Chelsea V Newcastle – Carling Cup match preview.

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Stamford Bridge - Home of Chelsea FC.
Stamford Bridge - Home of Chelsea FC.
Newcastle head to London on Wednesday for what will be a tough test against a rampant Chelsea side in the Carling Cup.

The reality is that both sides are likely to field watered down versions of their respective teams so it is very much going to be a battle of the fringe players at Stamford Bridge.

That won’t sit well with fans who would like us to make a concerted effort to get to the latter stages of the competition, but it is unfortunately part and parcel of what football is about these days. Premier League survival is the priority, and Hughton has made no secret of that, and if you look at the figures you can perhaps see why. A team that finishes 17th in the Premier League will recieve around £3.2 million in prize money plus the guarantee of another lucrative season of TV money compared to a team earning just £100,000 in prize money for winning the Carling Cup.

No matter though as whatever team plays I am sure we will all get behind them and hope they can pull of a shock result at the home of the reigning Premier League champions.

Chelsea will be without Jose Bosingwa who is still a couple of weeks away from fitness whilst John Terry is expected to not be risked ahead of their game against Manchester City at the weekend. Frank Lampard is fit again although he will more than likely be eased back into action from the substitutes bench.

I’ll take a stab at their team looking something like this;

ChelseaRoss Turnbull, Jeffrey Bruma, Alex, Branislav Ivanovic, Patrick Van Aanholt, Yuri Zhirkov, Ramires, Yossi Benayoun, Gael Kakuta, Daniel Sturridge, Fabio Borini.

Chris Hughton has warned fans who are making the trip to Stamford Bridge to expect a changed side from the side who won at Everton at the weekend. Steve Harper joins long-term injury victims Dan Gosling and Steven Taylor on the sidelines although there is some good news regarding both Danny Simpson and Danny Guthrie who can now no longer be classed as long-term absentees and should be ready for first-team action within a few weeks. James Perch will the miss match as he serves a one match suspension for picking up five yellow cards whilst Sol Campbell is expected to make his long awaited debut in a Newcastle shirt.

I would expect the team will look something like this;

NewcastleTim Krul, James Tavernier, Sol Campbell, Tamas Kadar, Shane Ferguson, Ryan Taylor, Alan Smith, Haris Vuckic, Jonas Gutierrez, Peter Lovenkrands, Shola Ameobi.

That doesn’t actually look like bad side in itself to be fair!

The tie must be sorted out one way or the other tomorrow and a penalty shooout could be used if required. It’s not going to be an easy game depsite the fact that Chelsea are likely to field a weakened team compared to usual, although hopefully our own fringe players will step up to the mark and show the gaffer that they themselves have something to offer and try to stake their claim for a place in the first-team.

My prediction: Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle (Although evidently I am pretty crap at these :D )

Howay the lads!

Date – Wednesday, 22nd Sepetember, 2010.

Time – 7:45pm.

Venue – Stamford Bridge, London.

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323 Responses

  1. Im interested to see what the attendences will be and how many (or few) will be at the stadium of last kick luck tonight.

  2. Not really Stu. Given the amunt of work, the one that pays the bills, I’ve got on at the minute I thought I would get it written whilst I could.

  3. 3 toonsy says:
    September 21, 2010 at 3:50 pm
    Not really Stu. Given the amunt of work, the one that pays the bills, I’ve got on at the minute I thought I would get it written whilst I could.

    Not good enough, toonsy! I don’t expect to play second fiddle to you ‘day job’!

  4. I think we’ll field a stronger team than that. Not the same team we saw at Goodison obviously, but I’m not sure Hoots will throw a lot of youngsters out against Chelsea for fear of mental scarring. Time will tell I guess.

  5. Let’s hope that due to chelsea’s ‘easiest start to the league in the world ever’ sees them take their foot off the gas & take this for granted then.

  6. I remember seeing that the Toon’s allocation were sold out weeks ago, don’t know about Chelski’s. We’re probably going to lose but it’ll be an experience for all of them. Reckon we’ll score though.

  7. Clint…maybe it doesn’t matter if they take their foot of the gas…maybe they’re just crap and the easy start made them seem good ;-)

  8. I’d say Ranger wilkl find some time on the pitch of his alma mater, plus, he is becoming a damn fine footballer.

  9. The game is on about 12 channels so far from around the world-supersport in south africa etc.

  10. richie,
    we know a bit more about them if they’d had to play manusa or arse or someone decent so far.
    But anyhoo, we’re probably a bit of an ‘unknown quantity’ to them this season, for a change.
    Ok, maybe not?

  11. if that is their team i feel they will dominate us in midfield, i would pin our hopes up on Jonas being able to get the better of Bruma because i can’t see Lovenkrands or Shola getting the better of Alex or Ivanovic :(

  12. CLINT up and at them from the start for me,holl away said they tried to defend in the first half and got stuffed so went back to attack in 2nd half and did well,they will have diff team out for this game though

  13. SJP: Sports Direct signage approved

    Newcastle City Council confirm that the following planning application has now been approved, despite numerous objections:

    2010/1153/01/ADV Display of three non-illuminated fascia signs to Barrack Road elevation and three non-illuminated fascia signs to Strawberry Place elevation. Saint James Park Strawberry Place Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4ST.

    Cheers. :lol:

  14. jay jay probably mate.thats why I have to enjoy it while I can.Made a couple of changes this week ;-)

  15. krul
    raylor willo cambell kadar

    smith vuckic donaldson

    jonas ameobie lova

    mind i wouldnt be suprised if tiote, or barfa got starts so as to bed them in more

  16. note that thats what i think the line up will be not what i would prefer, i would start team that started everton, with maybe smith,jonas,lova,cambell and ameobie on for tiote, routledge, hba, collo/willo, and carroll respectively. gives frindge players some playing time but still a strong a team…

  17. Id be stunned if Tozer comes back after his loan, CH has showed his mind was made up about his abilities by not even using him against Accrington Stanley (who are they?)

