Newcastle 1-2 Stoke – Not good enough!

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Kenwyne Jones - Played a blinder.
Kenwyne Jones - Played a blinder.
I’ve had a habit of writing my match reports just after match, which has led to some emotional pieces and caused some trouble between fans. So for this match I thought I had better change my approach.

After sleeping on it I have to say that my disappointment has stayed with me. I’m not disappointed that we lost, I never am providing that the team have given it their all in trying to win the game. They didn’t do that yesterday though in my opinion, which is why I am still feeling angry about it.

Stoke came with a gameplan, stuck to it, and took the three points back home with them. For all the ball that Newcastle had, the fact is they did very little with it. It was the wrong formation from Hughton in my opinion, and too many players had an off day. If Newcastle want to survive in the Premier League then both of those issues will need addressing if we are to keep our destiny in our own hands.
That may sound dramatic, but the fact is that we have had the chance to win 6 points at home against teams that will be around the bottom of the league with us yet we have walked away with none. Not good enough!

Newcastle started with the same side that won at Everton last week, and to be fair they had most of the ball in the first-half but they were unable to break down a Stoke team that looked to be playing for the draw.

Despite all the endeavour from the home side it took a mistake from former Middlesbrough defender Robert Huth for Newcastle to get the chance to make the breakthrough after he needlessly brought down Andy Carroll in the box. Kevin Nolan stroked the penalty home confidently to give the home side a deserved yet fortunate half-time lead.

Stoke were much improved in the second-half although it was arguably a player that didn’t really use his feet that changed the game. Roray Delap came off the subs bench and immediately seemed to have the home defence worried with his long throws.

It was another substitute in the shape of Ricardo Fuller who had a hand in the Stoke equaliser on 67 minutes. A battle between Fuller and Jose Enrique resulted in Stoke being awarded a free-kick on he edge of the box. Etherington whipped the ball across goal for Robert Huth who headed the ball back across for Kenwyne Jones to apply the finish. 1-1.

Andy Carroll forced a save from Thomas Sorenson in the Stoke goal on 70 minutes. Sorenson had to make sure his handling was spot on to prevent the onrushing Kevin Nolan getting onto any rebound. Unfortunately for Newcastle, it was.

Stoke got the winner on 85 minutes when James Perch headed the ball into his own net. It was unfortuante on the lad who had a decent game to be fair to him. Perch had to try and get something on the header as Robert Huth was arriving just behind him and probably would have put the ball in the net anyway. Anyone paying attention will have seen Perch was left visibly distraught by the own goal and had his hands on his head for some time afterwards.

On balance of play Newcastle probably deserved something out of the game, but they also can’t have any complaints about losing the game. It is clear that something has to change at home as we need to start picking up points at St James’ Park. Andy Carroll is getting isolated up front on his own far too often so perhaps now is the time to switch to two strikers up front at home?

Next up is Manchester City away, and I personally don’t hold out much hope if us getting anything out of that game. That will mean that the pressure will be buidling in our next home with Wigan. That will be another 6-pointer game, and one we can ill afford to lose.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle – Tim Krul, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Cheick Tiote, Joey Barton, Hatem Ben Arfa, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll.

Subs – Ole Soderberg, Ryan Taylor, Alan Smith, Jonas Gutierrez, Peter Lovenkrands, Shola Ameobi, Nile Ranger.

Stoke – Thomas Sorenson, Danny Collins, Robert Huth, Ryan Shawcross, Andy Wilkinson, Glen Whelan, Salif Diao, Dean Whitehead, Matt Etherington, Jonathan Walters, Kenwyne Jones.

Subs – Asmir Begovic, Danny Higginbotham, Abdoulaye Faye, Marc Wilson, Rory Delap, Eidur Gudjohnsen, Ricardo Fuller.

Attendance – 41,915.

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122 Responses

  1. funny how we want this and that to be changed fact is that let chris hughton do his job the fact that he is the one picking the team and letting the 11 play out there to do the job for us i have no doubt he will pick the team up from this

    also very disappointing in the crowd booing haven’t they learnt anything!

  2. nufc337 – It would be boring if everyone decided not to debate how to try and impove things though wouldn’t it? I mean the good thing about football is that everyone has an opinion on it, isn’t it?

