Newcastle v Stoke – Match banter.

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Time to smash The Potters?
Time to smash The Potters?
Newcastle host Stoke this afternoon in the rather oddly timed 4:10pm kick-off.

A feeling of intrigue has been sweeping over me since the midweek win over Chelsea. Will we push on and get the win or will we suffer a similar fate to what happened against Blackpool?

Time will tell on that but I am rather excited about todays game, more so than usual in fact. Much of that is down to me wanting to watch a bit more of Hatem Ben Arfa. Those nasty Stoke players had better stay away from my boy or else they will have me to answer to!

As ever, this is the place to come together and piss and moan as we usually do. Hopefully there will be no moaning today though as the team set about trying to put the Blackpool result to bed.

The game is scheduled for live TV coverage so if you know of any links and would like to share them with fellow posters then please feel free to add it into the ‘comments’ section below.

As I have said in my match preview, this won’t be an easy game, but it is also a game that we should be aiming for three points from. Hopefully the team can oblige.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle – Tim Krul, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Cheick Tiote, Joey Barton, Hatem Ben Arfa, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll.

Subs – Ole Soderberg, Ryan Taylor, Jonas Gutierrez, Alan Smith, Shola Ameobi, Nile Ranger, Peter Lovenkrands.

Stoke City – Thomas Sorensen, Andy Wilkinson, Ryan Shawcross, Robert Huth, Danny Collins, Glenn Whelan, Salif Diao, Matt Etherington, Dean Whitehead, Jonathan Walters, Kenwyne Jones.

Subs – Asmir Begovic, Danny Higginbotham, Eidur Gudjohnsen, Ricardo Fuller, Marc Wilson, Rory Delap, Abdoulaye Faye.

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369 Responses

  1. perfect, that’s exactly the team I’d hoped Hoots would field. Expect Ameobi and Guttierez to both make appearances from the bench, probably Raylor too. HWTL

  2. just hoping that none of the defenders get injured, because there is only Raylor on the bench but, the bench is strong attacking wise ;) i’m hoping for a 4-1 win ;)

  3. Strange that he opted for Ameobi, Ranger and Lovenkrands instead of taking one out and having Campbell on the bench, perhaps he’s picked something up from the Chelsea game.

  4. it’s probably as simple as he’s not fit enough after the chelski match. Short rest+old legs are not a good combination.

  5. Jersey – Aye, but as an emergency I am sure Campbell could have managed it. Even one of the young lads if needs be.

  6. Did anyone else see that Andy Gray prick re-iterating his comments that NUFC fans “think they should win trophys as a matter of course”??? he’s an absolute wanker but in fairness to nicky butt he refuted the statement….

  7. aye, does seem overkill with strikers and underkill with CBs. I’d really like to know whats going on with kadar. He looked a bit slowed in the acc stanley match. Wonder if he still isn’t fit. You’d think this game would be a perfect spot for him. In an emergency perch can slide over and raylor can go to rb. Lets hope there’s no emergency…

  8. Would have liked to have seen HBA in the hole with Jonas out wide , but after the Everton performance it would be hard and unfair to change the lineup

  9. If it really hits the fan then jonas can go to rb. Hoping for a good game a hood win and then I’m off to Guildford for a couple of days, oh joy

  10. Looks like we are in for another Wolves game…Stoke are clearly out to be physical and play “football” …Pulis pulled a page from the Mick McCarthy manual of tactical coaching….

    Ben Arfa i’d watch my legs today if i were you…hope no player of ours gets his leg broken today…

  11. Axel I would like to have seen the same but as you also say it would be unfair to change the lineup, but then alls fair in love and war :)

  12. Let’s hope NUFC can play “keep away” today. Keep the ball away from Stoke and keep away from some of the kicks that will be coming from some of the Potter goons.


  13. Toonsy it is unlucky on poor Mick and its a shame that his free flowing attacking style didn’t win over Villa :) a draw would have been nice

  14. Dave – They are having one of their players stretchered off now. Hard to sympathise with them really ;)

  15. lads if u havnt got sky..just go2 google justin tv fooball when the page comes up go on 2 their site..then press live games..then click on to newcastle and it will bring up the feeds..if they have pps..which is in is the best 1 for not breaking up..down load the site for pps if u havnt got it..and it will come on..or go to veetle and then go and click sports and then it should bring the newcastle game up..but sometimes a bit iffe.

  16. One defender on the bench…rather strange. Figured Campbel would have mae it over Ranger or Loven. Where’s Kadar been?

  17. toonsy, thats why i’m hoping we don’t need to make that move.
    I’m hoping tiote stays in the game. Stoke will be trying to bully our skill players and i don’t he’ll stand for that. Lets hope we control the ball and get on the scoresheet early forcing them to play some actual footy.
    toon, toon TOON ARMY!!!

  18. I’d rather have seen 2 front men at home. But even so didn’t Hoots say when he signed HBA he was gonna play in the hole? Seems like favouritism toward Nolan to me…

  19. Good morning mates, I’m thrilled because I’m actually going to get to watch a full match uninterrupted by bosses, customers, or any other damn thing.

    Ho’way the Lads!!!

    (Toonsy- I love the lack of prediction in the match banter article hehe :lol:)

  20. The Sky lineup, where they have the players walking towards the screen, was taken when the lads still had tashes..

    Looks like a porno identity parade :lol:

  21. To all having faith in Perch,We shall see….;)

    4-1 to Newcastle,Ben arfa free kick goal,Andy Carroll Header in,Nolan goal…..Barton Goal. :lol:

  22. AOD – I’d rather Perch played well than willing him to play poorly just so you can prove a point.

  23. @toonsy: well,he got to prove me wrong here though. ;)

    He got to show me,that yup..i can believe him doing well in RB.

  24. First time poster!! :D
    Wouldn’t Raylor be good at RM?
    Or do we need Routletge’s pace so badly that we’re picking him in front of Gutierrez?

  25. Patience is going to be the key in this game. If we keep plugging away and making sure we stay solid at the back I reckon we can nick it. Stoke have hardly touched the ball.

  26. We are playing nice stuff, but sometimes a bit more is needed. Stoke are letting us have the ball and it’s up to us to break them down. Playing nice football in safe areas isn’t going to do that.

  27. Safe areas are all that’s available at the moment with Stoke playing back. We are showing good patience and will break them down eventually…

  28. I want do some digging on our team,who knows they may score after this…

    This is getting boring….I see a draw at HT…..Counter-attack seems slow to me. :(

  29. Stoke are pressing a bit higher up now so hopefully that will open some space up, or hopefully we can take advantage of one of these free kicks ;)

  30. I just think people are forgetting last season rather too easily. Stoke are doing to us what we did to teams and it is hard to break down.

  31. Nice Penalty….Was wondering who will take that penalty,since normally is Peter…And guess who???

    Captain Nolan Scores~~~

  32. was just writing up a rant about Stoke’s tactics then that happens haha

    Should make the second half a bit more of a spectacle, jesus it’s been awful up to now!

  33. See, people laughed when I pondered how Ben Arfa would rate Nolan’s fried chicken…

    “How do you know Nolan has fried chicken” was the question from a few.

    I think his celebration clears that up :lol:

  34. Big Dave – Nolan works a hell of a lot harder than a lot of people give him credit for. He was everywhere at Wolves and Everton and gets undeserved stick from a lot of people for it in my opinion.

  35. Good performance, Stoke really are a god awful side.

    Imagine watching that dross every week, “Best league” in the world with them and any Fat Sam side in it not in my opinion…

  36. Ben Arfa is never gona score freekicks hitting the ball with his instep with a straight run up. At best he can only go for one corner of the goal.
    For the rest he’s done well, but I think he’d cause far more damage playing down the middle.

