Cheick mate ready for debut.

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Ready for debut? Cheick.
Ready for debut? Cheick.
Newcastle new boy Cheick Tiote could be in line to make his debut at Everton this weekend.

Tiote was an unused substitute during the 2-0 home loss against Blackpool, which isn’t really surprising considering the lad had been in Africa during the week playing for his country and hadn’t really had a lot of time to get acquanted with the squad.

This week is different, and after a poor result against Blackpool, and some poor performances from some of our players in midfield, Tiote will be looking to get the nod to start the match at Goodison on Saturday. Even if he doesn’t get to start in place of Alan Smith at Everton, Tiote’s debut won’t be too far around the corner and he will surely make his bow against in the daunting League Cup match away at Chelsea in midweek.

It seems that Cheick can’t wait to make his debut for United.

“It is different here. The fans seem to be so passionate, and I’ve heard a lot about them,” Tiote told the Shelds Gazette. “There were nearly 50,000 here for the Blackpool game, which is amazing. The club is very professional, and I’m very happy here.”

“I am settling in very well. I’m happy, everything is good. It has been quite a special summer for me. To be Dutch champions and then to play in the World Cup is a big deal. It was a lot of fun, and now I hope the fun will continue with Newcastle.”

“For me, Newcastle is perfect. Firstly, it is a club I love, and it is a big club. It isn’t a small team – it’s Newcastle. I know the history of the club well.”

Right, so there goes the usual new signing spiel that gets trotted out by most players, albeit it has come a little bit later than usual due to the international break. No offence to Tiote, but deep down most of us know that he, and most players in fact, will say much the same thing when they move on to their next club. Tiote continued;

“The language is no problem,” added Tiote. “I’ve had English coaches before, Steve McClaren at Twente for two years, and then Sven-Goran Eriksson at the World Cup. I cope fine with the terminology of football, it’s not a problem at all.

“Steve McClaren is a real coach. Players work hard for him, and I think that experience will be helpful for me at Newcastle. I do think English coaches have a different approach to the game. They expect a different work ethic. That suits me.”

Time will tell whether or not the English game suits the lad, but I am sure he will have been well drilled about the English game by some of his compatriots who also ply their trade in the Premier League.

I have to be honest and say that I still don’t know that much about Cheick Tiote personally and have only used what other people have said about him to form the opinion that he is a phsically strong and athletic player. It seems what was said wasn’t wrong, and Tiote describes himself in much the same way as the sketchy reports have described him.

“I would say I’m physical, I have good technique, I’m very determined and I’m very competitive. I always want to win – that’s my style.”

To be honest, and despite not seeing much of the lad in action, I have high hopes for him at Newcastle. It’s been a long time since we have had legs in midfield, well legs that can work at decent speed anyway, and in Tiote and Ben Arfa I feel we now have that in spades.

It’s up to those two to take the chances they are offered in the first-team. If they can do that then it can only be good for Newcastle United, and I like that a lot!

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169 Responses

  1. We’ve been crying out for years for an athletic combatitive midfielder an as most of the best ones seem to be African or of African descent then maybe this guy is it. Haven’t seen him play but from what everyone seems to say, McClaren especially, he’s very good.

  2. Er,
    howay toonsy,
    ‘poor performances’ from our midfield?
    We created 22 shots on goal, their goalie played out of his skin. Got a ‘won’ pen & hit us on the break in the final minute.
    Unfortunate would be a better description like.
    We’ll kill teams with less chances on a better ‘rub of the green’ game.
    Get Tiote on for Smith though.
    & sacrifice Jonas for HBA.
    Sorry mate, but it’s just that kinda ‘skewed’ thinking that gets people on players asses.

  3. Per Ciljan Skjelbred
    here’s a name we’re being linked to in some places.he’s a 23 year old norwegian who looks to be leaving rosenborg.and guess what?he’s just what we needed:a midfielder!!!the interesting part though is that newcastle is his boyhood team?!?which is why he’s torn between us and schalke?
    anyone have any idea about this,’coz i just read it online.

  4. CLiNT – That is your opinion, so let me have mine. I think they played poorly, not all of them like, but some.

    Barton couldn’t pass for toffee.

    Nolan couldn’t get forward enough to support Carroll.

    Smith did what he usually does and hacks at people.