    Why did i think this game was on Sky??

  18. Aye, not to put him down or owt, since i’ve only seen him play once, but at 20, you would have thought he would be in or around the first team if he was any good.

    Still though, the point of getting them in young is that they can improve over time, so fingers crossed still.

  19. Good evening all I wouldn’t mind a wee cup run but for this year would prefer to focus on survival. I cant see any of our big players playing as we cant afford to get any of our 1st 11 injuried.

  20. Can’t find anywhere where it says that sky sports is free on sunday? Would have been ideal!

  21. Na don’t think Tozer turned out to be good enough. He was behind the likes of Henderson and Folan for the reserves, all younger by a few years.

  22. Foster will not get a look in up there now. Total waste. Be great if they sent him back to us.

    Just seen the mock up of the advertisement boards and they are nowhere near as big as I expected.

  23. Can’t see anywhere regarding Given going to Celtic. We can recall Foster in January anyhow.

  24. Chelsea reserve can be easily top 10 PRM team.that’s conclusion.

    It’s quite weird, I think even it will be our second team for tomorrow but I feel we have decent squads too. Look on the paper I think we can win CCC with this team.

  25. Lacedaemonian says:

    I’d like to see David Cameron humbled

    Me too mate, would like to see him and his cabinet play the toon tomorrow instead of chelski, would give us half a chance like :). Ancelloti does seem keen on the whole “resting” thing, so here’s hoping we won’t see as many regulars as Toonsy is predicting. Think chelski might be over confident, and I can’t see sturridge causing too many problems fingers crossed, could be a closer game than we think!

  26. Richie-Well there you go, the old boy is jumping to conclusions, once again. Already had a radgie with him the day like, down in Newcastle on Sunday and he’s said he’s not going to the Stoke game, told me to go on my tod..That’ll be fun.
    Now he’s feeding me false shite!

  27. So a Scottish club might be interested in him if a newly promoted Premier League team recall their third choice keeper? Fooking lol at that karma!!!!

  28. Shay Given is much like Robbie Keane in that he has supported Celtic his whole life but the difference is Given was a Celtic trainee before he moved to Blackburn.

    He has a tangible history with them that would make a move quite realistic if City do the same wage deal they did with Cardiff/Bellamy. A permanent deal wouldn’t be too far off either considering I doubt City would ask a huge amount since they fleeced us for only six million in the first place.

  29. Ross…how can he not wanna watch the mighty Toon?
    Could have met ya for a pint but I’ve got a mate coming up from doon Sooth for the game so me him and the 2 lasses are ganin for a meal beforehand then his lass is ganin shoppin while us 3 gan to the match.

    Lace’D :lol: aye that Karma is a wonderful thing…..tho he’ll prob win a medal up there tho

  30. Richie-God knows mate, annoys the sh!te out of me though because the majority of my mates are away at Uni etc and therefore aren’t around, others are season ticket holders. I just hate being down home knowing there’s a match and not going. Absolutly hate it. Don’t care if we’re on the telly, I could be there.

  31. I suppose with silverware in mind, given hopes to grab himself the highly coveted scottish champions medal eh?

  32. hahaha nah, was just looking for the line ups/streams then noticed it was tomorrow, gutted. Have to make do with Arsenal spuds…

  33. Ross just go mate…can ya not choose a seat online close to where ya mates season ticket seats are

    I once went to Boro away on me own when I was 14 at ayresome park in the early 80’s cos me mate got grounded…… much fun? :-)

  34. Just joined the fantasy football league. Thought I was doing alright over than the first two games. I ain’t even top 50….. :-(

  35. I’ll laugh my gut off if Bent or Gyan get injured, snap him Scotty. ;)

    If Bent gets a long term injury they’ll get relegated. :)

  36. It’s true though, they’ve got no-one else who can put it in the net. And a 19 year old taking their corners, whats all that about.

  37. Rich – Ayrsome Park was a lovely place ;)

    Always had to wear trainers and get ready to peg it through the houses as people threw stuff at you :lol:

  38. Rchie-Thats about my only option mate. To be honest, it’s not being at the football myself that bothers me. When i’m there i’ve got somethin to focus on and i’m not too bothered who’s sittin beside me, lol. It’s the travel/Build up that I cant be arsed with. Having a pint by myself…making the walk up to SJP by myself..waiting around by myself…you get the drift, lol.

  39. Cheers Ice :-) I was stood behind a pillar with lumps of concrete fleeing past..smoggie tw@ts were breaking up the terracing and hurling the debris at us…..happy days

  40. Aye I kna wot ya mean Ross,like I say if I wasnt ganin for that meal I would have had a pint wi ya.

  41. richie-It’s all good mate, i’ll just nag the old man all week. Throw out a couple of phone calls to the lads at home if that fails, one of them will be in two minds about it i’m sure. If not, the family can shove it. I’ll go down, say hello and go to the pub at about midday in protest, before retuning at 7 for the drive back up here, off my face, lol.

  42. Aye there’s nowt worse than havin a pint bye yurself like. Nobody else really notices but it’s just that feeling that you get. Got to have drinking buddies, lol even if people are normanlly a tw@t, they become good company when havin a pint like. :)

  43. DJG-I get that feeling constantly mate. I could be the first to the pub, get a pint in and the rest of the boys will be 5-10 mins away max. I’ll still sit there sipping on it thinking everyone around me is having a good laugh at the fact i’m by myself, truth is they couldn’t give a shite, haha.

