Where is my membership?

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12th-man Many moons ago, I bought an NUFC 12th Man Membership, with the theory being that I could actually use it to get to games.

Apparently the demand is very high for these packs – it must be in fact because here I am three months later still waiting for mine to arrive.

Fair play to the club mind as they have kept us informed all along and told us that the demand has been huge and that there will be a delay in issuing them as they work through the backlog. The problem is that it was the same last year, and the year before that. In fact they have been like this for as long as they have been available to purchase from the club.

These memberships are a great idea for folk like me who like to get to matches, especially away matches. They are not as expensive as a season ticket, obviously, and they come in pretty handy when a season ticket is out of the question.

I, like many others, couldn’t guarantee my attendance at St James’ Park every other week due to a number of factors such as distance, travelling, time, money, which makes a season ticket a giant waste of time for me. These memberships allow me to pick and choose which match I go to, and they pretty much guarantee me tickets to the match. In fact, come to think of it the only matches where I haven’t been able to get a ticket for were the games at Villa Park and for the QPR match on the final day of last season, so they do work.

Anyway, that is enough waffling about my own circumstance, the fact of the matter is that these membership packs have yet to arrive for thousands of people. A lot of people have paid for these packs, and they paid for them quite some time back. Yet here we are in the middle of September without many, if any, people having taken reciept of one.

It’s not about the money that those that are waiting have paid, it’s more the principle of it and the fact this isn’t the first time people have been forced to wait for months for their own pack to arrive. As for being busy, I thought perhaps that the club may have learned something from the demand of the last two seasons? Apparently not.

Meanwhile, the waiting goes on!

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128 Responses

  1. We all have our membership numbers and so we can all use them to get tickets. So I’m with Malchick … does it matter …!!

  2. To me it does. I would kind of like the product I have paid for personally, but if you lot are happy to be treat like cunts then fair enough :)

    Interstingly, I fancy some Fruit Pastills but the shop doesn;t have any. It says that If I pay now I can have them in three months, but in the meantime here is an empty wrapper ;)

  3. Actually, I think it does matter. A bit. You get vouchers and other stuff with the pack, which you obviously can’t use until they arrive.

    But Toonsy’s point is valid: this is the kind of needless cockup which can damage the recovery of the club’s relationship with the fans. It’s just daft and wasteful.

  4. Toonsy: does last year’s card still work for home games? Or do you have to get a paper ticket until the new pack arrives?

  5. Thats not the point I ain’t got my smart card and vouchers, its not like putting a man on the moon, they should send them out before the end of Oct.

  6. When then they advertise something and you pay good hard earned for it, it should be ready within a week IMHO. Surely im not being picky?

  7. Mine was up me arse.
    Get a torch & have a check.

    Only joking, just incase anyone was getting offended.

    Cut backs in the office, hey?

  8. All they would have to do is have another 1 or 2 guys in the box office sorting it out and the would be sent to everyone within a few days. Its not like everyone ordered at the same time, some people ordered theirs months ago, some people are still ordering and will have to wait till christmas probably! The club should have an indication of demand after the last few seasons so that isn’t an excuse. Just because its football doesn’t make any difference, it’s essentially poor customer service and if it happened at Marks & Spencers or the council or something I bet you wouldn’t say ‘does it matter’.

  9. Good question. One which doesn’t affect me but nonetheless a good question.

    Also, where is Forrest Gump aka stu79?

    Double also, whumpie, when are you next up, so you can buy me that pint you owe me?

  10. DJG,
    our ‘support’ has got ever so slightly more ‘random’ in the last 2/3 years though, hasn’t it?
    A little harder to predict than it used to be.

  11. lol they can stick the keyring up their arse but I have had to pay extra money for tickets and have no smartcard ect. And before some wise c### says ‘ring the box office’ I can be ar$ed with that, I shouldnt have to and I wanna pick me own seat and not be put behind a railing! Rant over. :)

  12. It does matter as I am waiting for my discount vouchers for NUFCtv, and seeings as I have been out of pocket for 5 months im pretty pissed off. this is the 3rd year i have used this membership and i am struggling to see why it is taking so long.

  13. CLiNT FLiCK

    Surely being promoted was a tiny incling of an indication that demand might increase. Not that Penfold and Cashley could give two hoots like.

  14. Anyway forget aboot it lads will be two games left by the time you get the NUFCtv voucher you payed for mate and by then none of us will have made any savings only lost £20.

  15. BBM – good question! Have blown serious brownie points and dosh already this year, so may have trouble unless Flybe start giving seats away to Newcastle.

