Red Devils too hot to handle! Man Utd 3-0 Newcastle.

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Giggs scoring Man Utd's third of the night.
Giggs scoring Man Utd's third of the night.
It was never going to be easy heading to Old Trafford for the first game of our Premier League return, and the scoreline of 3-0 to Manchester United will reflect that.

Mistakes get punished in this league, and all three goals conceded could easily be attributed to an error from a player in a black and white shirt at some point.

To use that as an excuse would be harsh on Manchester United though. At times they were sublime, and even if our players hadn’t have made the errors that cost the goals, I am pretty sure that the Red Devils would have got them eventually. Paul Scholes put on a masterclass as did another old head, Ryan Giggs, who came of the bench to score the best goal of the game.

The Newcastle squad looked thin last night, down to the bare bones already. They had started the match pretty decent in fairness. They fought for the ball, scrapped, looked tidy and could have even taken a shock lead had Andy Carroll got his header from a Joey Barton corner on target.

As time progressed it was Manchester United who started to assert themselves. The pressure was starting to build and you could sense that a goal for the home side could be on the way. Man Utd attacked but the ball broke free allowing Jonas Gutierrez the chance to counter-attack. John O’Shea nicked the ball from him though and played it to Paul Scholes who teased a pass just beyond the reach Jose Enrique and into the path of Dimitar Berbatov who shot across goal to make it 1-0 on 33 minutes.

Up until then Newcastle had been holding their own. Manchester United had a few chances but they were generally dealt with quite comfortably. The game changed as soon as that first goal went in though. Newcastle were no longer chasing the ball, their passing had gone awry, and it wasn’t long before the defecit was doubled.

Nani ran at James Perch before slipping the ball inside his opponent for Patrice Evra to drive a low centre across the penalty area. Rooney couldn’t adjust his body to recieve the ball and it bobbled kindly for Darren Fletcher who turned Fabricio Coloccini inside the six-yard area and shot past Harper.

That was 2-0 and pretty much game over. After a decent start, Newcastle were now on a damage limitation mission. Manchester United pretty much dominated the second half, although the introduction of Shola Ameobi for Kevin Nolan seemed to give the away side a lift.

The game was starting to die out when, on 85 minutes, the evergreen Ryan Giggs volleyed home a Paul Scholes cross to make it 3-0. That goal can be attributed to Jose Enrique fannying around with the ball rather than just trying to clear it out of play.

I can’t argue with the score to be honest, but it was better than some had predicted. More teams will go to Old Trafford this season and get the same treatment as we did, which is nothing to be ashamed of. There was only ever a slim chance of Newcastle getting a result last night, and in the end the gulf in class between the two teams was too great to bridge.

Next up for us is Aston Villa on Sunday. We must try and get a result against them as most of our points are going to have to come at St James’ Park if we are to survive, and especially if we persist with this 4-5-1 system away from home. This team is screaming out for a bit of creativity and pace, and hopefully the onlooking Mike Ashley will have noticed the same thing and be willing to do something about it, like buy a player!

I won’t hold my breath though!

Man UtdEdwin van der Saar, Patrice Evra, Nemanja Vidic, Jonny Evans, John O’Shea, Nani, Paul Scholes, Darren Fletcher, Antonio Valencia, Dimitar Berbatov, Wayne Rooney.

SubsTomasz Kuszczak, Ryan Giggs, Chris Smalling, Javier Hernandez, Michael Carrick, Rafael da Silva, Federico Macheda.

NewcastleSteve Harper, James Perch, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jonas Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith, Joey Barton, Jonas Gutierrez, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll.

SubsTim Krul, Ryan Taylor, Xisco, Shola Ameobi, Haris Vuckic, Nile Ranger, James Tavernier.


RefereeChris Foy.

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135 Responses

  1. I was listening on fivelive last night and Robbie Savage was really ripping into us, saying more or less we were certs for relegation. We’re we really that bad? The stats don’t point that way with a couple of shots on target & couple of misses, away to Man U that doesn’t seem terrible or was it that Man U just picked us off at a canter? I still think we’ll pick up enough points at home to be safe by Easter.

  2. Upon further reflection I was relieved it wasn’t a real thrashing – It could have been as they played well in the second half.

    First half was poor second half was better.

    What did we expect? Still, I think it showed up the fact we’re desperate for a bit of guile in the middle of the park and we just have no pace at all.

    But our next five games will give us the best idea of where were going to be. Villa and Stoke at home and Wolves away. We need at least 7 points. Then we can see where we are.

  3. Hughton said of the Ben Arfa move: “From our point of view that remains very much speculation at this point.

    who are you kidding hughton.get it f-ing sorted you twat.i really think now that hughtons scared to upset nolan and will continue to put the overweight scouse behind carroll.

  4. Cornish……Savage is a knob,he’s entitled to his opinion but to my knowledge he’s never been right ;-)

    Stu…agree with the above.

  5. We we’re never going to any idea of how the season ws goin to go off this game as manu r one of only 4or5 teams who can do that to, I fink if u look at the stats the obivious one is the shots on target 4 each but they scored 3 n the 3 they scored come from r mistakes, I thought first 30min we played well but wen we went 1-0 down we looked shaky till half time, we did well they had double the possession but limited there chances, as houghton comments hba he won’t admit to any deal

  6. From what I’ve read on this blog and Ed’s just about every player has had a thumbs up from somebody – except Nolan – understandably in my book. Even Routledge and Perch – both of whom I thought were a bit out of their depth – have had their cheerleaders.