  44. Toonsy…did ya ever go to Maine Road in the bad all days?……that could get nasty too wandering thru the Mosside :-)

  45. Ross ya always drink at twice the speed of sound when ya on ya own too……..cos ya’ve nowt else to do but drink.

  46. Ice-Have done for years mate. Only 22 now like but I started when i was about 14. Tried cutting down but the moment I have a couple of pints I could happily smoke a tab every 5 mins, lol.

    On another note, Arsenal youths are just as enjoyable to watch as their first team it would seem.

  47. anyone watching the Spuds game? Can see why we were interested in that Lansbury lad, seems clever and quick, always looking to pass and move, something it looks like we have been working on in our midfield.

  48. just one of the things i like aboot malta most people smoke and like a drink,nee lepers there like :) i fit right in

  49. Rossbut now that ya have to go out for a tab ya’ll lose the ya bar fly place at the end of the bar ;-)

    DJG……I just neck it anyway,the gas will find it’s own way out sooner or later :-)

  50. Ice-one of the best things about being on holiday mate. Getting to enjoy a tab with a drink is top buzzer like. (And not having to sit outside under some shite patio heater to do so i mean, lol)

  51. ILM – in fairness to us we have passed the ball around really well this season. But what has impressed me more is the movement, we actually pass and move now which is good to see and the full backs get forward too.

    The test will come when we’ve lost a couple and confidence is low, will we still pass and move as well? Teams low on confidence tend to do the simple things and not risk making that run or making that pass.

    Still I like our brand of football at the minute.

  52. Rich – Last time I went to Maine Road was when Tino got sent off. 3-3 I think it was. I was an angelic 15-rear old or something like that back then and never got in any trouble ;)

  53. ROSS in that case m8 divit gan to malta,if lasses distract you,you wont have time for a fag,my lad has my heed dizzy

  54. Ah sh!t Gyan has scored. Rowel was just starting to panic aswell. damn blast. Was just starting to enjoy it.

  55. Toonsy…….when I went was aboot ’83 both teams going for promotion,we beat em 5 nowt at home Pedro hatrick and won 2-1 away……….football violence was almost socially acceptable in them days………….bloody nightmare…but happy days.

    Have a good un Toonsy

  56. Sunderland are like a little town club that have the strikers from a big club. Total mismatch it’s embarrasing. Wonder how they would do without that Ellis Short pumping his £13M in.

  57. stuart79 says:
    September 21, 2010 at 8:25 pm
    ILM – in fairness to us we have passed the ball around really well this season. But what has impressed me more is the movement, we actually pass and move now which is good to see and the full backs get forward too.

    The test will come when we’ve lost a couple and confidence is low, will we still pass and move as well? Teams low on confidence tend to do the simple things and not risk making that run or making that pass.

    Still I like our brand of football at the minute<<< aye stu me too were not used too the team playing real foatball :)

  58. Can you tell I hate them! and Liverpool!

    The only clubs I like are NUFC, Arsenal, Barcelona and Charlton. Don’t ask me why coz I don’t even know.

  59. batty

    I hope Beardo takes over from Hoots eventually mate. He is just a football genius and the way he set our reserves up against Chelsea had the ball in the end after about 2mins.

  60. Richie-That vid is great. He was a magician with the ball at his feet like. He shouldn’t have been able to dance through defenders the way he did and he just made it look simple.

  61. batty….he was world class,I’ve said before that he never got the world wide recognition that he deserved.
    That goal on the clip v Brighton when he slides from behind the defender then lobs Joe Corrigan was class.I got tickets for the Toon Promotion party at Tuxedo Junction in ’83 and was having a bit craic wi Pedro,he thought that goal was his best like.

  62. Aye Ross,ya know they’re good goals from a great player when you can watch that video and remember them all like they were yesterday.

  63. richietoon says:
    September 21, 2010 at 9:06 pm
    batty…I hope ya havnt washed it
    <<< not yet and its the same hand i wipe me arse and scratch me b0llocks with :)

  64. batty… “not yet and its the same hand i wipe me arse and scratch me b0llocks with”……….Exactly what Pedro does with his as well :lol:

  65. DJG says:
    September 21, 2010 at 8:24 pm
    “In the Percy have to shove the barflies oot the road just to get served m8”

    hahahahaha that’s class, I was in the Percy before the Blackpool game with my dad and my lass, they were waiting out back when I went to get the drinks in. When I came back I was red in the face, f*cking foaming, my lass knew there was something wrong so asked what was up, all that was wrong was that there was some bloke standing at the bar when I wanted to get served! hahahaha.

    Fair enough standing at the bar like, but when it’s busy, howay, bit of common sense, I f*cking hate it!

  66. batty :lol:

    ILM…..there was ya mistake mate,ya should send your lass for the drinks…lads move oot the way and they get served quicker ;-)

  67. IF the kids did kick it in my garden i would sign them up for n/cle falcons the field outside is 800ydsx800yds,might make a few quid :)

  68. RICHIE,i wish,my garden is30ft widex70ft,its a farmers field at back then another field then woods,get free spuds and rabbits,i think its a pick your own place,nee sign like :)

  69. At home against the bottom team, with their first team out. All I’ve got to say is, haahaahahahaahaahaa.

  70. RICHIETOON lol :) thats what i thought,i got some venison ganning cheap,but dont tell BATTY he still owes me a few quid ;)

  71. Well this spurs game has went tits up hasn’t it. Conceding 2 penalties in 2 minutes. Bassong looked like he was going to cry after he made the challenge, pretty funny. Loving the scum losing to WHA.
    Stoke however beat Fulham 2-0. Good result for them, will need to look at the team sheets.

