Hughton still in a quandary over assistant choice.

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Hughton: Still pondering.
Hughton: Still pondering.
Despite much specious gossip that Steve Clarke is nailed on to be the replacement for Colin Calderwood as Chris Hughton’s deputy at Newcastle United, Chris Hughton has revealed that he is still undecided about a replacement for the important position.

He revealed:

“It’s something I have wanted to take some time over,

“I don’t expect to take too long over it, but I haven’t named one yet.

“I have a few in mind, but certainly no decisions have been made yet.”

When asked about the gossip surrounding Clarke, who was previously both an assistant and caretaker manager at Newcastle in 1998-99, Hughton speculated:

“Probably the reason it has been mentioned is because he is a very, very good coach who is available and he has a history at this club.”

Though Hughton went on to reveal that Clarke, previously assistant manager at West Ham, and Chelsea before that, had been very much in his thoughts as a successor:

“But he is one of a few very good coaches who I would have thought about, but I categorically haven’t made any decisions yet.

“I have given myself that little bit of time to make what I feel will be the best decision.”

This is probably a very wise decision in the long term. However, the coaching squad for the First team could be said to be looking somewhat threadbare in terms of numbers at the moment, so divven’t hang about for too long, Chris!

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64 Responses

  1. Steve Clarke was before my time as a Newcastle United fan…hell, before I knew I could even watch English Football…so I don’t know him. Is he a good coach? What are the pluses and minuses?

  2. would like j.carver me-sel like,its taking a bit of time,wonder if they are working oot a bit compo as i dont think speed would stand in his way if that is the case

  3. icedog , i was thinking along those lines too , wether it is carver or someone else employed at another club i have a feeling that they cant say a name because negotiations are on going with the person and his club . If it was steve clarke or any other out of work coach then the appointment would now have been made .

  4. NorCal ToonFan says:
    October 25, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    “Is he a good coach? What are the pluses and minuses?”

    He’s certainly very highly regarded as an assistant manager, NorCal. He was also Mourinho’s, and Avram Grant’s assistant at Chelsea, and they didn’t do too badly! It was Gullit who brought him to Toon (from Chelsea) and he became caretaker after he left, but that was only for a short period.

  5. Thought Clarke did a decent enough job toon under gullit and sbr – also held in high regard by mourinho and Zola
    Reckon he’d do a good job tho I think he’s looking for a managers job, there was a bit in the times recently about how he’d argued with gullit about dropping shearer for that fateful game

    He’d be a decent foil for CH

  6. AXEL its also back to sq one for me if clarke comes in hes a bit of defender in his time as was cally so was hoots,as carver worked well with k.k then wor bobby bit more attack minded maybe,best of both worlds for hoots,also he has managed clubs should know the pit-falls.
    well thats my rant like

  7. I heard one of the reasons that Steve Clarke’s appointment is not straight forward is that his on going contractual dispute over his sacking from West Ham is preventing him from getting another job until it’s all resolved.

  8. Im glad C.H is taking some time over this as having a good first team assistant manager/coach is arguably as important as the manager. Good that he did’nt just go out and pull Daft Ken in off Leazes Terrace!

  9. Let the right one in, Chris. I believe in you. But my choice are Clark or Carver, Maybe both of them. Solano ? who know ?

  10. 4411 mourinh!o is a one off like ,dont think he would have had much say,didnt do great for w/ham as they nearly joined us,there and plus and minus for a few like

  11. Off topic but sort of toon related; See Cardiff are giving Leeds a proper thrashing, Chopra on the scoresheet tho no Bellamy yet

  12. 4411 its not off topic,who the hell would what leeds fans in p.l.cardiff either come to that m8

  13. i agree icedog
    i would like to see a coach come in with a more natural instinct to attack , that would be good for CH to get different ideas from during a game than another defender next to him . Also a coach that was a midfielder or forward could teach the likes of Carroll , Vukic and routledge things that CH having been a defender can’t even though from my memories of him as player was as an attacking fullback .

  14. All this talk aboot ‘oh not another ex-defender’.

    More defenders go into management because they are more regimental and organised whereas forwards are more individual players. Just because a coach was a defender in their playing days does not mean they coach forwards and wingers to be defensive. Or play boring long ball dross. It depends on the individual and their coaching style. That was Calderwoods style at Forest aswell and he’ll take it back to scotland, Clarke worked at Chelsea with some of the best forwards on the planet.

  15. DJG says:
    October 25, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    “All this talk aboot ‘oh not another ex-defender’.

    More defenders go into management because they are more regimental and organised whereas forwards are more individual players. Just because a coach was a defender in their playing days does not mean they coach forwards and wingers to be defensive. Or play boring long ball dross. It depends on the individual and their coaching style. That was Calderwoods style at Forest aswell and he’ll take it back to scotland, Clarke worked at Chelsea with some of the best forwards on the planet.”