    I think that’s an indication that it wasn’t such a bad performance, it’s just that ManU were far better.

    As for the legions of naysaying fans, one loss – away to one of the best teams in Europe, in the first game of a season after you have just been promoted – is no basis for breaking out the sackcloth and ashes. Come back when the transfer window closes and after we’ve had a few games. Till then, go fck yourselves.

  7. get 3 in for the Villa game and we will be ok!
    there were promising signs last nite, but the difference was quality finishing!!
    these 3 would make us top 10 material i think! how much for all 3? Could be £10m but money wisely spent!!

  8. Re your headline…..

    Newcastle United – our name is Newcastle United….

    It’s bad enough when the knobs on the telly do it (drop our United or even refer to the opposition as “United” when there are 2 on the field), but I don’t expect it from our own people!

    It’s even more important as this features in Newsnow.

  9. Yip I wud hav to say everyone did hav positives to take from the game thought harper-didnt hav much to do but still had to pick the ball out of the net 3 times, perch- thought played well but kept getting pulled into cb to cover the runs of there cm which bcoz r cm weren’t which left us exposed at rb, williamson I thought had solid game, colo the same, jose- cost us the 3rd goal instead of putting it into row z played a nightmare ball to colo, but kept valencia quite, routledge looked good goin forward but final ball n panicky cost us chances, smith played but I fink he should of been man markin ps, barton did ok, jonas lacked that final ball n lost the ball for first goal, nolan was quite, carroll did well but huffing the ball up to him wen no is wit him is pointless but he is a beast n is gonna coz a lot problems for defences this year, overall there is only 4or 5 teams who will dominate u like so am not worried n I know ppl keep sayin we need a striker but I fink we need better service to the strikers, if we get hba were gonna look very dangerous if he sits behind carroll bcoz the we didn’t huff it we played some neat little passes its jus they panicky in fina third

  10. If Hughton continues with his loyalty policy with his so called senior pros then we are in bother, Nolan and Smith were anonymous and thats being kind.
    Barton was badly missing Guthrie along side him but he tried his hardest and Carroll gave their centre halfs a roughing up they arent used to.
    Just hope Ashley saw that with a small injection of quality in the right places alongside the triers and we will be ok.

  11. I know some people will bury their heads in the sand and “It was Man Utd” but it was a reality check for us.

    Last season we lost the ball in key areas and we weren’t punished, Jonas was punished for doing just that. Enrique tried playing out of our area time after time last season and got away with it, he did it once last night and we were punished.

    Utd didn’t play great but it could still have been 5 or 6.

    Lets just hope we learn from it and pick up some points against Villa – Although they looked pretty tasty on Saturday and have pace and power – Something we’re sadly lacking in every department.

  12. Agreed @7 hba, fer n bellars we wud b more than ok, although fink were bottom of the list for bellers, but someone like him well b fine n we need a proper dm someone who will jus sit n protect the back four

  13. Stu agree wit u on most of your points there bout jose n jonas costing goals, but u hav to admit there is ony a select few teams at the top who will do what man u did to us, we need someone in a veira,makalele type mould who can win n pass it

  14. Can’t argue that we wer’nt out-played for most of the game last night & in all honesty the manc’s just have better players than us in every position. AC is probably the only one who came anywhere near winning his personal battle, there were some better second-half performance’s so thats a plus & its probably not going to be results against the likes of the mancs that will seal our fate.

    Savage is a tosser who trys to hide his lack of ability by being out-spoken, he’s not the first to use us for extra media exposure.

    Great to hear the Toon Army in full voice last night, our team might not be very good but our support is a different class. Hope citeh sign milner before sunday.

  15. Davy – Man Utd are probably one of the few teams who only need one mistake to capitalise but against other teams if we keep doing it we will get punished in this league – Regardless of what people think about the other teams in this league, their better than what we were up against last season.

  16. Did any of you see the match report in the telegraph.All it consisted of was an assanation of Barton ,because he got booked.Not once did it mention that dirty bastard Scholes fouls.No doubt this is the kind of bias reporting we have to put up with.

  17. Just posted it above Mick G. Not what I’d call proffessional journalism really.

  18. Just wonder what CH was on about saying we came out with some credit.
    Said it before and I will say it again we are not premiership quality,we are sluggish,uncreative and will be found out by most teams that have a bit of craft and pace.

    Most matches in the championship where like watching paint dry…this year will be like watching paint dry as well but with more defeats.

    Buy MA before it is to late.

  19. notaghost sorry mate I havn’t woken up yet,but good to see we are both in total agreement,I also thought Joe coles tackle on sunday was very much like bartons on Alonso when he got sent off,the differance being the media felt sorry for Cole but wanted to hang Barton.

  20. Davy – jose has to learn that you can’t mess about at the back against teams like the manc’s. Perch did ok in the second half & maybe he could show routledge how to cross. I’d have liked to see routledge in the number “10” role with raylor on the right.