  5. Skjelbred is being linked with us? Which season are talking about? And do we need a midfielder?

  6. Smith needs punishing for that pathetic penalty he conceded, god knows why he lashed out when all he had to do was stand his ground and it cost us dearly,maybe bring in Tiote to give them all a kick up the arse to show them they cannot take their places for granted.
    He has got to change it as playing the same team is just giving them a vote of confidence and they dont merit it.

  7. Guys do you think Jose Mourinho has what it takes to be one of the greatest Manager of all times????

    Cause if he manage to win everything with RM,i must say he is indeed the Special One~~~

    Him,Marco van basten,KK my 3 most favourite Managers of all.

  8. ‘It’s been a long time since we have had legs in midfield, well legs that can work at decent speed anyway, and in Tiote and Ben Arfa I feel we now have that in spades.’

    What you talking about, we had legs in Nicky But, Kevin Nolan and Geremi. :)

  9. The transfer windows shut so its a load of guff!

    Tiote should play end of story – a proper CDM, not an altered striker in Smith. Ben Arfa should start no question, Jonas just doesnt provide enough and theres only so much head down running we can have.

  10. Nolan and Smith to be replaced at some point because they lack the athleticism to compete at this level. However, people said the same cack about Gary Speed. I think we would suffer as a club without strong leadership from within the team. Too many egos and cack attitudes in the sport these days. Having Nolan and Smith around negates some of this.

  11. Wasn’t Ben Arfa told he would get to play in favoured role in the middle of the park?

    I can see a flounce and him not playing at all if he doesn’t get played in the posiion where he was sold the club in the first place.

    I wouldn’t break up Jose/Jonas tbh. They work well together, especially defensively. HBA has to be in the middle working around Carroll or else we will just lose the ball most of the time as we haven’t got anyone mobile enough to get onto his knock-downs. That was clear as day on Saturday. Carroll won most of everything in the air, yet we lost the ball as there was nobody supporting him.

  12. Raffo. Personally I would keep Jonas and Enrique and play Benny on the right-wing. Routledge just can’t get the crosses in at this level and Everton looked really shakey defending crosses against Man U.

  13. toonsy

    MacDonald reckoned that Benny was causing them all sorts of problems down the LW. Then Hoots told him to play in a sort of inside right position and he went missing a bit. Not sure he ‘was promised’ or favours a central position like but we will see. I would like to see him play wide right. He is excellent with the ball at his feet like and will cause all sorts of problems for defenders. Not saying get rid of Routledge forever or anything, maybe play him at Chelsea. Im very pleased that we have 3 proper wingers now, we only had Jonas start of last season and hopefully we wont have to play Barton or Guthrie out of position anymore, coz they absolutely suck on the wing. When Gosling is fit we could have 2 wingers fighting for each side. :)

  14. I would keep the same team which started against Blackpool apart from Tiote for Smith. Bring HBA on for whoever has been ineffectual. Remember, it’s Chris Houghton, we wont get to adventurous now will he :D

    Tiote, by all descriptions, is someone we have been screaming out for for years and I love players like him, understated, do all the ugly work and get non of the praise attackers do.

    When we singed him people were saying ‘why have we signed another midfielder?!?!’ know why now? He sounds by along way better quality than Smith, imagine we hadn’t signed him and Smith played a shocker, who would replace him?

    Tiote and Barton I think is a fantastic central pairing, would work off each other well.

  15. Fair do’s on that boys and I would drop Nolan in a heartbeat for HBA, but I simply cant see Nolan being dropped, and he is no way better than Barton, so really HBA will be on the wing IMHO. Routledge to make way then, but Tiote MUST play in place of Smith. I dont agree they should be in for the leadership, Barton was skipper at Man abu dhabi and Collo should be up to the task as he is a senior player now.

  16. Tiote, by all descriptions, is someone we have been screaming out for for years and I love players like him, understated, do all the ugly work and get non of the praise attackers do<<< aye just like i used too :)

  17. toonsy says:
    September 15, 2010 at 4:02 pm
    Batty – What is with the compliments all of a sudden? Where is the catch<<<<< well u haven spoke too me since the other week ya big baby thought ide hurt ya feelings so i felt sorry for ya :)

  18. RAFFO,ime not haveing a go at c.h.but for me he made it so easy for hollaway on sat,playing with just carroll up-front

  19. DJG
    Gosling is in the mould of Guthrie, a central midfielder, who will do a job on the wing, but central is his position.