    The only plan so far is for the same 3 of us to head up for the Liverpool game, but that’s in April. Need matches before then!

    If you have any suggestions, ping ’em in – and if you’re going to any away games doon sooth, let me know and I’ll see if I can do ’em too.

  16. DJG,
    aye mate, fair point.
    All i’m saying is that it’s an indication that the club aren’t taking the supporters for granted like it used to.
    Like the whole ‘away tickets’ to manusa ‘scandal’.
    I reckon they’re trying to judge a fresh, from now, a new starting point.
    I could be totally wrong mind.

  17. http://www.jeffwinterentertainmentandmedia.co.uk/middlesbrough/0910008.php

    Why are boro fans so angry. They are a small yorkshire steel town of currently about 15,000 supporters and the directors, the players and the manager have found their level in the championship. the glory days are over they can’t possibly think they can keep up with the other two North East teams anymore and why should they with such a pathetic turn out that would be about the smallest in the premier league! Even blackpool could scrape together more fans.

  18. Lee Ryder has just wrong this on his twitter and I didn’t know it actually, cheers Lee

    “Cheik Tiote is pronounced “Shake” just in case you didn’t know”

  19. So, I have a question then…it’s still probably not worth the cost.

    Assume I have a membership…now being in the US, attending games (home or away) is just a wee bit tricky…i always get the train schedules wrong and what have ya…would the membership allow me to watch NUFC via the Interweb?
    Could I log on to the NUFC home page and access the game? If so, perhaps it would then be worth it, but I am not sure how Membership would benefit a state-side Toon supporter such as myself or MDS, O’Hurley, and others.

  20. This blog is full of members ;-) :lol:

    NorCal……..membership just gives you £10 off Nufc tv which is about £5 a month I think.
    I don’t think they show live first team games,just audio commentary.
    Don’t hold me to any of that tho,ask Toonsy he’s a member :lol:

  21. Well, Richie, sounds like it wouldn’t be worth it to join…i’ll continue to be a 13th man…

  22. Mike Ashley is a businessman; it is a very clever idea to send vouchers late, so the club “gets” more money, ’cause people cant use their vouchers. For excamble in man city this kinds of tricks are unnecessary because they have so much money…

  23. hey fellow toon fans…..its been a pleasure reading your posts…..i am goin for my job nw…and that is i am goin in a ship for sailing……thats my job…..so can t keep myself updated about nufc…….i ll be back in 9 months…till then i hope to see my beloved club in a respectable position…..cheers mate……go geordies!!!

  24. Saroof have a good and a safe one,we’ll probably have a trophy by the time you get back :-)

    cheers for the link Jill

    snack break Dave?

  25. Jill….I don’t think he looks quick enough to be classed as really slow even.Not impressed with what I have seen from him so far at all.Still early days I suppose.

  26. Richie no mate had a cancellation tonight so came up on the pc and what do ye know the ressies were on :) our younguns were all over them for the 1st 30 mins but the last 10 mins or so they have took the foot of the pedal

  27. Wonder what ever happened the young chelski player we were having a look at Knot was it ?. Im sure young Mcdermot is glad he doesn’t look like his Dad :lol:

  28. I mistook the Popemobile for an ice cream van today. I only realised my mistake when I read “wouldn’t mind that child” written on the back.

  29. Is it only me that would imagine that a player of Sol’s caliber would stand out in the reserves, but he hasn’t. I’m glad we will get a look at young Airey heard a lot about him

  30. Evening fellows. How goes it? My bro got some bad news today, he’s out injured for 3 month, and now the first choice keeper is out for 3 month now too!!! Gutted, couldve had a great chance to prove himself.

    Anyhoo, what’s the gen?

  31. “I just want what I have paid for”……….. is that a flashback to the last time ya went to Everton Toonsy ;-)

  32. Where’s Bowburn bag?

    After having his arse ripped to shreds on his first night in prison, George Michael has complained about the length of his 30 day jail sentence, he wants it extended to 60 days!

  33. Stuart79 says:
    September 16, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    “Big Dave – You going up to Scotland to piss on the Pope?”

    Paisley was up there calling him oot for a fight.

  34. workyticket says:
    September 16, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    He should have taken mass at Ibrox. I’d have paid to watch that.

  35. loved the quote from the popes no1 guy on landing at london;looks just like a third world country (true).

    well f@@k off back on the plane then you tw@t

  36. batty says:
    September 16, 2010 at 9:29 pm
    stu you seem happy tonight win the lotto or sumit

    Always happy me.