  37. toonsy says:
    September 26, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    Nolan works a hell of a lot harder than a lot of people give him credit for. He was everywhere at Wolves and Everton and gets undeserved stick from a lot of people for it in my opinion.

    Says the man who labelled him Tugboat… :roll:

  38. imo perch has gotten better with each game and this one is no different. He desn’t do flash so he’ll keep getting stick, but he is very solid and starting to get more confident. The whole team looks confident with colo and willo both pushing up at times from the back. I’ve always loved the toon but now i’m starting to love how we play again :)
    perch due for a yellow this half lol.

  39. Feel sorry for Perch. The fans were already undecided about him. This is going to do him no favours

  40. ~ El Toro ~ – Agreed. They will overlook the fact that he hasn’t put a foot wrong all game and that he had to do something or else Huth would more than likely have scored. He was just unlucky.

  41. f**K off perch i dont feel sorry for him at all he hasnt impressed me at all. i feel he is out of his depth and we should have started with raylor

  42. 6 minutes added time. I don’t think it will matter mind. We could play another 60 minutes and still be shyte!

  43. perch is shit.raylor isnt even going to get a chance. We are going to be the unprideictable team of the season

  44. only been watching 5 minutes, but imowe are lacking up front to break them down. Looks like another naive defeat for us, we cannot afford to lose home games against garbage like this…

  45. Let’s cut through the shit!

    We haven’t created ONE single chancein 90 mnutes! If we don’t win our home games we WILL go down!

    Knee jerk? Well you might think so, but there is absolutely no way we can rely on us winning away to stay up.

    One fckin home win, a win against Chelsea’s reserves and a win against bottom of the table.

    Is our enthusiasm misplaced?

    Look at the facts I say…

  46. It’s true. We desperately need another striker. We just get to the final third and fizzle out. They have created nothing and won the game. Caveman tactics reign supreme it would seem.

  47. Well, we were completely outplayed and out thought in the second half by Stoke.
    Hughton had his worst tactical game since being in charge and some of our players really were poor.
    The amount of times we ha balls going into the box with nobody looking to get on the end of them, or players (Ameobi) simply getting in each others way was pathetic.

    I think its about time, Hughton started to play to win a couple home games instead of playing not to lose.
    Also, for home games at least, Jonas and Ben Arfa need to be playing together, and Ryan Taylor has to replace Perch.

  48. Until we get another quality striker we will need to play 4-4-2 at home. Carroll is isolated up there on this own. Nolan just isn’t mobile enough to provide proper support. However, tactics aside, we were poor today. Too many players off the boil once again.

  49. Remember that team we beat 6-0? There where we should be now…. The Fortress…. :S

    Blackpool + Stoke these are teams Newcastle should be beating, no buts or ifs, we should be beating them.

  50. Nolan needs to be benched for the next game and we have to start with jonas and wayne on the wings with ben arfa playing behind carrol. Nolan is absolute shit…

  51. we lost because our bad attitude after lead them. No determination for second goal then no deserved to win this game at all.

  52. For me I’d be looking at a 4-3-3 system at home with both HBA and Jonas playing.
    1 up front is not working for us at home :(

  53. Krul – Couldn’t do a lot really.

    Perch – Played solid and didn’t put a foot wrong. If he left the ball then Huth would have got the header anyway. Unlucky.

    Willo – Solid enough.

    Colo – Same.

    Enrique – Tried to do something.

    Routledge – Quiet.

    Barton – Should be take off set pieces duties.

    Tiote – Impressed again.

    HBA – Quiet.

    Nolan – Played too deep.

    Carroll – Didn’t do a lot/isolated.

    Jonas – Looked ok.

    Shola – Ineffectual but not his fault.

  54. That rounded off a sh!t weekend. Stoke did what we expected they would do. We tried to play some football and did well until we got to the 18 yard box and then did nowt.

  55. Before the season started we looked at the teams we need to beat at home to stay up, !lackpool and Stoke were two fof them – look what’s happened!!!!

    For the idiots who thought this league easy I say you’re fckin thick and it’s being played out in front of you!

  56. why take ben arfa off and tiote..then play nolan in the middle..when they were playing on the break..they then couldnt get back and let them tactics what were u doing..nolan should have been off

  57. hughton has to carry the can for that today , his tactics lost us that game.i cannot for the life of me understand why he is negative at home , this 4-5-1 might work for away games , but at home and especially against stoke we needed something different.
    in my opinion we should have won that match in the first half , if we had of been more positive.
    why was lovenkrands not tried up with carroll?.
    so f**kin’ disappointing to lose a game like that , that’s 1 point from nine against relegation rivals.

  58. Stuart79

    Fuk off you smarmy prick, We have taken the 7 points most people expected at this stage anyway after beating Villa and Everton and drawing with wolves.

  59. Throwing a win away. We played with 9 men most pf the game Carroll was non existent most of the game. Houghton should have taken Carroll off and replaced him with Ameobi rather than Tiote but that number 9 jersey makes Carroll beyond substitution.

    What a blow! There goes any momentum we might have had coming out of the Chelsea game. We needed that win considering we play Man City next.

  60. i cant believe the substitutions it cost us the game HBA & TIOTE off wtf , after going in front we then just lay down and died .

  61. okkurtgarvilt

    No. We just need to drop this 4-5-1 rubbish when we are at home. It’s not working and just like today, teams with a decent defence will stifle us with relative ease. Hughton now has a big decision regarding Nolan at home games. He just doesn’t contribute enough. Also, Next game should see Routledge dropped as he was woeful for 75% of the game today. His first touch and passing is not up to Premiership standard and he needs to work on it.

    We also learned a lot about Ben Arfa today. He will be better for us against the better teams as they will not be focusing on stifling him/us and rather their own game.

    4-4-2 at home is now a must and Hughton needs to make the decision.

  62. Stuart calm down big man…we’re all flocking disappointed. The last thing we need is your “told you so” bollocks…

  63. To lose this game was criminal and the only person to blame here is Chris Hughton.
    Why we sit back and try defend a lead, instead of stretching a game, which would benefit us against the hulk squad of Stoke – we played right into their hands.

  64. Only saw the last 10 minutes of the game, but to take off HBA & Tiote early on seems a bit strange to me, they must have been poor ?

  65. the last 15 minutes of the first half , you could even see the system wasn’t working.what the f**k did he say to them in the dressing room , because they were worse than in the first half.
    why take off ben arfa for a guy with less end product?,you could only think he must have been feeling the pace , but the substitution didn’t change anything for us.why was amoebi brought on?nowt against the lad , but why not bring on lovenkrands to get in behind them?
    hughton has done some good things since he took over the job , but he’s also not beyond reproach.
    that was naive by chris today , we didn’t do nowhere near enough in a game we should have won.

  66. About time someone like lovenkrands or vuckic was given a chance? Also maybe Sol? I was worried by Collo at times today.

  67. el toro

    I agree with you that we need to drop that formation, but I don’t think Hughton will do that, so I think we should start with those three.

    I think the best formation is 4-4-2 carrol and lovenkrands up front with jonas and ben arfa on the wings. In the middle tiote and barton (guthrie when he comes back).

    And the back four the same, except for perch, with Raylor coming on for him (Saylor when he comes back).

    That’s the team I want to see, because I think that one will win games…but we’ll see what Hughton does for the next game.