    Don’t worry though, we’ll all stay qiuet and not question anything at all :roll:

  3. Well… You could argue that a big man up front alone is just what stoke want, but for me the biggest problem is Nolan.

    He is a great captain im sure, but he simply aint doing enough playing in the hole. His passing aint that great, and when he pass, its not with flair or creativity, carving open the oposition, like Barton can do for instance, its a midfield enforcers pass… simple and to the nearest option. He also cant take oponents on, neither for pace or trickery, but what he did do last season, and what justified him in that position was that he scored allot of goals from that position. Thats something he didnt bring with him from the Championship, and i think he has had more than enough clear cut chances to do just that. Take yesterday… First you have Enrique’s great cross into the box that just needed someone to make that intelligent run to put it in, and then later, missing a complete sitter handed to him on a plate from Jonas.

    He is not alone in the blame tho… Routhledge were bad yesterday, as were Ben Arfa (Where did his confidence to run at people go?) and Colo should have been taken off for Campbell in that particular game with all the big strong people Stoke have.

    Houghton, for failing to change his tacs again is also a cause for concern, and we are starting to look like a one trick pony… Clip our wings, and we fail to fly.

  4. When we lost to Blackpool a few of us wondered why CH hadn’t played a traditional 4-4-2 to give the opposition a bit more to think about. He seems a little obsessed with packing midfield – keeping the ball is fine, but if there is no end product then what’s the point.

    4-5-1 away from home or at home against the top 4 sides I wouldn’t pick issue with but surely he sees he needs to change his thinking.

    Live quite near Stoke and work with a few, not having the best of days :(

  5. There was no threat in the middle or down the flanks from us yesterday.

    Ben Arfa keeps cutting inside so there’s only enrique on the left. Jonas needs to play with maybe Ben Afa on the right cutting inside to shoot with his left and Ryan Taylor to supply the crosses.

    We can also simply play Ben Arfa in the middle so he can be involved with the game more and put Nolan/Barton and Tiote behind him. Drop Nolan/Barton if we’re to play 442.

  6. Toonsy – why did we deserve something out of the game? I think we created one chance in thw whole game at the end.

    We need to start with two up front at home, its quite clear.

    I’m in an exec box next Sunday at City and I have to say I’m not much looking forward to it if we play like that.

    If we have to rely on our away form to stay up, I’m afraid we’ll go down. We must veat shite teams at home, so far we have failed!

  7. nufc337 says:
    September 27, 2010 at 9:10 am
    funny how we want this and that to be changed fact is that let chris hughton do his job the fact that he is the one picking the team and letting the 11 play out there to do the job for us i have no doubt he will pick the team up from this

    also very disappointing in the crowd booing haven’t they learnt anything!<<<<> as for the booing it lasted for about 2 seconds our worst game of the season by far

  8. Barton should not be dropped. Nolan is the one who needs to be dropped. He doesn’t contribute enough and if we are to persist with 4-5-1 then Ben Arfa should take his place in the middle. Jonas can then slot in on the left and Routledge on the right.

    However, 4-4-2 at home is the way forward.

  9. Hughton has made a big mistake in naming Nolan captain in my opinion. He has made dropping him that little bit more difficult. Let’s see if he has the minerals to do so for our next home game. Although I would rather see him dropped for next week.

  10. I think we have to have a look at our home shape…two games in a row-both winnable-yet we get nowt…just look at where we’d be in the laegue if we’d beaten B’pool and Stoke !

    4-5-1 too negative at home…we need to play the 2nd forward…or Ben Arfa in the 2nd forward position…also, with Houghton dropping Jonas for Ben Arfa, it has stifled one of the strongest creative outlets the team has, down our left flank. Yesterday, Ben Arfa came inside far too much, so we lost our width, whch makes it so much harder to create space/chances.

    Nolan in 2nd striker berth at home is a compromise at this level…he is too immobile !

  11. No bones about it. Our start to the season went from good to bad within 20mins against Stoke.
    For us to have zero points from home fixtures to Stoke and Blackpool is just ridiculous, and could well be costly come the end of the season.

    Just not good enough sums it up perfectly.

    I also feel, Hughton’s decisions let us down, but thats the first time I can say that so I’ll forgive him him.

    He should have brought on Campbell when Jones threatened twice to score. And why it took us going behind to actually push for a second goal is beyond me. You don’t defend a 1-0 lead to a direct team like Stoke at home. Its inviting disaster.

    Lets be honest, it could have been 4-1 to Stoke on the day. And for all our possession in the first half, we created nothing the whole game.

    Home games we should be looking at:





    Routeledge————Ben Arfa———————-Jonas


    Perch has done little wrong, but we need R Taylor for his set piece ability at home.
    Ben Arfa needs to play down the middle where he looks far more dangerous.
    Jonas needs to be the outlet from defense to attack.
    Barton needs Tiote so that he can push further up field.
    Tiote can protect the back four…

  12. Lets be honest, Delap was stokes secret weapon not good enough to start because he is not a footballer but a throw in freak!