  72. Stoke put out near enough a full strength team. Begovic, Higginbotham,Etherington,Fuller,Kenwyn,Tuncay and Delap all played. Hopefully pick up some unknown niggles/be feeling the effects come Sunday,lol.

  73. Newkie-
    West Ham

    29 Stech
    03 Ben-Haim
    05 Tomkins
    20 Faubert
    22 Da Costa
    08 Parker
    12 Barrera (Noble 90)
    13 Boa Morte
    14 Kovac
    30 Piquionne (Cole 78)
    33 Obinna (Dyer 71)

  74. Cheers Ross

    Just having a read up on the match now

    “Sunderland’s club-record £13 million signing Asamoah Gyan, handed his first starting slot, should have scored in the 15th minute following Darren Bent’s inch-perfect low cross was guilty of an embarrassing miskick with the goal at his mercy.”

    That’s what we like to here. Keep em coming Gyan!

  75. Newkie-Haha, didn’t read that but amusing none the less. He redeemed himself with the equaliser but missing sitters for the scum will never go down badly. Agents Bruce and Gyan :D topic but this NL derby has gone do the dogs. 1-1 at ET, 4-1 Arsenal after the first half. Sky focused on some poor little spud balling his eyes out. would have had a proper good laugh at him but i know what it’s like to cry at the football when you’re a bairn,lol.

  76. Aye, he’s looked sharp so far whenen he’s come on unfortunately ;( hoping its just beginners luck.

    Aye Ross, I was just wondering what the odds would be for 1-1 at 90mins then an Arsenal win at 4/5-1. Annoying that they can beat this good spuds side yet can’t take 3 points from the scum when they have fabregas on!

  77. Just watched the Beardsley video. Tell you what that lad Messi could learn a thing or two like ;)
    Well…at least how to take a penalty anyway!

  78. El Toro

    Agreed mate-Did ya see him against Braga? Looked well sharp, can’t wait for him to get settled into an England shirt :)

  79. Agree el toro, fantastic player already isn’t he, liked the look of Lansbury as well, seems a decent prospect, already very much the ‘Arsenal mould’ if you get my drift.

  80. Agreed in regards to England guys. England needs a player like him with that Arsenal pedigree. He will be amazing in 2 or 3 years.

    Also, England can finally stop placing their hopes on Joe Cole. I have always resented the whole, “get joe cole on, we need technical ability”. Utter tosh!
    For me, Joe Cole is an average player with a bit of skill., nothing more.

  81. Newkie

    Yes i did see him in that game, but I didn’t know how much to take from that seeing as Braga were so poor.

    What impressed me most about Wilshere was the way he just brushed off the clear targeting tactics from Palacios and Sandro. He made it look easy.

  82. Yeah, think thats been a big problem with England..the fact that Arsene tends to favour foreign youths, finally some young english lads can become magicians now :)

    Cole’s always been average..fairplay I wouldn’t have said no to him coming here, but it shows Chelsea knew they weren’t gonna miss much, and liverpool haven’t gained much so far..even with Torres playing terribly.

  83. True, Braga did just fold in on themselves, but I still thought some of Wilshere’s movement was brilliant and thats easier to judge as it doesn’t rely as much on the opposition, he linked up with Fabregas brilliantly, just a shame he couldn’t grab a goal for himself.

  84. Wilshere and A. Johnson should be first on the team sheet for England over the next few games. They’re the future, both fantastic talents and they look like they can handle being first team players now.

  85. I wonder what the odds would be for this side to be the main Euro 2012 team?





  86. braga weren’t so much poor , more the gooners hammered ’em & made them look poor. A lot like what we did(to a lesser extent) to everton on sat.
    The pundits always say’ blank were poor’ but usually it’s cos the other tea kicked their ass. It denigrating a good performance by a team, usually.

  87. Clint
    Aye its undoubtable that the entire Arsenal squad were on fire against Braga..but as I don’t know much about Braga meself (only catch random Euro games) then I guess I don’t have much to compare their performances on. Needless to say Arsenal will have a tough time doing it to many PL teams(didn’t against blackpool though^). They can obviously beat them, but sometimes it seems like once one Arsenal player is out of sync a lot of their passes and hard work is for nowt.

    Johnson is rubbish, but I’m not really sure who I’d put in his place for England…Milner is good enough for England though imo, not his biggest fan like but he’s a decent player.

  88. Clint

    I agree in regards to Johnson, but who else is there? Richards?

    As for Milner…hmmm, I’m not his biggest fan, but i think he has potential if played centrally from now until the tournament.

  89. Newkie,
    braga are a decent potuguese team mate, arse made ’em look crap though.
    I think y’right though, they can be stopped in the Prem.

    Aye, g johnson, pap defender, decent shot & a bit skill.
    Dunno who y’d put at RB though, not really an england ‘fan’.
    milner, to me, he’s a plodder, decent shot, occasional good cross, not worth half was payed for him. He plays better in a freer central role, but still no big wow, as we all have witnessed.

  90. ET,
    see, we think the same about milner, he’s ‘alright’ centrally, but nee git shakes.
    Maybe richards at RB, or Saylor?

  91. If you were gonna use that midfield, you’d need a DM, or gerrard does it.
    Not his best position, wasted. Not a fan of thug boy/man either. Great ‘on his day’, but goes missing too often at int. level.

  92. Aye, rest of Europe lack our physicallity, which is why Arsenal are so good in it I suppose, and why playing against wolves and others give em the spooks.

    Saylor for England RB? lets hope we can tie up a new contract and then sell him off for 15mil if he makes an impact eh ;)? Think the RB for England should be much more defensively minded though, should focus on Cole for countering from the back, far better than Johnson going forward, and he can actually defend as well, the amount of times I saw him coming back and across the pitch to fill in for where Johnson should have been in the WC was maddening.

