poncing around after scoring his penalty, going into the crowd and all that shoit. Totally disrespectful of the toon in my opinion. Then that smug git Mancini held onto Tevez for another thirty seconds after he finally came down from the stands. Definite yellow card if you ask me..petty things, but I just don’t like Man City as you can probably tell..

  72. On Ben Arfa, he didn’t look to be in as much pain as you would imagine if it was a bad break. I think it might be a better prognosis than we think. 6 weeks out, max.

  73. Toonsy, I know mate, but thats what home crowds are for, scare the pis out of the ref, and get these close calls. Hasn’t happened in our favour for a while though..Outside the box ? I’ll take another look..

  74. how can you lot slate dejong when you have a thug like nolan playing for you hypocrites you probably dont understand it because your always getting relegated and you people have never seen your team win a trophy the prem is a fast league saying that i hope you stay up…ps sorry i forget didnt you win the inter totem ploe thingy it looked like a mountain bike pump

  75. Toonsy, you’re right, he got the ball and it was outside the box…bollocks decision.

  76. sirmike…….when ya have any sort of clue about football then comment,until then f*ck off you pr!ck

  77. sirmike says:
    October 3, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    ps sorry i forget didnt you win the inter totem ploe thingy it looked like a mountain bike pump

    How many plaque shaped bike pumps have you seen??

  78. luk man,, no1 mention relegation,, wev beat villa,, chelsea and everton,, as far as am concerned ben arfa is all we shud worry bwt,, not coz hes is vital for us,, but bcoz this cud be serious,,…… heres to hopen tha lad isnt as badly hurt as we think n hopefully hell b bak within a munth

  79. “Always getting relegated” :lol:

    I take it sirmike is a gloryhunter then? A one that wasn’t supporting City when they were in the 3rd (third) division?

  80. sirmike

    DeJong is a fukin dick and should be banned, how can you defend him when he has just broken poor kids leg, in hospital waiting for surgery. fcuk u pr!ck.

  81. look dejong was out of order but you lot clapped when nolan smashed that young everton lad up so dont you think you being a little bit hypocritical also your talking about this tiote as if hes a hard man at best tiote is a league 1 player

  82. 2 broken bones in the leg. Don’t think we’ll be seeing him anytime soon. It’s a shame.

  83. DJG says:

    Sh!te hes got a broken left leg tibia and fibula and undergoes surgery tomorow morning.

    Shawcross on Ramsay, De Jong on Holden and now Ben Arfa, Henry on Zamora, Cattermole on God knows how many poor sods ? This isnt just coincidence even if their respective fans thinks it is.

    Take these feckers out of the game for as long as it takes their victims to recover.

  84. still say the tackle was a marker from de jong – went in hard and meant to trap hba’s leg – dont think he meant to break it tho, just scare hba out of the rest of the game – still d.a wouldn’t do jack all about it even if he meant it they’re shit scared of money clubs in case they get taken to court

    doubt we’ll ever see hba again – no way will he play 25 games and i doubt ashley or anyone else will cough 5.5 mill for someone who has a possible career threatening injury

    we need a striker – carroll’s still learning, shola is a bench warmer at best
    perch looked a bit out of his depth today but all in all a good performance
    I’ll try and find the vid of man city players hand slapping each other over hba’s broken leg

  85. Ok, so I’m not a doctor!

    We are the unluckiest club in history!

    He was our great white hope. What now?

  86. ‘at best tiote is a league 1 player’

    Are u fckin mental, Tiote made your zillion pound midfield look like a bunch of sunday league players, mug. If HBA had not be assaulted by De Shlong then he would have shown your ‘top 4’ team a thing or two.

  87. Sir mike people have never seen your team win a trophy ……oh aye cos ya’ve won loads recently…oh aye and less than us historically………like I said when ya know owt about football then comment.Tw@t

  88. broken tib and fib eh, bad crack (sorry)
    Being pragmatic, but more likely realistic, we’re looking long term now aren’t we. 6-8 months maybe if there are no complications.