    Stoke choked and booted the ball about the pitch then parked themselves all 11 infront of their goal whenever we got to their 10 yard line. Cynical rubbish football.

    They dont have any players that could out play us, KJ hes an average PL footballer. Not one player would I swap for any of thiers even if they did win.

    We have talent and good plyers, it is also down to them to perform so CH cant be blamed everytime we lose. Blackbutn V stoke next weekend. I think I would prefer to have my eyes gouged out an awful game of anti football to be served up.


  13. Batty – don’t be suprised about Routledge, that’s why umpteen PL clubs have sold him. He has no end product and just runs round like a headless chicken.

  14. Stuart, to be fair to Routeledge, I thought whenever he did put a decent ball into the box, not one of our players made any effort to get on the end of it.

    the number of times I saw Carroll or Ameobi or Nolan waiting for Stoke’s defenders to miss the ball rather than trying to win it for themselves was embarressing.

    To me Carroll had a poor game. He seems to expect the ball to drop at his feet (very unlike the other games were he reall put himself about).

  15. JJ

    I would go with that team aside from Raylor at RB. I think I would stick with Perch for the time being.

    Also, Lovenkrands on the wing is a disaster in my opinion. He just doesn’t know what to do out there.

  16. And although this is gona upset a lot of people. I know he had a good game agaist Chelsea, but I still think Shola sucks! He just has no brain. And I truely believe that when he has his freak good game in 1/20 his goals are actually pure luck.

    Sorry, don’t rate him – never will.

  17. JJ

    I understand what you are saying about Carroll, but how can we expect him to chase the ball for 90mins when he is up front by himself and nobody is getting on the end of any of his flick ons?

    Nolan to be dropped.

  18. El Toro

    I know Raylor isn’t the best defensively, but he is a serious threat going forward and from set pieces. And we need to win our home games and for that, we need goals.

  19. JJ

    I thought Shola came on and did well yesterday. He seemed to put the Stoke players under more pressure as he likes to run at defenders once he gets the ball

  20. nufc337 says:

    “funny how we want this and that to be changed fact is that let chris hughton do his job the fact that he is the one picking the team and letting the 11 play out there to do the job for us i have no doubt he will pick the team up from this”

    I have no doubt he can pick them up again nufc its the support and motivation on matchday that seems to be lacking from CH.

    Most people have said we didnt perform yesterday and most have also said there was no cutting edge.

    The reason for that is CH. He picks the team and the formation and yet twice now, at home, the original selection is seen to be wrong and the changes made during the game were ineffectual.

    Team Formation

    If you’re an opposing manager bringing a team to SJP and you find that CH has set us up in 4-4-1-1 with Nolan supporting the lone striker what do you think you’d tell your team to do ?

    Man mark Carroll out of the game deny the service to him and let Nolan do his worst or best :) OK HBA is roaming around the box but put two men on him and force him wide and that solves that problem. Its not rocket science.

    When we play this way at home we are far too one dimensional with no real plan B. We are the team that has to force the pace which is why we need to present opposing teams with a variety of problems to solve not just one or two at best.

    Yesterday was a classic case of looking at the problem and then solving it. For example Huth was playing at RB and even from the TV pictures I could see he was struggling for pace as he’s nominally a centre back. Why didnt we take all the opportunity we could to take Huth on and skin him time and time again ?

    Team selection

    We had Routledge on the right and his mission should have been to tear Huth apart yet what did we see from him during the entire course of the match ? The only real wing play came from Jonas when he was introduced late in the game.

    I know I keep banging on about CH and his tactics but ironically, when we’re away from home, this system is perfect as we arent supposed to ask the questions – the home team has to do that.

    So yes I realise CH picks the team nufc but maybe he needs a little advice from those that support him and dont want to see him fail.

    PS Booing at the end is no good to anyone. It just makes the team that much more apprehensive when they play at home next time which, against Wigan, is now a definite six pointer.

  21. Sack Hoots. Ashley oot!

    We’ll be down by Xmas!!!

    At least until we beat City – then we’ll be in contention for Europe again.

    Ashley is our leader.

    Arise Sir Chris.

    Does anyone know if I like Weetabix? I think I love them but I’m sure I hated them last week.