  21. lads barton is hated in the media and at every other club in uk,the reporters will hang him for anything he does this season but if we get behind him as we have been doing then he will respond to us,he genuinely loves playing for nufc and is probably our best player along with jose and ac.the report in telegraph is sadly what the majority of english reporting consists off.on a plus side oliver holt in the mirror seemed to think we were ok.if hba were in that team last night im sure we would of scored a goal,all that was missing was the final ball,ac was immense in mt view but he should of scored the header

  22. Mick G agree on both posts. The Telegraph reporting was scandalous regarding Barton, and that overblown windbag Savage has been doing the rounds recently slating us, he was at it last week as well – t*sser.

  23. sirjasontoon – what is it with you? All this doom and gloom. Is it some sort of congenital condition? Do you want the name of a good psychiatrist, mate?

    How do you live with such pessimism. It must be an awful life.

  24. anyone know what happened to mcloven last night? injured? or being shipped out maybe?

  25. The telegraph & mail etc, just play to their readership which is mostly based in the south of england (with most of the mancs supporters)& theres nothing they enjoy more with their cornflakes than a bit of geordie bashing.

  26. Well an inauspicious beginning!!

    Colo was back to his previous form in the Premiership, Jose made so many mistakes it was unreal,
    Thought Harper’s positioning at times was very questionable!
    Williamson had a solid game, made 1 glaring mistake after a good challenge when he handed the ball to a red shirt in our box but other than that thought he was decent.
    Barton was awful, as he was last year for the life of me I can’t see why he didn’t replace him with Vukic the game was gone and it would have given him some pitch time!

    No end product from Jonas…However he seemed to be the only outlet we had.

    Routledge in and out the game made some nice runs but just couldn’t find the final ball.

    Nolan to slow for this level completely innefectual.

    Smith some good blocks but other than that not much ability.

    Perch I thought coped fairly well and would be happy with him remaining in the side.

    Carroll missed a sitter but when but hoofing it up to him was never going to get us back in this game, When his supply line dried up he was out of the game!

    Xisco….No comment!

    Ameobi missed a tough chance but certainly not good enough to be a lone striker has to keep him as a foil for carroll rather than Nolan in behind!

    We looked scared to death I thought and got the result we deserved.

    Anyway we never expected anything so no real harm done as a poster has already said it’s not the results against Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool that are gonna relegate us, sure we’d like to nick a battling draw or two off em but it’s the games we should be able to compete and win , Wolves, Stoke, Everton, Bolton, Blackburn etc…. They’ll decide whether we stay or go!!

  27. Morning folks, well I fully expected to lose last night. My good mate is a manure fan and he thinks we need. Defender and a cm and we will be more than ok. That will do for me. I think we need a cdm and a cam. I thought the second half was much better than the first half and we should take heart, they couldve steamrollered us but we stood up to them. Barton will always get hammer now, just a fact.

    I though nolan looked slow and didn’t set a skippers example for me, he wasn’t pressing defenders at all and was consistantly higher up the pitch than Carroll who was tracking back and working hard. Having slept on it I am a bit more positive about things

  28. Maverick says:
    August 17, 2010 at 9:00 am
    “Barton was awful, as he was last year”

    He only played 15 times last season coming back from a serious injury, scored a cracking free kick, got a couple of canny assists, and generally was fine even though he had hardly played in a year, so I dont know where your coming from with this.

    Come on man lads, im all up for constructive argument, even when its negative, but just coming on here and slagging off players is just pathetic. We wont get relegated because of last night, our season starts on Sunday.

  29. Hughton out!

    No, not really.

    I think Man U played very well actually and it’s not only us who would have struggled against that sort of performance from them. Scholes has received accolades for his performance and deservedly so – he rarely failed to the put the ball exactly where he wanted it.

    That was a tough opener against one of the top 2 teams in the league (and one of the best club sides in the world) who were on good form.

    We on the other hand have just been promoted and I don’t think we should read too much into a 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford from the first game.

    If we’re not winning at home to the likes of Stoke, West Ham, Blackpool, West Brom, Bolton, Wigan and such then it’ll be time to worry.

  30. Salty……..slight injury/Loven……….not sure about the groin bit,dunno where I got that from!! :-)

  31. I find it amazing how many of the fans are feeling down today. Yes we lost by 3 goals but the facts remain, we won’t get relegated by losing to Man Utd. We’ve got to learn from this match and see the type of standard this leagues sets. In this league one cannot play around with the ball at the back but Arsenal were guilty of that same mistake. We do need some creativity in the centre of the park, and if we’ve not signed anymore by the next away game, I’d be keen to play Routledge behind Carroll with R.Taylor on the right, as noir9 says. Bring on Villa I say!

  32. Morning Hugh, how’s things? Good to see you posting again.
    completely agree with your post. My god some of the comments last night on here were unbelievable. You would think we were getting thrashed by Whitley Bay the way some people were going on. You have summed up the situation perfectly.

  33. Definitely no need for a panic button yet but no amount of positive thinking can change the fact that Nolan was a spectator for most of his time on the pitch, Perch was jittery, Gutierrez gave away cheap balls, Barton was twatful and the defence were sloppy at crucial times. As good as Paul Scholes was, we didn’t offer enough and were too complacent and arrogant and this is a whole new ball game, so we got punished. They brought on quality and we could only fetch on Xisco and Ameobi.