  20. ILM

    Oh right, I heard somewhere that he can play RB and RW aswell but never seen him play personally. Is he anygood? defensive/attacking?

  21. RAFFO,ime not haveing a go at c.h.but for me he made it so easy for hollaway on sat,playing with just carroll up-front at home they are not a top six side all they had to do was cancel out carroll, job done just seemed so easy for me like

  22. ILM

    Yeah, think your right. Can’t see Smith getting many games once Tiote is up and running. Smith is no way good enough for the premiership with his rediculous challenges and lack of creativity. Will be mearly an expensive backup for the next two seasons IMHO.

  23. Apparently Tiote is v physical and sometimes dirty, but usually gets away with it from the refs. I like that quality in a player. Shearer used to get away with all sorts.

  24. Ice – true mate, as the home side we need to be the attacking side. I have no problem with him playing Carrol up top on his own, but with 2 attacking CM players such as HBA and maybe Jonas beside him to make it easy to change between 4-3-3 attacking and then 4-5-1 when defending

  25. DJG from what ive seen of him i would say hes a bit r.keane type with more height and pace,and roy wasnt dirty :)

  26. Anyone notice Tiote’s tackle on Kaka during the world cup – took him out of the game mentally. Prem midfielders watch out – Henry, Cattermole etc

  27. toonsy says:
    September 15, 2010 at 4:15 pm
    Batts – Nah man, nowt to do with you mate. Just been busy mate, that’s all<<<< ok ile gan back too slaggin ya then :)

  28. Off topic.

    What is all the fuss about Cattermole. Steve Bruce making him captain and the mackems saying ‘I bet you wish he was in your team’. Have you ever seen him play when he actually stays on the pitch for 90mins. He played with Carroll for the u-21’s and he was absolute poo. Did nowt but foul people and had no contribution whatsoever. Seen better players for the Dog and Duck on a sunday morning.

  29. DJG – To be fair, a lot of the Sunderland fans I speak to/take the piss out of don’t actually want him in the team let alone as captain.

  30. Ice – nah mate they couldnt afford us!!!

    DJG + Toonsy – I suspect there is an illusion with Cattermole as he puts in a few challenges he is perceived to be a great player, look at how ppl have tugged over Henry in the last couple of weeks, and I suspect Tiote if he lives up to his billing. The difference is that Cattermole cant stay on the pitch and you can hardly class him a great player and worthy of the armband if he is suspended for 4 out of 10 games!

  31. Raffo-

    Or could be coz he’s at Sunderland and the ‘greatest players’ they have ever seen are Super Kevin Phillips and Assamoah Gyan. :) :)

  32. Ice – You’re not wrong there mate. My Sky costs me £75 a month now, but that is for Sky, internet and phone. Still a hell of a lot, but I wouldn’t be without it.

  33. Well I guess it is the same evrywhere, but having said that they should pick a decent player as the messiah!!!

  34. DJG – Believe it or not, that is cheap as I have all three things with them. If I dropped either my phone or internet then it would still be £75 but for only two services :lol:

  35. toonsy i cant beleive any 1 has too pay for sky nowadays , ive had all the channels for aboot 10 year now for a 1 of payment :)

  36. Ice – My dad had one of them dodgy dishes years back fixed to the side of the house in Crawcrook. Everytime it moved (to scan for channels) you could hear the house creaking such was the size of it :lol:

  37. The rub for CH is that he has two part teams on the field, one fast and one slow. Inserting Tiote improves the speed side, but maybe makes the slower ones really gum up the works. Should be some awkward moments in the transition to a faster team.

  38. TOONSY lol,got a mate in malta with one on the flat roof of his house 5ftdia,as its cable tv there,and they get 2 live games on sat plus games mid-week,20euro mth i think

  39. BATTY hope there legal or big dave will grass you up :),how much for do charge for a set up, got the box like

  40. Super Random Question….

    Any Madonna Fan here???

    And Do GAGA have what it takes to be the next Queen of Pop??

  41. toonsy

    Na man its normal to hear a cracking sound in Crawcrook. Its something getting burned to the ground. ;)

  42. toonsy spending a little too much time on toon mad,where “FLOUNCING” is the new buzz word lol.