  93. Clint FLick

    Thing is though, look at the source…Collymore is one of the shittest pundits around. There is no credibility.

    England need to stray away from going for, ‘honest, british, ex pros’ when looking for pundits. They chat total nonsense, are never consistent, and rely on empty cliches when trying to prove their point. Just look at those idiots on soccer saturday. Charlie Nicholas, Merson etc. Their opinions are generally biased and they talk utter shite most of the time, yet their word is seen as gospel by some.

    For me, the only ‘british, honest pro, ex player’ pundit that seems to talk sense is Gareth Southgate.

    Although, I would much prefer to listen to Gabriel Marcotti

  94. Saylor was part ‘tongue in cheek’ mate.
    He is decent at RB though.
    Aye, johnson just looks like a ‘slightly’ defensive MF.
    useless at RB.

    Some teams heavy ‘tactics’ in england should be clamped down on, it’s ugly to watch. & when england play tournaments they get pulled up for heavy tackles all the time. Either play the english way, fast as f***, or really play the euro way, slower. Cos they’re caught in 2 minds. Slow without skill.
    Hard to watch.

  95. Not a fan of Collymore sadly. Been forced to put up with his rubbish one too many times by the old man when we’re in the car. As Toro says, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
    I’ve heard him make some ridiculous statements in the past. From writing off Newcastle in incredibly even games, to cutting a guy off and telling him he was talking complete rubbish and didn’t know about football for claiming Ashley Cole was hugely disliked throughout UK fans.

  96. Although many on Talksport annoy me. Adrian Durham and Darren Gough are the worst. Darren Gough seems like a canny enough bloke but he hasn’t got a clue when it comes to football. Half his points made in debate/argument are laughable.

  97. ET,
    aye, i don’t like stan meself, but he’s definitely on to something here.
    Don’t care who says it, so long as it’s the truth like.
    I’m not prejudice.
    At least it could shake things up a bit.
    You are dead right about ssn mate. ;)

  98. Ross

    They are there to wind you up, mate. That’s the whole point. The only reason Collymore still has a job there is because he manages to get all the Gooners to call in abusing him not knowing they are paying his wages. It’s quite funny really.

  99. Ross, aye mate,
    but f*** who says it, it’s the ‘message’ that counts.
    Football punditry/commentating (or Co) needs an drastic upgrade.
    They talk to us like we’ve never seen a football match ever.
    Patronizing bullsh. It needs a hoof right in the sack.

  100. Aye, well tbh I’d say Saylor was more defensively sound that Johnson..but he could never make the impact coming up front. Oh and it would piss off all the scousers, and now Newcastle are probably counted amongst the “unpopular” bunch, so even if we had Le Tissier he wouldn’t get picked… :)

    All pundits do my head in..I thought the WC was terribly for it, especially ITV’s, I think they had both keegan and Southgate, and I wasn’t impressed. They’re all twats like, not much we can do about it though, but I suppose MOTD just edge over the rest, even if they’re all tw@ts bar shearer, who just often doesn’t have a clue.

  101. Newkie,
    the wc was terrible for it.
    Dunno who’s worse like, though itv are right down there like. :)
    Saying that, the others are about the width of a tab paper better.
    Sad how they present the ‘beautiful game’ mate.

  102. Newkie

    I wasn’t impressed with Keegan in the World Cup..but then again, I’m never impressed by Keegan commentary. I think he is as bad as Shearer if im honest.

    WOrst part of the World Cup?…The monotonous, drowning voice of Mick McCarthy

  103. Agree about what you said earleir Clint..its annoying when on the world stage, a normal tackle in the PL can get ya a yellow.
    FIFA should follow our example! :) But we do need to stop teams from solely going out to bully others, I know you can argue its a tactic-and if we had consistent and good referees then it would be fine, I’m fine with strong tackles but people now take the piss and get away with it.

  104. El Toro

    Totally agree with ya mate, he was a complete waste of time unfortunately, and must agree he’s either on par or worse than Shearer I think, its a real shame. And completely agree with that about Mick McCarthy, christ he’s boring, half the time I switched to Chris Moyles’ comentary, I don’t even bloody like him, but at least his tone didn’t make me want to self harm.

  105. much as ashley cole is a decent footballer he’s a complete c0ck and prob is the most hated footballer espec down south tho terry runs him close – i’ve an intense dislike of collymore tho mostly because of him scoring unjury time goal which effectively cost us the title. well him and skolskar? of man u when he hacked down rob lee who was through one on one with the keeper fvck fvc fvck gets me angry evn now

  106. oh and tv pundits are kin useless old boys club who have no more insight than an armchair fan – could do better meself

  107. talksport this mornin were mentioning a nasty malicious tackle in the stoke game last night, i missed who it was, did anyone listen to it or watch the game?
    hope nothing nasty happens on sunday with stoke’s over-physical play!!

  108. Jettson, yes it was a bad tackle, from behind on the touchline in no mans land, typical Stoke calling card but they and the likes of Wolves are getting away with it by hiding behind the competitive label.

  109. Morning people, looking forward to the game tonight and i actually think we have a decent chance because i think Sturridge and co. will find it hard to brake us down and we might just sneak it.. here’s hoping anyways HWTL :D

  110. ross @ 188 there’s some bell ends on talksport…but none more than ronnie irani…he’s such an irritating c@nt if i won the lotto i’d pay him to stop broadcasting..& as for gough he just repeats the same shite he hears irani spouting.

    …aye aye batty alreet m8 ?