    I think we may be looking at something similar to Joey Barton last season regarding when he will be back, probably feature in the last few games if he is lucky.

  89. The only challenge this season that has been serious but an accident was Kirk Broadfoot of Rangers on Valencia in the Champions League. Valencia almost injured himself with how he planted his foot. That was an accident.

    All these ones in the Premiership recently have been hard, violent challenges. Let’s not forget Cattermole’s two leg breakers and Eduardo, which were in the past two years or so too.

    It’s far more than any other league.

  90. Just to honesty – Nolan’s injury to Anichebe too should be mentioned for long term injuries in the last few years.

  91. sirmike run along your sister has the bed warmed up and she’s waiting for ye, make sure the door hits you on the way out you fukin knobheed

  92. sirmike

    Shut up fool, Man City always will be sh!t, you were incredably lucky and had the ref playing for you. If it was 5-0 yes come on and gloat but your team is actually tripe for the money you have spent and this year yet again you will be second best to the top 4. Even Spuds beat you ffs.

  93. regarding his contract, well this just blows everything up in the air doesn’t it. Would have thought they would have something in it regarding injuries but where he goes now, god only knows.

    How about maybe negotiating another years loan, i’m sure he would be up for that. Saying that, the first one was hard enough negotiating….

  94. your all whinging over hbarfa yet not one of you deludeds has got the balls to think back when thug nolan smashed that everton lads leg and you clapped nolan off the pitch and booed that young lad on a stretcher as you know what goes round comes round so stop whinging on here and get behind your team for another relegation battle

  95. Anyone not thinking along the lines of now that both bones are broken it actually makes healing quicker? No?

    We need to know if they are clean breaks aswell as they also heal quicker.

  96. AdolfGhandi……..yeah Nolans tackle was a bad one but ignore sirmike the tit……this threads about todays game surely?

  97. Toonsy,same injury as me cousin got,had to have metal pins put in..nasty one like…….tho I suspect Benny may get a better surgeon than me cousin ;-)

  98. No player deserves what Hatem got today – accident or not – and it would have been nice to see De Jong show some feeling, don’t you think?

    Trying to be practical, does anyone know what this means to the loan deal, the 25 match thing and our right to buy?

    The ref needs to take a long hard look in the mirror too.

    Feel like points are slipping away a little even though – Stoke game apart – the lads haven;t done too much wrong!

  99. sirmike will you still think de junk is good when Mansour gets fuked of with yous winning nowt and takes all his money away and you go back to following manure like you used too

  100. Nolan is not a thug he is too slow for the prem and was probably too late in the challenge. He doesn’t have a record of causing players injuries like De Jong.


    Didn’t Ferdinand get banned for 6 months or something for missing a drugs test. Why doesn’t the FA do something about these bas###ds goin round injuring people again and again.

  101. sirmike

    I’ll give you a year to get 4th, Oil rich Arabs arent like us they have whims Racehorses, Formula 1 teams, Football clubs, Casinos…

    They will lose interest as soon:

    A) It actuallys happen and you do win something, their attention will turn to something else once they achieved what they set out to do.

    B) It doesnt happen quick enough, If you dont get fourth this season, Will they want another rebuilding job with yet another dozen ins and outs not IMHO.

    C) They just get bored whatever happens and fancy trying something else again likely.

    Whichever way you are a ticking time bomb you will be like Leeds on a much grander scale, Now go and find another site your sad, smelly little mancunian tramp.

  102. SM

    We like a player who is all heart and works – you should show this lads endeavour to Adebayor and Yaya.

    And by the way, learn not to generalise with your comments, you come across foolish when you may actually surprise us with a valid point rather than being a tool!