  68. Trojan

    SOrry, but I couldn’t disagree more. Ameobi and Jonas both had an impact. Especially Jonas. HBA was taken off as Stoke had done their homework and they didn’t allow him to get into the game. Tiote off for Ameobi is the natural substition when a DM is on the pitch and you need a goal. It was just a case of 4-5-1 not being suitable for home games, and too many players off of the boil

  69. Lay off Perch lads…he didn’t put a foot wrong today until he got unlucky with that header.

    Had he not put a header in Huth would have scored.

    You are all wishing for Raylor but lets see what you guys say when you see him being skinned by every half decent winger.

    Raylor is not a Right Back…he is a very very poor mans Beckham….a Right Midfielder with no pace but good crosses.

    Perch is better than both Raylor and Simpson at RB.

  70. Jonas coming on was a good idea but it should definitely of been in place of Routledge. HBA whilst maybe being quiet by you standards Toonsy was opening up so much space for the likes of Barton in that first half. And Perch not putting a foot wrong? The first player in premiership history to get five yellows in the first 5 games, was marking Jones for their first and scored a great goal for their second. I don’t think Raylor is much worse back there and his corners/dead balls are a lot better than anyone else’s. Perch did get forward well but if Hoots is committed to playing 4-4-1-1 then maybe put a RB in who can be deadly from set plays? I dunno, just a thought.

  71. i can’t wait for stoke to get relegated. They are completely negative. Don’t try to play footy at all. They deserved nowt from this game. The first goal should never had been allowed as huth clearly fouled perch pulling him down at the shoulders and climbing above him. They win it on an og. pathetic. I hope this result doesn’t do perch in cause he had a very good game yet was involed in both goals. The lesser team won today. Gutted…
    Positives: link up play was class from the whole team. Krul played really well verses a team that could’ve been a problem for him. The blackpool game may have done a job on our confidence at home as that second half we seemed to play to hold the lead. We have too stay behind the lads though cause too many years the pressure of playing at sjp has done too may players in.

  72. el toro, in all honesty they had a go fair play , they huffed and puffed got in each others way.although jonas did deliver a good ball for nolan near the end.

  73. We were awful second half. Kenwyne didn’t lose a ball in the air all day and we still had nowt for it. We gave them both goals. Secondly, I have to disagree with perch not putting a foot wrong bar the og. He made a couple of stupid mistakes that led to chances whether Stoke capitalised on them or not. The og was spectacular if nowt else but still awful. Tiote off was also a strange decision for me. He bossed the midfield well. All in all, a shocking second half. Loss could have been avoided but it’s our own fault.

  74. I wanna see Ben Arfa play in the ‘Nolan role’

    I know theres always a should woulda coulda after a loss but hypothetically you cant help but think what Raylor may have done wiuth the early free kicks…..

    BUT bar the og i thought Perch looked good, though you could tell as he was walking off that its knocked his confidence.

  75. Krul played well?

    He came for one cross the whole game and just left Jones’ headers go where they may every other time. The own goal was saveable if he didn’t drop to the floor for no reason.

    He is a great shot stopper but his whole is still seriously flawed.

  76. okkurtgarvilt – I’d like to have seen that team too. We need to Chris to have the balls to change this 451 Nolan system, at least at home. The thing is it’s Nolan who gets dropped and Chris has made that decision very difficult for himself. He did drop Smith last season for the good of the team, lets hope he can make the tough decisions again.

    I’m not too worried. We have the players to hurt teams at SJP but we need to get the team right. Jonas and Arfa both need to play and Carrol needs some help. He looked so isolated today. We need more players nearer the box and more movement around it, Chris needs to take the shackles off and let us play.

  77. Stoke and Blackpool is not better than us but we lost both of them at home. It showed that we still need to learn in PRM have no easy match if we think we can win the game against weaker side easily, It’s very very bad attitude and that’s why we lost the game.

  78. Team as a whole played bad today…especially Nolan and Carroll were very poor today…

    Hoots also made a big mistake in not being more attacking …Barton and Nolan both were playing too deep..

    The only change i would make is drop Routledge for Jonas.
    Jonas can’t cross anyway so might as well cut inside…

    all in all we cannot afford anymore results like this…lets say that Blackpool and Stoke results were cancelled by Villa and Everton and we still got the points …but we won’t beat the better teams every time …we have to beat teams around us otherwise were going down again..

  79. stop slaging off perch baring the own goal he was are best defender..enrique has given away goals ..nobody slagged him off..his mastake led to thier goal..and were were are defenders for their least perch went for the ball and it went in so what..dont knock fro having r.taylor in their u must be mad..pace hurts more and teams get in..thats why nobody has got in..but are central defenders buckled under pressure..nobdy has said shit..

  80. Carroll and Perch should not be getting criticised in my opinion. Carroll is now a victim of his own early success and teams are marking him tighter and giving him no space. He is only young and is being asked to play a very difficult role. We need another striker to take the pressure off of him and play off of him.

    For the first time Perch looked just as good as the other 3 in defence today and I really hope he doesn’t get too downbeat about today’s incident. I have just read a comment blaming Perch for not defending Jones better for his goal. Let me say something, Jones was marked by every single one of our defenders at some point during the game and guess what, he got the better of all of them. He is unplayable in the air so it’s unfair to criticise Perch for his part in their first goal. If anything it’s down to the captain for not putting a more suitable player on their biggest aerial threat. The own goal is just unlucky as that big lump, Huth was right behind him.

    Perch was good going forward and defending today. We came up against a very organised and negative side. Their tactics worked in the end so well done to them, but I would hate to watch that dross week in, week out. Diabolical football.

    Ah well. We played poorly as a team today and we have paid the price. Roll on next week at City, where the emphasis will be on the breaking us down and not the other way around

  81. we have got no chance off going down..u dont beat chelsea villa and everton if u are a crap side..we are top 7th or 8th best team in that league..tactics win u games ..bad tactics lose u games..thats why we have lost both games..nothing to do with we got beat..people are playing different against us their tactics have worked and ch has 2 be cleaver then that..

  82. New here and watched the match. Disappointed, but not without any hope.

    It’s clear to me that Ben arfa is not confortable down the left wing and more suited in the ‘nolan’ role. If we’re to play this system, then Nolan or Barton should play in the middle with Tiote. And Raylor should also play in order to maximise advantage of Carrol in the air and set pieces.

  83. 41K, disappointing crowd today, coming on the back of a great win at Chelsea, and with HBA and Tiote making their home debuts.

  84. Looks like many of you here still put faith on a RB that attacks decent but tackling/defend below par…..

    I am sure we will lose to Man City in the next match…

    Actually to be frank,after wondering why CH keeps on using due to the fact that..if we play lesser mid-fielders,we must ensure that the players are fast enough…

    Right Now we don’t have any….. Nolan is already upfront trying to play like Owen as a poacher,but fail deeply as he is not quick and decisive enoough.

    We left Barton and tiote….If Barton also having a bad day,we are screwed..cause tiote is there only to break up the play of opponent….

    I guess we shall wait till guthrie returns before we play 2 or 3strikers upfront.

  85. no word of a lie, i never want to see perch play for us again, he made two tackles, that any standard defender could have made, 5 yellow cards in 6 games says it all, he is shocking, please, no one defend him, i dont see how they could, his positioning is terrible, hes slow, cannot attack, cannot cross or hardly pass, passes to people who are either marked or are in danger, overall, he should not be playing, especially when ryan taylor is there, who can cross, pass, take set pieces and do a long throw, fair enough hes not the fastest, but hes better than perch, end of story, nobody can defend perch, and before u ask whether i have seen him in every game, yes i have, i have a season ticket and watch away games online, so nobody can disagree with me. END of rant

  86. @tummy: Perch does attack decent enough,imo. ;)

    Is his tackling and defending are not up to even Danny Simpson standard yet. 8O

  87. poeple who are newcastle fans..wonted to perch2 fxxxup must be no fans of newcastle..start supporting somebody else..just to come on and give him stick..the hole team were terrible…

  88. Tummy you win and lose as a team, despite Perch’s own goal. The simple fact of the matter is, regardless of Perch’s individual errors/incompetence, Newcastle United didn’t really care about winning today, we grabbed a penalty – something out of nothing and a goal that wasn’t exactly looking to come before half time. But, as soon as they realised they’re back on the TV in the prem and about to look like the Newcastle of old they panicked and didn’t have the confidence or clinical eye to take back the lead.