    Andy Carroll was a positive for me, but ploughing his lonely furrow upfront meant few chances, one of which we all know and knows, he really should have buried.

  34. UNBANNED,,,,,

    @ 26 it’s called realism – stick to your barbies mate.


  35. Steve Harper is too slow for a premiership goalkeeper and his positional sense is a disgrace!!! Krul or Forster need blooded NOW before we go back down!

    James Perch needs time but will be okay.

    Jose Enrique didn’t give Valencia a kick! One of the best left backs in the premiership.

    Mike Williamson won his headers but lack of pace is a worry.

    Fabrizio Coloccini will not have to play Man Utd every week, luckily for him and us.

    Joey Barton? Where was he, a few passes but not the killer passes that was required, must do a lot better in future and watch his tackles as every referee will book him for being Barton.

    Kevin Nolan – Not quick enough to make an impact against the top premiership teams either in a midfield four or just off the front man.

    Alan Smith – Won some tackles but not a good premiership midfielder.

    Jonas Gutierrez ran his socks off but is that enough?

    Wayne Routledge has plenty of pace that will cause the poorer full backs problems but goes missing for too long.

    Andy Carroll ran his socks off was our best defender and attacker lacked support and gave Vidic and Evans a game they will remember MOM for us and should be proud of himself, lets see if he chases every ball when we are away to teams like Blackpool though!

    Chris Houghton – He was always going to bring Ameobi on for Nolan and Xisco in his new wing position??? on for Jonas or Routledge! Just wish he had the balls to bring Vuckic on for Smith and Ranger on for Nolan!

    Outcome – If we can finish 4th bottom with this squad then we would of done well.

    Future – Get that top class nutter Arfa in along with a LB cover for Jose and a pacy CF to play off Carrol and a top class CM that has pace and a brain and we can then aim for mid table.

  36. It’s the teams who’ll finish 9th and below who we need to be taking points off especially at home although I think Villa will give us a good indicaton.They’re a good team likely to finish top 8 and were impressive at the weekend.They have plenty of pace but hopefully they’ll lose Milner and possibly Young this week.I have a feeling we’ll beat them,not because of any footballing perspective but pure gut feeling………my gut feelings are quite often wrong tho ;-)

  37. I had read the Telegraph report half an hour ago before coming to this blog and had thought exactly the same as you guys. I thought Barton was unlucky to have been booked with Valencia having come from Barton’s blind side causing the marginally late tackle. Scholes’ tackle was probably worse with the genius (he was awesome wasn’t he but has never been able to tackle) knowing exactly where Barton was. Both were fouls but the biased reporting really does annoy me.

    As for the game – I thought were did ok but were playing a much better team but we must cut down on the number of mistakes around the box – can’t remember how many times I was screaming at the telly “stick it in row Z”. Again the telegraph report was so poor with the criticism of Colloccini being also way off the mark, the Argentinian being a steady influence throughout the game in my opinion – unlike Guttierez who promised so much but never delivered. Enrique was a disappointment but I’m sure he’ll learn quickly from last night’s experience – his touch which pushed the ball into Berbatov’s stride for the first goal was very unfortunate and opened the gates I’m afraid. Where was Lovenkrands? To suddenly find himself behind Xisco in the pecking order must be demoralising – and his pace would be very welcome in our team.

  38. I was at the game in the home section with coupla friends. The lads around were quite complimentary of us but said we looked like scared lambs. I don’t think we deserved the media hacking we got today but what’s new there? It was man utd on our first game back, live on tv playing against some of the worlds best. Most united fans were expecting to be topafter last night from what I could hear.
    Personally barton and smith cannot be or midfield 2. Smith adds very little to our game apart from a tackle or 2 and barton has the skill but his brain doesn’t react quickly enough. A real defensive mid with half decent pace, pull nolan back and a pacey number 10 and we will look a far better team.
    Overall I’m excited about the new season, we won’t go down even with this team with no new transfers.saw enough positives to make me happy. Carroll should get a special mention he played his socks off!

  39. We got beat, away to a side which will be either champions or runners up, what do you expect? It wasn’t a drubbing like we get at OT like most times, we were not too bad and I think we can be mid table this season.

  40. ‘Morning Deb, BBM,

    Been a while since we’ve all been on here at the same time!

    As I’ve said, I don’t think we need to worry too much about that result at this stage in the season.

    As far as individual players go I’d agree that Nolan had a poor game and I think he’s capable of more (and hopefully will demonstrate that in the coming games).

    Jonas made some excellent runs but, for me, he often just tries to take on one player too many.

    Anyway, I think we’ve got a fair chance against the Villa, which is never a friendly match in this house as my wife supports them!

  41. Kick her out hugh :) a “Geordie” in the pub last night supporting man ure, just plain wrong.

  42. Carroll was immense and im going to hand out praise to Williamson and Smudge, honestly i dont care if has no ability, he ran his socks off for the night.

    Reading the some of the comments on Ed’s blog I thought some were a disgrace, people were just clueless. Its nice to see we have some optimists here and thats what we need.

    At times we actually played quite well but it was just the moments of indecision that cost us. Theres is no way I am panicing after last night. I saw enough to see that we can beat the wigans, stokes, brum etc etc of this league.

