Haris Vučkić on Real Madrid, AC Milan, Newcastle and the League Cup.

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Vučkić: “I love the game and the people here”
Vučkić: “I love the game and the people here”
Perhaps the most talented of Newcastle United’s crop of young talent waiting in the wings, Slovenian, Haris Vučkić, has been speaking on his life at Newcastle United. He spoke of the interest shown in the young star from the likes of Manchester United, AC Milan and Real Madrid, Newcastle United’s League Cup tie with Arsenal tomorrow evening, and life at Newcastle in general.

He began on the interest from some of the giants from the footballing world:

“I didn’t know too much about AC Milan or Real Madrid until I read it in the papers back home.” Vuckic began, moving on to his life at Newcastle, and how his head hasn’t been turned by the high profile outside interest. He continued:

“If Manchester United or Real Madrid are watching you, it tells you that you are doing the right things, but it won’t disturb me. I’m only thinking about Newcastle in the future.

“Newcastle for me is the best choice – everything’s OK. The training facilities are the best, and everybody treats me very well. I want to stay here for a long time.

“This is a football-mad city. When I go into the city, sometimes people recognise me and ask me for my signature.

“I love the game and the people here. I just want to do well for these fans and my team.”

Vučkić then moved on to the Magpies’ league cup clash with the mighty Arsenal on wednesday evening, with the League Cup games providing an opportunity for some of the more precocious young talents in the United side to impress. He also looked back on the last round of the competition, where he participated in a memorable 4-3 defeat of table toppers, Chelsea. On these points, Vučkić remarked:

“I’m excited about Arsenal coming to St James’s Park – I’ve been training very hard to try to get noticed, and make it into the manager’s selection,”

“I hope to play my best if I get on to the field. I always try my best whatever game I play in, whether it’s the reserves or the first team.

“I know that even their reserves are very strong, and I just can’t wait to play in a game like this. If I get the chance I’ll do my best and show the manager what I can do.”

Vučkić then commented on the one thing which has eluded him so far, a start in the Premier League. On that he observed:

“I’m still young and have to wait for my chance. If I do well, maybe I’ll get a chance in the Premier League, which is my dream.”

And finally, moving back to the League Cup and his fellow youngsters who are, like himself, breaking through he said:

“It was a good experience to play at Stamford Bridge against the biggest team in England and win.

“Now the younger players are hoping to stay in the Carling Cup as long as we can.

“That’s why we’re going for it against Arsenal.”

Go get ’em, Tiger!

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38 Responses

  1. I loved in the original article in the Chronic when Haris talked about watching Ronaldo when he was at ManU. He admitted that Ronaldo definitely wasn’t his role model, but only respected his playing ability. Love it!

  2. I hope the lad gets a chance to play more forward, rather than being bogged in the center midfield. He’s shown that he doesn’t quite excel in that position

  3. As i’ve said before on here, got a relative who works for the club as a trainer and he says he is by far the best talent we have had there in years. Just cause he hasn’t shone in a couple of games that have been on tv doesn’t mean he wont make the grade, as some of our arm chair pundit fans have inferred.

    When people talk about making the grade it is all to do with their quality on the ball, and Vukic has just that, he’ll be coming through soon.

  4. toonsy says:
    October 26, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    “3 ‘blogs in five hours”

    “It will be 4 soon”

    Aye i bet your wrists havent been this overworked since Pat first joined Eastenders…

  5. With the formation and players that Hughton has been using lately, I really don’t know why Vuckic wasn’t loaned out for at least the half of the season to a footy-playing Championship club.

    Oh well, we at least get to use him in the cup games!

  6. I Love Mike says:
    October 26, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    “As i’ve said before on here, got a relative who works for the club as a trainer and he says he is by far the best talent we have had there in years.”

    He’s absolutely spot on, well, until Ben Arfa showed up. When I first saw him, he just seemed to have the “gait” of a great player and I could see his potential very quickly. Actually, it was a bit like the first time I saw Pedro.

  7. RICHIETOON you got it in one m8,see telt ya the tablets off batty were ok,just take another your on the rang thread :)

  8. I’ve seen him play a couple of times now and both times he was hugely disappointing. :(

    Obviously I’m not about to judge him on a couple of dodgy games, but I’d read so many glowing reports about the lad and was genuinely excited to see him play, so it was a bit gutting to see him completely upstaged by a wee unknown 17 year old from Chelsea.

  9. TC – That wee unknown has feature in the Champions League and such aswell to be fair…….

  10. TC, in both of those games he was playing center mid, rather than forward or right off the striker. That’s where he really excels and shows his worth. Granted, I’ve been told that he really seemed off on both those days you’re referring to compared to his usual play

  11. It’ll be good for Kadar to get a game, he’s become somewhat a forgotton man this season. With Tayls and Campbell coming back I think his only chance this season for the first team will be if Enrique breaks down. If we get through to the next round it means we will have probably 2 top CB’s available which is good.

  12. great points on Kadar, DJG. I really thought that he looked more than capable whenever playing last season. It will be interesting to see how he handles Arsenal’s boys tomorrow. Really hoping to see Ranger start up front as well.

    How much do u think Beardsley & Stone help out Hughton when making decisions for these kind of games?

  13. Furry muff, toonsy – didn’t realise that McEachran (spelling?) had played Champs League like.

    I’d never heard of him before. He looked like a proper talent though.

  14. TBH so far couldn’t recall any outstanding performance that matches up to the hype around him yet.
    But to be fair, how many games has he started anyway.
    Would love to be proven wrong tmr :D

  15. The barstewards…they’ve put the block with my season ticket seat up for sale now in the upper tier of the Gallowgate after making me buy a seat elsewhwere :-(

  16. Off topic but anybody notice that blackburn is gonna be bought by an Indian chicken company?of all Indians capable of buying an EPL team-a poultry farm?seriously?Hope somebody with some real cash does that to us too.would love to be again linked with some of the worlds best players although this regime seems to have learnt from its past mistakes and is looking a whole lot stable:-)

  17. arcarius says:
    October 26, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    TBH so far couldn’t recall any outstanding performance that matches up to the hype around him yet.”

    To be honest, this is the fault of others for bigging him up as some sort of wonder kid and you for believing it, and thereafter, having inflatd expectations.

    The lad has the quality to be in the first team, easy, but he is not some ‘wonder kid’ who skins people for fun or does fancy tricks to get the crowd going. He is just simply a young lad who has the quality in his all round game to play at the top level.

    He will be in the first team next season I reckon, Nolan type of role.

  18. What’s the big deal with Paul the octopus, not the first bloke to die in a tank in Germany.

  19. Yup, he’s looked disappointing when I’ve seen him – reserves and cup but have it on good authority that he has potential to be one our best ever finds – let’s hope CH puts him in just behind ranger in a 4-4-1-1 formation

  20. ‘but he is not some ‘wonder kid’ who skins people for fun or does fancy tricks to get the crowd going.’

    No, but Benny is. :)

  21. I think I am noticing people are wanting Ranger and Vuckic up front tomorrow night. Xisco Best and Airey have their supporters too but not many shout outs for Lovenkrands.
    The guy had a dreadful match against Wigan but to go from our second striker to a also ran is a mighty fall