    Of course, Perch had a disaster but i’m not satisfied with the attitude of players over 90 minutes enough today to completely end the lad’s career here.

  89. Gutted – and trying to make sense of it.

    like with blackpool we looked lethargic until we got the goal – I thought that would trigger an onslaught by us, in fact the opposite – we are useles at home against battling sides. It’s simple – we are failing to use our tehcnical advantage.

    When you lose to blackpool and then stoke at home, there is something wrong with the system. Basically, personnel aside Hughton needs to be flexible with the formation – Carroll is fantastic but would benefit from a striker up with him who wants ball to feet. The amount of times we just lobbed hopeful balls in early today was embarassing. We have the players to play through midfield now – so we need a more bold 4-4-2 or whatever at home.

    Let’s not scapegoat individuals as easy as it is, it’s tweaking for me,, mainly with hughton having the balls to drop nolan for an out an out striker.

    Shola should have started today – when you score 2 goals against the best side in the country at their stadium, you should be rewarded with a start, it’s important for the squad to send out the message – play well and you’ll get the games.

  90. asim, ok i overexaggerated on his pace, fair enough he is alright paced, but he is not exactly fast, and the premiership is full of fast paced wingers, god help him when either one of milner/johnson/silva play against him.

  91. HONESTLY, i hate attacking our own players, whenever my mates criticise our players i always defend them, but james perch has made me angry today, hopefully he will up his game, IF he plays in the next game against man city

  92. Attacking perch is so self-defeating and so easy. WE always do it. Pick on 1 guy and hope that will make us feel better. Sorry we were USELESS today across the team for the majority of the game, considering the utter rabble we were up against, it is scandalous we didn’t elevate oursleves beyond that bunch of hoofers and ariculturalists.

    It’s about being inspired, electric and up for the job – and not just against bigger, better sides than us.

  93. Are you serious?

    Perch could do two lengths of the pitch in the time it takes James Milner. Woah, is your opinion strange or what.

    I am beginning to hope we never get televised again because outside the clearly obvious fluke that was the Aston Villa game, we never perform well on TV.

  94. i had many doubts about perch early in the season. But to those slaggin him off now, i think you need to drink a little less before and during the match and actually watch. Nowt came off on his side and before the match that was there strongest side with etherington over there. The lad was solid and unlucky today. His running and link up play was very good and even made some bombing runs down the flank to stretch their def. His positioning is very good aswell. Some of you have already given up on him much like some gave up on enrique, and i really couldn’t care less if you like him or not. I’m not going to argue with stubburness, but it does tell me a little about the ppl commenting as such.

  95. Lads I still think we show the teams we should be beating far to much respect in the set up, I just hate the one up front with Nolan in the hole when in my opinion we have Lovenkrands and Benny who would be better and should be playing there if we have to play that way. Our set-up at home is ok when we are away but not at home surely because once we go behind we are fuked having to chase the game and it leaves us open to more punishment.

  96. I just wonder where the criticism of Enrique, who cost us the first goal, is?

    Funny that eh?

    The fact is that some “fans” made their mind up about Perch right from day one and won’t give the lad a chance. The enlightened will see that he didn’t do too much wrong today, in fact he did some very decent stuff to be fair.

    It was a shyte TEAM performance. Make one lad the scapegoat if it makes feel vindicated. Crack on.

    I’m out.

  97. Perch is copping it the same with Ameobi does. Ameobi had to start this game according to most, now he is rubbish and shouldn’t have came on since he didn’t score another double.

    Why are our fans so reactionary against our players? It’s like we pick someone as a victim and stick with it forever more.

    It is the worst thing fans can do.

  98. GeordieDeb @219

    “People need to lay off Perch, before another player is destroyed by our so called fans”


    There are a couple of people ‘venting’ here out of sheer disappointment. Most people are pointing out that the lad had a pretty good game, and is getting to grips with what’s he’s being asked to do.

    There’s no need for any finger wagging from you.

  99. I can’t believe still got ppl blame it on the reason of the match being telecast on TV….. 8O

    Like i mentioned in comment 213…the reason why we keep on using 4-5-1….Cause we don’t have any fast Mid-fielders right Now,and thus need more players in mid-fielders….If we get back guthrie…i am confident that CH will put back 2/3 upfront…

    I guess i am the earliest to comment On Perch defending problems…

    And as many of us here said…the result tonight can’t all blame Him….

    But u need to know who WAS THE WEAKEST in the team tonight~~~

    CARROLL??? Can’t Blame/criticize him..since he as usual is isolated and get poor serives.


    But u want a fast RB,who can attack and shot DECENTLY..BUT always have the potential feeling he will get carded???

    I don’t want to get through that feeling every wk….8O

  100. Disappointing end to what has really been one of the best toon weeks for years. Winning away at Everton and Chelsea, brilliant. Just didn’t have it in us today, poor tactics, and too many people underperforming. Fancy our chances next week against Citeh to be honest.

    Howay the lads and keep the faith boys and girls…!

  101. just want to say, sorry for all of the verbal abusing i did on perch, the thing is, am im sure you can all understand, im just so frustrated with losing home games, when i pay a hundered pound to go and see my team play, and hopefully win, i expect a return from the money i pay it for, I ADMIT i went over the top about james perch, contrary to what i said in the above comments, he did have a decent game today, but i am just being stupid and blaming only one person, and obviously since perch is new i pointed the finger at him, i used my mates opinions of it and expressed them, i aploigise for that, but im just so annoyed at the moment :(

  102. Just got online after getting back from the match and haven’t read all the coments. What I will say is, apart from the own goal, Pearch did nothing too bad today. The whole team just were not up to it, but dont think you can really single any player out

  103. tummy, keep cool mate, go and kick lumps out of next doors cat. I thought the days of the toon letting us down were past and gone, doesn’t look like it after today. I think the fans are out to get Perch AND Ryan Taylor..

  104. @toonsy: No Blame to Enrique AT ALL~~~

    Enrique just touch His head,turn fuller around,and Fuller himself dislocate His shoulders…. ;)

    The Defending was the key point that result the goal,not Enrique…

    And…to Add on…I am never have that in mind that Perch is and always is SHIT…

    is RIGHT NOW…he can’t give me the confidence yet.

  105. Tummy

    Fair enough, mate. We are all annoyed and it’s just about keeping ourselves level headed. If anything, I suppose the result confirms that this season will indeed be a rollercoaster ride.

  106. Perch probably had his best game today. Enrique was good in general too. Overall the team was below par but I think the issue is making sure we know how to set up tactically at home. Perhaps the most important factor is working out how best to make use of Ben Arfa’s obvious talent.

    I never thought Newcastle would be an away team and I still think the players we have are better suited at home – Ben Arfa in particular can’t be expected to pull up trees consistently away but if we play through him at home can be a real focal point.

    I think I would start Jonas at City – to help alleviate pressure and match Milner for workrate.

  107. adolfghandi – the shola mob bashing thing has been going on for ages now.