    Roll on Villa, i cant wait

  43. 1 cornish-magpie says:
    August 17, 2010 at 7:01 am
    I was listening on fivelive last night and Robbie Savage was really ripping into us,

    Savage was a disgrace! He spent the whole time sniping at the lads, laughing and joking. What’s more, the lead commentator was joining in with it and they should have been told to just do what they’re paid to do and comment on the game in an even-handed manner.

    3-0? Under the circumstances, respectable and I was relieved that Man U didn’t perform as well as they surely will as the season progresses.

    Yes, we need some incomers and let’s hope that MA drew that conclusion too. Fingers crossed and nil desperandum carborundum!!

  44. Bit of a reality check last night … toonsy you were spot on with your 3 – 0 prediction yesterday.

    Didn’t get back till 1.00 as the traffic was a nightmare (if you ever go to OT do not park anywhere near Cheshire Street).

    Great atmosphere generated by the away end, and the geordie vuvuzela was spot on!

    The man u support was large but poor on volume.

    The 3 danes in front of me travelled over for the game … and then got slaughtered and spent most of the game in the toilet … class.

    I thought that the team actually played quite well … and we got beat 3-0!!

    We do need more pace in midfield, and the one up front was a challenge for Carroll.

    On that performance I think we will be fine this year, with mid table obscurity (= successful season).

  45. I’ll try not to go on too much,especially as I’m typing this on a phone, but we looked ok last night considering the opposition. Saying that are we lending ourselves into a false sense of security here? Manu always start off slow and their first games of the season have, in the past, thrown up some surprises.
    We looked a mess in midfield. Carroll surprised me as at theft start he looked more nervous then me! Barton showed some really good touches and can only improve.
    Note on tthe sky commentAry. When.summing up Andy grey and Richard keys laid into smith for a tackle, yet just laughed off scholes cruncher as getting his own back.
    Don’t expect villa to be an easier game. I don’t think manu were at full speed. I’m thankful rooney kept his world.cup form going and berbatov was his mediocre self. Yes he scored, but he should have had a lot more.
    Baptism of fire.
    We need more.players in that’s obvious. We have a very small squad and we need cover for.injuries and to rest players when we go on a big cup run ;-)

  46. we need two brand new wingers imho. routledge is sh1t had too many chance in pl before, jonas is a headless chicken and we dont need one.

  47. According to that tit Savage, Bellamy has been talking to an unnamed club over the last couple of days and an announcement could be made today. It would be great if that club was us but I know Ashley will never pay his wages. The only thing in our favour is that Man City would refuse to let him loan the Spurs and Villa as they see those clubs as rivals to the top four, us on the other hand would be of no concern to City’s league challenge.

  48. jay jay says:
    August 17, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Kick her out hugh


    It’s been close a few times!

    There are of course advantages of having a wife who loves football – she’d watch it all day too – but it can cause problems when our teams meet.

    Most of her family (mother, father, sister, aunts, uncles etc) are Baggies supporters but my wife and her brother are the rebel Villains.

  49. Anyone listening to talk sport?mike parry is a fat twat.did jeremy Kyle just say ben arfa plays for maccabi tel aviv?that shows how much these two know about football.

  50. My missus supports man ure :( and I bought my everton ticket yesterday so going away on her birthday, haven’t told her yet, I’m gonna be popular.

  51. agree think there is alot of people over reacting on here getting beat off manu does not mean were going down, they are the highest calibre in the pl with chelsea there aint to many out of top 6 who will dominate us like that, yes we cant make mistakes and we hav to improve in final third, am gonna make a bold predicition that we will beat villa, am sorry lads aknow alot of people love harper but krul should b r number 1, thought stats werent bad either possession manu 64% we had 36%, attempts 12 we had 8, shots on target 4 each difference is they scored theres, only 12 attempts with that amount of possession shows we did well defending

  52. Thought we did ok last night until we gifted them a goal, after that it was about damage limitation – we should be able to survive and may even hit lower mid table if we can sign a couple of players
    anyone else think Harpers past it, he’s been a great no2 for us but his reactions seem slow to me and he doesn’t command his box, personally would install krul as no1 and forster as backup – sorry steve, know you’ve waited forever but least you managed a couple of seasons as no1

  53. Capello Index confims Big Andy is better than Rooney… and people are worried about relegation…

  54. No nasher, talking crap, are you judging them on one performance away to a team that will challenge for the title?

  55. Still haven’t changed my opinion about the midfield – If you cannot pass from A to B you’re going to struggle.

    We lacked pass all over the place and lets not forget that Man Ure’s midfield and attack isn’t the quickest in the world.

  56. Nasher says:
    August 17, 2010 at 10:27 am
    anyone agree routledge and jonas need to be replaced asap?


  57. Marseille President: “Within the next two days it will be resolved and then we will explain everything”


    “We can confirm this has been an on running and elaborate April Fool’s joke. Hatem is actually a really nice lad and would love to spend the rest of his career in Marseille”

  58. BBM how you dliddling marra? Since you were last on I’ve change companies, so I’m even busier than before. Can’t access the blog through my work computamabob as I’ve got a massive 21″ screen and I sit right next to my boss! So, I’m limited to my phone.
    Hope to get on more now the seasons started.

