Newcastle drawn against Accrington Stanley in League Cup.

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The Crown Ground - Luxury at it's best.
The Crown Ground - Luxury at it's best.
Accrington Stanley……. Who are they? Exactly. That one line will mean something to a certain age group of people, me included unfortunately.

It’s not that often that we get the chance to say it these days, but given that Newcastle have been drawn away to Accrington Stanley in the League Cup it gives us the ideal chance to roll the clock back to the 1980’s and have a look at just where that very famous phrase came from.

The tie will be played in the modest surroundings of Accrington Stanley’s 5,000 capacity ground, The Crown Ground on either the 24th or 25th of August. The chances are that the match will also be on TV as Sky will no doubt be eyeing up a shock result that they can beam across the world.

Personally I’m not overly fussed about the League Cup. To me it just means more games to play, more chance of injury, more fatigue for our players. Give the kids a go against Accrington. If they go throught then great, give them another go in the next round. If we go out then it really isn’t a problem to me.

Some fans will disagree with me for saying that though as the League Cup is generally seen as a competition that can be won by more than just the usual suspects, although having said that the competition has been won by one of the ‘top four’ in seven out of the last ten seasons. So it appears that a cup win would seem unlikely then!

Most other teams use it as a competition to blood their youngsters in so why don’t we try the same? Give players like Nile Ranger, Haris Vuckic, James Tavernier and maybe even Phil Airey a run out that they are unlikely to get in the Premier League.

We must remember that Newcastle aren’t the only team in this tie, and the Accrington players will no doubt want to play against the best side possible. I wouldn’t like to see us disrespect them by sending an entire team full of youth players, and it could be a good chance for players who are returning to fitness, like Sol Campbell for example, to get a run out and gain some match fitness.

It is one of those matches that the cup throws up at times. A Premier League team versus a League 2 team, at their ground, will no doubt earn them a fair few bob, and for those who think that this match should act almost as a free passage into the next round, I have only two words to say to you…

Hereford United!

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125 Responses

  1. aye, would be a good match to give players like campbell, smith, vuckic, krul and that lot a run out.
    later on we can field more first teamers and maybe try to reach quarterfinals or better.

  2. Good lord…early post for you, eh Toonsy?

    Aye, I think it would be an excellent chance to get some youth into the mix. If it’s on TV, then perhaps I’ll be fortunate enough to see this one.

    More rounds = more money for the club, right…maybe not a lot, but better than nothing.

  3. Good morning all,

    I am disapointed to hear the news that the club is not taking a full allocation of tickets which are being made available to them for our away matches. I know that you will have more information than me but as far as I’m aware selling tickets for away matches has never been difficult. I know I speak for many people who are disheartened regarding this news and feel let down by the club. Our club is well known for it’s great support, we love our club, we are loyal to our club, and we want to be there for our club. 3000 tickets could and would have been sold for the wolves match, 1100 just isn’t the Newcastle United way. Please tell me something is going to be done about this, let us support our club.

    Kind regards

  4. found this on a marseille website:
    Hatem Ben Arfa wants to join Newcastle !

    While an agreement was reached with Fenerbahce for Mamadou Niang , Marseille now Hatem Ben Arfa . But the French international , author of a beautiful goal Wednesday against Norway, no longer wants to play for Didier Deschamps. According to L’ Equipe , he would have served yesterday to Jean- Claude Dassier , President Phocaean , and wants to join Newcastle .

  5. Been thinking about the away ticket goings on & I wonder if it has something to do with slow ticket sales at SJP, I don’t mean lack of demand for away tickets but if supporters who normally get their toon fix at away games can’t get away tickets their either not going to see the toon live or they will have to come to SJP.

  6. anyone notice that the kid from man city wiess is it or viess is not in the named squad, he would be better than the Arfa Daley

  7. possibly noir9 but think the majority of those who go to away games are still season ticket holders anyway.
    does anyone know how season tickets have been sold for this season?
    I wouldn’t have expected dell outs anyway,we didn’t have many 50k+ crowds last time we were in the prem and even the first home game when Keegan was the manager was only about 47k (i think) and that was before any of the trouble started.We’re still slowly coming out of the recession too so people just don’t have the cash for season tickets and so will probably pick and choose their matches.

  8. Weiss isn’t 21 so he dosent need to b named in the sqaud but he can still play, anyone under 21 dosent hav to b named in 25 man sqaud

  9. Aye Richie – Your probably right, was just trying to work-out where the club are coming from on this. Read the manc’s are even struggling to shift their season tickets & have been calling supporters,

    Ben Afra must be coming….he’s grown his wiskers already!

