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Community is the word.
Community is the word.
It’s been some time since I have written an article dedicated to this, so it’s about time another one was rolled out in line with our plans for world domination.

Basically, it’s an invitation to get involved with the community, or with the ‘blog itself if you wish, but I’ll go into that a bit later on.

Basically, the aim is to promote and build a community where Newcastle United fans from across the globe can meet, interact, discuss, disagree or anything else they wish to do, all under the comfortable umbrella of, on our Facebook page, or on our Twitter page.

There are ambitious plans afoot here at, and collectively we are only at the beginning of them. Many of you will know that we have only been around for a little over a year, some of you would have stumbled upon us at a later date, even recently, but without all of you this place wouldn’t survive. So I guess all I am trying to say is thank-you all very much for your support, it is appreciated.

I wasn’t one of the original article writers, one of the original .org bloggers as it were, but I was flicking through the archives earlier on today and was reading the articles that were written. The standard of those was of a standard I can only aspire to reach. I’m not that good in comparison, so it I guess a lot of this place becoming a success is down to Workyticket, Bowburn Mag, Geordie Deb, Stardust, Micky Toon, Hugh De Payen and Excelsior – Well done lads, and lass of course.

Anyway, that is my own bit of thanks to everyone, now back to the task at hand, which is the community. As I was saying, our Facebook and Twitter pages are up and running now, so please feel free to follow them or like them or whatever it is you do with them.

Those two pages kind of link in with our competition that will be running all season, and that is our Fantasy Football League. As it stands there are 282 teams involved in the league, and there will be prizes up for grabs, although they will be revealed at a later date. If you haven’t already got involved and wish to do so, you can follow the step-by-step instructions here.

Game updates, rankings and any other bits and bobs from the competition will be sent through Facebook and Twitter, as well as any other amount of random stuff that flies through my head. Don’t fret though, you can still recieve updates on here from time to time so there is no need to panic, you will be kept in touch with it all in any number of ways!

You know how I said earlier about getting involved? Well have you ever fancied becoming a writer for This is just to let you know that the opportunity is always there if you want it. At the moment there is only myself and Workyticket, and different perspectives and opinions are always welcomed. If you fancy it and feel you could write a good blog then why not drop us a line? Don’t be shy!

That’s about it for the time being, and I’d just like to say thank-you to you all once again for giving us a reason to keep going. It is difficult at times, and we don’t always get everything right, we aren’t professionals, but you guys keep us going.


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46 Responses

  1. I can barely write a comment never mind a blog,I’m barred from facebook and twitter just doesn’t do it for me,I’m in and gonna win the fantasy league ;-)
    and stop putting ya articles doon man,ya doing a sterling job.

  2. not officially :lol: Wor lass wasn’t liking some of the comments I was getting of one or 2 lasses..ex’s and lasses I knew from school.The being flattered didn’t outway the grief so binned it before it got me into real botha ;-)

  3. Will stick to just here Toonsy-then i can moderate when I read nufc stuff-there’s only so much a geordie boy can take but good luck with it Mate :)

  4. Rich – My mrs was like that aswell. Good job she never knew what Social Me was :lol:

  5. Anyone watching the Villa match? that youngun they’ve got certainly looks promising, and it looks like they’re giving their right back a debut

  6. I’m watching Norwich v Watford. Poor old Mick Dennis, watching his team getting pumped. Love it :lol:

  7. aye game over now…………wor lass knew every part of it Toonsy.It would have got me into bother tho,I’m a weak man lol so was best to get rid.

  8. Dave – Pass. It works for me, perhaps it’s one of those quirls of Facebook? It’s funny like that… I’m back at work on Monday :(

  9. Dave – I just get around that by typing ‘nufc’ into the search bar at the top. It then appears in a drop down menu from there

  10. How ironic everything Dennis constantly criticises us for booing the team off and leaving early was executed perfectly by those loyal incestuous Norwich fans and a bit of hypocrisy too with Paul Lambert doing what dear Michael hates Neil Warnock for badgering the ref and contesting every decision…

    Love it!! :lol:

  11. CC………Iwas thinking that myself while I was watching it……obviously Mick will be penning a poisonous article about Norwich as we speak…….not :roll:

  12. I have an admission to make – I am full of admiration for Mike Ashley!

    That man has the skin as thick as a rhino! He has withstood some serious stick over the last couple of years but he’s still here, still attending matches and still saying fck all!!!

    Credit where it’s due, he’s still got a long way to go(Like spending some fckin money!) but I have to say: “Take a bow, son, take a bow”

  13. Is there anything Ashley can do to make things right?

    To be quite honest, his idea seems to be the one that we need now but he could have slowly moved us towards it as opposed to his “let’s bum bash the place and get relegated and push it on” idea. He has also struck lucky that Chris Hughton is the worlds most patient man and is happy to work in this environment. Hughton = Legend.

    If we won the Champions League, Premiership and FA Cup in one season, would that be enough for people to forgive Ashley?

    It’s a crazy position.

  14. Sure he can Wicky-MA can fook off over the border and flog lonsdale checky skirts to grown men.

  15. Why the Scotland insult? What has Mike Ashley done that connects to Scotland in anyway?

    You could say he should sell shotguns to the locals so they can copy Moaty too if you want to get silly.

  16. I think WWW is right. On one hand, our finances do need sorting out. If we carried on doing what we were doing, ie, spending Champions League type money, without actually being in the Champions League then we were going to hit trouble eventually.

    The signs were there, in black & white, all of the mortgage charges on our assets were viewable by anyone if they should wish, in fact I think there was 7 in total from Shepherd, by memory.

    So clearing that up is th right way to go, BUT, why start doing it when our PL survival is in doubt? That’s not me being negative, but if it was me I would have given Hughton £20 million or so to spend on transfers which would pretty much have kicked us on for PL survival in my opinion.

    In short, sure, sore the finances, but it matters not if we end up back in The Championship next season.

  17. It was a pleasure writing for .org, and I wouldn’t worry about comparisons to previous writers sunshine. You seem to have a very satisfied customer base.

    I’ll have a look at the social networking stuff but I’ve aleady joined the Fantasy Football. And frankly, you lot may as well give up now.