  59. MT – not sure where the Man U are slow starters thing comes from – I’ve heard a few people mention it but they’ve only lost their opening fixture once in the last 10 years. In fact only Chelsea and Arsenal have a better record at the start of the season.

    For me the most pleasing thing about last night was that we never looked like throwing in the towel. In years gone by we would have probably ended up losing that fixture by 5 or 6.

    For all Man U’s possession they didn’t create that many clear cut chances.

  60. it probably should have been a cricket score last night,if we had of went to old trafford 3 or 4 games in,i hate to think what the final tally would have been.
    we started the game okay,but i feel man utd just let us have the ball.when they started to go through the gears we couldn’t live with them.
    kevin nolan more or less answered the queries i had about him before the season began.he cannot do it at prem level,i think richard keys said before the match”did kevin nolan find his level in the championship?”i have to agree.his only contribution all night was to take a whack to the back of his heed.
    collicini looked unassured and shaky to say the least.
    jonas is a liability in my opinion,he continually gives the ball away,and has not improved one iota since the day he was signed.
    perch was all over the place,but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.
    williamson not too bad apart from the suicide pass out of defence,although he did well with his follow up tackle.
    routledge has two moves to his armoury,one is to knock the ball ahead of an opposing player,then run onto it.the other is to pick up the ball on the wing,then proceed to cut into the middle of the park.stay wide you mug,that’s what your paid for.late into the second half,he had an eternity to cross the ball,and he still couldn’t do it.
    alan smith all heart but ineffective as an attacking force.
    joey barton received some rough treatment on the night,whoever kicked that ball at him when he was down,that was no accident.i’m still not convinced by him,he’s average at best.
    jose did okay,but was an unlucky participant in the first goal,didn’t bomb on as i would of liked,but i suppose that’s understandable.
    carroll should have scored with that free header,that’s the difference between the fizzy and the prem,the margin for error is far greater.i think if he did score,it would have spurred man utd on to greater heights.
    chris hughton’s substitutions were a token effort to say the least,why bring on amoebi,when the team could not fashion a chance for carroll.
    xisco on the wing?howay chris are you that naive?that’s never going to fly,as the yankees would say.
    all in all a disappointing night,but people will say it’s man utd,and their entitled to their opinion,but if we play like that against villa,they will take us to the cleaners.villa could do this even without a manager.

  61. Xisco on the wing is frustrating. He does look half decent I reckon. He has a bit about him and looks for the shot quick enough – but sticking him on the wing helps no-one. It’s like Hughton picks his team based on who has the biggest wage packet because each decision has to represent value for money.

    Vuckic should be given the chance from the bench and then soon enough I think he would prove we can rely on him for 90.

  62. I think some people are being far too critical of the performance last night. I thought we played well until the 1st goal and after that we found it hard to break out of our own half.

    Some pieces of defending were excellent which was encouraging. We shouldn’t have been trying to play our way out of defence and it was in doing that we made the mistakes that lead to the goals. We were able to do that in the Championship but CH should have known that wasn’t going to work against ManU.

    Carroll was impressive against Vidic and Evans.
    Routledge was kept quiet by Evra.
    Jonas couldn’t cross as usual but made some decent runs.
    Nolan was poor.
    Barton and Smith couldn’t cope with Scholes in midfield.
    Enrique did okay but played himself into trouble instead of doing the simple things.
    Perch looked decent but couldn’t get close enough to Nani.
    Williamson and Colo played well together and i think could cope with most Strikers outside the top 6.
    Harper could have done better with most of the goals, looked slow reacting and didn’t command his box well enough. I’d like to see Forster given a chance.

  63. Not sure how much we’ll know after the Villa game really. They looked pretty good to me and if we don’t get anything on Sunday confidence must surely be low. If we win on the other hand it should set us up nicely.

    Good have done with easier games for the first two I suppose.

  64. Nasher..I bit harsh in my opinion mate…..yes they have it all to prove but so do the rest of the team as does every player in every promoted team,as does every new signing in the prem.We cant judge them on one game and certainly not v Man Utd away.

    Trojan..aye Villa were impressive on Saturday and have loads of pace which is a worry but as I said earlier I have a sneaky feeling we’re going to beat them…….3-1,may just be my heart ruling my head though ;-)

  65. what’s with all the ctiticism of Harper … at the end of last season some were suggesting that he should go to south africa as a safe pair of hands …!!!

    Give the guy a break … one game against man united doesn’t make a crap keeper

  66. think some of the comments slating the team last night are unbelievably harsh,manure scored 3 v chelski last week aswell mind.i for one was very encouraged on the way home from ot last night,thought we gave a good account of ourselves,some of our play in those first 30 mins was great,we looked actually quite dangerous.carroll was brilliant,he only a young lad and he won everything in the air and i mind he turned o’shea and was hacked down for a blatant free kick that wasnt given before he could get a shot in.granted he should of scored his free header but all in all i was really really impressed by him and the rest of the lads,we really should bear in mind the opposition last night when slating the team.we wont go to any harder places this season apart from chelski and we gave a good accoun t of ourselves.perch though for me is out of his depth i agree with that whole heartedly,he makes a lot of mistakes and gets dragged out of position alot imo.he reminds me a bit of bramble,always likley to make a whoopsie! but hopefully he can settle in and improve and we have to back him,although i would pick raylor over him every time mind.and then when simpson comes back i think he should start,but i have a feeling that when sol and s taylor are fit then s taylor will be rb with sol at cb with colo.if we get arfa and this fer fella we will be fine lads,and whispers of bellers coming are getting stronger.with bellers and ac up front,arfa playing the killer balls and the work rate and spirit of the rest we would be in for a great season i hope.but if we sign nobody and get injuries in key areas we will really struggle.a win v villa will get us going,but a heavy defeat will set us back big going for a good win like,with arfa making his home debut! we can but dream…