  111. Do I bother looking for a decent stream or do I just listen to it on the radio whilst playing on the xbox – the biggest issue of my day (I hope)

  112. Stoke’s team is likley to be vs us;

    Huth Shawcross A.Faye Higginbottom
    Pennant Wilson Whitehead Etherington
    Fuller Jones

    IF that is their team then i think we will have them in the centre with Barton & Tiote and also Nolan dropping back in but i think our main threat will come from Ben Arfa and Routledge because they will have Huth and Higginbottom(both centre backs) all day. i say 3-1 with Carroll getting a brace :D

  113. Lets be serious lads after watching arse v spurs , i was thinking I would be happy to be only one nil doon after 45 mins , then maybe see what happens but truth is even now , chelsea are different class at moment, cant see a win a draw or anything …. happy with just a good performance and good response to some fast midfield displays by the russian blues…

  114. nzed,
    well you say that (about chelsea), but it’ll be a completely different team tonight & when talking about their start to the league, you must mention they’ve had an almost unbelievably easy set of games for the champions. Which is nice for them.

  115. batty,
    aye mate, with chelsea being denied a goal that ‘may’ have been over the line, then we win on pens.
    That would right a couple of wrongs from past games.

  116. “CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 22, 2010 at 10:07 am

    well you say that (about chelsea), but it’ll be a completely different team tonight & when talking about their start to the league, you must mention they’ve had an almost unbelievably easy set of games for the champions. Which is nice for them.

    Aye Clint, but with Toonsy’s predicted lineups they gona have another easy game.
    I’d hope to see only two or three changes for this fixture. Maybe rest Carroll and Routeledge and Colo, and bring in Campbell, Jonas and Ranger.

  117. “Newcastle United are a small club with ambitions that outstretch their abilities. Yes, their team features some solid, experienced players but these players have been playing against Championship opposition for a year where they were, by rights, superior. Never in million years should they have been able to come to the ground of a side supposedly pushing for the Top Four and completely boss the game. Yet this was what happened, and it was all down to Moyes’s carelessness and lack of initiative”.

    That was a nice bit mate.
    C***S deserve al they get.

  118. TC,
    £50 a pint down the kings road mate.
    Oh no! chelsea’s not in chelsea is it?’
    It’s in fulham, isn’t fulham in chelsea?
    qpr’s in…
    Oh f*** it!

  119. Like a waterfall(beerfall) over the ample breasts of the bar wenches.
    Or six pack of a beefcake if y’a lass.
    Not bad for £50.

  120. Bargain, CLiNT.

    I’ll just have to make sure we get there a few mins b4 ko and tell me mate to get the first roond in. ;)

  121. Ignore the bitter Toffee tripe, lads. They have always resented us as apparently we haven’t won as much as they have historically yet we get all the coverage. They were some of the first fans celebrating when we went down. Bitter fans who’s jealousy is evident after just one conversation. Always moaning that they should be the next team to get a take-over and not (insert team here)etc

  122. jj,
    there’ll be more than 3 changes mate.
    PL, SA, RT, SC, JG, AS to name(initial) 6.
    Plus a couple or more kids.
    Most of the team that beat everton then.

  123. TC,
    do the old ‘i’m off to the bog, get the beers in lads’ routine.
    Just make sure y’get back for the ceremonial pouring mate.

  124. ET,
    tbf, a lot of their(everton) fans didn’t go along with the put downs of us.
    Which was nice.

  125. hi lads, are any of you going tonight, if so can you give me a rough guide to what seat numbers the newcastle fans have in the shed end upper? Im going with a mate whos a chelsea fan and am sitting in the shed end upper but with the chelsea fans, was wondering how close i am to the newcastle fans

  126. I’m getting worried about the likes of Ben Arfa, Barton and Routledge on Sunday after hearing about Stoke’s antics yesterday. Why aren’t these teams punished?! We need retrospective action

  127. can’t see us getting a win tonight, would be a possibility if we were putting out our first team but with the possible exception of Krul I can’t see any of the starting 11 at Everton playing tonight which leaves us short of midfield attacking or defending options
    still looking forward to the game tho, you never know I’ve been wrong before (Villa and Blackpool !)

  128. The win against Everton came as a welcome surprise and was an excellent way to bounce back from a morale crushing defeat at home to Blackpool, Tiote seems to have a decent array of forward passing and Barton seemed rejuvenated playing alongside him (possibly relieved that he doesn’t have to cover continually for Smith) Ben Arfa looks like he could shake up the prem although he’ll undoubtedly get a lot less space and earn a few crunching tackles in the games ahead
    One interesting stat on Tiote was that he made 3 tackles in the whole game and only one of these was successful
    Collocini and Williamson look like a good pairing and it’s good to see Collo getting to grips with the prem. Everton were fairly lacklustre but you can only beat whats in front of you so hats off to Hughton for an attacking display.

    And so to tonights Carling cup against the ruski, mates wife shagging, drug taking, shoplifting parent tw@ts that are named Chelsea
    They will no doubt be fielding a reserve squad although the depth of their squad means that they could probably finish top eight in the prem in thier own right, we’ll also be naming a much changed side from the one that played Saturday although Smith, Ameobi, Lovenkrands, R Taylor etc have all been regular first teamers over the last couple of seasons so should have the edge in experience.
    Ultimately I think this will come down to who wants it most with players from both sides trying to show they are good enough for first team action.

    My prediction – a narrow defeat with Smith giving away a penalty or free kick on edge of box to give the ruskies a goal


  129. ET,
    well we’re about due some ‘protection’ from the refs mate, so y’never know, it could start on sunda?
    Although he’ll probably give yet another away team pen.

    well people keep saying chelsea have a great squad, but aren’t they one of the smallest squads in the prem?
    19 is it? Couldn’t make up a 25 man squad, 4 less than us?
    Correct me if i’m wrong.

  130. I think it’ll go to extra time… not sure if we’ll win it even then, but as SteveP says – it’s not like anyone’s predictions have been any use this season so far!