  43. I think I should defend Smith a bit here. IMHO, of course:
    Without Smith that whole thrashing of Villa just wouldn’t have happened.
    Without Smith, our team would have kept rolling over when things went wrong last season. And on Saturday. And against Wolves.
    Smith is in there for a reason, and he does what’s needed – steadies the ship and keeps the troops focused. Yes, he gets booked too much and does the occasional daft move like on Saturday. But find me a DM who doesn’t – it certainly won’t be Tiote, who sounds like a bit of an animal who WILL get red cards. Doesn’t make him a bad player.

    Cattermole. THAT is a bad player.

  44. Being from the ryton area mesel I would have to question that statement like. no offense to yur gud self :)

  45. Talking of Sky boxes: anyone know how to update the firmware once you’re out of contract so you can still use it without paying Murdoch and his crooks £10 a month? If I own the thing, surely it’s not illegal to replace the software…?

  46. BATTY that will be bloody right m8,have to sniff around see if i can get one,used to be able to get the cards for 50 but only lasted about 2 mth before they twigged them

  47. Whumpie – Read the contract you signed mate. I’m willing to be that there will be something in there that says the box remains the property of Sky or something like that.

  48. Toonsy have to agree with Batty a nice balanced thread from a ammmm a good Lad :) twas nice to hear something from Tiote as it seems all the focus has been on Benny Boy, but maybe he likes to be the silent assasin ;)

  49. Ice I think Virgin last a lot longer, sky allways seem to be on top of box scams and catch on very quick, but I know loads with the cabletel (virgin) that have had them for yrs

  50. How toonsy,
    i never once said you weren’t entitled to an opinion mate, fill y’boots.
    But, i’m having one too.
    Divn’t worry mate, it was part in jest, hence the ;)


  51. The Sky thing is a scam: they advertise how the box ‘is yours to keep’ after the contract, but then put software on it that only works fully (i.e. as a recorder rather than just a receiver) if you keep paying Sky.


  52. S*land fan calls a rape help line.
    “Right ‘ave gorra on the floor, what do i dee next?”


  53. Whumpie – But the box is yours to keep. The software to run it isn’t ;)

    They aren’t the only ones who do it.

  54. Whumpie says:
    September 15, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    “The Sky thing is a scam: they advertise how the box ‘is yours to keep’ after the contract, but then put software on it that only works fully (i.e. as a recorder rather than just a receiver) if you keep paying Sky.


    I divven’t want to say anything libellous here, but when ITV Digital started, a certain rival company got a team of Israeli hackers to crack the Canal + codes for their sports chanels, release them on the Internet and put ITV out of business as their signal was pirated throughout the UK.

  55. georgio says:
    September 15, 2010 at 4:27 pm
    Anyone notice Tiote’s tackle on Kaka during the world cup – took him out of the game mentally.

    I remember his tackle on Elano VERY well, took him out the game literally! If it wasn’t for his shin pads his ankle would have been in three bits!

  56. DJG,
    V+ box with XL and ESPN HD, phone, net, & a cell phone for the Mrs, £40 all in.
    & a perfect reason to gan doon the pub.

  57. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 15, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    everything you need to know about sly there.”

    Clint, Everything you need to know about Rupert Murdoch.

    “The Murdoch “ethos” was demonstrated right from the beginning of his career, as Richard Neville has documented. In 1964, his Sydney tabloid, the Daily Mirror, published the diary of a 14-year-old schoolgirl under the headline, “WE HAVE SCHOOLGIRL’S ORGY DIARY”. A 13-year-old boy, who was identified, was expelled from the same school. Soon afterwards, he hanged himself from his mother’s clothesline. The “sex diary” was subsequently found to be fake. Soon after Murdoch bought the News of the World in 1971, a strikingly similar episode involving an adolescent diary led to the suicide of a 15-year-old girl.”

  58. worky,
    that’s very interesting mate.
    It doesn’t surprise me one iota.
    How has this guy got away with this vile behaviour for so long?
    This is why i just can’t give any hard earned whatsoever to his rancid cause.
    He is below my contempt.
    Boycott his putrid output.

  59. Of course The Sepecial One is a great manager, he was taught by the best.
    Personally I think he is the best manager in the world at the moment. Ferguson has lost it and should quit now before he becomes a joke.

  60. The reason “the box is yours” is that you are stuck with an environmental hazard that you have to find a proper disposal for-if you are a responsible person. All kinds of nasty stuff in them boxes, though you would never think so.

  61. worky,
    every time i see anything on sly, i see his smirking trap reflected in the picture.

    aye, rudolph has lost the locker room.
    When that happens he usually ships ’em out.