    Notice that article mentions ben afra has been told he would play the No 10 role?

  10. See Manure signed another Striker. Bebe, who only signed for hsi current club 5 weeks ago. Seems they have paid £7.4 mil to buy him out of his contract..
    Looks like Owen may not be playing much this season.. :)

    Any one have any ‘inside info’ for our latest moves, even if it is not true will help me get through work today ;)..

  11. Translation of Toonsy’s link.

    “According to L’Equipe, the French International Marseille Hatem Ben Arfa is determined to leave the Canebière for Newcastle.

    The player would no longer evolve under the orders of Didier Deschamps.

    Chris Hughton, Newcastle’s coach, has made him salivate promising to play at number 10 in the axis, a role that Ben Arfa wants to take.”

  12. Chris Hughton, Newcastle’s coach, has made him salivate……. Salivate? The mind boggles!!!

  13. Did anyone see the France match last night?
    If so (apart from the Goal) did Ben Arfa play well?

    @Lesh, some words do translate better than others dont they :)…

  14. @NI_Toon: Yeah apart from the goal he played a blinder when he got on, he was involved with everything the french did, typical :lol:

  15. @Slarth, yeah thought that might be the case. I am just praying that CH is just being his usual coy self until the deal is finialised but that we are well on the way to getting him.

    Would not be happy after all this messing about if I say him play for another Premiership team. Unless he flopped of course..

  16. @Lesh, some words do translate better than others dont they …

    It might have read better as ..”.. has made him slavver….!

  17. Lets hope so, as I think he would be great in the no10 role, and that would prob relegate Nolan to the bench and Barton for the skippers armband, I thank you.

    Bed time. See ya’s later

  18. Slarth – thanks for the link … I have never seen him play before but he does look pretty good on that showing.

    However the longer the delay in bringing him in … the more teams are alerted to him being available.

    But this is odd as no-one else in the PL has been sniffing around … so this leads me to think they do not want him for other reasons … does he has disciplinary problems or something similar ??

  19. The commentator on ESPN thought it was pretty much cut and dried he was coming to us, Using him as a number #10 with Jonas and Routledge either side and Barton and Gootrie in the mid keeping the ball, Could be tasty

  20. understands West Ham are in talks to sign Manchester City striker Felipe Caicedo.

    As I have said on here previously Caicedo would have been a decent signing for us! Maybe we could get Jo on loan for a season like Everton did. Could be useful.

  21. richietoon … best mates with Joey then …!!!

    Maybe this is why we are alone in the PL in pursuing him. I don’t want to be a doom monger … but is this a good move … just when the dressing room is pulling in the right direction … ???

  22. lads harry spunkface at was at the france game last night.if he bids he always gets his man.lets face it we need to move today or we will be having no new faces for united.

  23. to be fair,were they his fault,how serious were they? and he’s also said thats why he wants a move because he wants to make a fresh start with a clean slate.The other side of the coin is at the moment maybe we can only attract quality if they’re slightly damaged goods.

  24. ‘Arry was looking at Remy apparently Asim.Spurs will sign Ashley Young anway imo so doubt he wants or needs Ben Arfa

  25. RT fair comment … but he reminded me of aleka when watching the clips of last nights game … he never smiles !! At 23 he should be having the time of his life playing for his country!!

    Anyway … what ever will be …

  26. Shrews Mag …I think thats a french thing lol.
    I don’t think Robert smiled that much or Zidane even Henry often didnt smile when he scored if I remember right………or maybe he’s just got bad teeth ;-)

  27. yes he might be watching remy but ben arfa was the only1 who played and caught the eye. and he is half his price and they are playing in champs dont think he needs a stiker but does need a winger more.

  28. Sunderland have signed 8 players now (4 on loan) and although this will probably only confirm their midtable mediocrity I does show how much more we should be doing to strengthen the squad. We should make use of all the loans we can and have no qualms about developing other teams young players.

  29. oh no,we should change the name of this site to,you are all doing each others heads in with the constant b** a*** talk,just forget about it and see what happens.

  30. U gotta fink we had ppl there , I fink this deal maybe closer than we fink wit that reprt in the french paper

  31. trojan … if we do not talk about speculation … what do you suggest we discuss … the weather ??

  32. Asim…no one buys a player tho cos they play well in 1 half of football mate and ‘arry will get young for the wing imo.
    Trojan…ya reet,lets wait and see if/when it happens…me heeds hurting.

  33. shrews,it’s been done to death though,how much more can we have to say on the matter,when he turns up on sky news in his spurs top,then we’ll know lol.

  34. rich dont get me wrong.but harry u cant trust.pros and cons the price is right on ben arfa then young or remy.unless he was coming to us anyway..this yes or no he is coming dont be surprised if he nicks in.