    It’s hilarious – messages above saying we need to employ 2 strikers at home – carroll and ermmm,, what’s his name… “the guy that scores 1 in 2 over past two years? including 2 crackers against the best the side in the country just 4 days ago?” ,,, no, no some junior that scored 2 goals in 40 starts.,, yeah THAT’s the answer.

  108. Of course the days of NUFC letting us down aren’t over. All teams let their fans down. Just look at Tottenham, Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea this weekend. We just have to hope the team bounces back well. A point next week would go some way to cheering everybody up, but I think anything out of the game will be a bonus.

  109. Tummy I think its just in our make-up that we need to blame someone rather than the team as a whole. Ialways think that if we lose it is inevitable that we will air our frustration as surely that is why this phrase is always in the Match Banter write-up ” As ever, this is the place to come together and piss and moan as we usually do ” ;)

  110. Carroll left Jones free for their first goal. Three them went to the back post. We still outplayed them despite their potency from the set plays. Still a million times better than recent seasons.

  111. lacedmonian – since when was it carroll’s job to mark the dangerous solo target man of the oppostion!?

    Watch where colo is in that replay – pretty worrying. Still… goals conceded – not the point. We are so lethargic and uninspired against ‘weaker teams’ by that I mean anti-football sides which is what stoke are.

  112. The most disappointing thing about the Perch own goal was the fact that nobody went up to him after to console the lad. He must have been distraught and Nolan should have put an arm around his shoulder and had a word in his ear. Very disappointed in the team for that.

  113. Darth Broon @232

    There are a couple of people ‘venting’ here out of sheer disappointment. Most people are pointing out that the lad had a pretty good game, and is getting to grips with what’s he’s being asked to do.

    There’s no need for any finger wagging from you.’

    With all due respect most people were not saying Perch had a good game in the earlier comments, but as usual dont let the facts get in the way of a good bitch and moan. A lot of people have had it in for him since he arrived and before he even kicked a ball bit like Enrique in his first season. It’s just in many of our fans psyche to have a scapegoat they can blame for anything from global warming to the size of the national debt and they wonder why some players lose their confidence.I think the lad had a decent game today and was very unlucky. Yes he’s no world beater but what are the alternatives?

  114. BIG DAVE,cannot see the point in keep playing one up front at home,c.h.has got the tatics wrong imo,even players dont look happy with it players forever putting there hand up saying sorry when it breaks down.

    off to france for a few days m8 but mrs will keep up-dated

  115. El Toro@ 236 :lol:
    Perch had a decent game today..fact
    My mate from doon sooth who came to the match today will not get anymore tickets of me(bloody jinx)…fact
    Don’t worry we’re concentrating on the league cup ;-)

  116. Ice – I think he mean the :lol: one which is : lol : but take the spaces out between the : and L and the same at the other end.

    Off to France? Can I come. I need to get away from here ;)

    Perhaps we could catch the Perch bandwagon that is stationed here at the moment.

  117. Ok before I head out I just want to list the positives of the game.

    – Joey Barton: Yes, he blew hot and cold, but some of his passing was superb and if there was more support up front I could see him being a real threat from deep.

    – Perch and the rest of the back four: We coped with Stoke easily today and defended very well. Stoke started getting some joy once they started their usual hoofball nonsense, but there aren’t many, if any sides in the league capable of defending against such tactics.

    – Hatem Ben Arfa: He is very smart in possession and always looks to move forward.

    – Tiote: Again, another awesome performance from him. Broke up play and always looked to instigate an attack.

    – Krul: Didn’t have a lot to do, but looked confident and capable when called upon.

    – Hughton: Made two good substitutions in my opinion. We have now lost 2 and won 1 with the 4-5-1 formation so will be interesting to see what he does in our next home game.

  118. BIG DAVE soon as, just waiting for son hes at work,so see how he is,once he gets to work he never knows when to stop,times getting on so chance to be morning now

  119. Ice I have said before we show the teams we should be beating far too much respect . IMO we have give away 6 points to our rivals simple mate

  120. Dave…aye ya could be right……but to be on the safe side he’s still barred :-)

    Toonsy what’s ya prediction for the Citeh game? think very carefully before ya answer ;-)

  121. TOONSY
    Off to France? Can I come. I need to get away from here

    AYE m8 nee bother ill pay your way if you want to go

  122. GeordieDeb @252

    “..but as usual dont let the facts get in the way of a good bitch and moan.”


    You and a couple of others who post here are never happy unless everyone else is singing from the hymn sheet you’ve handed out.

    The comments on Perch posted here to day have been, for the most part, MILD. Some have been even been complementary (rightly so, in my opinion).

    Tough sh*t if they aren’t to you liking.

  123. Big Dave says:
    September 26, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    “Tummy I think its just in our make-up that we need to blame someone rather than the team as a whole.”

    Dave, it’s usually people who can’t cope with complexity who need a scapegoat.

  124. nimagpie says:
    September 26, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    “Hate it when Newcastle play on a Sunday or Monday, seem to play worse on televised days…”

    I have thought that before too, nimagpie.

  125. DarthBroon says:
    September 26, 2010 at 8:19 pm


    You and a couple of others who post here are never happy unless everyone else is singing from the hymn sheet you’ve handed out.”

    There is more than a little irony in that statement, DarthBroon.

  126. Worky well then I put my hand up to normally being one of them people :) I usually use Nolan as my scapegoat or Toonsy if he predicts that we will win :lol:

  127. Big Dave says:
    September 26, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    “Worky well then I put my hand up to normally being one of them people”

    Well I have to admit that I’m starting to make a scapegoat out of Toonsy with his winning predictions! But seriously though, I think that it takes time to build a good team, and teams are often erratic before they are good all the time.

  128. WorkyTicket @276

    “There is more than a little irony in that statement, DarthBroon.”

    I honestly don’t think so.

    I’m not condemning someone for expressing an opinion; I’m pointing out that no one should be looking to suppress other people’s opinions because they aren’t to their liking.

  129. Toonsy now im worried :) and to think I was looking forward to it until now.
    Richie yer right mate.
    Worky the thing that annoys me most is that we are losing to teams we should be beating, I would except defeat to top and mid Table teams but its harder when its our rivals

  130. Dave………….at least with Blackpool we created a hatful of chances,not so much today.The second half performance was dissapointing especially against a poor team who’s main threat is set pieces…….oh well,thats football.

  131. DarthBroon


    You and a couple of others who post here are never happy unless everyone else is singing from the hymn sheet you’ve handed out.

    Tough sh*t if they aren’t to you liking.’

    You’re a sensitive little flower aren’t you if you think that me saying “People need to lay off Perch, before another player is destroyed by our so called fans” is too harsh and me dictating what people should think. Grow up. As Worky says – bit of irony there really with your reaction.

  132. “I never thought Newcastle would be an away team and I still think the players we have are better suited at home – Ben Arfa in particular can’t be expected to pull up trees consistently away but if we play through him at home can be a real focal point”

    Someone on here earlier in the season quoted a TV pundit who said we would win more points away from home and thats purely and simply because of the way we’re set up to play.

    The focus of 4-4-1-1 is the mobility of the two front men. The frontline striker has to hold the ball up and the support striker has to have the ability to bring in other players to help support him and his co striker. This is a role for a Cantona or a Beardsley not, I’m afraid, for a Kevin Nolan.

    At home we have to be able to put pressure on the opposition by creating chances. In todays game we created three chances in the first half and one of those was the hopeful ball into the box that led to the penalty. That clearly let Stoke off the hook. So much so that Pulis took advantage of our woeful lack of creativity by bringing on another forward and taking off their DM just after halftime and it got them back in the game.