  62. Anyone got Arsenal on? They’ve started incredibly quickly, could turn out to be a very entertaining display.

  63. Clint-Aye they should have got another but they’re just class to watch on the edge of the box. Nightmare for them when they lose Fabregas like. Mind you, Wilshire doesn’t look too shabby either.

  64. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    September 15, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    that’s very interesting mate.
    It doesn’t surprise me one iota.
    How has this guy got away with this vile behaviour for so long?”

    I also had a long, and very interesting chat with someone who used to work for Murdoch in tax ‘avoidance’. It was very enlightening. He has got away with his “vile behaviour” for so long because politicians are frightened of him.

  65. Clint-Thats the thing, you’d think teams would just clog up the center of the pitch and shut them out but they’ll find a way through. Look at Fabs again there, he just dances past a couple, waits for the pass and plays it perfectly. Can’t argue with them. They’re the only other team I enjoy watching in the prem really. I don’t mind Chelsea either if im honest because they have some great players to watch, but Arsenal on their game are by far the most attractive team the league has to offer.

  66. Ross,
    if you don’t like to watch the gooners, you don’t like football. :)
    They’ve got too much movement off the ball for teams to clog up the middle.
    They can’t keep up with them.

  67. worky,
    murdoch will be the death of papers & the free press in general. Cos he’ll piss politicians off once too often, then they end up gagging the press.

  68. Clint-Makes you look at players like Arshavin and wonder “what if”, lol. They’ve been excellent so far tonight though. Poor old Hugo Viana, I think i’ve heard his name mentioned twice.

  69. Ive always admired the way that Arsenal play. Wolves need to watch a bit of that match and study the game of football.

  70. DJG-I heard a canny staggering interview with Mcarthy on the radio the other day like. He said that he didn’t think they were a thuggish team and that he’d continue to practice the “freeflowing attractive football they try to play” in training. Something along those lines anyway. At first I thought he was having a laugh then I realised he was serious.

  71. The guy is a joke. I turned off the world cup matches that he was covering. Just kept refering to 4-4-2 or something. A trained chimp could replace him at Wolves.

  72. DJG-Aye I’ve never been his biggest fan. His voice annoys me and like you say he was a bollocks pundit. It’s quite obvious he tells his lads to go out and “be physical” when they’re playing an in-form/better team than them. A shame. Sure Wolves fans must love shelling out cash for dross like that.

  73. Bet Campbell wishes he’d ignored his wife and stayed at the arse, lol. He can’t even get in our team. Will be interesting to watch him tomorow night though and see how fit he is.

  74. Whitewash.
    Just goes to show what y’can achieve without wing play.
    Fluid football, i remember when we played like that, no fear.
    Makes y’sick.

  75. batty,
    whey aye mate.
    We invented this type of football in england.
    Wenger has watched & learned & took it to a new level of consistency.
    It doesn’t always win things, but it’s well entertaining & pretty to look at.

  76. ice,
    aye mate.
    You can’t fail to be impressed by the bazzas.
    braga’s goalie shoulda been off too.
    Then it might’ve been 10.

  77. batty says:
    September 15, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    “clint do u meen in king kevs days”

    We won nothing, batty. Forget that gadgie with the perm and move on! :-)

  78. I think there’s three leagues. Those that win everything and are allways in the premier league, then those that are up and those that are down. The gap between the winners and everyone else is bigger than the gap between the two leagues.

  79. CLINT off topic.

    when rooney told his mrs he payed £1400 for 19yr old ESCORT she asked has it got tax and m.o.t. :)

  80. I would get him in the side staright away. Not that ive seen him much but following on from Smith cant really be too hard.

    HBA for Nolan is a must. Would keep Routledge for toffees as we will need pace in the team.

    On the Blackpool game I cannot fault CH for keeping the same side. a 6-0 win and 1-1 draw (should have been a win) in the preceeding games against a team with a 3 man midfield you would expect us to overrun them and for the most part we did 22 shots is a statistic that should shame our forwards not the manager

  81. The pope visit takes the piss. The park where the mass is being held on Sunday is on my road, I need ID on Saturday and Sunday to get on and off my street.

  82. JAY JAY i agree,that takes the biscuit m8 plus its costing 12mil of tax payers cash and 10mil from the church,thought they had nowt?

  83. ICE – thats the biggest myth going, the catholics are loaded. At least for now until they have to start paying compo for all the young kids.