  22. jj I think Campbell was injured.I fully understand why CH is cautious, don’t agree with it but understand it.He is still an inexperienced premier league manager and it is human nature in that situation to err on the side of caution.After all it’s his head thats on the block not ours.He must now see that playing Carroll up front with an immobile Nolan isn’t working especially at home.When Jonas came on it was obvious if we were going to win the game it should have been Nolan who came off, with Benny playing along side Carroll.I think he compounded the mistake, when he took Tiote off , in my opinion one of the better players ,instead of Nolan.As I said at the begining of this epic,it’s Ch ‘s head on the block,lets hope he learns,he usually does.

  23. JJ….the thing with Routledge I noticed yesterday was that he doesn’t take the first chance to cross when he has more space and can get some pace on it,instead he waits until the defender is too close to him so the only way he can cross is to more or less chip the defender so it’s just a slow high ball into the box which is easily dealt with.

  24. Agree with JJ’s team. We have to play Ryan Taylor simply because he’s our best crosser on the right, can’t really rely on inconsistant Routledge. With Enrique on th left, we will at least have one good crosser on each side.

    Ben Arfa doesn’t like hugging the byline so move him to the centre and let be involved more with the game. Jonas would be better playing on left wing as he can at least stretch the defense with his running down that side.

  25. Stu……chuck me a prawn sarnie at Citeh….I’ll be the one with the shaved heed,beer belly and toon top on ;-)

  26. TC I dont tell CH he’s got his tactics wrong when he plays Everton or Chelsea because they’re spot on for that situation.

    Mick G I wonder if the senior management committee chaired by Nolan has anything to do with CH’s reluctance to take his man off? Clearly yesterday he was a top candidate for substituting along with Routledge

  27. Silver linings, anyone?

    Inconsistency was always gonna be a factor this season. At least our inconsistencies so far have been,er…consistent ! ;0)

    All about home tactics/form. Bet we’ve got more away points already this season than we got in the whole of the relly season ! I know, a bit exaggerated, but you get my point ? Shouldn’t be too too difficult to get more direct tactically at home, and pose visiting teams more sterner tests than we gave Stoke.

  28. Richietoon

    I know what you mean. Routledge prefers to get to the byline before putting a cross on. I think he does it as he knows in the back of his mind that he isn’t the best crosser of the ball and would probably prefer to force a corner. Also, crossing from deep is ineffectual with one up front as the defenders will defend it easily nine times out of ten.

    The floaty, hanging crosses he does are probably instructed by Hughton. Give the big lad up front a decent chance of beating his defender and all that.

  29. For me Nolan should have went off yesterday, with Benny going behind Carroll and Jonas onto the wing. Even just for the last 20. I was also slightly confused by tiote coming off, he played well yet again.

  30. aye El Toro……..the other thing is when the defender is so close it’s more a hit and hope cross you don’t have so much control as to where your putting it………….early crosses,early passes and early shots….it’s the way forward ;-)

  31. I know its a cliche but we can only really take this season one game at a time. I said before that any team can beat any other team in this league. Look at the weekends results. Arsenal beat by wba. Manu drew with Boston. Chelsea lost.
    We are really still bonding as a team. Benny needs to play just off Carroll. Campbell needs to stay on the bench.
    Tiote was dubbed as we needed to score so ch brought on our best striking option. It was a good move, but didn’t pay off because the lad is inconsistent.
    I still believe ch knows what he is doing. We can all sit here and say play like this,etc…but if we really did know better than ch, then why arent we managing pl teams?

  32. Toon Chicken

    Whilst I always appreciate your sarcasm, I don’t think I’ve seen one comment even remotely saying CH should be sacked or Ashley being a ###.

    Its constructive criticism, but I agree with the others who say surely CH sees this now too. But I guess we’ll have to wait for our next home game to see.

    Jonas has to start at home, with Ben Arfa, as I can see them linking up well together.

    Routeledge can get the ball forward with his pace and then hand the ball to Taylor to whip in a quality ball.

    Also Barton needs to be putting those quality balls through from further up the pitch meaning Tiote must start.

    All in all we have the potential to be a dangerous goal scoring team. We just need to be more aggressive at home.

  33. The 5-5-1 formation is fine against any team trying to play football, but against anti football sides like Blackburn, Wolves and Stoke, a single big man up front simply aint good enough. What sides like that havde in abundance is size and strenght, but what they lack is skill and most of the time pace as well. So against sides like that a 4-4-2 seems much better with Løvenkrands laying up there beside Carroll.