    That’s the time when a manager has to stand up and be counted and recognise what the opposition have done and react accordingly. CH failed to do that and I’m concerned that if he persists with this formation at SJP it will come back to haunt him.

    The players are now aware that for the last two home games on the bounce they have failed to deliver against realtively poor opposition. As each home game arrives the pressure will mount, confidence will disappear and pretty soon we’ll become a team that doesnt like playing at home.

    So yes WTV we could become a team that prefers to play away or CH could shed his cautious approach and start fielding sides that have a chance to go forward with confidence. By that I mean give AC the service by supporting him either with a strike partner and wingers/mfs to supply them both or play a more mobile support striker like HBA and let him bring other players into the game as required.

    So CH whatever you do to turn things around please ensure its in place before Wigan come to town. Losing to them would be more than one man could stand :)

  133. What a miserable night because of the late start and all the extra time missed my train north and had to wait a hour for the next one. That was following watching was a very poor game of football. Until you witness it first hand you don’t appreciate how ugly the way Stoke play.
    That is not sour grapes cause we didn’t play much better than sunday pub side either but their brand hurts your eyes.

    Too many players came short of the required mark. Williamson, Perch, Nolan and Routledge were the obvious ones.

  134. Our set up it all wrong for home games.
    I’ve said all week we should be going with two from three from Carroll Ranger and Vuckic. Nolan only for away games or cameo apperances. There is no way he can be a regular from the squad we have.
    Spidey gets rightly criticised for his inability to cross but Routledge is worse.

  135. Geordie Deb @293

    “You’re a sensitive little flower aren’t you if you think that me saying “People need to lay off Perch, before another player is destroyed by our so called fans” is too harsh and me dictating what people should think”

    I’m not being sensitive, Miss Piggy. I just find it hard to be civil to people who think it’s within their gift to decide who gets to be a real toon fan – all depending on whether or not they have dared to disagree with their (your)take on things.

    If I express an opinion, I expect people to either AGREE with me, DISAGREE with me, or IGNORE me.

    What gets up my f*cking back is when the likes of you try to completely stamp out a particular line of opinion because it doesn’t quite jibe with yours.

    That’s about it really.

  136. Ice meant to say have a good time mate how long are you away for ?
    budalovesa I know Jonas’s final ball isn’t always the best but when he plays he pulls the other team’s apart leaving them short in the box given us more chances. Re > Nolan only for away games or cameo apperances. There is no way he can be a regular from the squad we have.
    To be honest I think there is more chance of us winning the prem than CH dropping Nolan :( I thought we might have seen Benny taking over the roll of (in the hole) off Nolan but sadly it hasn’t happened Yet ;)

  137. Cheers Big Dave

    the point i am trying to get across is if we are going to play with one wide man the Spidey is the best option.

    It just didn’t happen again between Nolan and Carroll there was no link up they were like two complete strangers.
    radical thinking might be if CH isn’t going to drop Nolan then does he drop Carroll and find a partner for Nolan?

  138. DarthBroon I agree with lots of what you say and IMO everyone is entitiled to their own opinion as thats what its all about at the end of the day, and as you say > ” If I express an opinion, I expect people to either AGREE with me, DISAGREE with me, or IGNORE me.”
    But I think when you start name calling ( Miss Piggy )and insulting others you have sort of lost the argument ;) I’m not trying to pull you up like a naughty school boy or owt :) just expressing my opinion like ;)

  139. they call him perch , but he rose like a salmon , to head the ball into the back of the net.
    i dont think perch is a bad player ,i think players like routledge deserve more critisism.

  140. TROJAN – Good point. What has Routledge done? Think it’s time for Jonas on the right (where he used to play before he came) and Routledge to get a rest.

  141. Big Dave

    I was mostly making reference to Geordie Deb’s old avatar – but I guess it was a jibe after all.

    I can see I’ve gone over the top again (another rush of blood), so I’ll leg it before everyone else piles in.

    I’ll get me coat :)

  142. Toonsy atlest we know now what he can do with his head, as I said earlier I blame the players for not marking him on the post. I do feel abit sorry for him as I said before I think he is only covering for Simpson as I’m sure CH got him as a back-up as he can be handy in so many positions. do we know when Guthrie is expected back it must be soon

  143. We either have to drop Nolan or Routletdge…and to be honest i would drop Nolan..


    …this seems just to powerfull to ignore…

    I really like Nolan, he does a lot for us, he’s a good captain, he works hard…but simply put the team can benefit more if Arfa plays as a second striker.

    Today was awful…we are constantly shooting ourselves in the foot…i really hope both team and management learn from these games…

  144. AndyMac says:
    September 26, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    “Someone on here earlier in the season quoted a TV pundit who said we would win more points away from home and thats purely and simply because of the way we’re set up to play.”

    I’ve said that a few times.

  145. Hmmm, thats another relegation six pointer lost at home. We’re going to have to be really careful not to slip into the same mindset that saw us relegated last time. This and the Blackpool game had to be 6 points as far as I’m concerned.

    On the plus side, I think Tiote looks a real class act, a bit like Makelele, and please don’t blame perch for the own goal. What else could he have done? It was a goal if he had missed the ball, but at least he tried.

    Alarm bells aren’t ringing….. yet….!

  146. Deb – No? I’m not sure why you would think that like??

    If anything I was trying to get Darth to bite, which he clocked on to ;)

  147. budalovesa patsy says:

    “Spidey gets rightly criticised for his inability to cross but Routledge is worse”

    I admit I am also perplexed at the way in which CH seems to favour Routledge by keeping him on while substituting others. As we know Jonas began his NUFC career on the right at Old Trafford and was almost MOTM so he could just as easliy have replaced Routledge as HBA.

    I dont like to pre judge players after a handful of games but from what I have seen Routledge is not a BPL player.

  148. Another funny thing about the match was the player who probably had a major effect on the game hardly kicked the ball. Rory Delap

  149. Darth Broon

    Look I dont want to fall out with anyone. Everyone gets p*ssed off when we don’t play well and we should have got a result. It just really winds me up when one player is picked on as a scapegoat. The team on the whole were collectively poor. It was one of those days. We could have still been playing now and we wouldn’t have scored from open play. It’s not one players fault. As I said earlier he’s clearly no world beater but he’s just moved up a division and needs time to adjust. Collo and Enrique got the same reaction but they stuck with us and with time they’ve adjusted and become better players. Who knows if Perch will but hopefully he will be given a chance and won’t lose his confidence after today.
    Everyone should be able to voice their opinion ofcourse they should, but before he even kicked a ball some people have had it in for him and that’s not fair.

  150. Just got home from the game, had a chance to calm down a bit but i’m still canny gutted like.
    Perch didn’t do too much wrong apart from the own goal, but I do think he still looked shakey at times. There were a few unforced errors that put us under pressure but the top and bottom of it is that we as a team were pretty much abysmal for the majority of, if not all the second half.

    The first half wasn’t anything brilliant but we were comfortable, they barely had an effort on goal and we went in 1-0 up, happy days. However, that SMB Kenwyne Jones hadn’t lost a ball in the air all day and they clearly realised. Their second half tactics consisted of pumping the ball up to him every single time they had the chance and it paid off. Every single one of their set pieces was played to the back post and knocked back across the face of goal and we just had no one big enough to contest it.

    Thought Tiote was very good, Benny was good when he managed to get the ball in the center and run at them, Jose was mostly very good and Carroll sadly just had too much to do by himself up top against a huge defence.
    One thing I will say though is considering we weren’t winning much in the air, the delivery into the box didn’t help. On numerous occasions Barton played nothing balls into the box. He’d either hit the first man or well overhit set pieces aswell, a shame as he’s been very good for us regularly so far this season.
    Nevermind, onwards and upwards.