  103. Rich – I was going to be a roght nasty sod and feck him right up ;) ;) but I thought against it :)

  104. You mags should be rightfully pleased with your display today but I’ve walked away from far to many games myself to not realise that the high placed team always get the decision, plus don’t kid me by saying that you wouldn’t be disappointed not to get those decisions af home too. Having said that I thought at the time that ndj’s tackle was overly strong and I hope I speak for all city fans when I wish Hba a speedy and full recovery. Hope to see you back here next year

  105. whats the situation with ben arfa then because im sure OM said the first option to buy was only if i played 25 games and that seems highly unlikely now?

  106. Sorry guys but as a City fan I watch Nigel de Jong week in, week out. First to every breakdown, he puts in more tackles than anyone else in the side. More than 90% of those tackles are legal – hard, certainly, but fair.
    Ben Arfa went over DJ’s trailing leg and fell awkwardly. Neither Chris Hughton nor the Newcastle players complained. In my years of following City I’ve seen a number of horrific leg breaking incidents (notably Best on Glyn Pardoe,Keane on Haarland and this was not one).
    I wish the lad a speedy recovery.
    All that said, it’s good to see you guys and your great fans back in The Prem. Chris has got a good footballing side together and I hope you do well. And, yes, you were robbed today. A draw would have been a fair result, although even had both penno decisions been reversed I don’t think you would quite have won. The strength of our bench is such we have players who can change games. Rich bastards, I know – but after years of watching eleven utter tossers ot fit to wear the shirt I’m not going to knock it.

  107. Robbo……cheers,however I wouldnt expect a penalty home or away if the tackles outside the box ;-)

  108. Richietoon, can’t comment cos I was behind the other goal. anyway I remember us getting a few dodgy decisions at your place when we were down on our luck, wasn’t there a cup game on a Sunday night once?. What so they say … What goes around?, next one in your favour probably

  109. firstly i think de jongs tackle wasnt a bad one it wasnt two footed and he won the ball but i admit he flies into tackles maybe nolan or barton should have clattered him as theyve done it to others before feel sorry for ben arfa he looks like a cracking player and he couldbe toon legend but ive broke my tibia and fibula playing and hes looking at at least 6 months out just hope we see him in black and white soon

  110. ValAzz……..yeah I think a draw would have been fair result.I was happy with our performance .Alot of people thought we’d get hammered there especially after the Stoke and Blackpool games but Man Ure are the only team to outplay us this season imo. We ned to start racking up some points tho.
    At least I got a chicken Balti pie at City, the Toon always run out before I get one ;-)

  111. Robbo…..I doubt any penalty decisions will go our way,we’ve been on the wrong side of a few decisions already this season, the quality of refereeing in the prem is shocking. The championship was bad but the EPL is no better….oh well I live in hope :-)

  112. Ah well at least Liverpool got done at Anfield off Blackpool so we can take some comfort from that.

  113. i hope you fat scum go straight back down what a bunch of shithouses you lot our i hope ben afa is finished and he ends up in the gutters of cairo selling cheap kebabs horrible deluded slobs get back the chumpionship

  114. DJG says:
    October 3, 2010 at 10:37 pm
    Ah well at least Liverpool got done at Anfield off Blackpool so we can take some comfort from that.<<<<< soz no comfort for me we need blackpool too lose

  115. DJG-Sort of. Liverpool are doing terribly at the moment and they wont make the top four, but they also wont be in a relegation battle at the end of the season, it just wont happen mate. We can’t say the same for ourselves and teams like Blackpool picking up 1 point let alone 3 in games they should be getting pasted in, is worrying.

    As for Benny, the injury is now clearly an awful one and I feel gutted for him. No idea whether we’ll see him in B&W again and noo idea where we go from here as we’ve lost any creative spark we might have had to feed Carroll- Seemingly our only striker given how regularly we play 4-5-1.

    Also, dont bother with the idiots on here, things like “Tiote is a league 1 player” and a poor attempt at text talk show him up for being a complete idiot. Fair play to the other city lot who’ve been on here with regards for Benny, but I still think the tackle from DJ was a disgusting one. He’s scissored Benny’s leg and its broken, there’s no excuse.