  34. youre to negative. pack midfield and leave carrol do it all byhimself wont work. You played right into our hands yday and untill you change you will struggle

  35. Tiote came off as it is the textbook substitution to make when you need a goal. Take off a DM and replace him with a winger or striker. I agree he played well though. The saddest thing is Tiote, our DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER offers more going forward than Nolan, who occupies the famous no.10 slot. It’s a crying shame and Hughton needs to drop Nolan for our next home game.

  36. akostoke…..agree with ya first post and ya second I assume ya talking about when Man Utd beat us ;-)

  37. ch seems 2 take a long time..b4 noing what 2 do with tactics..2 take off your 2 best players ..played in2 their hands..then put nolan in central midfield.who cant run..made us wide open in central midfield..he gets in good postions..but then cant run away from the player..and then loses the ball..we should have 13 points..and half way 2 being people say we will playing under pressure like we will be at home..most teams last year only had 23-24 points from 25 games last year..we have mist out big time…sorry it isnt nice..keep saying this butt getting injuried got us up in pre season…he would have nolan gets injuried may be good for ch and team tactics..

  38. antmanbee,
    you any relation to spotlight kid?

    What a thoroughly disappointing game.
    They come & do their usual pug ugly crap & we get sucked by it.
    Trying to get wingers hoying the ball into the middle v 4 big CB’s was always a bad plan.
    Shoulda tried to unlock them through agility & skill. Carroll on his own v 4 CB’s, der!
    Shoulda stuck with HBA he was gonna win us a few free kicks later in the game. Shoulda put Jonas on for Nolan to add an extra dimension in attack.

  39. TC @ 30 – cracking bit of satire, mate. Spot on. Utter, predictable, reactionary and ignorant garbage on here today, the like of which I’d hoped to have seen the last of.

    Do people not know Sol was not on the bench? Did they not see half the players they say should have started work themselves into the ground on Wednesday? Did they not see CH react correctly in response to going behind?

    I don’t mind a bit of criticism and suggestions – it was a pretty poor game all round – but attacking CH because “he should obviously” have done this or that is just daft. Nobody on here sees anything happening in training or knows anything about the physical niggles and psychological stuff going on. Frankly, I doubt if anyone on here has even managed the local under-11s.

    TC’s summed it up perfectly, I think.

    It was just a poor performance, and yes, CH has to take some flak for that. Banging on about how you’d all have done a much better job than him and how he’s a problem for the club just feeds the press with more Toon stereotypes to work with. The fickleness is amazing – what are you lot, Italian??

    Rant over. Soap box back under desk.

    Mornin’ all. :)

  40. Whumpie………’s just people giving their opinions mate,thats what were here for……..some are right(mine ;-) ) some are wrong but all entitled to write them down :-)

  41. Ok, so having said all that, what do I think for the next home game? Benny in the middle instead of Nolan, basically, and possibly give Shola a run-out from the beginning for a change; he’s on one at the moment. Jonas on LW. That’s about it.

    Nolan’s done wellfor us this season – something a few on here seem to forget very easily. Yesterday, though, there was too often a yawning gap in the middle which is why we created so few chances. Why that was, I don’t know – but there’s no point in having a ‘man in the hole’ if he’s always somewhere else.

  42. Richie – I appreciate that, but when 2 or three are slating CH because he didn’t play Sol, who was sat in the stands injured, it gets cringeworthy. Likewise when they clearly have no thought for who may just be knackered after a fantastic but utterly draining performance on Wednesday night. So much of the stuff in the early posts on here is just embarrassing.

    TC did a better job than I could on the satire, so I thought I’d just let rip instead! :)

  43. “It was just a poor performance, and yes, CH has to take some flak for that. Banging on about how you’d all have done a much better job than him and how he’s a problem for the club just feeds the press with more Toon stereotypes to work with. The fickleness is amazing – what are you lot, Italian??”

    Si bonjourno Whumpie.

    I think if you’re going to criticise then at least have the moxy to explain the thoughts behind your criticism.

    The problem with “it was just a poor performance” is

    1. We came off the back of two decent away wins which werent poor but using the same formations
    2. It is the second poor performance at home on the trot and Wigan are up next
    3. If we lose the next home game with yet another poor performance (because the opposition have planned a route around our formation) then where does that leave CH ? If you think this is kneejerk reaction then wait for the aftermath of a Wigan defeat and get your tin helmet and flak jacket ready because all the usual carp will get trotted out and he’ll be No 1 in the bookies sack race

  44. richietoon is right! people opinions is what we are on here for..every team have problems..we are no different..ranger has been are best player in my opinion when he has played..but he puts him on the wing..why.. and he still scored..these questions have to be my opinion is becasue he doesnt wont to upset the forwards in playing him thier..amobia loven..we no what we get..with ranger he is only going to get my opinion better them already..what i am trying to takes ch 2 long to get people in the side..when we need change quicker then he works..keeps saying give these players a chance..but ch it could be your job..if u dont put your footdown..with players like nolan and co..some games they are not good enough.. take them off..not players who can change a game..nolan only gets in are side for his goals..if he isnt doing that ch.then please take him off..and putting him in central..we got over run in the cc and it is only going to be worse in the prem..