  35. trojan … point taken … look forward to him coming to st james’ park .. with harry …:)

    RT wet here :)

  36. sorry trojan :-) ………thats my worry Asim that any prem club may nip in for him,which is what L’OM are hoping for……..reet now I’m done.

  37. Daan….I can’t even find a mention of him scoring on there…..unless I’m missing it.can you see owt?

  38. Lol yes salivating a touch, but Ive been up since 7am yesterday morning and 2 shifts in that time so a little out on me feet

  39. richie – yeah i see the article about him scoring, theres 2 i think but nothing that he wants to come to us :/

  40. Daan4tooN- He said he found that article on ‘a’ Marseille website, not ‘the’ Marseille official website.

  41. be fair if they want other clubs to bid for him L’OM won’t print quotes saying he wants to come here(if they exist)

  42. richie – true but when i thought that it said on the official website it got me excited!

  43. See Steve Bruce said he would be interested in Bellamy…hope Hughton is looking at bringing him in. Just what we need up front.

  44. RLTR@67 – Agree, if he joined the mackems i would be gutted but they would be able to pay his movie star wages where we are paying the minimum EPL rate.

  45. Celtic looking to loan Bellamy. Can we not offer better quality of play for a player like Bellamy? And, just canvassing for opinion here, is Bellamy the kind of player we want?

  46. Bellamy Still A Little Baby – Not Wanted At Newcastle The Newcastle United Blog 05:37

    Edmundsson Scores Against Estonia – Coloccini, Jonas Uninjured The Newcastle United Blog 05:07

    Blackburn’s Jason Roberts Linked With Newcastle The Newcastle United Blog 04:46

    Newcastle Visit Accrington Stanley In Carling Cup The Newcastle United Blog 04:35

    James Perch Undaunted By Manchester United Game The Newcastle United Blog 04:24

    Are Newcastle After Jean-Eudes Maurice – We Hope Not The Newcastle United Blog 04:03

    Uziblog 9mm. :)

  47. Harper

    S.Taylor Coloccini Campbell Enrique

    Jonas Barton Guthrie Ben-Arfa

    Bellamy Carroll

    Subs: Krul, Williamson, Simpson, Nolan, Routledge, Lovenkrands, Ranger

    Wouldn’t mind us fielding a team like that when everyone is fit…can’t see it happening though.

  48. asim,
    there was a guy playing for Norway that scored both goals worth looking at too.
    So i’d suggest he might have been a stand out player in that game.

  49. Got my reply from the box office regarding away tickets, got the same reply as toonsy, sent another one back and waiting for a reply :(

  50. Off topic……….
    S coppell (or cop out?), yet another f***ing, walk away, poncey manager.
    Or bastion of truth & honesty?

  51. All those posting funnies…..

    be careful or you might be invited to join Roy Cropper for an night out this weekend.

  52. I don’t know how ticket sales are regulated in England, but in the USA the club could be taking all the away tickets and then selling them off in advance to the scalpers at a premium.

  53. dont care what are team will be..but what he puts on the bench.if he goes with his pals act..then we will be in for a long hard season.young players scoring goals or smith to come on or r.talyor change a game..then we will be in trouble doesnt work and he keeps doing it.or putting all central midfield players in when he doesnt fancy the young guns..u cant keep scoring then not getting a chance becasue at this moment we only got them..unless we buy..they are the 1s how offer hope.harris is going to move on and not extend his contract.

  54. do u think there could be some truth to the KPB rumour he was supposed to join genoa 3 days ago but thats hav been false, there rumours we were in talks with him over the last couple days he would b great for cm

  55. richietoon says:
    August 12, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Clint,bit of both I think……..James for player manager??

    Richie, could that be taken as a joke?

  56. richie,
    aye he’s got a bit of a track record for such behavior.
    Bit late in the day to realize that you wanna retire.
    keith millen or someone has got it?
    Ex player maybe?

  57. andy gay reckons wba are staying up & we’re shite, cos we have the same team that went down & wba haven’t?
    Go figure.

  58. Davy, i think thats very interesting about KPB, as i thought he was deffo of to genoa. Would be great if we could actually get him

  59. that player who scored for norway was eric huseklepp…he z a good player imo we have been linked with him in the past….

  60. it was just on sky sports,saying boateng was going to genoa,and a player from genoa was going the other way to pompey,on a years loan.