    That’s a really insightful comment, DJG.

  16. WORKY
    Motivational psychology is his secret, Icedog.

    aye m8 and we are talking muti/mill,must make it even harder

  17. DJG @15, spot on.

    Wasn’t Wenger a defender? they occasionally play attacking football ;-)

  18. DJG… from other thread, cash turnstiles on Wednesday:

    North East Corner 35 & 36
    South East Corner 52 & 53
    South West Corner 71 & 72

  19. One question, and one question only. Why hasn’t Ashley offered Hughton a new contract?

    He gets the club promoted, he has a reasonable start to the PL having had little money to spend, yet nothin, not a dickie bird in terms of even talks starting.

    Something fishy in my opinion.

    Ashley’s either thinking of replacing him (he has form) or he’s selling the club. There can be no positive reason why he wouldn’t have at least started talks.

    Answers on a post card please…

  20. @ 25 = Finances.
    Current Contract is good through end of the season…no reason to change that now. New contract will likely involve more pay and compensation if sacked.
    MA is probably waiting to see if survival in the PL is assured and then IF he wants to keep CH, a new contract will be offered.

  21. Stuart its simple why give him contract now if in 4month time the boo bys get there wish n hoots sacked then he only has to pay him till end of season, once hoots has secured r safety then am sure he will b givin the contract he deserves, wishfull thinkin on him selling club fink fatman will b here very long time

  22. stu – what’s the rush, there’s no need to do anything before jan, don’t blame Ashley for waiting to see where we are after Xmas. If CH still doing well he can give him a bit of cash for jan transfer window and start negotiations. I don’t think any club in top half are gonna sack their manager and beg CH to take the job
    Obviously CH might decide not to sign and wait until end of season but can’t see it

  23. Stuart…don’t think there’s owt fishy,no need to give him a new contract yet.He’s a business man,new contract means more money, Ashley can wait until after Xmas or even the end of the season and offer him a contract then and safe some cash also if it goes tits up and things were going badly he wouldn’t have to pay CH much compo if he felt the need to get rid of him.There’s very little, if any benefit from Ashley’s perspective to giving him a new contract now imo.

  24. Stu – you’re a proper glass half empty bloke, yup there is some truth the glass is half empty but think I prefer to look at it as glass half full

  25. Ha!
    Richie, digging the new avatar by the way…though I am sure it’s not that new…first time I’ve noticed it.

  26. richietoon says:
    October 25, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    “no need to give him a new contract yet.”

    If you play roulette, you can lose as well as win.

    People tend to make alot of assumptions about Hughton, eg that no other clubs would be interested in offering him a much better contract for his services next season, that he would be happy to step back down to assistant if a “big name” was brought in etc, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

  27. worky, true but it’s not as big a risk with a player as with a manager imo…..and as we all know MA likes the odd spin of a roulette wheel ;-)

  28. on the AC thing i reckon the prosecution knew that he would most prob get not guilty so offerd a lot lesser charge , hence carrol just excepting it so he could get it done a dusted

  29. I think Ashley and Hoots are in cahoots; so to speak.

    It’s not like some player where they don’t actually know what their thinking or what their agent is whispering into their ear.

    Hughton and Ashley will have a more informal agreement where basically it is the least of their worries atm but Im sure when the time comes they will figure something out. Hughton knows, continue to do well and a contract will be forth coming. Worky I don’t think he’s the sort of bloke who would do a runner for more money either. He could have p#### off yonks ago when we were up sh!t creek but I think he’s see’s our club as his little baby. :)

  30. DJG-I dont think he’d do a runner purely because it isn’t in the man’s mentality. This is his first real taste of a managerial position and I dont think he’s ever thought about managing any club until he realised he actually was in charge here.
    Hughton seems like a proper gent who just gets on with his job without fuss. Works with what he has, is greatful for whatever he is given and will stick with the club because he’s learnt to love his surroundings. Hard to find in a manager these days, I actually think he’s been a complete revelation for us.

    Would he step down should what would be classed as a “proper manager” is appointed and go back to his coaching role? Who knows. I for one though, don’t think he deserves that. He’s earned a crack at the Prem having done a brilliant job with us in the CCC and i’m glad he’s getting it and seemingly, enjoying it aswell.

  31. DJG,
    it’s also CH’s BIG chance & ‘technically’ at the proverbial ‘sleeping giant’.
    It must be really exciting for him.

  32. glad next month is the last installment for me season ticket like……whey thats me laters.

  33. What about Peter Beardsley for the job? His reserve players are playing out of their skins for him, a true geordie legend and i have had the pleasure of listening to him at a talk in and he is pure class.