  67. I thought we played quiet well , There was times we passed the ball quiet well but you could see the gulf in class between the two teams. We started well n the first 10-15 mins i felt the match was quiet even but you could see man utd had those couple of extra gears and took control of the game with ease in fairness to them. I think we gave a good account of ourselves n the result is not a surprise. We arent going to be up against that quality week in week out but we made a few mistakes that need to be ironed out regardless

  68. jonas has never been good in the three seasons we have had him, end of.

    final ball is shocking.

    routledge has all legs but no end product.

  69. Nolan’s captaincy is already a problem for me. Without any signings I’d go for

    Rout Guthrie Barton Jonas

    Carroll Loven

    in the home games starting with villa. How will Nolan ever find a useful role in our team – out of his depth away and no place in the 442 we must use at home.

  70. just seen on l equipe that corriele delo sport is saying milan have offered huntelaar as part exchange for ben arfa….

  71. I thought there was a glimmer of hope on Bellamy when Savage talked about an unnamed team although this optimism was tempered by his outrageous bias against us. I did at least assume he’d be going somewhere other than Cardiff – Savage just attention seeking clearly – but its best for us that he’s out the league because he would definitely have scored against us.

  72. I aint going to talk about the result, just the performance. I thought that Smith and Nolan became more and more ineffective as the game wore on though both were good in the opening 25 minutes. They allowed Man utd far too much time and space on the ball which put our defence under untold pressure. When our wingers went forward with the ball the never had a passing outlet as our midfield rarely moved forward with them. In the second half our three central midfielders sat in front of the defence but rarely pressured the ball or picked a man up. Too often we expected Jonas and Routledge to beat a few players instead of just a full back.

    Smith and Nolan were not good enough in this game but I am not sure how fit Smith was and what other options Hughton had. If we had some one as energetic as Carroll playing just off him then we would have been putting them under much more pressure. I am not sure what Barton was supposed to be doing last night, he looked great in the first half at times but I am not sure Smith give him any sort of license to get forward in the second half.

    I have no hopes for this transfer window and only hope we can replace Smith, Ameobi and Nolan in the next 12 months.

    Carroll was awesome.

  73. saltysellars,

    If that’s true what a colossal waste of time and energy this ordeal has been.

    I’m still confident though because CH understands Ben Arfa!

  74. The Italians say corriele delo sport is rubbish, pretty much like tribal or some rubbish like that. As far as I gather, the Marseille Pres. has given NUFC 48 hours to reach an agreement.

  75. i hope its not true like,we really need the boost that signing hba will give us and the team

  76. And I guess it will depend if Arfa wants to go to Italy as he has stated throughout that he wants to come to England. What we’ve learned is that he is certainly a guy who will not be dictated too and will decide himself where he will end up.

  77. lads we were ok! we didnt get over run like chelsea did against many saves did harper make.spurs battered city.nobdy beat perch or enrique down the out side with pace.that has got to be a first.yes they were out of postion sometimes but that will come with perch.the big problem we had when rout or jonas broke they only had them selves to pass too thats why they lost the ball more then not.the midfield coulnt get up to them so they couldnt make the easy pass.carrol was a star vidic never won a header.and the good point man u never won 1 header in are area from corners.its all good when we have more of the ball we will score from corners and headers.sorry ch u are only a friends manager.u have got no tactics in u.carrol went back.then u have to have runners in midfield.u cant play smith and nolan in the same team.ever man and his dog nows that.stop being inept or u wont last much longer in your job.nolan captain u are having a least u took him off.then why not put young ranger on who has pace and mobile u clown thats what u said u need in the prem but u bring on the other nob and put him on the wing.that sums u up ch.

  78. @93 Aha! So this is where the doomsayers get their analysis from – or are they all hoping to be spotted by an editor from The Southern Tabloid. That’s what it’s all about – they’re frustrated southern journalists.

  79. From the rumours site

    17 Aug 2010 10:22:58
    Ed- whats the latest on ben arfa’s move to newcastle? if the deal looks likely wen will it be concluded?

    {Editor’s Note: Marseille want to get rid of Ben Arfa entirely – sale or exchange. An exchange for Huntelaar has been suggested but I doubt that would ever happen. If no other team is willing to buy Ben Arfa – and we are looking at around £4M only, only then will a loan become viable. As you have probably seen from his behaviour over the past few days, he can be a difficult person to deal with. Newcastle still have some work to do with Marseille if they want to see the player move to SJP.}

  80. Raffo, I’m not really sure the editor on that website knows anymore than the usual clowns who post there. But at 4mil we should just do it now.