    I think we could see a very different but strong team, with CH needing to give a run-out to plenty of players who’ve been bench-warming recently. The line-up Toonsy’s suggested is pretty strong and could do ok against less experienced opposition. Shola and Lover are experienced, tricky players who are likely to do well against young defenders.

    I think we’ll score at least one; just not sure we’ll prevent them doing the same. Depends who they have in the midfield, really.

  131. Chelski are not known for a huge bench full of seasoned internationals, so there’s hope. Also, they’ve got far worse fixtures coming up than us so really can’t afford to risk much tonight.

    There’s hope.

    The big question is: is there a good stream to watch it??

  132. see Titus Bramble has been arrested on suspicion of rape, naughty naughty. Majority of these cases get thrown out for lack of evidence like.

    So glad those arseholes are away from here now like, the dyers, the Brambles and the Matins et al.

    My dad’s mate is a blueline driver and he said he used to pick them up all the time and take them to Martin’s place down the quayside, he said one time ‘haven’t you lot got a game tomorrow?’ to which they sharp shut up.

  133. Well my own make of the Bramble story is I won’t be judging him until the verdict is given. It’s a bit harsh jumping on the sniping and jokes if a lass has actually been harmed in that way.

    However though you could say that unless this lass is a complete loony, then she’s clearly saw Bramble in a state she could exploit – too pished to know what he’s doing. Maybe he has, or hasn’t – but either way as a professional footballer these days they have to be wise to what happens (more frequently unfortunately) and keep your nose cleaner than clean. It’s all fine and well enjoying the lifestyle – but you very rarely have a chance of discretion when people know how much money you make.

  134. These stories come up constantly, and it’s always the same result: honey trap by some bint who was just trying to extort an out-of-court settlement from a rich player who will find that easier than defending.

    This will be no different. No evidence, no basis and an accuser with a record as long as my schlong. Titus may have been the butt of a lot of jokes, but he’s no baddun.

    What annoys me is that the accuser will get off scott free, which is why they keep trying it. Surely trying to ruin someone’s life with a false accusation of rape has to be a crime in itself?

  135. Anyway, back to the game: let’s hope that not all Chelski’s backup players are as good as van Aarnie, eh? Really liked that kid; wish we could sign him permanently.

  136. Whumpie we shouldn’t tarnish all of these accusations with the same brush and have to realise there could well be many a thing said behind closed doors and we won’t know the full extent of the situation – like you said, out of courst settlements.

    Somebody did point out to me before Titus has been accused of something similar before? Can’t recall it though if anyone wants to enlighten me..

    .. Anyway I do admit that the ever growing frequency and seemingly similar situations in which these accusations are happening does spell out to me digging for money – but then again for every false one you also get a Marlon King.. On that note, I know we support Barton – but I don’t know if I could handle my club or manager supporting the career of somebody like him.

  137. whumpie,
    they’ll probably put Van aarnholt & benayoun out there tonight & a couple of other bench warmers & bairns.
    kakuta will be ‘one to watch’ like.

  138. Mackem standing in an identity parade accused of rape. The lady enters the room and the Mackem steps forward, “That’s her!”

  139. Ok, I spose I’d better give in to a prediction. I’ll go for… 2-2 after extra time, Chelski win on pens.

    (Hey, if you’re going to guess, go extreme – more fun if you’re right!)

    I hope I’m horribly wrong and Sol bosses the back while Shola and Lover rip ’em a new one up front, winning 3-0 in normal time. Oh, and Vukic to come off the bench to get the third. :)

  140. Peter L: yep, you’re right – I’m kind of pre-judging in the other direction. But I just get sick of hearing these things again and again, with the accused having their lives made permanently just that bit worse each time. Imagine what it’s like trying to keep a relationship going with that hanging over yer head?

    Anyway – all very depressing. Back to footie: come on – anyone going to make a serious prediction for us to win?

  141. Whumpie says:
    September 22, 2010 at 1:28 pm
    “What annoys me is that the accuser will get off scott free, which is why they keep trying it. Surely trying to ruin someone’s life with a false accusation of rape has to be a crime in itself?”

    Though this little bell end comes across as a right pleb, here is a story I remember where I thought exactly the same as what you said above. It took 15 minutes for a bunch of strangers to find him not guilty!

  142. my internet is not working at the minute guys and i cant write articles on my phone. As soon as it is back up i’ll get something out :)

  143. Ok, i’m gonna try & predict the team the neet:

    Probably a bit light in MF like.
    What d’y’think?
    More 1st teamers?

  144. You’re not wrong CLiNT. ;)

    Reet i’ll be heading off soon. Hope everyone enjoys the game the neet – whether on streams or radio.

    Laters :)

  145. This ish what i predict/hope tonight line-up would be~~~

    ———–Ole Söderberg——

    —Ryan taylor—-Sol—-Kadar—-Shane Ferguson—–

    —-Ben arfa—–Smith—Haris Vuckic—–Jonas—-

    —————Shola——-Peter Lovenkrands——-

    Subs: Kevin Nolan, Mike Williamson,Nile Ranger, Wayne Routledge,James Tavernier ,Danny Guthrie(if fit)/Joey Barton,Tim Krul.

  146. Clint…I’m always polite……to be fair their fans were canny craic before and after,most saying well done………….mind that may have been a diversionary tactic,cos me car was on bricks when I got back to it :lol:

    Lace’D(P.Raynor) :lol:

  147. richie,
    scouse bricks are the new alloys mate, don’t y’know?
    Aye mate, they’ve got more to worry about with their own team atm, specially after last night’s debacle.
    Didn’t y’just know that was gonna happen?
    They could be in big trouble this season along with wetspam.