  151. So after taking in what was a particularly shite match, there’s really only one critique, the tactics.

    I’m not an advocate of slagging off the manager, but CH for me quite clearly over thought today’s game. We simply set out to nullify Stoke’s game, forgetting however that we’re the home team, that we’ve technically got better players and that the onus should be on us to win, he’d forgot that today.

    The 4-5-1 formation, a very useful formation which suits our players away from home, quite clearly hasn’t worked and taking so long to recognise this is very worrying. And then, in trying to change it, kept players on who didn’t really justify being there.

    Sad day all round because to be quite frank, Stoke are pretty pathetic, did Krull actually have a save to make? But hey, they’re effective at what they do, just a shame we’re not.

  152. i felt sorry for perch , when you seen the lad with his head in his hands at full time.
    i was as sick as a cowboys arse though , losing to the land that time forgot.

  153. newcastle fat fans are very very scruffy and deluded lets hope they go straight back to there rightful league “the championship” after all lets face it newcastle are a yo-yo club….oh and by the way shearer is a horrible boring whopper

  154. sir mike ashley,they are doing a tax rebate for the mentally handicapped.i suggest you get in there quick.

  155. ohh dear, see we have a Daily Star reader here like, believing everything they print like we’re ‘demanding’ or ‘deluded’ etc etc yawn…

    Jog on inbred

  156. when is sid james half a stadium going to be finished it looks stupid get it sorted before you go back down andy carroll for englund ha ha ha ha ha ha he is a big yard dog talking of dogs hows your wives mothers and aunties because freddy shepherd and his boys said they are dogs ha ha ha hes right as well get ready for another relegation its what you do best that and imaginary messiahs ha ha ha ha….DELUDED

  157. i must admit you have curbed your delusion since relegation you fatts think your real madrid they way you speak your the original “sky club” in fact i reckon most of you think richard keys invented football in 1981 your ave gate was 14.000 in 1991 it was 16.000 so stop making out your great fans coz your not your fat and deluded i hope you go straight back down hughton doesnt look like a messiah

  158. sirmikeashley-If you’re over the age of 14 I feel sorry for you mate. The little dot thingy on your keyboard, its known as a “full stop”. The one beside it is a comma. They finish/break up sentences, in an attempt to make what you write at all readable. I’m guessing this is all above you though.
    Oh, and its “England”, not “Englund”..if the “a” was anywhere near the “u” on a keyboard i’d forgive you, but the fact it isn’t clearly indicates you’re just thick as two planks.

    I’m clearly wasting my time even replying here, but I couldn’t help it.

  159. Also, us “fatts” think….our Real Madrid? We think…our the original sky club? I don’t quite understand.

  160. shit fans who dont have a good enough club that stimulates debate of their own always end up on other clubs blogs. go and play with a bus or something…

  161. Ross says:
    September 26, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    “Also, us “fatts” think….our Real Madrid? We think…our the original sky club? I don’t quite understand.”

    Divven’t feed the animals, Ross!

    He’s gone now anyway. I’ll just do a location check to see if he’s from S________d.

  162. Carroll & Nolan had off days today, was surprised hughton took Ben arfa off instead of routledge – back four played ok today, perch not to blame for goal as if he hadn’t tried to head it stoke player would have had free header
    We had no cutting edge today, long balls against stoke is never gonna work – back to the drawing board for hughton
    We now need to try and get something at man city or we’ll be dropping further down the table (stating the obvious)
    Very poor game today especially after the excitement of CC game against chelski – back to earth with a bump

  163. Worky-Couldn’t help myself mate, lol. There was so much wrong with the spew he threw out during his short stay that I hate to bite. No need for the location check like, just check his grammar and spelling. Distinct lack of education=Mackem.

  164. workyticket says:
    September 26, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    “He’s gone now anyway. I’ll just do a location check to see if he’s from S________d.”

    Aye, he’s a bindippa from Wearside.

  165. Had to bite, even though I hate to* is what that was supposed to say. Pot, meet kettle in my case then, lol.

  166. Ross says:
    September 26, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    “Worky-Couldn’t help myself mate, lol. There was so much wrong with the spew he threw out during his short stay”

    He can’t help it, Ross. They don’t have the civilised things we take for granted on that side of the North East.

  167. got his crowds all wrang too…….what was there average compared to a championship team last season again?? :lol: so backward I almost pity them…….not!

  168. Worky – remember you telling me about the bin dippas saying, which I hadn’t heard of. Told my son, now it’s a cult saying between him and his student mates LOl

  169. Mrfourfiveone says:

    “We had no cutting edge today, long balls against stoke is never gonna work – back to the drawing board for hughton”

    That’s probably the worst aspect of losing at home to Stoke when we revert to some real carp instead of thinking it through and coming up with a solution.

    As I said the other day, man for man we are better than Stoke which just shows how badly we got it wrong today.

    Dont hold your breath on CH changing formations though Mr451 :(

  170. We just did what we always do. We play the way the opposition do. Its probably why we look like we are playing better against better teams. We played like stoke and couldnt beat them at their pen game. A very poor game to watch and not just because of the result. We have no cutting edge.
    Pluses were the two new boys and that’s it.

  171. ‘I think we all knew he was a liability.’
    ‘Hurry back D.Simpson’

    V V Harsh. WTF would Danny Simpson have done so far? Got us fighting for our lives, it was simply down to Perch we were even figting for 5th,

    After this tho that, and all the positivity goes right out the window, Huthon (yes you) you now have to take the blame, 2 losses at SJP is simply unexeptable.

    It is not that we were a worse team, It is not that we couldn’t beat big teams, Its not that we can’t beat teams away, Its not that We got the p!ss taken out off us from Andy Gray and free sky sports day; its that Hughtons men think they can switch off at 1-0 at home againt corner and set-piece specialists and a ex-mackem desperate (and already hit the bar) that really p!sses me off gudnight all.

  172. “We had no cutting edge today, long balls against stoke is never gonna work – back to the drawing board for hughton”

    I applaude whoever said that,

    Hughton, you can’t fool us for long lad. not good enough, forget Everton their BOTTOM.

    AT HOME FUK!NG WAKE UP. WTF was that. I couldn’t eat my sunday dinner I felt so SICK.

    Jonas did OK, BUT. Wipping high balls in against Stoke, WTF, GET IT ON THE DECK and out play the: out pass them: get ball on DECK in the box SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT, they got a s!it Keeper Hughton WTF WAKE UP BOY U Been in thid business long enough to beat SH!T CITY. By folks I be back before Wigan (I got a tickek) and I hope to god the fukkkkin wake up for that. (AFTER THE EMMMMMBBAREESSMENT OF BLACKPOOL).


    SHUT THE F UP. He’s much better that what we got and was V Very unlucky after a good try. Get off his back. R TAYLOR AND D SIMPSON arnt defensively good enough for this league; get used to it and except it FOOLS.

  174. Bollox!
    The whole team 6.5, to a man.
    Pity, a 7.0 from anyone in the team & we woulda won.
    Very disappointing indeed.

    Have to echo others views on NOT playing 451 at home, it’s asking for trouble & getting it.
    After the great results v AV & E, we’ve hoyed away 2 excellent chances to be right up there, at home v ‘lesser’ teams.
    Typical Newcastle.
    F***ing BOLLOX!