  45. Whumpie true……great performance v Chelsea but so was Everton so the Everton players were always gonna start.Neither Willo or Colo have done owt to make them be dropped imo anyway…….I don’t like changing centrebacks for the sake of it.

  46. PS Whumpie I want CH to succeed. He has a lot of pressure on him right now and it will only get worse if he fails to solve the home form issue.

    I happen to believe it is possible to change the formation of the team at home so they play with more confidence and therefore more freedom to express themselves.

    Yesterday was all about pressure because we lost our last match and the fans were restless. There was next to no atmosphere in the ground and unfortunately the goal came just before half time which prevented the crowd from getting up a “full head of steam”.

    Players are simple souls (some more simple than others) and they generally dont deal well with conflict. So if you can give them a reason to feel confident before they step on the pitch then do it !

    BTW I have coached U-11’s and older at football, rugby and cricket and have studied sports psychology for three years.

  47. Like Cpl Jones says in Dads Army –
    “DON’T PANIC !!!!!!”
    Yes, it WAS crap, yes, many players didn’t pull their weight, yes, many players had an off day, yes, the only midfielder looking like providing ANYTHING was Barton
    BUT wild changes are not the answer.
    Give them the chance to put it right
    That said, losing at home to Blackpool and Stoke does not bode well for playing the better teams, and is relegation material.

  48. reports lol! rout has been great for us this season..liverpool looking at him..8 mil..and they say will newcastle let him go..we would bite your hand off..

  49. toonsy,you’re dead right there , even a day later and the feeling of utter despair , will not subside.
    we really have to win these games , if we are to stay in this league.
    i know some fans will say it’s a blip , but we have now played three of our rivals and picked up one point.
    i also know people will say we got 3 points at everton , when no one expected us to get anything,but we need to take points from these games.
    remember our relegation season , we got good results against chelsea,man utd etc , but the same thing is happening again , we cannot beat these so called lesser sides.
    hughton has to stop this 4-5-1 formation at home , because it is blunting us as an attacking force.
    we need to be positive against the stokes of the world , we should have won that game yesterday , it was frustrating to watch.
    hughton also needs to stop his love in with kevin tugboat nolan,because he cannot support carroll enough , and the lad is left isolated ploughing a lone furrow.

  50. ta fellas – some much more intelligent stuff on here now, IMHO. Good points about Routledge and also the whole idea of lumping aerials to a lone Bigger Lad when up against a huge back four. I agree with the Don’t Panic brigade. Yep we’ve had a couple of stinkers at home. CH will put it right. We’re still on track. All will be well. Calm; calm.

    Now. (best german accent) Tell me about your muzzer…

  51. until tugboat gets injuried..he will never drop him..for the good of the he better then ranger..playing in thier..not in my book..ranger has pace..can beat a player and holds the ball up..why not give that a try ch..with carrol.

  52. I agree with Richie… I have seen nothing but discussion on this thread, and if you cant handle a discussion, a web blog probably aint the place for you. There have been no post calling for Chris’s head, in fact the only over reaction i have seen, have come from TC and Whumpie.

    Regarding Colo, i agree that he is a good player who has done nothing to deserve being left out… HOWEVER… Against a team like stoke, he is going to have problems with their big men up front (Why is was him and not Williamson marking Jones i will never understand). As it turns out, big Sol wasnt in the team, but would he have started instead of Colo if he was ready i wonder?

  53. Going to the city game and now im really worried, I was very optimistic up until yesterdays result. Still feel sick about it. I think we deserved at least a draw.

  54. nufc337………..I don’t know mate,I’d have liked to see him play at home but then CH is the one who see’s them in training day in and day out,maybe he’s not doing it there……only the coaching staff know!

  55. does bring a different element to the game when he is brought on a bit of speed and will chase everything

  56. going to work feeling sick..last week had a hard on going to work..2-10 cant be tickets for man city with my city mates…well dont think i am going to take up the with them if we get beat..which looks on the cards..going to watch tugboat instead on telly..going 2 see if it goes faster then nolan lol..tugboat on nolan has made me at least smile..