  148. Aye Clint once ya on that slippery slope it’s a bugga to get off as we well know……….top 4 he was havin a laff………there’s not many of their players I’d want in our squad.The one thing Everton have always had is they battle for each other,they seem to have lost that now……the more teams in trouble the better for us :-)

  149. Their fans seem reasonable tbh which was a shame as I was going to tear strips from them. Typing messages in a cramped rush hour metro is always tricky too.

  150. Aye Lace’D I was expecting a load of abuse on there when I had a look before………..I get more on here :lol:

  151. richie,
    Cahill, that’s one, er, er, er…
    One then.
    They got well & truly ass kicked when they went on holiday to the champs league by mistake the other year.
    They’re a ‘battling’ team, not pretty, bit like how moyes played. Maybe he’s out grown his usefulness there now.
    It seems to me that he knows how to build a team from scraps, that scraps, but soon as he has cash he doesn’t know what to do with it.
    Quite a few are starting to get on his back, never a good sign.

  152. Clint…Arteta is canny too and Jagielka is ok on his day and Rodwell,apart from that no thanks.
    If Moyes doesn’t get them playing soon the mob will get nastier and the mob usually wins.

  153. richie,
    aye, forgot about arteta, he does go missing sometimes though.
    Also, that coleman kid scored a decent goal last night & showed some skill.
    Not keen on jag & rodwell sounds a bit oo er mrs tbh.
    Aye the mob will have it’s lb of flesh, right or wrong.
    But we won’t know whether moyes is surprised or not cos he always has bulging eyes.

  154. Rodwell seems like their best player in my opinion. Arteta is a 1 in 3 midfielder. He is too inconsistent. All in all, Everton have the problem we had a few months ago. Not enough legs in the team. They have plenty of tricky players who make space and can pass, but not enough players making quick runs into that space.

  155. He spent too long in the Misty Mountains with the One Ring before that damned hobbit stole it from him.

  156. Clint

    Not really. He scores some good goals, but he is another one who goes missing for large portions of games. The problem with him is he can’t actually do much aside from make good runs and finish. He is just a better version of Nolan.

    As some may remember from my rants against Michael Owen. I am not a fan of players who are passengers for 75% of games, but can pop up with 1 or 2 telling contributions. I feel all players should contribute more to the general team play.

  157. bet s.bruces arse is twiching now,couple more defeats and hes gone imo,hes spent a fair bit of cash since he came,shame :)

  158. ET,
    i hear y’bud.
    Fair comment.
    & tbh, everton lack flair all over the pitch, i really don’t think i’d swap anyone with them, man for man.

  159. Guys guys, why are you all so happy the Scum got knocked out? We should have been cheering them on!
    After all…if its an oppertunity for Bent to get injured…
    Bent for England!

  160. ice
    occasionally, when i got the time & money & off daddy duty.
    Was gonna go tonight but had to work.
    Try to get to a handful at SJP, but it’s even harder being 300 miles away. If i can get me daughter hooked, i’ll have an partner in crime. :)
    Mrs FLiCK has been known to join me now & then.
    She likes the posh seats mind.
    Used to get in on me sisters ST when me bro in law was away at war, but he’s out the army now, so, again it’s tough.
    Usually have to sit in the home end down here, not as much fun trying to keep y’trap shut. Especially at the price they charge down here, eek!
    Most of me mates down here support london teams & are reluctant to take a dyed in the wool Tooner with them.
    Funnily, we usually win when i do & that’s proper pisses ’em off.

  161. CLINT aye m8 the prices have gone mad,as i said the other day we call m/city for what they have spent on players,on the flip side,they have put the prices at £17to£19 a game and spent 1 billon on local area on building footy acm ect bringing work to a lot of people like

  162. richie/ice,
    £50 plus sometimes at chelsea/spuds, even £75 at spuds.
    Gooners has gone up since they moved too.
    Well over a grand for an ST my mates pay.
    Ridiculous prices, prohibitive even.

  163. RICHIETOON got to make a quid somewhere m8.

    heard it all on the radio the other day about all they have done,its only for home fans like :(

  164. Aye Clint its an expensive business……I like to mek a weekend of it but costs a bloody fortune.I think the Man City game will prob just be drive down and back match day.Even then its £72 for tickets then the fuel,food and drinks etc :-(

  165. Tickets in the home end are the same Ice,they prob do a few concession things but in general their fleecing their own too but so does every club.St James’ £3.60 a pint which tastes like crap cos the pumps are only used once a fortnight… ya think I’ll have a bottle,less drink in it but should be cheaper……wrong £3.60 :-(

  166. Ice….I buy her a bottle of cherry coke from the newsagents in the Haymarket…beers strictly for me………someone has to get me home after all ;-)

  167. richie,
    Though they are ‘normal’ london beer prices, dearer some places.
    F***ing OUCH!

  168. I was gonna go doon the smoke for the Arsenal game and stay down for four days……..opted for a few days in Germany instead :-)

  169. I sat in the Sheffield Wednesday end on Boxing Day. I massively took the p!ss and should have probably got a slap.

  170. Lace
    Aye it’s 100’s per game now, especially away.
    No fun. On the wallet.

    Defo noticed a few ‘agents’ in the away end when we score & you look around & there’s a few people smiling etc.
    Gives you a nice warm, fuzzy glow.

  171. Krul
    R.Taylor Campbell Coloccini Ferguson
    Ranger Smith Vuckic Jonas
    Lovenkrands Ameobi

    alleged team..

  172. That’s not far off my predicted team Daan,
    Thought Kadar would get the nod like instead of Colo & Tavernier over Ferguson.
    Let’s see.

  173. what do you guys think of edmundsson?
    just watched the reserves highlights from @304 and thought he looked like a good tidy player.

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