  61. andy grey has always been a toon hater for some reason,i switch the sound off when hes on,(any game with him)

  62. saroof,
    i know mate, on both counts, just wondered if asim was watching closely.
    Or just seeing what he wanted to?
    You were though. (watching closely)

    Richie, carry on mate. ;)

    ice, andy gay is a self appointed, self opinionated, self serving mong that doesn’t actually watch football, cos he’s too busy yapping.
    One of the main reasons that i will not buy sly sports.

  63. clint
    jut saw that as well, I told him to f*ck off hahaha
    yeah granted, we still have around half of the same first team players, but this is a totally different TEAM if you get my drift, but wtf would he know

  64. i dont think coppell’s hearts been in the game for a long time,i think he was probably thinking of retiring after leaving reading,and took the city job without thinking about it enough,then realizing he didn’t want to be there.looking at it another way,is copell like a lot of other managers now,who cannot do their job because of board interference?seems to be more managers walking out because they are sick and tired of being dictated to by the owners etc.
    you only have to look at the fat piece of worm ridden filth,that owns newcastle.

  65. Andy Gray has valid points I think.

    Just because he happens to have a negative opinion on us doesn’t make a prick.

  66. Trojan,
    Coppell stated in his own words that he had no problem with the chairman/board.
    & the chair/board said nice things back.
    So doubt that was the reason.
    It’s more to do with him being a puff, or he has enough deng now to f*** off.

  67. he had interview for everton job once,found out talking football is not the same when you cant do either

  68. clint,i’m not saying that’s the reason,i was just putting that point out there for debate in a general sense.there does seem to be more managers walking out,citing board interference.

  69. yes there may b alot of the sqaud that went down, but there was clearly 6 to 7 players who didnt care if we went down n they were playing most of the games beye,bassong,owen,viduka,duff n were r they now there gone, the ones were left r the ones who give 100% now

  70. Stuart,
    andy gay’s only valid points were his elbows mate.

    He said we had the same team- we haven’t.
    & said wba wouldn’t struggle-when they have (the same team)
    Contradiction, surely?

    Cross reference that with: has he ever said anything positive about NUFC?

  71. icedog,that’s why i lost respect for gray,when he knocked everton back,and took the money from sky,he was the start of the moral bankruptcy that infected football.
    what has he been saying now,as i turned off the television when that prick came on.

  72. Trojan,
    sorry mate if i misrepresented what y’said.
    It doesn’t always look like it sounds in y’heed like, when you type.

  73. in coppells defence he did u-earth a couple of canny players from ireland which got sold on at a big profit,which he bought for peanuts

  74. coppell’s been a good manager, generally.
    Just think it’s pap that he sign’s on, then leaves 2 games in.
    Just leaves the club & the fans in the shit.
    Seeing it a lot now.

  75. i still think there is a lot of the same problems with newcastle that got them relegated.they are still toothless up front,lack pace and flair,and you could see this during pre season games.they rarely threaten teams,never get in behind,and spend most of their time playing in front of the opposition.look against la corona,it took them 86 minutes before they tested the keeper,against rangers they played well over a hour before contributing anything meaningful,that’s my worry for this season,they are too pedestrian,too predictable,and they play too much hoof ball.

  76. If you have a striker (one up front) that can only head, you’re gonna get hoof ball.
    Although, didn’t see that much v la coruna or rangers tbh.

  77. Trojan,
    check back to @109 mate.
    i apologized for taking y’the wrong way.


  78. Think I just heard on talksport that someone from French eurosport will be on later.maybe he will have something to say about ben arfa?

  79. Hello again,

    Thank you for your speedy reply, but I’m struggling to make sense of the situation, our away support is probably the best in the country, do we ever have unsold tickets for away matches, what is this forecast based on? Tickets for man utd and wolves sold out within hours of being offered to members. Is the club going to start taking a bigger allocation of offered tickets now due to the quick sale of tickets for these matches?

    Kind regards and sorry for taking up your time.

    Our decision had to be made at a time when tickets were not selling at all well to season tickets holders, if we had taken an extra 1500 they were on a sale only basis meanIng any we were left with would have to be paid for and we did not think we would sell that many for a Monday night fixture that is on TV. Last season we were offered tickets on a sale or return basis which we were more than happy to partake in. 
    Kind Regards
    Box Office

  80. no need for any apologies clint,i think the problem on the blog is,when i’m trying to get my point across,i normally end up writing full scale essays.
    when i’m trying to keep it concise,i end up writing a load of bollox lol.

  81. Johno that’s just the interview from the other day,I wouldn’t read too much into it.

    clint@111 cheers

  82. J.O. thats just a repeat storey m8,one of many,suck and see and wait,sick of the whole show tbh

  83. @6 the translation say Ben Afra is detemined to join Newcastle and will play number 10…. translated by a work colleague :)