  57. If for the next home game, Nolan was dropped and Ben Arfa played in his place in that postion, would everybody still be complaining about a 4-5-1 formation?

  58. Simon

    I don’t think they would as Ben Arfa has the pace and quality to pose more of a goal threat.

  59. funny thing dublin..i have never been worried playing against big are a bad watch..i have had bad feelings against stokes of this world..

  60. I am afraid I cant see Nolan being dropped either and he would be the first to go as I am sure many of you will not be suprised to learn from me. I would like to see Arfa in the CAM role as thats where he was yesterday. Floating from wing to wing to try and get involved leaving a great hole on the LHS. Stoke are an awful team, no question about it. Lumping long balls was what got Fat Sam the boot and will do for Hoots if he doesnt sort it. He didnt have the steel to change it really and why he put Sholla on instead of Mclovin I dont know. Mclovin wouldve offered pace and an alternative to the long ball tactics, but would maybe have got on the end of a few flick ons. And shola still is the laziest guy on the pitch! It staggers me that he lumbers around and looks as though he is trying to do something and just flatters to deceive. I am afraid that Ben Arfa will be dropped for Jonas for the next game which isnt fair really, but thats what will happen. I could also see Smudger playing alongside Tiote and Barton to make a flat 5 in the midfield with maybe Routledge dropped for Nolan and Barton shoved out wide for the Man City game. Negative tactics all the way.

    It is not a blip, we were lucky to come up against below par teams in Villa and Everton, who both couldve easily scored. Lets not forget Villa missed a 10min pen which wouldve changed it completely. I dont want to be down but I am, and I am in Guildford which doesnt help either!!!

  61. 4-5-1 will be good against City seeing as their De Jong, Yaya and Barry midfield has seen them struggle to break teams down. I stil think they might nick it though.

  62. Let’s just keep the faith, we need to get behind the lads, sjp has been too quiet, bring back the noise brothers.

  63. They had ONE shot, count ’em(?), ONE SHOT on target & scored 2 goals.
    We dominated the play, but that counts for nothing if we are gonna rely on hoofing it up to Carroll with 4 monsters around him, AT HOME.
    No one played shit for us, we just didn’t play intelligently enough.
    451 at home v arse, chelsea, manusa etc. Fair enough.
    But NOT v the stokes of this footballing(& i use the word advisedly) world.
    We can not afford to throw these games away.
    & that is basically what we’ve done.

  64. Simon,
    with HBA on instead of Nolan, at home, would effectively be a 4411 as HBA could keep up with & get ahead of, the play.

  65. ben afra should be given a free role..nothing else..let him do his magic..not stuck on wing to get the ball and come inside..tugboat is not goog enough to play that role..which he is doing..why have they not tryed jonas off carrol..he luves going and beating people but going throu the middle he would make chances for him self..if ben arfa makes a run..he has no 1 to pass to as tugboat is now behind get the ball off he is going to have to beat 5 get to carrol..

  66. “I don’t think they would as Ben Arfa has the pace and quality to pose more of a goal threat”

    In addition to which you’d also have Jonas on the left presumably so that also increases the attacking options. As I said earlier the onus is always on the home side to go forward. The more attacking options you have even if they come from deep gives defences more to think about.

  67. asim,
    aye, HBA is a ‘in the hole’ type of player, not unlike Pedro. & that’s where he should play.
    Jonas did well when he came on & almost got us a result.

  68. From what I’ve seen of Stoke, they don’t score early, they play rope-a-dope and try to get something late. If CH is a defensive minded manager, to protect his lead in the second half, he would have had Sol on the bench ready to sub for Nolan at 60 minutes. He then could pair him with Tiote, one or the other readying the washing instructions label on K Jones jersey until the final whistle. He also could have brought on Jonas and flipped the H-bomb to right wing for WR.

    But it is all hindsight. Had Carroll stayed with K Jones rather than chasing off after some other man’s mark on the long overhit cross, there would have been no goal #1. And had someone been holding the left post, no #2. Inexperience, lack of discipline or bad luck – take your pick.

  69. Beeguy,
    right about their goals.
    Plus, huth draped all over Perch, holding him down for the first, was missed by the ref.
    Definite foul.
    Man on the post for the second woulda helped.

  70. Clint flick~ aye in a manner of speaking ! ;0) Other BH heads on here also Punk Skunk, and obv B/Heart…F and B !

  71. I thought Jonas looked great when he came on yesterday – even his final ball was generally good… when there was someone to pass to.