  37. icedog says:
    September 16, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    “loved the quote from the popes no1 guy on landing at london;looks just like a third world country (true).”

    I’ve been to third world airports that are much nicer than Heathrow!

  38. Stuart I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire :)
    Ice I dont know if Batts could stick the pain lad.
    Worky Paisley is allways looking to fight him but I dont think the pope approves of violence ;)

  39. Sorry to be a pest again. We’re doing the North Run on Sunday in memory of a mate’s dad and running for Bowel Cancer UK. Cheers to all who have donated so far and those who haven’t but would like to, please see this link – http://bit.ly/duHutZ

  40. ‘It took a mere ninety seconds for the hosts to take the lead, and it came in fine fashion. Some scrappy play – and poor tackling from Chelsea in midfield – led to Ryan Donaldson shooting from 25 yards out, and his effort flew past Sebek into the bottom corner.

    The goal signalled a twenty minute spell of dominance from Newcastle, who were buoyed by their early lead, and to exacerbate their problems, Chelsea were playing terribly. The midfield lacked cohesion and commitment, allowing their opponents to move the ball and play with space’

    What a fair and balenced piece of writing on a Chelsea site. We were all over them at the start and despite the end result I think we played fantastic and by no means deserved to lose. I left before the penalty but we had a few pens ourselves that the ref was reluctant to give, (must be the top 4 effect, even in reserves, even away from home I know). Well done the lads, including Campbell who grew into the game and showed in some situations why he was an England regular for so many years, I would say one or two more games and he’s up to speed. What a performance and entertainment for nowt, feel sorry for those that paid £30 for the tripe on Sat!

  41. Actually what happen to leon best???

    No News of Him since so long???

    At least i heard from CH Danny injury still niggling…

  42. 3 toonsy says:
    September 16, 2010 at 1:37 pm
    “… if you lot are happy to be treat like c*nts then fair enough …”

    Never happy being treated like a c*nt, but in this case I am really not that bothered. All the free stuff I never use (money off vouchers etc), and so I only ever use the membership for its primary purpose … to buy tickets.

    I can still buy tickets and therefore I couldn’t give a monkeys about not having the actual bit of plastic that is the membership card.

    Is it your time of the monthy Toonsy .. :)

  43. batty – I think it just goes to show what type of people we have running the club. Why would they meet with Shearer, agree everthing with him and then just not contact him again?

    I don’t think Ashley wants anyone at the club bigger than him, hence Hughton.

    I’m glad Wor Jackie isn’t alive as he’d probably try and discredit him too. What next? Taking his statue down and erecting a jelly baby in it’s place…

  44. “I don’t think Ashley wants anyone at the club bigger than him.”

    he’s unlikely to find anyone bigger than him….

  45. We knew it batty but idiots like Stardust were insisting that it was Shearers demands that lost him the job. Now we know he was actually offered the job it makes him and them look like fools.

  46. interesting interview ..!!


    boos and hisses from the crowd regarding Mr Ashley and his treatment of AS (1.5 hour programme with interesting bit around 1.13 mins onward)

    Amazing to think that he only ever spent 3-4 mins in the company of MA and not spoken to the management team since being offered the job. Wierd!!

  47. waddabout that sunderland fan saying how newcastle have always been a big part of his life and how much he respects players like shearer……WTF…???

  48. stu – you sorted for the run then or what? Are you going to beat me to the finish post and then get the beers in?

  49. bowburnmag says:
    September 17, 2010 at 11:16 am

    I cannot see that happening to be honest. I’ll get the beers in if I see you though – if your still kncoking about at 7pm…

    I’m up to 7 miles now so I’m quietly confident that I will complete it.

  50. Roll on the morrow, can’t wait, unfortunatly I have to take the missus out tonight as I’m going to the match on her birthday tomorrow.

  51. jay jay,probably gonna head of down Chester about 3 ish………I’ll have to tek wor lass oot tonight and tomorrow :-(

  52. stu – you’ll be surprised what the adrenalin and the occasion does for you pal. And wait til Local Hero kicks off, you’ll be welling up, trust me. Happens to the hardest of souls.

  53. I took my ex wife to a league cup game once on our anniversary with the promise of a meal afterwards.It went to extra time too :-) and she hated football.

  54. My girl has been moaning about me going to the match on her birthday, then I booked to go up for the Wigan match on 16th October, been together for 11 years that day :)

  55. toonsy – Get on with writing an new article.

    Nobody gives a fck about where your membership has gone!

  56. When you buy 2 tickets with membership, do both of the tickets get credited to your smart card or there will be paper ticket for your 2nd ticket?