  175. I actually think the whole team was crap. I have had a 4 hour drive to Guildford to think this through! The whole team was rubbish all game. I knew if we didnt score when they were awful in the first half we would lose. They just didnt show up. The great work from the last two games was for nothing really. There are no easy games in the league and frankly I hope this has now brought ppl back to earth with the ‘we should go for the cup’ ideas. Bollox, never gona happen. We must must must beat teams like stoke at home. They are a long throw team, awful to watch. We didnt have any ideas to break them down and they just sat back.

    Carroll was in no mans land for Jones’ goal, nowt to do with Perch, and Perch had to go for that ball as Huth was all over him.

    Frankly it was a dire performance and we have to improve. We have a great sequence of games to try and get it back, but if we dont get 9 points from next 5 games we are in serious trouble.

  176. For me it was a disappointing result, as well as a lacklustre team performance. We seemed full of complacency, and missed that spark of seemingly punching above our own weight by taking the game to teams that would make us apparent underdogs.

    The attacking flair and drive shown at for instance Villa, with ambition to play the ball along the ground as real footballing sides do and push on for another goal was a sensational result achieved by an outstanding team attitude. There was none of this today, and the talent of Ben Arfa found at points in the game only being able to hover in the hole position with no sign of any intelligent runs being made from which he could supply. We seemed to rely too heavily on the weight of Andy Carroll being thrown around, and support around him was at points woeful – not least making the point of how we desperately lacked a more advanced Ben Arfa or pacey striker around him, when Enrique drove into the box and blasted a square ball right across goal; the sort of ball that a number 9 of certain pasts would have relished.

    Anyway I won’t jump so much on the misery brigade rather than be consistent with the faith I have in Hughton as a manager to pull through this and learn from it. He must surely be showing this game back to the lads and pointing many individual incompetences which ultimately lead to an all round poor team performance. I reckon Hughton will only continue to surprise us during the season in a positive manner, and of course we’ve shown that we’ve came a long way from being just a fizzy pop league side to demolish some undoubted established Premier League sides. I bet Chris loves the praise, recognition and respect despite his admirable humbelness – so he’ll be after more of the headlines!

    So howay, remember we’re Newcastle bloody United! Yes we are back in the Premier League, did you forget? We love to make it a great league by unfortunately creating our own frustrating love affair with a team that doesn’t always show up to a game like we want them to – but I believe we’re going to grow out of this under Hughton’s reign ;)

    Bugger me, I need sleeping pills to calm meself down writing so much at this time on a sunday night …

  177. Lads,don’t blame the tactics being us,cause we have no choice but to use that~~~~

    If let’s say most of you all want back 4-4-2…who will be that 4players…I am sure ben arfa would be there,Barton,Wayne….

    Then we left Nolan or Tiote….Which one would u want?? If we choose Tiote,Nolan the captain who does nothing wrong yet has to be drop. 8O

    And also….Let’s just say Barton Has an off-day,we are basically screwed in Mid..since Tiote is there to defend only…And can’t always attack much. ;)

    Big Dave Comment 248.

    Once Guthrie Is back,if we wanna revert back to a 4-4-1-1/4-3-3 formation at Home….

    We can have Barton,Nolan there,with Guthrie/Ben arfa behind the striker.(4-4-1-1).

    Barton,guthrie,tiote…(4-3-3).No need wingers.

  178. For all the good CH has done and he’s done a lot, I think his critical faults like many before him are that he has no plan B and makes some very poor sub decisions.

    You’ve got to have a variation on just banging high hopeful balls up to Carroll especially against Stoke who are not going to be easily beaten in the air. We should have tried to play through them on the deck, but we never did. Every time it goes wide we just put endless hopeful high crosses in. We’re getting Crouch syndrome !!

    Also CH has to grow some cojones and drop Nolan. Nolan was great in the CC, but creates nothing now and moves break down due to his lack of pace. the times he does get in the box, he has been guilty of missing several chances, ie against Wolves etc.

    Yesterday Campbell should have played in the middle to counter the aerial threat and Colo dropped out to right back .

    Ranger has to come in as an extra goal threat too. I think his hold up play and ability to make runs behind defences is far better than Carrolls.
    Not that I would drop carroll.

  179. 4-4-2 is old hat. Even when we had Ferdinand and shearer up front when most people think we played 4-4-2 it was always more like 4-3-1-2.
    Sky actually as 4-4-2 with nolan up front.
    We had no pace up front, we need to add that. We have the player now in young benny. Let’s use it. Make him the new Pedro.

  180. Micky Toon,

    Very very true, We have no pace or anyone making any runs off the ball in that position with Nolan playing there. Ben Arfa is made for it. Sadly I don’t think CH sees things like this. Nolan could become a real millstone around our necks as CH won’t dare drop him and his lack of pace and movement coupled with Carroll’s static positioning killed us.

  181. from another thread on TOTT. I’m sure it’s what a lot of people are thinking though
    The problem is that Hughton made Nolan captain and so wont sub him. If we had brought Jonas on for Nolan and moved HBA behind Carrol we would have finished Stoke off. I was completely puzzled by the decision to take off Tiote – bizarre!

  182. funny how we want this and that to be changed fact is that let chris hughton do his job the fact that he is the one picking the team and letting the 11 play out there to do the job for us i have no doubt he will pick the team up from this

    also very disappointing in the crowd booing haven’t they learnt anything!

  183. nufc337 – It would be boring if everyone decided not to debate how to try and impove things though wouldn’t it? I mean the good thing about football is that everyone has an opinion on it, isn’t it?

  184. Just to add to yesterday, Stokes fans were awful. Didn’t hear a peep out of them until the second goal. Maybe I just couldn’t hear them but I was in the east stand just below them and as far as I heard you’d have been forgiven for assuming they weren’t even there.

  185. yeah but some knee jerk decisions to criticize the team at such an early part of the season where in a reasonable postion in the table would of been great to go 5th but where not like newcastle of old and trying to get into Europe(yet) i would be happy with just staying up

  186. And one way to stay up is to beat the teams that will end up around is it not? The fact is we have failed to do that in two home games against such teams.

    Most of know that staying up is the goal. It’s early days, but I think the main thing that has disappointed people is the lack of performnce yesterday.

  187. Ross…..Ya right,I was in Gallowgate like you say nowt til the second goal………I think they all came on the same mini bus too ;-)

  188. like I said yesterday,at least v Blackpool we played ok but yesterday we were poor……….still shouldnt have lost it cos Stoke were poor but they do what they do and it works for them :-(

  189. yes all true but we dont want to be hyping things to the point is just ridiculous

    be interesting to see shay given’s views on meeting us for the first time

  190. Nick Dryden says:
    September 27, 2010 at 8:55 am
    from another thread on TOTT. I’m sure it’s what a lot of people are thinking though
    The problem is that Hughton made Nolan captain and so wont sub him. If we had brought Jonas on for Nolan and moved HBA behind Carrol we would have finished Stoke off. I was completely puzzled by the decision to take off Tiote – bizarre!<<<<< your not by yourself on that 1

  191. It’s often a defensive midfielder or defender who’ll make way when you need to pull yourself back into a game……however surely it would have made more sense to take Nolan off(and I’m not a Nolan critic)……move Benny into the centre off Carroll and Jonas and Routs on the wings with Tiote sitting in midfield to help stop Stoke counter attacking……….but what do I know,I still trust in CH :-)

    oh and Pulis is a knob,didnt Fuller dive for the free kick that led to the goal hurting himself doing it?…it was the other side of the ground from where I sit but looked like it to me.I havnt(nor will I probably)watched a replay of the game so I stand to be corrected.

  192. You’re not wrong richie.
    Typical, get in first, try to deflect the blame from pulis.
    Like fat sam really. Whines even when they win repugnantly ugly.

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