    I seem to remember (may be wrong) that last season we hit a similar point where our standard formation had been ‘sussed’ and CH immediately mixed it up and we moved forward. Trouble is, that was in December so CH has a transfer window to use; this may be harder.

    I’m hoping he has got a Plan B; I’d be surprised if he hasn’t. Nowt wrong with a 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1, as long as that man in the hole is, um, in the hole.

  72. going 2 work see u lot..gosling is are plan b..he cant be that long my be 6 weeks..see he is training that is a good sign..dont no if he has starting kicking the ball..

  73. I’ve just gone back to re-read the first few comments that lead to my rant earlier. Have some been deleted, or was it just that my Monday morning coffee was awful? Anyway, tis not as bad as I remember; soz and all that.

  74. Clint
    Nice one…btw, anyone who likes his B/heart has to have a Musicheed…who else u like?

  75. antmanbee,
    oh, i like the stuff no one else does, if y’get me.
    Velvets, This Heat, Pop Group, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, A.T.V.
    Plus the old Pistols, Clash, Nirvana heavy stuff & Crass.
    Pixies, Sonic Youth, anything off the beaten track.

  76. Nice one…soz about the off-topic, but looks like everyone else has buggered of…
    Velvets? Me an’all…love most good psychedlic stuff…13th Floor Elevators, Misunderstood, Seeds, etc. Also, Sly, Funkadelic, Punk…early…Mingus, Miles Davis, Coletrane.
    Got to see a few bands including Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, Throwing Muses, Swans, Go Betweens, Mercury Rev, The Fall and S/Youth at the Riverside ( Melbourne St.) in the 80’s !
    Good crack…good days…;0)

  77. antmanbee – Don’t orry about going off topic on here :) It’s like a pub full of Newcastle fans. That is the main focus but eventually people will talk about something else :)

  78. the exploited,the business,angelic upstarts,the warriors,the fatskins,blitz,action pact,the adicts,the oppressed,crashed out from jarrow,boisterous,gbh,the varukers,sham 69,east end baddoes,conflict,control,condemned 84,section 5,another mans poison,pressure 28,the last resort,the 4 skins,cockney rejects,code 1,drongo’s for europe,uk subs,holy racket from sunderland,red alert from sunderland,red london,peter and the test tube babies,splodgenessabounds,dropkick murphys,the damned,chaos uk,subhumans,cock sparrer,discipline from eindhoven,the veros from paris,patriot,deadline,the blood,the gonads,the ruts,penetration,and many more PUNKS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!

  79. The substitutions are what undid us. Gutierrez for Ben Arfa was not a trains smash given that we were 1 up at the time. Although at this point it should have been gutierrez for nolan as I felt that Ben Arfa still had a lot to offer. At 1 all Tiote for Shola was blue murder! Tiote’s breaking up of the oppositions play, distribution and off the ball movement was good. Tiote also frees up other players to be more adventurous eg Barton. Once again it should have been Nolan off and replacing him should have been Lovenkrands. Lovenkrands was fresh, he is faster and has better technical ability than Nolan. If houghton really absolutely needed shola on the pitch he should have relieved Carroll then.

  80. antmanbee,it’s still all going on , it’s just more underground these days,the way it should be.

  81. Trojan
    I can still get into a few newer bands, but don’t get out as much to see many bands these days. respect to the spirit of it all !

  82. Trojan,
    y’auld get.
    Nice selection antmanbee.

    No one says owt in music these days, how sad is that?
    Although with the way politics is going, i can see a lot more disinfected youth coming along soon.
    Once the cuts bite, something to get hot under the collar about.
    Back to the thatcher years we go.
    Riot city!

  83. Clint
    Lol! That’s what I meant by saying it’s as if none of it happened. The music biz now is throwaway…pop pap for pop papsters made by moguls and svengali’s that have their boy/girl bands on salaries.
    Soially/politically it’s like 76/77 all over again…
    And 40 odd years later, it’s deja vu…the rich are still getting richer, which I wouldn’t mind so much…but why always at the poor’s expense?
    haven’t got a moving smiley with rollin eyes, but if I did, I’d have put it in…here.

  84. :rolls:
    you are right on the money mate.
    Makes y’sick doesn’t it?
    Can’t believe we’re back to square one, musically, socially & politically.
    The shit is flying it’s way towards the fan, even as we type bro’.
    They go on about ‘benefit cheats’, what about tax cheats, there’s way more money lost there like & it leaves the country too.

  85. All the best Clint…better get away…got to get Dali’s Car back, or else he’ll go mental! ;0)
    Keep on keepin on with the music!