  116. our luck will have too change if we are too stay up ,as for man city they will win fuk all as long as sir alex is in charge at man u

  117. and yes batty what have you won you bad whopper i hope ben arfa is finished like nolan finishes players you idiots have always tried too make out a shit player is a gem like mirandinha asprilla now that yard dog carroll lets hope you go back to your rightful league….the chumpionship

  118. more trophies than you sirmike……as I’ve said you know nowt about football……… go and say goodnight to all ya daddies and run along now.

  119. you lot are sick we have loads of dosh and you lot are skint ha ha ha ha if i would have known how scruffy you lot were today i would have asked shiek mansour for some cash for some soap for you to take home and use anyway remember mary poppins cowardly kick on neil lennon you lot deserve to go back down your very poor team look forward to going up there and pissing on you sending you tramps back down

  120. ritchietoon what a deluded prick you our you have NEVER seen spewcastle win anything now run along slob and stop thinking your a big club in 1981 your av gate was 11.000 and in 1991 it was 16.000 WWYWYWS and you still our

  121. wrong..its never been below 16k since 190’s tit…….won more than you and your last trophy was only 7 years more recent than us pr!ck

  122. ritchie your average in 1991 was 16.000 fact and by the way i dont support man city. i promise you tramps will be relegated and am made up that arab got smashed makes up for thug nolans tackles….by the way tiote is shiote why do you make a messiah out of average players now come on ritchiegoon stop telling lies on here its making you look silly

  123. I know yara mackem……..which explains how ya so thick………I said it wasnt below 16k you thick twat…… were on the other day with your inaccurate shite..FACT

  124. look ritch you started the nasty stuff why get ratty its a fact kevin nolan has commited worse tackles than de jong accept it ritchieboy. ritchie the geordie is the most deluded fan in football. the way your slagging city off for having loads of money owners then slagging ashley off for not selling to the same people my god what a sad hypocrite you are….anyway im very confident you will be relegated again even with maldini tiote in your shite team

  125. I havnt slagged city off,and you started it ya pillock,ya came on here to wind people up..ya boring me now as you did the other day…… blogs of ya own to go to or does no one like ya there either.see ya scum.

  126. ritchie you are a very sad idiot i feel sorry for you but then agian your typical of most geordies deluded hypocrites. tbh i think your nailed on to go back down again your very very poor and as for tiote if he was any good he would be at a big club. anyway ritch stop this nonsense over de jong when you have the biggest thug in your team clearasil kevin nolan

  127. your the sad idiot,not only are you on another teams blog,I havn’t slagged of city or even mentioned De Jong so find someone who can explain the meaning of the word hypocrite.Catermole is twice the thug Nolan will ever be.
    Now come back when you can say anything remotely true or factual.I’m off to bed your mother has me worn out.

  128. @172

    You really have to laugh, If you were man utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs fans who have fairly consistanly seen your clubs win trophies since the 60s and 70s then you can laugh at us.

    But Sunderland and Man City FFS have a look at yourselves neither of you have won feck all since a few years after us…bellends, I would take our Champions league and UEFA Cup runs under Bobby and the wonderful Keegan years over anything your clubs have achieved over the past 20 years of midtable or 2nd and 3rd tier mediocrity.

    Not to mention days out at Wembley, The Nou camp, San siro, Delle Alpi, Olympic stadium, De kuip, Palermo, Mallorca, Marseille, Lillestrom, Sochaux, Monaco, Sporting lisbon or Ujpest Djosa ETC…ETC…

    P.S. Look at me on about the san siro to a mackem he probably thinks its a fcuking pizza…

    P.P.S Look at the clubs attandances in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and the best part of the 80s and 90s, Just selective viewing from the stereotypical SMB…

  129. CC …SMB can’t even get his selected bits correct and trying to pass himself off as a city fan too…a bit pathetic really.To be fair to the City fans most who have come on have been sound.