    Listening to 5 live to Gabby Logan at the Sir Bob unit at Freeman, very moving

  84. jay jay says:
    September 16, 2010 at 11:43 am
    The pope visit takes the piss. The park where the mass is being held on Sunday is on my road, I need ID on Saturday and Sunday to get on and off my street.<<<<< where do ya live winson green :)

  85. RAFFO thats one of the things that get me m8,the vatican bank is one of the richest banks in the world

  86. dog u better be careful toonsy is a staunch catholic ,he visits the vatican once a year hoping for a miracle too imporove his deformed features :)

  87. Batty – :lol:

    Religion can get to feck man. Biggest cause of trouble out there.

    “my god i btter than your god”


    I mean really? Howay religious people, Santa will be along soon ;)

  88. yeah lock up your kids the pope is in town looking for young meat –
    Reminds me of something my dad told me as a nipper “if you’re doing business with a priest get it in writing, his word isn’t worth sh!t, not with the good lord on his side telling him how to fvck you on the deal”

  89. the three evils in life for me are religion,politics,money,trouble is a lot of people want all three,shame really,

    i dont do religion

    i dont do politics

    got nee money to worry aboot

    pity we are not all the same,we would be free

  90. Religion is THE root of all conflict in the world, and is used to justify it. In the name of God I do this, in the name of Allah I do that, it is all as bad as eachother and Catholocism has a very shady past that is easily forgotten, far worse than anything these fruits are doing at the moment in the name of Allah.

    The thing is that in reality ALL religion stems from the same beliefs that have simply had different opinions and slightly different viewpoints over the course of time. For instance I did not realise that Muslims believe in Jesus.

    I bet many didnt know that the Vatican had a legal age of consent of 12 up until last year when it was changed to 14, or at least thats what I heard on the radio yesterday.

    Anyway, football anyone?!

  91. so old nazizinger the pope himself is in town,often found it strange how they pick the next pope,themselves then say it’s gods choice.
    i myself am not a disbeliever in a higher spirit eg the universe etc,but religeon is a tool of oppression.
    how can spirituality flourish under a system of rules and regulations,that tell people they cannot do this and they cannot do life you make mistakes and you learn from them,and that makes you a better person,that is true growth and advancement.
    where does it say in the bible,”thou shalt be a catholic”?it’s not there.if jesus christ came back to earth today,i think he would be horrified by what was occurring in his name.

  92. RAFFO aye m8,hope smith doesnt play,cannot see him being good enough to track cahill in the box,imo hes a big danger man for me arteta is another

  93. Aye,
    DOWN with ALL religion, FOREVER.
    Rotten to & from the core, the lot of them.
    Used to oppress people the world over from the start of it.
    Get rid & we’d have a happier, freer world.
    Well done henry VIII, best thing a royal c*** ever did.
    Down with them bastards too btw.

  94. I woorry about Everton on the wings tbh. They do a lot of overlapping and stuff out there, which is why I think Benny should play in the middle away from all of that nasty tracking back ;)

  95. ICE – agree bud, we should have Tiote and Barton as CDM’s, Routledge, HBA and Jonas accross the middle and Carroll up top on his bill, but if Nolans in there in place of Routledge then fair do’s, but we should have 2 CDM’s as a base.

  96. CLINT,as i said before i dont do religion or politics hows this one, true

    one of my good mates in malta (which is pro-church)is always giveing money to his church i mean big money,normally i keep out of it,but one day i asked him “why”do you give so much he said the priest tells us the more you give the higher place you get in heaven.
    didnt know they have lge tables there too.
    how green can you get!

  97. There you go, and there are numerous catholic countries who do the same. My boss is Brazilian and he was telling me today that there a re a number of devout catholics who will do exactly what their priest says, no questions asked. Hence why the Vatican is pretty wealthy

  98. ice,
    talk about gullible.
    It’s sad that so many people have been taken in, duped, skanked, raped & cheated for so long.
    Defies belief mate.
    Cancer on society.

  99. RAFFO aye m8 one of the richest banks in the world,gave clint a example,heres another my son was going out with a maltese girl,crying one day my son asked her why she said a gypsie had put a curse on her and only the priest could remove it but didnt have the money to give him for another week,how kind of him to wait a week.
    just sick gets imo

  100. :-) yeah, its the only video site I have access to, this one and a couple other chinese ones… Youtube etc. is blocked here

    anyway, dutch commentary but its the whole match… enjoy