  81. Text
    Incoming !!! Hatem green light off marseille president.

    Will let you know any details

  82. richietoon says:
    August 17, 2010 at 11:54 am
    Waddles,hope ya right,you often are


    Twaddles Mullet?

  83. Personally i Would have thought huntelaar swap deal would scupper it but now marseille are about to buy remi.

  84. Just to add perpective to gloom, last season Man Utd wins at Old Trafford:-

    Everton 3-0
    Stoke 4-0
    Fulham 3-0
    Wolves 3-0
    Wigan 5-0
    West Ham 3-0
    Burnley 3-0
    Hull 4-0
    Portsmouth 5-0

    so…we are in good company for a lower half team in my view

  85. Waddles like I said I cant see Huntelaar going there.Posibly another Italian club or Spanish or EPL but not to France imo.

  86. just for all the people getting on nolan’s case for last night. aye he didnt have the best of matches, but do realize he got a concussion on the 5 min marker. thats not an injury that can be played on, thats a health concern. credit to the lad for soldiering on for as much as he could.

  87. Sir Erec says:
    August 17, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    If that’s the case, why are you giving him credit for that? He should have went off and not held the team back.

    Doubt it was anything to do with that anyway. He probably just had a shit game!

  88. where did u read that sir erec? I remember the smack he got but it dint look that serious and if he was concused he should of come off

  89. Nolan did NOTHING in the match, this is my problem with Nolan even last season he did absolutly nothing to influence play in a match its like playing with one less man but in the championship he was able to score goals which overshaddowd the fact he’s a terrible player. In the premier league he wont score as much goals definatly fewer than 5 so overall will be a totally pointless player. I understand why he was appointed captain but oh why he’s virtually undroppable.

  90. Nolan did take a big blow to the head, later on in the game, bllod was comming out the back of it. Still think it may have been better if he had gone off earlier though.

    i wanted to see Barton off for Vuckic and either Shola or Ranger for Nolan. Got one of them I suppose, but was a bit too late in the game. Should have stuck Vuckic on, at 2-0 down, we had nothing to loose and could have given him a chance to shine. I do wonder though, will he start to come on after 31 Aug, so nobody can try to buy or loan him until january?

  91. ‘This team is screaming out for a bit of creativity and pace, and hopefully the onlooking Mike Ashley will have noticed the same thing and be willing to do something about it, like buy a player’.

    Aye two bulky DM’s we’re looking at, real pace and creativity there Mike. :(

  92. Would have been nice to have bellers back who would have played the No 10 role, however if waddles is right and Arfa could be on his way then I believe we are getting an even better No 10 player, younger, faster even if they are both very hot headed

  93. I will be seriously pissed off if we dont get Ben Afra and it’s because Mike Ashley didnt stump up £6M. He will be worth £15 after a good season, Milner has a fraction of that talent.

  94. Anything else there then waddles matey?

    In fairness though DJG I actually think that we are crying out for a good CDM and think as soon as this is in place we have a bit of creativity to use. I agree we dont have any real pace, but I think if we have a really good linchpin we can rely on, then Barton could be free to go and influence the game and not worry about doubling up as our CDM is a converted forward.

  95. see the gruesome twosome,ashley and llambias sitting in the crowd.both of them sitting shaking their heads,well that’s what happens when you dont invest in the squad you two c**ts.

  96. ime not going to condemn toon on one game,but as i have said many times along with stu,there is no guile in the team and just no decent break play up which was glareing,but signing a couple of players wont make a great deal of diff for villa as they nrrd time to gel in but it will lift team like.

    miller signs for m/c

  97. TROJAN

    Well he’s gonna have to spend something what does he expect. It won’t be like that every week obviously, but still I think we need a playmaker who can create us a bit of time and space and pull the other team back a bit. Even against the lower teams I think we will struggle getting out our half if we don’t.

  98. lads yes he would be great ben arfa.but unless he drops nolan we will be in the same postion.he cant do it on his own.we need that support from central.if he plays up front then nolan is going to play we would be in a worse postion no cover at the back or forward and cant chase back.we would be then playing 442 with nolan and barton.

  99. It’s really frustrating Reading hughtons comments on the chronicle website saying were not close to signing might be him being coy but if it’s true then what the he’ll has the club been doing since we got Campbell.we need at least 3 in two weeks.get ur fingers out.

  100. Mike Ashley looked 10 years older yesterday,,i think he need to go and check his BSL. :-)

  101. It’s Vuckic’s 18th the day before the Villa game. I’d play him just for a birthday treat considering he won’t be able to really celebrate any other way.

  102. Basically we have a team that will finish 9th-19th this season, we all know that and we still have a lot of players on huge wages who you could replace with other players on half the money and not notice the difference.
    We really didnt discover anything that we didnt know allready from last night.
    Of course these players have flaws and cant do this and cant do that, if they were better players they wouldnt be playing for us.
    We have now joined the group of teams that each season have 1 ambition and that is survival and that wont change until the present owners depart.

  103. DJG says:
    August 17, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    “I will be seriously pissed off if we dont get Ben Afra and it’s because Mike Ashley didnt stump up £6M. He will be worth £15 after a good season, Milner has a fraction of that talent.”

    This is why Ashley is rich and you aren’t? ;) :lol: