How are you getting on in the fantasy football?

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It's fantasy football time!
It's fantasy football time!
If I could use one word to describe the last week or so since the real football stopped and international football took over , it would probably be – boring.

Never fear though, the real football is back this weekend, and that also signals the return of our fantasy football competition.

It’s fair to say that I am not doing too well so far, and I am currently languishing in around 300th place.

No matter, much like I do with my lovers, I start off slowly and build up to a frenetic finish! Smuttiness over, I have to make a decision. Jermaine Defoe is now out for 6 weeks, which leaves me with just Hugo Rodallega and Carlos Tevez to score the goals for me in his absence. Not good, and I may have to change things around a bit, but such is life in the world of football management eh?

As it stands there are 384 teams battling it out to be top dogs and to claim the bragging rights among ‘bloggers, aswell as potentially earning themselves some modest prizes come the end of the competition.

Well done to ‘Campeao FC’ who currently lead the way on 250 points after three games, ‘Magpies’ are in second with 244 points whilst ‘Donny Toon’ are in third place with 227 points. Make the most of it lads, Toonsy is coming to get ya!

Not joined yet and wish to take part in the fun? Simple, just follow these simple instructions and you will be up and running in no time at all.

You could also keep up to date with all thing related on Facebook or Twitter if you wish to do so.

Finally, let me apologise for the last week or so. I haven’t been as active as I usually am and haven’t been writing as much as I would do normally, so for that I apologise. It’s kind of been a combination of problems, the kind of things that crop up from time to time, with a bit (well, a lot actually) of work chucked into the mix to boot.

Anyway, enough about me. How are you getting on in the competition?

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89 Responses

  1. 45th. Bit disappointed, and have been forced into making a change with Dawson being cream crackered.

  2. Bout 170th :( on 154 points but have tinkered n spectin a big weekend!!!

    Fancy Carroll to get a goal or two on Saturday.


  3. I see ESPN is free on Sky this weekend? No PL football on it though. They aren’t mugs are they :lol:

  4. Alright Richie mate, not sure why but I’ll be happy if I finish above you and Toonsy. And Stuart. Haha.

  5. One for the Twitter beasts who were hanging on every word those two people said during the transfer window.

    Liverpool going into admin apparently.

    For once I hope they are right :)

    Work, laters.

  6. DAVERISM na m8 thats nee good batty doent drink (true) but likes eating oot at 5* hotels on his neets oot

  7. Ah, well.. No, I wouldn’t be up for it then! I’d rather have scampi and chips than creme de anglaise un oeuf, or whatever mental carry on they serve in posh restaurants!

  8. I am languishing in the lower regions but titles aren’t won in september just wait till the business end of the season.

    the lass second from the left could do with getting on the salads

  9. I haven’t checked for a while but I’ll be suprised if I’m not in the top one.

    Daverism says:
    September 9, 2010 at 8:01 pm
    Alright Richie mate, not sure why but I’ll be happy if I finish above you and Toonsy. And Stuart. Haha.

    If you finish above me son, you’ll win it!

  10. I suck…i actually had a good team, but then for some stupid reason took Drogba out so that I could buy Rooney before the first game…been downhill since then. I am below Toonsy…

  11. When I say I suck, I actually mean I am bloody, F-ing awful. I made some changes recently and sacrificed some points to hopefully help me move up, but I am sure it will result in providing you a “Well, at least I am not that team” reference point.

  12. NorCal…..long way to go yet mate….hopefully Bassong will get a game for me now that Dawson is injured.

  13. jay jay says:
    September 9, 2010 at 9:08 pm
    That can’t be good, so who are the people in the top 4? What do they post under?
    <<<< :) :)

  14. richietoon says:
    September 9, 2010 at 9:19 pm
    NorCal…..long way to go yet mate….hopefully Bassong will get a game for me now that Dawson is injured.<<<< traitor bet u picked given zogbia beye duff and owen :)

  15. batty…….ya’ll be pleased to kna Zog is oot and Wor Benny in………I had to sacrifice Harps tho cos only allowed the 3 toon players

  16. its not going well bout 250th……..
    what exactly is the clause in ben arfa’s loan contract?
    Does he have to start 25 games or just play? ie ca he come on as a sub for 1 min and that count?
    Also if he does play/start 25 games do we have to sign him?

  17. So, having, Zog, Milner, Bassong, Given, Bramble, Jenas, Duff and Owen would make me a traitor? Alright…will mix up the team once again.

    Wow…just thinking like…you could have almost an entire team of current and former Newcastle players…probably wouldn’t do that hot though.

  18. NorCal ToonFan says:
    September 9, 2010 at 10:14 pm
    So, having, Zog, Milner, Bassong, Given, Bramble, Jenas, Duff and Owen would make me a traitor? Alright…will mix up the team once again.<<<< :lol:

  19. Given, friedal, beye, bassong, bramble, woodgate, Caldwell, bowyer, jenas, dyer, nzogbia, duff, owen, harewood, one more striker to make a squad.

  20. ah…cheers.
    I try to pick up the odd word here and there.
    I like using “Nowt” and “Bairns” around the house now…though my wife still looks at me funny.

  21. Craic, pronounced crack,
    gaelic word(republic/N.ireland),
    widely used across Geordieland & the North East in general.

  22. I think that’s it, Big Dave. There’s no real news…other than CH’s selection dilema for the B’pool game. We’re all anticipating the return to normal club action. Once the play starts again, I am sure there’ll be plenty to banter on about.

    Although, I have to say as a late reader of this blog (meaning i get on later in the day as it’s only 3:30 PM here on CA, I appreciate the smaller threads…easier to read through and stay caught up.

  23. NorCal/Big D,
    reckon it’ll be a great atmos on satda, with the new lads being there.
    The crowd will be jumping.
    HBA & Tiote should both get some game time.
    Some real football at last.

  24. Yeah Norcal I do know what you mean, I hate when ye come on here later on and there has been maybe 2 or 3 threads, as you say its harder to keep a track of whats going on. but sorry mate I wont be keeping you company tonite mate I am shattered and need me beauty sleep so look after yersel and catch you again ;)
    Clint I think yer right mate im really looking forward to Benny boy its super haveing someone in the team that cant do that little bit extra and give the fans that extra bit of excitment :)

  25. Agree CLiNT.
    Just wish I could watch it. I get the Arsenal game and something else this Saturday, but nee Toon. Ah well, will be following along on line perhaps or periodic checks via iPhone app…that’s about the best I can do.

  26. Can you not get a link off of the net to watch the game?
    You do got the net stateside, i know we invented it n’all, but surely it’s made it’s way across the pond.

    Do the links to games put up here not work over there?

  27. :) …comedy. I thought Al Gore invented the Internet? Nevermind…perhaps an American political joke.

    They do sometimes, but it’s far easier when it’s on TV, if I am not home I can record and watch later. That, or I am sitting in front of the laptop watching the game while the wife and bairns are fiddling about a little pissed off at me…

  28. NorCal,
    i get ya’.

    Was only pulling y’leg mate.

    richie, i’m off up the dancers mesel like. :)

    ‘Up the wooden hill’.
    Later lads.

  29. Cheers Richie.

    Oh, I’ve got one ast silly non-native question. I know that the main theme song (or whatever you want to call it) is Blaydon Races, but why? It’s more a tribute to the area, right, not the team? Is that correct.

    To that end, what are the Blaydon Races…

    Man, I feel like a knob for even asking this, but I figure if I’ve learned the song, I should know why I am singing it.

  30. Aye,
    it’s a tribute to the Toon in general & specifically a race that used to be held there(Blaydon).

  31. Blaydon Races IS about the area – tells the story of a (horse-drawn) bus trip from Newcastle (Bambra’s in the Bigg Market) , down Collingwood Street , past Armstrong’s Factory (Scotswood Road), up to the Robin Adair pub (near Sctoswood Bridge) – to see the Blaydon Races.
    The bus crashes as a wheel comes off!
    Other local venues are mentioned after the crash – the Infirmary is now the RVI (but not in the place where it is now) and there was really a Dr Gibbs.
    Am I sad or what? Tell you what’s even sadder – I feel cross when I hear people singing the wrong words!

  32. richietoon – Right!
    Mind,them lasses at the top look as if they’ve lost their crinolines – but I’m not objecting!

  33. SERIOUSLY LADS – i need some help-
    i converted my TV and broadband etc 2 months ago from sky to Virgin – any body else have virgin?
    the problem i have is on saturday nights when sky do football first – i cant find out how to record the toon game (or even watch it) – i know its probably easy but i kept on pressing the red button like that smarmy bint said and nowt happened. talk about frustrated. i suppose that i could ring them but you just get through to India and frankly lifes too short.
    can anybody help???

  34. I’m grew up in Blaydon and Winlaton, family still live there, and I tell yer, there’s nowt much to sing about.

    It’s better than that scummy Winlaton Mill or Crawcrook though.


  35. Ahead of the game the Newcastle manager said:

    “I think Blackpool are very dangerous opponents. A lot of their danger stems from the manager. He not only wants them to do themselves justice in the Premier League but he also wants them to play a certain way.

    “They will be involved in a lot of entertaining games, that’s for sure. Look at what they did to Wigan on the opening day of the season. Arsenal was difficult for them with their man sent off but they have applied themselves very well.

    “We are in confident mood but we will have to be careful and we’ll have to be cautious at points as well. For us it’s about getting the right balance between wanting the right amount of confidence in our players and not taking anything for granted.

    “But what we can’t do is underestimate the opposition. This is a team who not so long ago went away from home and won and scored four goals.”

    “He (Ben Arfa) is a very gifted footballer who can play anywhere across the forward line. He should be ready. He’s missed a little bit of training but he’s played a fair amount of games and just before he joined us he was involved in a full international with France. So, he’ll be fit – no problems.

    “(Andy Carroll) trained yesterday and came through it okay. We’re hoping there is no reaction to it now – he was fine during the session.

    “I would not be worried about dropping (current first team players) just because they are big personalities. The important thing is you get the right balance. You pick a team to win a football match.

    “More important than any of that is come the last game of the season, that we are still in the Premier League. Also that we have had a good enough season. Those factors are more important than any individuals.

    “When I was caretaker manager I left out Michael Owen so I think I have proved I am not afraid of leaving out big names. The most important thing is we are endeavouring to win football matches . You pick a team for any given game. Leaving out players is something that comes with the territory.

    “There is no real need to change the team. We are on the back of what I thought was a good result at Wolves which could have been even better. It was a good performance too. What we have is three new players who will come into the squad and of course, give me things to think about. But there are no special reasons to change the team.”

  36. According to Andy Carroll, Arfa Daley has been unbelievable in training!

    Look forward to seeing him then.

    Anyway, come on toonsy you lazy, fat, ginger piece of giant turd, get out of the wanking pit and get an article sorted!